( 2nd & 3rd Test Included ) From 36 all out to Heroes at Gabba Test ( A Tribute to Team India )

Rishabh Pant was the hero as an injury-ravaged India ended Australia's 32-year undefeated run at the Gabba, executing a record-breaking final day chase to win the Test by three wickets and the series 2-1.
Its a Historical win for team India. They were down and out in 1st test. after that set back they made and amazing and outstanding comeback. This young indian team impressed the whole world.

  • Yashwant singh Rajput
    Yashwant singh Rajput

    India shut the mouth of all the over confidence predictors and wonderfully dominated in austraila even after loss in first pink match test.

  • Yashwant singh Rajput
    Yashwant singh Rajput

    The giant victory of india over austraila even after losing the main players and it shows the bench strenghth of india.

  • DIY Queen of Odisha.
    DIY Queen of Odisha.

    The real hero of Gabba Test: Subhman Gill, Cheteshwar Pujara, Rishabh Pant and Mohammad Siraj

  • DIY Queen of Odisha.
    DIY Queen of Odisha.

    1st Test: Worst Perfomance 2nd Test: Rise of the Fallen 3rd Test: Greatest escape 4th Test: Heroes at Gabba

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    Commentators were lit 💥💥

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    Waiting to see "THE TEST" season 2

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    Coming here after India beating England to win Tri-Formats !!!

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    Masterpiece edit bruh ❤❤❤❤🤩

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    Kabhi un heroes ko bhi dikha diya kro jinhone hockey me olympic me gold jite hai

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    Nature Lover

    Wow this incredible Indian team has that never give up attitude which make them a dangerous threat in cricketing world . Rishabh pant Subhman Gill Siraj Thakur Sundar Sir jadeja R Ashwin Vihari Last but the most potent one Cheteshwar Pujara the warrior 💪

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    Unknown Perman

    We are Indians we never give up 🇮🇳... We can do everything when that's needed very much 😁... Proud to be an Indian.... Jai Hind

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    Can someone tell the background music

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    Mohit Bansal

    Lifetime lesson to aussies!

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    No words are enough to describe this!

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    Ye naya india hai ghar me ghusega bhi aur marega bhi

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    Gourab paul

    Actually pujara was not only playing for the country but he also put his body on the line just to make sure that india don't lose... What a man

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    Prince Bais

    Please make movie on this⚡⚡⚡

  • sandeep soni
    sandeep soni

    The series where Boys became Men Cheteshwar Pujara you beauty He literally said "If you wanna bowl my team out, you have to go through me first" - Gladiator..literally put his body on the line

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    Washington Sundar

    All the best indian fans❤💯

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    Angry Creator

    Amazing work with the Editing Mannn.... Thanks for doing it :))) Cheers

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    Kumail Malik

    This is a lesson you should heed if at first you don't succeed try again and again to get your goal then your courage will appear you will conquer one day This is sad and motivational poem for everyone from me

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    Vipul Nayak

    What is BGM name for 4. Gabba breached

    • Vipul Nayak
      Vipul Nayak

      Mobeen Javed pls share the BGMs used in each story


    Unbelievable series

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    i love this edit. great job

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    home multiplex

    when rahane coming at last ..tht was .incredible ..scene

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    Invisible Shadow Deep State

    Dont consider this as a cricket series....This is life's lesson for all....

  • Mugdha Dandegaonkar
    Mugdha Dandegaonkar

    the tweets made by Vaughan, Pointing, and others after the first test should be framed in a cricket museum as the " India Underestimaters"

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    The true lagend never gives up ❤❤🔥🔥🔥👹

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    This 10 min tribute video is far better than those bollywood 2 hrs movies...

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    The real fun fact is that this video is made by pakistani ❤️

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    Video was great ❤️ bro u missed Natarajan effort

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    Soumyadeep Basak

    Can you tell me those backgrounds musics name which you used to make the video

  • Rudra Chandravadiya
    Rudra Chandravadiya

    Still this thing gives me goosebumps even after 4 months Best part was in the end when the commentater says "INDIA INCREDIBLE" Best shot: pull shot by gill to starc

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    Manik Shah

    never underestimate indian's wli speech aus coach ki nhi dali

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    Thunder Bolt

    Mohammad siraj Most underrated red bowl bowler With little more experience and practice He could become the main bowler of India Also he could reverse swing


    Ricky Ponting still can't believe it lol xd

  • saffron sniper
    saffron sniper

    Pujara was 🔥🔥🔥 but shardul and sunder inning's changed the match They are underrated


    This 4 test matches..exactly resemble like stallones rocky part 1 to part 4..if some one did not get it I suggest u guys watch the movies...

  • Clenton Spear
    Clenton Spear

    why only siraj or pant?? everyone did heroics Ashwin, Vihari, Rahane, Pujara, Gill, Nattu, Sundar, Thakur and Michael Vaughan

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    Tarakant Giri

    Special Thanks to Ajinkya Rahane

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    If this will be a film , then , this film definitely deserves an oscar award ‼🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Best actor - Rishab Pant Best director - Ravi Shastri Best debut actor - Gill and Sundar and Thakur ........

  • Abdul Saboor
    Abdul Saboor

    No one beliwves when india got out in 36

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    suresh kumar Talabattula

    Indian team always perform well with out Kohli.

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    Zaland Khan

    They just won 1 series man.

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      Jealous man fucker they also won lot of series as well

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    This were true words told by justin langer "never underestimate the power of indians"

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    Once a champion always a champion....

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    Your team need your support in bad time..im with team india..whether india win or loose..how many of you support your team in bad time?

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    Tim Paine is going to make account everyday and dislike this video 😂😂

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    Sheetal Patel

    After MS Dhoni said goodbye to tests, I haven't watched a single match untill this series... But when heard about 36 all-out I felt devastated just like any other Indian and watched the next match and followed it like a true Indian fan....And what an amazing experience it has been... Felt like India lifted another world cup because it mattered the most... Felt agitated when players were trolled, sledged and thrown racist comments, felt heartbroken when Siraj's father passed away in the middle of the series, felt the pain of those injuries players were facing, felt incomplete when the captain had to go for the birth of his first baby, but what made us stronger when newly appointed captain led from the front, when youngsters decided to take on the responsibility, when Siraj chose to stay with the team instead going to the funeral of his dad, when debutants kepts the hopes alive of billions of Indians, when pujara stood like an immovable force against the brutal bouncers, when rishabh and gill won for us, when they chose to continue the play even after being hitted by racist remarks... Felt proud, so proud on each one of them...And that gaba win represented that Indian cricketers are fierce and fearless no matter how old they are... We may idiolize cricketers but whenever it will be the matter of India's pride and self esteem, every Indian will come forward cheering for Indian team.... Cricket is not just a game, it flows in our blood.... You may be fan of Sourav, Sachin, Dravid, Dhoni, Rohit, Yuvraj, Sehwag, Virat, Zaheer but when it will be about Indian team, I know 1.25 billion of You will be rooting for your team❤❤

    • prateek kaushal
      prateek kaushal

      @Venkat K you need to shut up.

    • Venkat K
      Venkat K

      What you stopped watching test march because of M S Dhoni? The person who retired in the middle of an away TEST serious just to escape from an unwanted record (Most no losses by an Indian Test captain in away matches)?. Even Kholi having better records than your so called Dhoni

    • Himanshu Shekhar
      Himanshu Shekhar

      Nicely explained dear

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    K. Ranganath

    Only indians can create history and break the records.❤️

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    Jass music could have been avoided during rahane's batting

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    Each and every time i watch this video i have tears in my eye

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    India gave back that Racial criticism to australians in indian style😉 India to australian : KYU BHAI .. AAGAYE SWAAD ... KESI LAGI...

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    I agree but india has great comeback in the test series against australia after the lowest total

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    Ashok Yadav

    Pujara is a second wall of India after Dravid

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    Ashok Yadav

    Such a great player of pujara




    Great editing .....keep posting this kind of videos...I really enjoyed it a lot..


    Who is here after yesterday s win of India vs eng in 4th T20


      India actually won it

  • Aaryan kohli
    Aaryan kohli

    The greatest win ever thanks to the captain "jinx" and all the team🤩. Jinx shows how to do the captaincy in worst situations ...! World this is India the country of greatest players ever!

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    Devesh Kumar

    Isn't that funny how time and news headlines are similar in a way.....they both change😉

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    Deep Sarkar

    The young India blew through the Aussie side as they fell like deck of cards.... 🇮🇳 on GABBA fort.....

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    Goosebumps 🔥

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    Shubham Singh

    If some point in life you feel low then watch this video, Which tell us nothing is impossible in this world.


    I am literally emotional. Its the first video ever that i watched it FULL. It takes a lot lot lot of effort to edit. Hats of to u dude. Proud to be an INDIAN🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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    Hit like for the captain ajinkya rahane👍🏻

  • Conjure Of Sacrifice
    Conjure Of Sacrifice

    The amount of players which India lost throughout the Test Series mostly due to Injuries inflicted by Aussie bowlers was more than 12 & Kohli - India's most talismanic player left midway, even then Indians fought bravely in Australia. Had Jadeja not been injured in 1st Innings of 3rd Test, India might have well won 3rd Test at SCG as well & clinched Series 3-1 instead of 2-1. What India has done is Display of Greatest Resilience & GRIT, I can Guarantee whoever is reading my Comment that People who even Troll India know very well how great this Team is, but are unable to digest its success. From being bundled out for 36 then coming back to Win the Test Series 2-1 in Australia could only be done by Team India

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    sahil das

    When commentator said, The fortress of Gabba has been breached, it gave goosebumps.

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