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The Video Is All About The Theme Songs Of All Seasons Of IPL
Video Deals With All The Theme Songs Till Now Payed For The Great Indian Premiere League
You Will Hear The Following Songs as per The Timeline given Below :
1. IPL 2008 Theme Song [Tu Laga Dum] : 0:17
2. IPL 2009 Theme Song [Divided By Nations / United By IPL] : 0:55
3. IPL 2010 Theme Song [Saare Jahan Se Achha] : 1:53
4. IPL 2011 Theme Song [Dum Laga Ke Maara] : 2:30
5. IPL 2012 Theme Song [Aisa Mauka Fir Kaha Milega] : 3:04
6. IPL 2013 Theme Song [Jumping Japang] : 3:35
7. IPL 2014 Theme Song [Bulawa Aaya Hai] : 4:00
8. IPL 2015 Theme Song [India Ka Tyohaar] : 4:24
9. IPL 2016 Theme Song [Happy Wala India ] : 4:52
10. IPL 2017 Theme Song [Waah Re waah] : 5:26
11. IPL 2018 Theme Song [Best Vs Best] : 6:06

  • Amy ki tape
    Amy ki tape

    There's A Wish From Each INDIAN Ki *"Ho Ek India Happywala"*

    • Arjun Sharju
      Arjun Sharju

      Only on screens but not in reality

    • Smarter Every Day
      Smarter Every Day

      Kkr. My favourite anthem in ipl history

    • Sojal Goyal
      Sojal Goyal

      4kth like

    • Akshat Adarsh
      Akshat Adarsh

      @Aditya Chauhan Mere liye 2013 and 2016 ke theme songs next level kaa tha.....Khair jo bhi ho IPL ham cricket fans kaa dharkan hai

    • Akshat Adarsh
      Akshat Adarsh

      @Pratyush Gosain 2 saal purana comment hai...Itna bharko mat 😅

  • Nitin Rathod
    Nitin Rathod

    2nd one was most creative

  • sahil

    4:27 GOOSEBUMPS 🔥🔥🔥

  • Prikshit Seth
    Prikshit Seth

    Best vs best

  • Pro Kannaddiga
    Pro Kannaddiga

    2011 song tatti

  • Shamika Patil
    Shamika Patil

    2:17 Komolika🔥😂

  • Akash Goswami Music Floor
    Akash Goswami Music Floor

    2018 song is the best,

  • Hrushii Kaikamwar
    Hrushii Kaikamwar

    IPL 2015 Theme song hits differently ❣️❣️💥


    Nostalgia 😭😭

  • Ansh Tokas
    Ansh Tokas

    Bro wasn't 2016 pistah and 2017 das saal aapke naam?

  • Rakshan yashu Cricket tips
    Rakshan yashu Cricket tips

    Missing these memories

  • Abhishek jain Shah
    Abhishek jain Shah

    You r cheater same on you where is 19,20,21 theme song

  • Sohail Alim
    Sohail Alim

    Unpopular opinion : 2021 one is the best

  • Raj Verma
    Raj Verma

    2015 was best

  • Paramveer Shekhawat
    Paramveer Shekhawat

    Extra legend's listening in 2021 😅😁😍

  • Maryam Qureshi
    Maryam Qureshi


  • Rohit Yadav
    Rohit Yadav

    1-- India ka Tyohar 2-- Ye khel hai veer jawano ka..❤️


    Best vs Best 2018 best song


    missing the memories made with the sony

  • Mustafa Rasheed
    Mustafa Rasheed

    Best v Best Csk comeback

  • Elton John
    Elton John

    Golden days of my life... Summer vacation... Ice cream.... Whole day cricket... Now med cllg ☹️ under quarantine due to the second wave of covid...

  • Nasif Ahmed
    Nasif Ahmed

    2018 anthem was best

  • Kazi Taqee Abdullah
    Kazi Taqee Abdullah

    2021 the last year and now I'm watching this.

  • ravitej bhat
    ravitej bhat

    Summer holidays + IPL on MAX was the best

  • Vivek Shegle
    Vivek Shegle

    Wah bhai Wah

  • Gautam Vats
    Gautam Vats

    On tabulating all songs from 10 to 1 According to me 10 - 2009 9 - 2011 8 - 2012 7 - 2013 6 - 2010 5 - 2014 4 - 2017 3 - 2008 2 - 2015 1 - 2016, 2018 But admit it (best vs best) ye khel hai sher jawano ka is the best ipl anthem till now 😍

  • deeps chauhan
    deeps chauhan

    aisa mauka or kaha milega❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

  • Roopam Mallick
    Roopam Mallick

    Sony + IPL = ❤❤❤❤❤ STAR SPORTS + IPL = 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Parul Srivastava
    Parul Srivastava

    I loved Jumping Japang 💕❤️

  • Shyamsunder Sharma
    Shyamsunder Sharma

    Missing those golden days of ipl on sony max ipl us time mazedaar tha lekin star sports waalon ne ipl ka kachra kar diya extra innings t20 was the best jahaan maze aate the lekin yeh star sports ipl ko ekdum boring kar diya

  • Soham Lad
    Soham Lad

    2018 IPL song was really best

  • ProVMcric

    I love the 2018 IPL theme song best vs best the hype which it generates is just 🔥🔥❤️🏏 Best vs best is the best😎

  • Rishabh Srivastava
    Rishabh Srivastava

    Sony ipl ka sabse acha broadcaster tha ye star ke me maza nahi ata

  • Nagmangla Gowdru
    Nagmangla Gowdru

    Summer , IPL , Sony Max 😘😘😘😘😭 missing

  • Nagmangla Gowdru
    Nagmangla Gowdru

    Really 2012,13,14,15 and 18 are Good I like 2012,13,14,15 very much but we literally enjoyed Jumping Japang

  • Unknown Rocker
    Unknown Rocker

    Can we appreciate for him for giving hearts to everyone 🙏🏻👍

    • Unknown Rocker
      Unknown Rocker

      @Cricketkeeda India my pleasure 😀

    • Cricketkeeda India
      Cricketkeeda India

      Thanks 😊

    • Unknown Rocker
      Unknown Rocker

      @Cricketkeeda India yes I shared with my classmates and I have also downloaded it 👍 Happy day

    • Cricketkeeda India
      Cricketkeeda India

      Thank You Brother 😊!! You can share our channel would be great. It's been the hardwork of more than 3 Years and we respect each positive comment. 🙏

  • Sangeetha Geetha
    Sangeetha Geetha

    Legends are watching in 2020-2021 😎


    Jumping Japang ♥️♥️ Ye hai India ka Tyohaar ♥️♥️

  • Gowtham Virat
    Gowtham Virat

    Give next IPL song to Tamil music directors like Anirudh then it will be Vera level 🔥

  • Saraswati Dash
    Saraswati Dash

    Best vs Best is best

  • 36-Kavya Gosavi
    36-Kavya Gosavi

    Jumping japang is the best and funniest anthem PERIOD.

  • Nagbhushan Patil
    Nagbhushan Patil

    2015 and 2018 are the best


    Bhai class 2 me tha 2012 me jb ye ads tv pr dete they🥺🥺. Summer vacation aur ye ads .Shaam me CRICKET 😭😭😭

  • Jayasree Pandey Chakraborty
    Jayasree Pandey Chakraborty

    Cricket ki dewaano ki bah re bah is lob

  • Samrin Khan
    Samrin Khan

    I like wah re wah😍

  • Nikhil Bhandare
    Nikhil Bhandare

    2017's was "yeh 10 saal aapke naam"

  • Op Gaming
    Op Gaming

    Best vs best song was emotion for me 🥺 becoz i start watching ipl from 2018 before that i dont even know what is cricket or ipl . I now that I am too late 😅


    4:32 i started here to watch the ipl becoz of this fabulous song.....!😁👊

  • ACz Music Boost
    ACz Music Boost

    Agr koi acha song nhi hai to sony se copyright lekar plss star sports yahi purana song fir laogao, tumhara song se tho behter hi rahega

  • parth patel
    parth patel

    Sidhu paji+max channel+ipl❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love always

  • Aashwalayan jha
    Aashwalayan jha

    4:59 lol the date.

  • Ayaz Ansaari
    Ayaz Ansaari

    Best vs Best

  • Sam Senapati
    Sam Senapati

    Star sports is good but Sony Max is an emotion

  • Ramratan Jangid
    Ramratan Jangid

    4:29 best

  • Uditnarayan pati
    Uditnarayan pati

    Where is " ye dass (10) saal appke namm " .....? I think I'm first who found this missing.....❤

  • Aarav Duggal
    Aarav Duggal

    2018 is best ipl song 6:11

  • Aritra Daw
    Aritra Daw

    bring back set max ipl plzz❤

  • Abhijeet 844
    Abhijeet 844

    Akash chopra commentatry is best in ipl

  • Sonia Sharma
    Sonia Sharma

    5:06 same date but different channels and huge difference between quality of ipl anthem

  • goligat status
    goligat status


  • MrDeep

    Jumping jampang was the best ipl song for me 🔥❤️🥺

  • First• Gamers
    First• Gamers

    Mera always fvrt yeh 10 saal apke naam❤️🤗

  • Deepal Debnath
    Deepal Debnath

    2018 is best❤️❤️❤️

  • raja pandey
    raja pandey

    where is that song " laut aya laut aya, tumne bulaya to main laut aya." when ipl went to south africa in 2009 because of lok sabha elections 2009, In 2010 ipl made a theme song when it returned to india.

  • S

    OMG I feel really old now! These songs were 8-10 years back!

  • S

    The 2010 anthem was "Laut Aaya". It was really good too. There was Ayushmann Khuranna there too as an anchor for extraa innings t20.

  • Diganta Hazarika
    Diganta Hazarika

    Mahi ❤️

  • rajas mahajan
    rajas mahajan

    Siddhu paaji would have been insta's next meme star if he was still around in the IPL season

  • Athul Prasad
    Athul Prasad


  • Samir Sk
    Samir Sk

    Sab se bet 2013 ka hai

  • Burning Kali
    Burning Kali

    Wow this is trending now 🔥🔥

  • Nawab Khaiser
    Nawab Khaiser

    2018 ipl theme Music💖💖💝

  • 36_Saurabh Linge
    36_Saurabh Linge

    Yeh hai India ka tyohar🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ajmal RØLL
    Ajmal RØLL

    I love football #indiansuperleague. ISL


    My favourite 💓- ho ek India 🇮🇳 happy wala.

  • Jeel Patel
    Jeel Patel

    2015 and 2018 were best👍🔥

  • Jeel Patel
    Jeel Patel

    Missing " Extra innings " on sony🥺😏

  • Jeel Patel
    Jeel Patel

    Sony please buy IPL rights🤕🤕🥺

  • Saad Nazki
    Saad Nazki

    2018 is the best.

  • Saroj Kumar Guru
    Saroj Kumar Guru

    Best vs best ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 💥❤️💥💥

  • Nishant Upadhyay
    Nishant Upadhyay

    After 2018 ....ipl broardcast sponsered taken by star and they make TATTI..

  • Nishant Upadhyay
    Nishant Upadhyay

    I miss IPL on set maxx.....

  • vikas Meena
    vikas Meena

    2015 ❤️❤️❤️

  • Chetan Talawar
    Chetan Talawar

    I lv jumping japang

  • aamir suhail
    aamir suhail

    Jumping japang and india ka tohaar are the best.

  • S S R
    S S R

    Best vs Best ❤

  • Shilpa Dhoka
    Shilpa Dhoka

    Ue khel hai sher jawaano ka 'best vs best' is the best

  • Mr. ROHIT
    Mr. ROHIT

    Who are in 2021

  • Parth Bhosale
    Parth Bhosale

    The old memories are connected with these songs.

  • tanim gazi
    tanim gazi

    2018 is the best

  • CE21 005_Suraj jadhav
    CE21 005_Suraj jadhav

    'India ka tyohar' is best

  • Sandesh naiks
    Sandesh naiks

    Every song was masterpiece but Jumping Japang was on different level throughout the season for every six, four, wicket song was used and those dance steps and 2018 song was a gem ❤️❤️

  • Akshat Adarsh
    Akshat Adarsh

    2013-"Damping Dapang.... Gili Gili hu" 2016-"Ho ek India Happy Vaala" My favourites among all....❤


    2018 song my favorite

  • Abdullah Danish
    Abdullah Danish

    Missing those days when IPL was broadcasted on Sony. Star Sports ads are worst

  • Fluctuate Gaming
    Fluctuate Gaming

    Best Vs Best Is Best

  • MeEt

    2018 machaa RHA tha🔥🏆

  • Sarthak Dwivedi Vareek
    Sarthak Dwivedi Vareek

    The music of Pan pan pan pan paaaa paan❤️😀

  • Ashwini Aditya joshi
    Ashwini Aditya joshi

    Star sports has better commentary and commentators But Set Max had way better songs

  • Mrs Status
    Mrs Status

    'Best vs best'❤️❤️❤️