An Electric HUMMER SUV?! - First look at the Tesla rescue vehicle
Hummer is back with a 100% Electric Hummer SUV. With 11,500 pound feet of torque, a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds and +/- 300 miles of range, this thing is an environmentally friendly monster! More information here: Huge thanks to GMC for giving me an early look at the Hummer EV SUV - this video is not sponsored.
Another look Inside the Hummer EV SUV:
The Hummer EV Truck:
The Tesla Cyber Truck:
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  • TheSpirittaker

    Is it true that the pick up ev will be released by 2021 fall?

  • Blitz _Studios
    Blitz _Studios

    The only thing left missing in my life is an updated ratchet vehicle mode

  • Bluenose Music
    Bluenose Music

    So I can charge my smartphone and a Tesla at the same time? 😲


    Please don't tear down or test for the scratchs on this vehicle

  • K0130 Arul Murugan
    K0130 Arul Murugan

    When will we see a teardown video 😂

  • kim kallz 99
    kim kallz 99

    100000×24×20÷5000=9600 cell phone batteries of 5000mah

  • Nandhukrishna TM
    Nandhukrishna TM

    No driving

  • Movie Addict
    Movie Addict

    They made a Lion(hummer) into Vegetarian (electric)

  • Marcie Foster
    Marcie Foster

    Great time to invest in lithium lol

  • Marcie Foster
    Marcie Foster

    Highly unlikely that Tesla would hook up to it as it's a different charger. But literally every other electric vehicle uses a universal charger

  • Bob Guy
    Bob Guy

    9:40 Fun fact, -40 degrees is the point that the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales cross over. -40 is the same temperature on both scales.

  • gtakelven12

    Tesla cyber truck be like...: I’m king of cars I’m electric Hummer bel like:.... I’m back I’m electric and noice

  • Spoon Dude
    Spoon Dude

    that torque numbers kind of sound unrealistic to me

  • Fabrizio Milioni
    Fabrizio Milioni

    I'd rather chop my right testicle than drive this obscenity

  • bhushan giri
    bhushan giri

    Hummer ev is a joke - not the vehicle itself, but GM offering as it as its first meaningful EV. Half assed attempt by gm to stay relevant. Even ICE hummer didn't sell well. If GM were serious about the imminent transition to electric, they would have worked on a more popular suv or truck. Ford is at least trying with f150 and mustang.

  • Tristian Baker
    Tristian Baker

    Wouldn't buy a gas one, will never buy an electric one. Hope they do well though.

  • The Crew
    The Crew

    Bhai iska bend test nahi karoge kya

  • Charlie Dex
    Charlie Dex

    At first I thought this was Bas Rutten doing a hummer review



  • WoundedSnake

    Ok, but I am still waiting for the teardown segment..

  • FEVEN 7
    FEVEN 7

    im a huge fan of hummel since i was 8 and now 23 years old and targetting to get those in 28 . may god bless all

    • Osama Bin Laden
      Osama Bin Laden


  • Pimikiel

    I've seen so many lipo expanding.... BMS in this monster needs to be another monster too...

  • Black Ops XI
    Black Ops XI

    What's the Chinese version of this Hummer 🤔

  • Sorin Coman
    Sorin Coman

    Hummer users selling their oil fields that they used for their old cars to buy dams to produce electricity for their new cars🤣

  • Noel Gonzalez
    Noel Gonzalez

    So great that one of our favorite tech reviewers made this video - and allowed to walk through the GM plant to talk us through the tech. AWESOME.

  • bishwash kcee
    bishwash kcee

    Where is your hair man its completely tear down.

  • armaldon

    After ten minutes of watching the video I lost my hope Jerry would start singing 1979. Congrats on the excellent video and you have contagious enthusiasm.

  • big carl dennis
    big carl dennis

    didnt even think this dude get excited for anything

  • Ipin theriefen
    Ipin theriefen

    next, teardown hummer suv. :)

  • One Nation Under Duress
    One Nation Under Duress

    Why does this look like my FJ?!

  • Hyper Bol
    Hyper Bol

    any battery loose efficiency over time, it's not repairable. only thing is to replace them over time. Is that economical compared to conventional?

  • IV

    I don't know if its just me or not but Zack looks a lot like Dan chandler from the band Evans Blue.


    everybody gangsta until jerryrigeverything starts bending cars

  • quito787

    I'd love to see him do a durability test... of the paint job, the suspension, etc. :D

  • Terry Young
    Terry Young

    are you gonna rig this hummer?

  • TrAvy_K_Malllo

    We’re gonna leave the roof off cuz there’s no better feeling like the wind through..... your..... hair....ohh that’s right I forgot 😂

  • Jodie Graham
    Jodie Graham

    Tesla rescue vehicle.. You're Funny!

  • Sir Pumpington Of Dumpenshire
    Sir Pumpington Of Dumpenshire

    Nice voice, bro, no homo.

  • punkrockdrifter

    That's a big potential Spicy Pillow

  • bum knuckle
    bum knuckle

    If Lamborghini or Porsche made this they would slap a million dollar price tag on it.

  • mark marcinik
    mark marcinik

    The first time I saw a Hummer I was shocked because it had AMC Gremlin door handles.

  • Jason Swift
    Jason Swift

    Tesla rescue vehicle? yeah right The rivian ute and SUV pisses all over this junk. Also its 1050 ft/lb of torque not 11,500

  • sKaaP

    This looks really cool. I can't wait for this technology to be affordable for the average person in 10-20 years from now.

  • The Ultimate Purple One
    The Ultimate Purple One

    I'm guessing they don't want the machine to go down to -69 for employee morale reasons

  • Peter pemrich
    Peter pemrich

    Another dumb vehicle that nobody needs

  • Merculer Paul
    Merculer Paul

    Did they know he got in there. Almost teared up seeing him near a car. Been holding my breath almost all through.

    • Merculer Paul
      Merculer Paul

      @Osama Bin Laden follow his videos man, you'll get the fun in the comment

    • Osama Bin Laden
      Osama Bin Laden


  • Saim S.
    Saim S.

    Why does the hummer ev not have better water forwarding capabilities better than the original 😐

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez

    Introducing the worlds slowest opening automatic trunk lol

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez

    the only thing I really dislike is that it looks like a JUMBO FJ Cruiser

  • Hero Singh
    Hero Singh

    I want to see a teardown of this thing...

  • mohamadR Fawaz
    mohamadR Fawaz

    Now rig it

  • P I R O O T A T T I
    P I R O O T A T T I

    Please right this also🤤🤤

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad

    😞 1200$ for an iphone ..... so 1300$ would be fine for this SUV right ?

  • Alphonse James
    Alphonse James

    We need a tear down on this

  • Grant Joseph
    Grant Joseph

    The battery scratches at a level 2 with deeper grooves at a lev... *BOOM*

  • Justin H
    Justin H

    I would love to have one

  • Lee;O Gone Wild
    Lee;O Gone Wild

    This guy is hot and has a nice voice, mmhmm.

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman

    Available in early 2023? Ouch. It won't be costing Tesla many CyberTruck orders.

  • LeoLeo2x

    your phone fellt out your pants at 0:50 ???

  • aswani singh
    aswani singh

    when the teardown video is come?

  • Jonny Nobody
    Jonny Nobody

    100% EV powertrain is not the future. New abundant & cheap but clean form of fuel + ultra small hybrid battery is the future!

  • pumpuppthevolume

    hmm so this is an suv and not a truck

  • surender chennareddy
    surender chennareddy

    Super vehicle GMC HUMMER

  • Divay Tak
    Divay Tak

    All the time I was waiting him to blast it.😓

  • Jacob Freeman
    Jacob Freeman

    Can the hummer ev suv comes with a wig for bald guys?

  • DetailXPerts


  • novah2000 oscar
    novah2000 oscar

    oh may god this car is very nice

  • Christopher

    Great car, not worth 100k. With that kind of money i can buy a jeep and fuel it for decades. Give me an electric suv around 20-30k and i'll bite.

  • Lee Redman
    Lee Redman

    The future is so bright! I gotta wear shades 😎. Can't wait when this becomes affordable as gas vehicles...

  • CSS

    Military hummers are cool this new thing is a pile of crap!!!

  • Daddy

    HUMMER EV so amazing.

  • TurboDieselDan

    8 lug SUV, it's been almost a decade since we had those available.

  • Fact Tv
    Fact Tv

    This is resin house

  • Devbrat Singh
    Devbrat Singh

    From this lot i can only afford transparent goggles

  • Adam Lhotak
    Adam Lhotak

    I´m just waitin for them hydrogen to come along tho

  • Sultan Al Hadidi
    Sultan Al Hadidi

    Best channel

  • micomen

    Tesla cybertruck KILLER

  • gphillimo

    LeBron got one of these in his garage

  • HerTelden

    we want to see teardown that HUMMER. Anyone agreed with me ?

  • Many

    I think this badboy will pass the bendtest

  • Truck- kun
    Truck- kun

    Uhhh where's the BEND test?!!?!?!!

  • Sugan Govender
    Sugan Govender

    Hummer made the car /hummer from cars🛻

  • Abigail Mitchell
    Abigail Mitchell

    The glossy reason gratifyingly perform because mark metrically smile sans a handsome handsaw. green grey grieving, therapeutic notify

  • Sarbrinder Dhillon
    Sarbrinder Dhillon

    I never knew there was something called a “rear frunk” as opposed to “front” frunk. Just nitpicking on ya. I


    Let them recalls roll

  • James Charles
    James Charles

    Ahhh thought he was about to do a durability and tear down on the hummer was a sweet he about to scratch the windshield n paint test LoL

  • Teddy W Gardner
    Teddy W Gardner

    Thats so sick!

  • Centredoorplugs Thornton
    Centredoorplugs Thornton

    How. Do. Electric. Vehicles. Pay. To. Use. Roads? When gas and diesel engine vehicles run on fuel that's excise taxed, revenue from which bankrolls road construction and maintenance?

  • Alex de
    Alex de

    beside this car you look like a litte lego ^^

  • Celestial Lord
    Celestial Lord

    the vehicle looks too much like a toy that would break apart than a hummer known for its quality. the cyber truck looks more hummer than this hummer

  • low quality
    low quality

    water fording as long as it doesnt get higher than the tires? is this even a hummer?

  • Gouda Galindo
    Gouda Galindo

    You can live inside this Hummer.

  • JesseArt

    I want to know when they're going to come out with a Willy's Jeep EV. You know, like back when you could purchase a bare bones vehicle in a crate that you assemble yourself? The first automaker to offer an ACTUALLY affordable utilitarian and capable vehicle will not be able to keep them in stock. I don't care about screens and lush interior. I want a skateboard with a body that can go from A to B.


    17 CAMERA ??? 😲

  • Car Project
    Car Project

    Now this is called SUV...PROPER SUV DESIGN

  • Timothy Gorde
    Timothy Gorde

    Use your vehicle like a tool... Like i do!!! Epic!

  • CRT Mojo
    CRT Mojo

    GM and Ford have big battery supply issues. The company can’t sell batteries in the US until 2030.

  • Louis S.W
    Louis S.W

    Hummer will probably have a million recalls like their other cars.. Just because it’s electric doesn’t mean they can’t fuck it up on their assembly line😅

  • Karim Diaa
    Karim Diaa

    The best channel ever From Egypt

  • wassam binisrarul
    wassam binisrarul

    I don't know but I feel like this is a copy of fj cruiser.