Angane Venam | Arya Dhayal | Varkey | Sasikala V Menon
Sung & Composed by - Arya Dhayal
Lyrics - Sasikala Menon
Music produced, Arranged and Mixed by Varkey
Guitars: Sujith V V, Varkey
Percussion: Arya Dhayal, Syamaprakash M.S
Mastering: Vivek Thomas at VTP
Video Credits:
Campaign by Maitri Advertising Works(@maitriworks) for Department of women and Child Development Kerala(@wcdkerala)
Campaign Managed By - Ajay Syama Sathyan
Direction, DOP, Edits: Athif Aziz
Gaffer & Gimbal operator: Toni George
Title design: Radhu Unni
Title animation: Abdul Ahad
Stills & Asst. DOP: Sreejith K. Soman
Colourist: Harikrishnan B. S
Choreography: Sagar Peter
Subtitles: Ranjini Achut
On popular demand - Translated by Ranjini Achuthan
The little bird that flies far and wide
Dont stalk her!
Oh Eagle, that glides,
Go run and hide!
There is bow. There is arrow.
There is strength in my heart!
The army of friends are in line.
And I am my own armor.
Times are changing.
Appearances are changing.
And so are we changing!
That is how it should be!
Now, that is how it should be!
Eyes lined with the kohl of lust
All you rogue gawkers!
To round us up in your palms,
We are not gooseberries,
We are not gooseberries!
Although our bosoms are springs of mercy.
Our eyes sparkle with fiery ember.
And that is how it should be!
Now, that is how it should be!
We want to study. We want to work.
We want to stand on our own feet!
Society will always blabber
But we refuse to be turned off!
What to eat, what to wear,
These are matters of my choice!
We too, have a thousand dreams
And there are wings to fly!
Don't cover us up in gold
Don't wrap us in silk
Just let us be!
And that is how it should be!
Now, that is how it should be!

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