Archana's Bigg Boss Vlog Series | The Bigg Makeover | Getting Ready to make an entrance | #BiggBoss4
Why would we ever say no to look gorgeous? Some pampering would never hurt, would it? Presenting to you Achuma’s makeover! Watch her get pampered and get all gorgeous before she enters the Bigg Boss house.
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  • Vijaya Krishna
    Vijaya Krishna

    U already cute achuma amma

  • Saheer Ahmath
    Saheer Ahmath

    Real face kiliyuthu BB la .... Vetkam venum

  • mohamed basha
    mohamed basha

    Achuma I am a big fan of u and u look so gorgeous

  • Sasi Kumar
    Sasi Kumar

    Zaara r u hindu

  • Deepa Sree
    Deepa Sree

    Achuma amount sollamalae poitingalaee

  • Gokula a
    Gokula a

    Ethuku ethalam

  • Lisha Madhavan
    Lisha Madhavan

    Y too much of negative comments?? She work hard and this is her money as well...ningela yen pa rombe varta padringe.... Enemo unge kasele seleve pandre mathiri comment adikiringe...don't judge and we r no one to judge others ..let her happy with her own ... God bless you achuma n family with ❤️

  • Jaya Mary
    Jaya Mary

    Irritating face

  • Baby Milo
    Baby Milo

    Guy plz start vote 4 archana . Im try see morning unable to boost her vote to stay at bb house plz plz plz guy.... i dont really know her im from msia. But feel awesome when see her in bb.

  • sri

    Ipdi pora pakkam laam naa bigg Boss poren naa bigg boss poren nu sollitu irunthaaa epdi contestants list leakout aagaama irukkum😂😂😂

  • Dharm a
    Dharm a

    Worst lady

  • Shanthi T
    Shanthi T

    *இந்த வாய் தான் உனக்கு வல்லா வைக்கப்போகுது!*

  • Thendral E
    Thendral E

    Idhulayum you are doing anchoring work only . BB la yum you are doing same

  • Balu Balu
    Balu Balu

    Your hair is so cute achuma akka

  • sasha ravi
    sasha ravi

    Ithae wrk ah epidi iruka mudiuthopa??hw they getting time fr vlogs making

  • Rani Jagadeesh
    Rani Jagadeesh

    Zarra akka tell me were its there I n my dreams all you are only coming I am going to the home of your I love y zarra akka

  • Dinesh 00
    Dinesh 00

    Archana is good soul, always carrying person

  • Arivuramya6363 Ramya
    Arivuramya6363 Ramya

    Neelam oru alu mudevi archana

    • Arivuramya6363 Ramya
      Arivuramya6363 Ramya

      Unna mari oru worst attitude a pathathey ila bigboss vanitha vaye minchita chii

  • MsPriyakumar

    Over attitude

  • Archana Jayaraman
    Archana Jayaraman

    Husband romba pavam 🙄 yevlo selavu samy

    • Radha Vaitheeswaran
      Radha Vaitheeswaran

      What makes you think she will need her husband’s money ?

    • MCP

      Why husband paavam?? She could be earning more than him

    • Nava Nitha
      Nava Nitha

      Avanga working women bha.. Husband kaasu selavu panlai

  • S Reshmaa
    S Reshmaa

    Liked archana before big boss But now not much Comment those who fell the same

  • Mersαl Ntp࿐
    Mersαl Ntp࿐

    Vai vai periya ivanu ninappa

  • Mersαl Ntp࿐
    Mersαl Ntp࿐

    Poi enna kilichita archana

  • savithri Savithri
    savithri Savithri

    Enna video pottalum... evvalo praise panni pesinaalum.. kandippa beauty parlor vara mattom.. parlor poi nalla irukara mandai mottai aagum.. kanda kanda chemical pottu cancer varadukka Archana.... Also never ever will watch big boss.. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Savitha53 Savitha53
    Savitha53 Savitha53

    Epadiyum amma ponnu elam senthu 50,000 out panirupinga ethuku 😕 romba china vaysula beauty parlar porathelam konjam avoid pannalam unga ponnaga 😮

  • Divya Muniswamy
    Divya Muniswamy

    she is trying to solve some problems..ana adhuve avangale dominant panuranga nu vandhuduchi..

  • Makeshwari Ramasamy
    Makeshwari Ramasamy

    Acchu u r vera level

  • baby baby
    baby baby

    Sister i like your all vidio😍😍

  • Poonguzhali's Health tips
    Poonguzhali's Health tips

    Super Akka, I like your character, and Ur talent

  • Teady gawl gaming
    Teady gawl gaming

    Wow looks like hansika

  • Sangee Eetha
    Sangee Eetha

    She has everything in her life... Then y she has to go to bb house.....

    • Tania Bianca Nathan
      Tania Bianca Nathan

      To spoil her name!

  • Aishwarya Gopinath
    Aishwarya Gopinath

    U had a huge fan following archana but once people saw u inside BB house we fell like Ur so irritating person with dominating character, u r continuing Ur hosting even in the house. It was too much of attitude when u forced Mr.Suresh to be sorry to sanam. Just paly Ur game n have fun stop supporting Rio first. Archana, Rio, Nisha , velmurugan Ur four Ur worst behavior in the house.

  • Mohamed Ismail
    Mohamed Ismail

    This is over

  • Richme Bh
    Richme Bh

    Ivalo kasu waste pani ne pona anga yatho iva periya iva pola irukura intha kunduma

  • Manasi K
    Manasi K

    When u keep silver paper your like a ghost oh😯😯😥😥

  • Suba Srinivasan
    Suba Srinivasan

    Over acting and money minded Archana 👹👹ivanga biggboss veetuku than poirukanga.enamo ivanga than biggboss pola nadandhukaranga.very worst charecter.

  • Nithya P
    Nithya P

    One of my fav contestant in BB.. Day by day I started liking her a lot in BB House.After Aari(genuine character), I like her attitude a lot. BB House fully surrounded by cowards, arrogant, innocent and genuine people. You are unique and very independent. That's the special about you ma'am. I know this comment may not relevant to this channel. I'm a new subscriber to this channel only for you ma'am. And I must say.. this channel provide many useful contents.

  • Sumitra Roy
    Sumitra Roy

    Irritating person.


    so dominant and predominant attitude. priyanka comedy its mature and funny jokes. aana ivanga archana panradhu comrdy nainachitu chillradhanam iruku zee tv karan than sollanum anaikae kazutha mattaiya sethu adichu thorathi irundha indha madhiri paithiyama vazandhu ninurukama

  • yuva sree
    yuva sree

    Really need to learn many good things from her. Biggest strength of her the way she carry away herself, project, show, or promotion. 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Sadhana

    Apo 14 days quarantine before entering into big boss elllam poi ya ?

  • Malar Bala
    Malar Bala

    11:28 🤔🤔🤔 but devi kala madam hairku enna achi🥴🥴🥴

  • Bhuvaneshwari Vasanth
    Bhuvaneshwari Vasanth


  • Shashi Kala
    Shashi Kala

    Never expected this from Archana. She's acting like a host, such a dominating character.

    • Roopa Amar
      Roopa Amar

      Very rude behavior

    • Naveena K. S
      Naveena K. S

      Ss she very dominating bala She is an partiallity person

    • Voilet David
      Voilet David

      True. very head weight lady

  • Bavani Manoharan
    Bavani Manoharan

    Zaara we want your dressing table makeover please👍


    8:48 ithukku ivlo selavaa marudhaani arachi thalaila tekkalaam pa super result

  • indumathies

    She said that this is her regular saloon but then confirms the owner name with her itself.... This channel is bcmng a marketing channel.

    • Thendral E
      Thendral E


    • S Reshmaa
      S Reshmaa


  • kiruba Krishnamurthy
    kiruba Krishnamurthy

    You taking leadership in bigg boss... Ur such a irritaring character...please come our...

  • K Priya
    K Priya

    100 movie panaah Kamal sir kudah boosiya ah behave panalah in big boos show ...but u archana ur also contestant not a teacher or instructor or controller or host ... Athukumellah this Rio one movie panathuku ivlo aduran ... House enamo unagah rajiyamaah irruka mari irruku ....archa athumelah u want to pull Rio to next level come outside and put votefor him.. dont do there inside the show bec more people inside the show is more deserving then u and rio 😂😂😂😂😂 because we can able to see it bb show ur doing favouresium for Rio nisha and cing partiality ...if u think Rio and Nisha as ur family ..keep those things outside the bb house🙄🤔🤔🤔

  • MNZ

    Really gorgeous achchumma😊😊

  • h h
    h h

  • Abianu revathi
    Abianu revathi

    I love you achumaaaa.... My inspiration neega tha akka once again love you akka😘😘😘😘😘

  • Subburaj Naidu
    Subburaj Naidu

    Zaara dear pls share ur morning to nigth routine da

  • Priya tharshini
    Priya tharshini

    Unnala unsubscribe pannanum....

  • Priya tharshini
    Priya tharshini

    Archana unna thooki potu midhikanum d....evlo thairiyama bala ve paathu onnu vaikanu nu sollirupa.......nee ellam oru manushiya chaiiiiii.... karumam

  • Thiru gokul
    Thiru gokul

    I love your make up

  • Akash Kumar
    Akash Kumar

    Bb4 bala army

  • U V
    U V

    Arrigant lady 😡😡 She thinks that she is the don of bb

    • Thibish Thibish
      Thibish Thibish

      Don't comment like that

  • Deepika Rk
    Deepika Rk

    Shiksha did bridal makeup for me. She is the best. I loved her work and always grateful for the outlook which I cherish forever.

  • christina margaret
    christina margaret

    Whatever she goes she informs everyone that she is going inside bigboss house.. all sides she is earning..

  • Fathima Hisna
    Fathima Hisna

    Hi archana akka & zaara Am hisna frm srilanka Archana akka ungal romba purikkum bigg boss house poreega kalakkireg👍

  • muthulaxmi konar
    muthulaxmi konar

    This channel doesnt have any good content except zara's creativity video❤️. Always sponsoring some product, builder, salon service. Do you have anything to telecast in your channel other than sponsoring videos. This comment is not to discourage but just a opinion.

  • usharani usharani
    usharani usharani

    Anne makeover kamikave ila

  • Kajeera Sri Channel
    Kajeera Sri Channel

    Na archana mam ah veramathri ninachen but bb la rempa rempa veramathri erukaga...and niga Rio ku support panathiga pls unga game ah madum vilayaduga mam pls...

  • vismaya M
    vismaya M


  • amudha s
    amudha s

    Achuma nee pannrathu rompa thappu ma

  • amudha s
    amudha s

    Achuma ur too worst ma... I never ever seen such a irrating lady ever never.. Why u doing too much always

  • Vignesh Saravana kumar
    Vignesh Saravana kumar

    Archaea is bad in big boss

  • Yash1382

    Over attitude person in bb

  • Play with me
    Play with me

    Wow life subscribers We all should support Archana mom Cuz she is soo good in BB That Bala fool is portraiting achu mommy wrongly I wish “all the 2l subs should support Archana mom”


    Over Thimiral eliminate avar achuma

  • life is to live
    life is to live

    Chei.... Acting like biggboss

  • Dr.Saravanan Kavitha
    Dr.Saravanan Kavitha

    You are always beautiful Archana Aunty

  • Maths Tricks
    Maths Tricks

    Overa pesara ma ..thaanga mudila

  • avinash akshaya
    avinash akshaya

    Akka different ah poduga please u doing bid boss only upload different who are all want different video please like here 👇


    Ada thu

  • Rohini J
    Rohini J

    Wishes for archana to win the game

  • Netra Karthik
    Netra Karthik

    Achumaaa you are rocking in bb house. U are one of my favourite vj. Evvolavu azagha pesarel neengo❤️❤️

  • Suganya V
    Suganya V

    When Archana entered Bb house Suresh asked her if she is Marathi....because he would've known abt her from her Comedy time days....but her response was very rude... What was wrong in Suresh's question....

  • Sindhu Eee
    Sindhu Eee

    Anchor ah dhan irukaanga ivanga ivlo rich ah epdi iruka mudyum ellam kaasu innum pathalanu ipdi vilva deyga nu promotion vera poyya

    • Sun Light
      Sun Light

      Her husband is Navy officer. What more u want.well settled.... But promotion of products is too much.

  • Sindhu Eee
    Sindhu Eee

    Neenga bb la romba dominate panringo korachaklanaa name ketrum 😁😁

  • PKarnikaguru 2020
    PKarnikaguru 2020

    Akka you won akka 😘 👏

  • Solomon Kings
    Solomon Kings

    Not nice

  • fathima shamila
    fathima shamila

    Bigg boss NATTAMAI..😄

  • kaviya babu
    kaviya babu

    Very irritating in bb , so dominating, money minded , shows off,

    • poorli poorli
      poorli poorli


    • Beena Rachel
      Beena Rachel


  • saranya venkat Saran
    saranya venkat Saran

    Zaara.. how you are feeling ? Tv la amma parka epadi iruku ? Sat Sunday Kamal sir irukarapo ne show parkamudiyuma unala?

    • saranya venkat Saran
      saranya venkat Saran

      @_______________ money minded is not bad thing. Everybody work to earn. Even doctors. Trust - I trust . No answer. Do you know aachu ka's journey ? She was not recognised as ppl are getting it one single show nowadays.

  • Meena raj
    Meena raj

    Ithellam pannithan big bossle athigaram pannikiddu irukangge.

  • subashini Dhanraj
    subashini Dhanraj

    BMW car ammadio


    Ur looking good .

  • Entertainment Page
    Entertainment Page

    Yarachu epdi big boss pona aparam video podalam nu plan panuvagala elame nala panaraga :- always archana judgemental only unsubscrining this channel

  • Pavi King
    Pavi King

    How much you spent for this

  • unknown face
    unknown face

    For men also aa..


    Entha place enga eruku

  • Triveni Veni
    Triveni Veni

    Archana think she is bigg boss

  • Kindly Help Me To Reach 9999 Subscribers
    Kindly Help Me To Reach 9999 Subscribers

    Who missing RJ balaji Commentry box🌍 🙋‍♂️🙋🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊

  • Kindly Help Me To Reach 9999 Subscribers
    Kindly Help Me To Reach 9999 Subscribers

    Any college and school students here🌍🙋🙋‍♂️🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊

    • Vaira Moorthy
      Vaira Moorthy


  • Priya Priya
    Priya Priya

    Zara unaku online classes la illaya😤

  • Koneshwaran Mithurangan
    Koneshwaran Mithurangan

    Its me Priya from Sri Lanka we love ur channel... Pretty Archana.... We follow her BB house too... Always supporting you


    Plzz put ur kitchen tour