Artificial intelligence and algorithms: pros and cons | DW Documentary (AI documentary)
Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are leading to fundamental changes in the way we live. Algorithms can already detect Parkinson's disease and cancer, and control both cars and aircraft. How will AI change our society in the future?
This documentary journeys to the hot spots of AI research in Europe, the USA and China, and looks at the revolutionary developments which are currently taking place. The rapid growth of AI offers many opportunities, but also many dangers. AI can be used to create sound and video recordings which will make it more and more difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. It will make the world of work more efficient and many professions superfluous. Algorithms can decide whether to grant loans, who is an insurance risk, and how good employees are. But there is a huge problem: humans can no longer comprehend how algorithms arrive at their decisions. And another big problem is AI’s capacity for widespread surveillance. The Chinese city of Rongcheng is already using an AI-supported 'social credit system' to monitor and assess its citizens. Does AI pose a danger to our personal freedoms or democracy? Which decisions can we leave to the algorithms - and which do we want to? And what are AI’s social implications?
A documentary by Tilman Wolff und Ranga Yogeshwar
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  • Zaheer Hussain
    Zaheer Hussain

    China is a testing ground for the west!!

  • Kerwyn CubanJaze Medrano
    Kerwyn CubanJaze Medrano

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  • Christopher Last Name
    Christopher Last Name

    15 dollars an hour lol !

  • Graham Weeks
    Graham Weeks

    Hi, Saagar I have seen a UFO flying around the top of the full moon & also have been visited by the Tall people while cleaning up the the beach where I live & also had & a visit by the reptilian as well who was standing by & old car so when I approached him he through &

  • SnarlaRae

    When will the equipment and internet connection be FREE to participate in this Revolution....Pay Pay Pay= work work work

  • Lamar Craven
    Lamar Craven

    Anybody that stupid enough to let a car drive itself and you're in the passenger side or you're in the back you need to get into accidents cuz you're dumb you put something on autopilot even that pilot is in the seat don't let a computer judge whether you live or die if you think it's a joke look at the cars that Tesla has built and these people have died and maybe killed other people because they didn't sit behind the wheel in the cells and drive the car don't ever rely on technology to drive you are the person you have instincts and you have a brain please use them both don't kill yourself and your family by letting the car drive itself

  • Deepak Maan
    Deepak Maan

    Moral of The Story Never Ever Sahre Your Business Idea on Social Media They Stole Your Business Idea

  • George George
    George George

    looks like a fking nightmare ....

  • Meteor

    9-9-6 = 9 am-9 pm-6 days work hours, in USA is 6-6-6 = 6 am - 6pm -6 days work hours....all this leads to increased number of unemployed, suicides, work burnout

  • Kumar Anand
    Kumar Anand

    10X Gem - BCTR, SOAK, FARM

  • whats up
    whats up

    All the comments are so negative and disgusting. People who don't want modern technology in their life, can STOP using smart phones please🙏🙄

  • Shan Russell
    Shan Russell

    Setting up anti-Christ system under the guise of convenience. I like interacting with cashiers and barristers! Removing people makes us less social and more likely not to care about the well being of others. I appreciate technology in some aspects, but China has crossed the line. I won’t be surprised when the entire world adopts their system of monitoring. That’s the future, so you better know Jesus!

  • Ulrike Naumann
    Ulrike Naumann

    I want my coffee to be served by humans!

  • Sanford Fahy
    Sanford Fahy

    The Big-Reset is trying to purge people who are able to see through those fatal drawbacks and frauds in central-control repeating in bad CCP histories.

  • Issac Ibraham
    Issac Ibraham

    it's all about controlling people no more freedom it's NWO 666 satan plan covid 19 vaccination to all

  • Connie Dobbin
    Connie Dobbin

    This is totally inhuman. Our humanity is simply being manipulated and terminated in existence. Who’s making these decisions and why? We must not allow this to happen and continue. Humanity must triumph and our liberty, freedom of speech and democracy must prevail. 🙏😤 👍 Technology is amazing but this is beyond ridiculously destructive to obliterate humanity.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob

    The CCP wants to put a stop to crime, They hate competition. :)

  • Steven Mays
    Steven Mays

    This is set up to enslave mankind .You don't get the deadly vaccine" Your not shopping" that starts the inset of cancer to get that population down to 500 million so these Lunatics can have power over us .They want billions of us dead but they want our guns .LOL the people that are ignorant go along with them taking our guns because Satan is blocking there brain from working to keep them from the truth that they want our guns so they can do whatever the hell they want to do to us .Taking our guns ignorant people so we cannot protect man kind from what Satan wants them to so to us .

  • Steven Mays
    Steven Mays

    That 8 billion was moneys that was taken from the American tax payers that they ask for and set on and use for there own AGENDA

  • Christian O'Brien
    Christian O'Brien

    GrossTo include the Narrarator for sure

  • Abdiker Boya
    Abdiker Boya

    AI is the enemy to humanity.Second to finance

  • NorthernPanzer666

    The journalistic view are typical Mainstream way of normalizing A.I. FUCKING DISTURBING NAIVE SILICON PSYCHOES

  • Mark Bazzinotti
    Mark Bazzinotti

    I'm 2 years into ALS an an earlier diagnosis could have had me on medication sooner allowing me not to have progressed so far...this quest for knowledge is amazing

  • j am
    j am

    This will be a real test for whether God exists or not. Or will it be too late for many ? I think He's got things under control. Wait and see

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K

    Speechless. No pun intended.


    assimilate or suffer poverty. this is allways the rule.

  • Mehmet T
    Mehmet T

    The reasons behind every advancement in A.I are lies. It’s not for better Health, eco systems, etc. It’s who can gather the most data about individuals and sell it to a much bigger profit. They’re giving you free thing just so you can use it and in exchange what are you giving ? Nothing? Life it’s that good? Nothing is free. When it’s free, your the product. Don’t ever forget that phrase . Today’s world it’s all about data capitalism and if you haven’t realized it yet, you better wake up.

  • jerry cai
    jerry cai

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  • pete chau
    pete chau

    AI is the Anti-Christ!

    • Aaron


  • Guest Soul
    Guest Soul

    10 years ago I was skeptical of the concept of a technological singularity. However now you have machine learning and its ability design and then improvise on those designs in almost no time all. Eventually as software improves, there will be no limit to its problem solving and/or design and manufacturing capabilities. Spawning swarms of autonomous vehicles, building large-scale synthetic structures both on Earth and in space, or generating endless life-like digital entertainment, will be a breeze.

  • Cindy Nieto
    Cindy Nieto

    Not into AI this means no employment this means they tell us what to do this means forcing vaccinations this means voting fraud we will not our rights will be taken away and it's going to be a very boring world.

  • Stanton Steed
    Stanton Steed

    Driverless cars are a invention form a monkies rear end.

  • Karen Metz
    Karen Metz

    Mother nature is calling us home, this is a nightmare.. 🌲🌴🌹

  • Karen Metz
    Karen Metz

    Technology is not the issue, who's controlling it is!!! It's in the wrong hands, silicon Valley is being watched by the Lords authorrity😇that is here in the Milkyway🌌there's so much info coming to our planet beyond matrix control. God bless all good men and women ❤️😇🌏from all of us down under. 🙏😇🏳️‍🌈🇳🇿🇭🇲🗝️🌲🌹🌴🎆

  • Aek

    We are all gonna die in the next 100 years. Spread the love while you can.

  • Aek

    I would rather sit in a park and have lunch than just a robot delivering it to me. It is simple and peaceful. We are going crazy.

    • chris georgallis
      chris georgallis


  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith

    Bye Bye jobs hello poverty and New World Order and Agenda21

  • Rameez RamSeS
    Rameez RamSeS

    Well now every world want to be chamged and want to get civilized that is the idea of the new era of world ...

  • Rameez RamSeS
    Rameez RamSeS

    Time is moving faster and all countries all paying thousand and thousand to get their educated and well civilized their country

  • Rameez RamSeS
    Rameez RamSeS

    well when i was at at school of era of time my teacher get tired because of i wass little slow in all that graphic Design that they were trying to teaches

  • Rameez RamSeS
    Rameez RamSeS

    A.i in not all time accurate because in this world this time era is going to civilized them just because of the want to work in good era of life

  • Rameez RamSeS
    Rameez RamSeS

    We all know all is just to GET OUR WORK EASY

  • Rameez RamSeS
    Rameez RamSeS

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  • jerry cai
    jerry cai

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  • christian smith jr
    christian smith jr

    A president can get away with acting like a bad guy to other nations but to his own boss the american people theres no excuse for it.

  • Doy YT
    Doy YT

    Just like tiktok app it's for surveillance used, many girl do the invisible challenge on tiktok they think it has no server to save the nude video lol

  • Sarah Davis
    Sarah Davis

    I need a bypass in my head, not my stomach

  • Master-n-Teach Virgo
    Master-n-Teach Virgo


  • 1moetime123

    Even computers can’t tell them apart😆🤣 #maleyouthwithglasses

  • rayturnertile

    The Chinese have perfected social credit scores with help from bill gates and his cabal

  • Epic Cow
    Epic Cow

    Cool technology. Soon everyone will be up to date

  • Scottish Bonsai
    Scottish Bonsai

    Obviously it's kill the old woman, she has lived her life to the fullest the kids not and shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car anyway but it was they same when the priority was all about the old and frail with covid 19 to the younger who actually have more to live for!

  • Scottish Bonsai
    Scottish Bonsai

    Well Tesla managed there auto pilot

  • Scottish Bonsai
    Scottish Bonsai

    Definitely not living there in china! Maybe covid is there AI virus lol all that should have picked covid.19 up well before it was a problem! Oh yeah it did they covered it up!

  • Craig Connors
    Craig Connors

    When everything is A.I. we won't need jobs anymore, but then we have to purchase an A.I. to do some job somewhere so we can pay for our phone bill and purchase things. Funny cycle we create for ourselves.

  • Michelle Nguyen
    Michelle Nguyen

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  • EastOaklandS65Feen

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  • Bear Hall
    Bear Hall

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  • James Kreger
    James Kreger

    this guy was definitely paid off by the Chinese government

  • Jimmy K
    Jimmy K

    They should use Tesla FSD instead.

  • Nariko Sellards
    Nariko Sellards

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    Juan Hernandez

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  • jimmy wrangles
    jimmy wrangles

    This documentary is terrifying.

  • M. Ali
    M. Ali

    There are some benefits of AI. But not everything

  • Two Songs
    Two Songs

    We must NEVER allow AI to learn on its own for, if we do, AI being logical and rational is bound to realize what a plague Mankind is for our planet, Animals and Environment and rational and logical deductions are bound to lead AI to ERADICATE Mankind, rendering Asimov’s Laws futile.

    • Alexandru Rusu
      Alexandru Rusu

      Ai inteligence must be stop , it's playing God

  • Nariko Sellards
    Nariko Sellards

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  • Catalin Popinciuc
    Catalin Popinciuc

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  • Crash Vancouver
    Crash Vancouver

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  • Bucky

    The largest, most powerful and most corrupt oligarchy is coming. We are are continuously becoming more entangled in their technological web of information and deception. Chances of escape are continuously slimming. Maybe our fate is already sealed? Are enough people intelligent and brave enough to stand against this?

  • Sam Stoker
    Sam Stoker

    Anyone else notice how they said cameras that steal our privacy for so called security helps in crime solving not crime stopping. So after you are robbed, raped or murdered they can possibly solve the crime not save you from it happening in the first place. Is that the "security" everyone was expecting or looking forward to when this surveillance bs was brought up 20 yrs ago? Nothing has changed all they can do is come clean up the mess after the fact.

  • Luis Medrano
    Luis Medrano


  • EJ Ali
    EJ Ali

    I just want vr like sao and ready player one😂

  • Xulfi Nawaz
    Xulfi Nawaz

    19:40 China being Sim City. While in my country, the garbage truck doesn't arrives for three days sometimes


    Does Ai medical, takes into consideration human evolution and adaptation


    The future is, robots do our job, we will be given food..and alliances, how will we earn it by behavior and doing what we are told

  • Jonathan H2O
    Jonathan H2O

    A TRANSPARENT society in the interest of EFFICIENCY. This is a transcending concept!

  • 근영순항

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  • luna singer
    luna singer

    No vaccine passports!!! Visit the World Economic Forum website. Klaus Scwab (Head of The World Economic Forum) has written two recent books: The Great Reset- Post Pandemic Economy; and The Fourth Industrial Revolution-- these books are playing out before our eyes. Bill Gates is key to what's going with everything right now. We are in grave danger, humanity is on the precipice.

  • Imeldah hussenp
    Imeldah hussenp

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  • ahmet mutlu
    ahmet mutlu

    The prblem is todays claimed ai is statostics mechanism, decisions are madé by humans a d the programs only choice is collecting stauistics data and do choices related tó statiatics it not actually a intellectual choice. So for now there is no workig mechanism/ai that can make ita own choices ;p or near close to it ;/

  • Chorwa S.E
    Chorwa S.E

    I officially stop making babies.... can't imagine how our future generations will be😥. There's nothing left for us.... nothing.

  • Emil Korszun
    Emil Korszun

    “Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.” ― Frank Herbert, Dune

    • Katrina Zupcic
      Katrina Zupcic

      There we go..

  • ExposingMiLabs

    This was a trippy way to wake up with coffee first thing in the morning. It definitely gives me new movie concept ideas.

  • Hapslab Inc
    Hapslab Inc

    Human means knowing what to "No". Decision of Doing the right thing for human race betterment OVER Power or Passion or Change. Day we forget these aspects, we give Technology more power over Human race.

  • Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye
    Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye


  • Sven

    Hoped for science enthusiasts in the comments section, got stoners, hippies and conspiracy theorists... noice

  • corky

    So when you die they put a batteries in you and plug you into USB port then make you a robot government 🤖

  • corky

    What happens when the robots go wrong .. ..mind me of that song on pink Floyd

  • Nelson Varela-Tavares
    Nelson Varela-Tavares

    comfort at the cost of privacy!!! wow

  • Trevor Griese
    Trevor Griese

    I would never participate in any of that stuff from the grocery store or to a café or anything to do with shit like that

  • Trevor Griese
    Trevor Griese

    I would never Drive a electric car or let alone one that drives Those electric cars and self driving cars off a cliff that’s where they belong thumbs down for me

  • abdul rehman
    abdul rehman

    The word "algorithm" comes from 8th century *Muslim mathematician, Al Khwarizmi.* he is the inventor of algorithm.

  • alamin nxt
    alamin nxt

    Mr Intelligent do you know my choice

  • K. B.
    K. B.

    We need an update for amid-pandemic and post-pandemic AI involvement.

  • Anthony Hettinger
    Anthony Hettinger

    This isnt the reset at all. The "reset" as stated by the democratic party was about 1 world order and 1 kind of money and......well......basically china 1 policy.

  • Aye pal 313
    Aye pal 313

    Amazon is destroying our humanity