Axar Patel Bamboozled England | Rohit looking dangerous | Day 1

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    PCB officials and selectors: most of the t20 matches PK team lost in past few years are due to openers early out or do not have proper hitter in middle overs. To overcome this gap in our team I have suggested following team. I think Fakhar should be an integral part of the team. He should be trained to play at number 3 or as well as 5 or 6. T20 pk team should be included Sharjeel, Rizwan, Babar, Hafeez, Fakhar, Shoaib, Imad, Shadab, Faheem, Hasan and Shaheen. No need to do any more experiments with youngsters this year. Just trained Fakhar to play at three or middle order hitter. His role would be to strike and hit boundaries and sixes. Open up with Sharjeel and Rizwan. If opener out early send Fakhar at number 3 to continue pace, otherwise play him at 5. You could win t20 with this combination. Do not forget Indian conditions. Most likely Shoaib can do good job there, improve His bowling skills. Shadab role should be clearly define. We need his bowling skills more than batting. His aim should be on bowling rather than batting. Otherwise, Zahid can be play instead of him. More or less true with Imad. Faheem batting and bowling both should be strong. His hitting power still need some more work. His inclusion in team is vital.

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