Biden's national security guidance, China supersedes Russia as main threat, India as key Quad ally
#CutTheClutter #JoeBiden #USChina
In Episode 697 of #CutTheClutter, Shekhar Gupta examines two issues. First, the leaked Group of Ministers (GoM) document on Modi government’s concerns over media criticism and second, the release of Biden administration's Interim Security Guidance for America (and its allies), listing China as the number one threat, and India as a key ally.
Research by Tenzin Zompa and Reeti Agarwal
Brought to you by @Tata Motors Electric Mobility
Read the full text of the Group of Ministers’ report on Government Communication here:
Read US President Biden's Interim National Security Strategic Guidance here:
Read the Financial Times article on US vs China: Biden bets on alliances to push back against Beijing here:
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    • Anoop Pattat
      Anoop Pattat

      @hatake kakshi ..This is the issue with today's debate ..Always dualism ..If some one doesn't support print doesn't means Mr goswamimis right ...

    • Hatake kakashi
      Hatake kakashi

      @Anoop Pattat yes support arnab goswami for good journalism

    • Gurmit Singh
      Gurmit Singh

      We are talking about praising a failed state responsible for genocides and human rights violations, this is not true journalism

    • Rayden Bryant
      Rayden Bryant

      @Sylas Reuben Checking it out now. Seems to be working :)

    • Sylas Reuben
      Sylas Reuben

      dunno if anyone cares but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using Instaportal. Just google for it xD

  • Kujo Jitendra
    Kujo Jitendra

    India bich me phas gaya bc😑

  • R Menon
    R Menon

    To me this is a silver lining. & the future looks positive. I hope our government makes business easy for foreign investors.


    As if he was in love with Kim Jong un 😂😂😂

  • Palak Thakkar
    Palak Thakkar

    Its funny he creates an opinion and then says i don't give opinion

  • NMS YK
    NMS YK

    Biden isa fool to fallow trump ....bad luck America.

  • Rajesh

    Mr. SG have cleverly employed some tactics to play down the excessive media control by the govt.- 1. The headline does not mention this. as if you came here to speak only about biden's USA and doing the audience a favour by raising also this issue as a side note. 3. whataboutery. many have done it before so that it does not sound harsh. 3. your insistence on "i will not comment. you make your opinion". A professional fearless journalist would probably call this self sensorship! Can i have a reply please, theprint?

  • Shubham Kulshrestha
    Shubham Kulshrestha

    It seems to me that you DID make your opinion very clear... even though you mention that you are only opening the specimen for observations. Its to obvious...

  • Vk

    With 300 billions dollars of Trade deficit with CHYNA 😒😒😒

  • Soham Banerjee
    Soham Banerjee

    Dictatorship vs Democracy: What will Humans choose?

  • tresajessy george
    tresajessy george


  • Anand Upadhyay
    Anand Upadhyay

    we are blessed to have u

  • Anand Upadhyay
    Anand Upadhyay

    you made us scholar

  • Anand Upadhyay
    Anand Upadhyay

    I love you sir

  • Nezam Deham
    Nezam Deham

    My opinion is bjp hatao desh bachao

  • Vikas Nagaraja
    Vikas Nagaraja

    Mr. Shaker Gupta, the way I see it irrespective on meeting schedule by ministers, covid and china was handled well at the end of the day and whole world appreciates it. So don't use your smartness / wishful thinking in discredit what government has done. Thanks

  • Anand Upadhyay
    Anand Upadhyay


  • Palash Palash
    Palash Palash

    I think, we think too much about US and other western countries. This is a tradition inherited from our founding forefathers I guess. Rather, we should firmly focus on our own interests and economic development - and pay attention what other countries think of us only when our interests are involved. China learned this trick long ago - they never cared for any convention and system - they did things on their own terms. We should do the same because the current system is heavily biased towards western developed nations and they always want to keep it that way. In any case, in a competition between US and China - China will eventually win - so we should also think very carefully about our alignments. It is high time our government resolve majority of the disputes with china by making concessions, and try to get their market access desperately - even at the cost of sacrificing self respect. Basically we should crawl back to China and tell them we did some mistakes in the past and we will not do it again. China was very subservient when they were dependent on US market during their boom years and they quietly became an economic giant before people realized what happened. We should do the same with Chinese market. We we are not economically strong, no country will ever pay attention to our interests.

  • Vivek T
    Vivek T

    Messaging if not equally very important in those stressful times


    THE HONOURABLE SHRI NARENDRA MODI PRIME MINISTER PRIME MINISTER OF REPUBLIC OF INDIA PRIME MINISTER OFFICE SOUTH BLOCK, RAISINA HILL NEW DELHI- 110011 8th MARCH 2021 DEAR HONORABLE NARENDARA MODI, MERHROM TO HUMBLY REQUEST THE PRIME MINISTER OF PRIME MINISTER OF REPUBLIC OF INDIA AND WORLD LEADERS TO CONTINUE PUTTING PRESSURE ON THE MYANMAR MILITARY JUNTA TO RESPECT DEMOCRACY, RULE OF LAW, HUMAN RIGHTS, THE CONSTITUTION AND TO STOP THE ROHINGYA GENOCIDE. My name is Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani, President of Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM) deeply worried about the situation in Myanmar following the coup by the Myanmar military. The most worrying things are the impact of the coup on democracy in Myanmar, the impact on Stateless Rohingya Genocide Survivors in Arakan State, the impact on other ethnic minorities and the impact on the neighbouring countries particularly Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. We, the Rohingya are very worried the military will launch several Genocide attacks on the Rohingya ethnic minority within a year of military holding power. Ethnic minority Rohingya is the most prosecuted ethnic in the world who faced ongoing Genocide in Myanmar for long decades. During the civilian government, the Rohingya continuously facing Genocide. Following the coup, we are worried more Rohingya and other ethnic groups would become refugees in neighbouring countries. This will increase the case of human trafficking and boat people. Honorable Prime Minister, we are very worried that democracy and human rights will disappear in Myanmar. Democracy and the human rights are the only hope for the Rohingya to end the Rohingya Genocide and restoring our citizenship in Myanmar. There are many indicators to show that democracy is too difficult to sustain in Myanmar. The efforts for democracy were easily deleted by the junta. The citizenship of the Myanmar citizen was easily terminated. The national identification paper easily confiscated. The property of the people arbitrarily confiscated. The election results are easily rejected by the military. The result of the 2020 Election clearly shows the rejection of the Myanmar people for the military government. The election result clearly shows the hope and desire of the Myanmar people for democracy. But what option do we have? Honorable Prime Minister, as long as Genocide occurs, there will be no democracy. Therefore, we ask for your sincere and earnest commitment to stop the Rohingya Genocide as the first step in realizing real democracy in Myanmar and saving the lives of the people. The road to democracy must start from the root by restoring the citizenship of the Rohingya and guaranteeing the rights of all ethnic groups in Myanmar. There is no democracy as long as the Rohingya are not allowed to vote because the Rohingya are legitimate Myanmar citizens before being stripped of their citizenship in 1982. There is no democracy as long as the people are oppressed. Honorable Prime Minister, we appeal to you to take the following steps to ensure that democracy survives and is practiced in Myanmar: 1. To lead coordinated economic and financial sanctions targeted at Myanmar military bureaucrats and conglomerates 2. To lead efforts to prosecute Myanmar top military generals for Genocide, war crimes and human rights violations (as stated in the UN Fact Finding Mission 2018) 3. To lead efforts to establish real democracy, stop Rohingya Genocide, war crimes and human rights violations in Myanmar 4. 3. To enforce coordinated and comprehensive global arms embargo on Myanmar We hope the suffering of the Myanmar people will end particularly during the challenging Covid-19 Pandemic. We thank you very much for your sincere commitment and intervention to stop the Rohingya Genocide and establishment of real democracy and human rights in Myanmar. We look forward to your active interventions to uphold democracy and human rights globally. Thank you. Signed, Mr Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani President Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM) Blog: Email: Email: cc: HIS. EXCELLENCY SHRI MRIDUL KUMAR HIGH COMMISSIONER OF INDIA INDIA HIGH COMMISSION KUALA LUMPUR LEVEL 1, WISMA HRIH LOTUS 442, JALAN PAANG SETAPA, 53000 KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA.

  • aarjav jain
    aarjav jain

    What has happened in your finger sir ?

  • Satyanarayana Padhy
    Satyanarayana Padhy

    What is wrong with ministers discussing media management ?? Let’s them impress people and media. But The Print and SG should not be so biased and anti govt. I saw few coverages about Delhi riot and came to conclusion you guys are prestitutes.

  • Pawan Sharma
    Pawan Sharma

    Biden have jake Sullivan from avatar 😂😂

  • Ayesha Malik
    Ayesha Malik

    very informative videos, im 13 and find these series very interesting and gives a better perspective on important matters relating to our country

  • Duzzo Net
    Duzzo Net

    Biden cannot complete a sentence in his speech and is going through cognitive decline .. something which may become a international embarrassment

  • Venu Gopal
    Venu Gopal

    Slowly slowly camel is coming closer to the mountain ? Yes I am talking about the first part of the video... Which mountain is the question that is in the open...

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh

    Please make video on LAND TITLING presumptive to conclusive..

  • Jimmy cc
    Jimmy cc

    Is it corona talk or Biden's security policy? LOL As China took advantage of the USA USSR conflict in terms of economy and trade. Can India take such advantage of the USA-China conflict now?

  • Raya

    Biden's a Chinese stooge. His cabinet is stacked with anti India jihadists and fascists.

  • Gurmit Singh
    Gurmit Singh

    How can a failed state comment on real world democracies, and why keep trying to comment on these great countries when 80% of your failed state don't even have toilets fact

  • Tpwalia Walia
    Tpwalia Walia

    SG, changing times ! informed citizens through multi media, social network n like.Govt in serious business , no frolics .I can understand media feeling low, 've fragmented n taken sides/position for survival. But on rahul you r dead right . He is a moron n in free fall mode

  • Rohit Singh
    Rohit Singh

    Some peoples minds are colonized. Some random stink tank published some crap and we should listen to them? Why? These stink tanks still look down upon us. We should tell them to "mind their own business". Amreekais deep trouble and is getting deeper into debt which their future generations will pay

  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar

    Why the leftist media wiped out news on Hunter Biden business relationship with the ccp ?

  • Jessy Thomas
    Jessy Thomas

    Donald trump was way better and more efficient and effective against China than sleepy Joe who has dementia. His son, hunter Biden is a very big shareholder in major Chinese conglomerates.

  • dragchute86

    I cant believe how wrong SG gets some stuff about Trump. Listen here you lutyens MSM dependent uncle... the south korean president WELCOMED trump engaging with north korea/kim jong un. Do some BASIC research on the matter instead of being reliant on the CNN feed. Asking NATO countries to pay their fair share w.r.t guidelines set by NATO itself is not abandoning them either. Very poor journalism w.r.t Trump admin by this guy.

  • Dibyajyoti Das
    Dibyajyoti Das

    Nazis also colour coded Jews. Just saying..

  • Raaz Tolety
    Raaz Tolety

    Mr. Sekhar Gupta, you tend to repeat, drag, prolong your analysis while criticising Modi. Check for yourself.

  • N.sathyanarayanan Sathya
    N.sathyanarayanan Sathya

    Why USA is not supporting INDIA

  • N.sathyanarayanan Sathya
    N.sathyanarayanan Sathya

    China has won.india needs Permanent seat in UN

  • Reddy

    One more negative propaganda by Gandhi family loyalist Shekhar Guptha, Burnol moment of leftists, Maza Araha Hi!!

  • HS hsalbal
    HS hsalbal

    What has happened to your fingers?

  • J C
    J C

    Monitoring what Idiots and hypocrites like you say is a very good idea.

  • Mahesh Jayaram
    Mahesh Jayaram

    20 Indian soldiers didn’t DIE.. they were Martyred! Sad to see an experienced person like you can’t use the right words

  • I TR
    I TR

    Beijing Biden

  • Chaman Khan
    Chaman Khan

    Universal studios Beijing is an upcoming universal theme park in Beijing that will open in May 2021. Jealous indian for u. Ya lal rang kab mujhe chhodega

  • Shubham Tiwari
    Shubham Tiwari

    Even if the meetings were held to control communications what is wrong in that ??As controlling communication is very important now a days in any crisis situation. This helps in containing war of perceptions which if not done correctly can lead to chaos and make life difficult for common men as well.

  • Atindra Nath Banerjee
    Atindra Nath Banerjee

    Indians are used to having a sick bed\trolly on the streets in fact, Indians like to setup "suhag raat" beds on street crossings. It is a no big deal , Shekhar Gupta ji.....!!!!

  • Shyam Khurana
    Shyam Khurana

    Mr. Gupta , what happened to your finger. Hope you are fine.

  • Rajoshri Buense
    Rajoshri Buense

    Cut piece journalism, shame on you

  • Giri Raman
    Giri Raman

    This is clickbait. I wanted to watch wise Guptaji's insights on geopolitics, not C oup taji's view on fictitious fantasies of The Caravan

  • Saket Singh
    Saket Singh

    Russia would be happy to knw that US place them as 2nd enemy in their list. The world made mistake to China too nd we knw d later.

  • Venkat Tata
    Venkat Tata

    Sekhar has perfected the art of talking and talking without telling much. Like Swaran Singh

  • Kaushik Srinivasan
    Kaushik Srinivasan

    U.S considering Russia as a threat instead of China is like India considering Pakistan still as a threat instead of China.

  • Raghul Kumar
    Raghul Kumar

    If journalists are colour coded, Arnab deserves a seperate colour.

  • Sahil Bhatti
    Sahil Bhatti

    What happened to your finger ? Also why don't you turn on the automatic captions ?

  • Shin Chan
    Shin Chan

    1940s with Germany(nazi economically) and Japan 1950s to 1990s with Soviet Union 1980s with Japan again (Plaza accord) 2000s with France, Iraq 2020s with China 2040s with India India should be prepared to deal with Anglo Saxons

  • Rushab Ranawat
    Rushab Ranawat

    I can’t concentrate for more than 2 min in your videos. That’s why at the end I don’t feel that I have learnt something new.

  • Venkatakrishnan Ramakrishnan
    Venkatakrishnan Ramakrishnan

    GNP is Gross National Product not Gross National Power. Looks like SGs Acronym books is different from others.

  • Len Kipgen
    Len Kipgen

    Old election is a mistake. He is a pupet of obamalek and hillarious

  • Navid Butt
    Navid Butt

    Is he spearheading the goadi media after leaving Ndtv.?

  • Ramarao Mocherla
    Ramarao Mocherla

    you take cognizance of mumbai power shutdown and the reports that suggest that it was caused by Chinese electronic/ AI warfare teams and speak about it.

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh

    Jitne congressileftist chamche hain yaha unko chhod ke sabko Ram Ram

  • Harsha చిన్నం
    Harsha చిన్నం

    What a waste of time. No evidence

  • Mei He
    Mei He

    lol, this old fool.

  • Rajan Ghotgalkar
    Rajan Ghotgalkar

    American Foreign strategy never changes with the Presidents - Biden is a normal person and seasoned politician. I am certain the Chinese preferred Trump

  • prakash gupta
    prakash gupta

    Me after reading the long GoM report on Government Communications: #WahModijiWah #BahutBadhiyaModiji #YehiTohBaatHaiModiji #KyaBaatHaiModiji

  • HrH

    He cut his finger cutting the clutter.

    • G M
      G M

      Lol that's the best explanation so far! 😁😁😁

  • sanjesh darbari
    sanjesh darbari

    what about fake news propogated by wire, qunit, caravan, news laudary, ndtv, alt news etc. all journalists progating fake news should be held accountable

  • Silent Noise
    Silent Noise

    yes SG Media is biased towards BJP for almost 7 years now...

    • Silent Noise
      Silent Noise

      @Varad T Mast joke mara re...🤣🤣🤣

  • DJ AJ Reddy
    DJ AJ Reddy

    This guy is a useless nerrator. Keeps talking endless without getting to point. And wtf with those dancing hands.

  • Raj Shekhar
    Raj Shekhar

    My opinion is The Group of Ministers after doing the job of pendamic management and tackling China aggression found time to interest with media. Great time management and hats off to the hard work.

  • Mohit Paramarsh Singh
    Mohit Paramarsh Singh

    Well , this report on GOM meetings comes after Freedom House ' s report!!! Wow, India !!!🙄

  • Lalitha Padmanabhan
    Lalitha Padmanabhan

    This TAQLOO as usual thinks no end of their fraternity. There are enough Crooks,Chora etc. Nothing great about the media and they are not God as they think.

  • Pramod Ravikant
    Pramod Ravikant

    June 2020 was the most difficult month for Modi govt. And I guess they handled pretty well. Imagine Congress govt in this situation.

  • Ramchandra Joshi
    Ramchandra Joshi

    Better You Sit Home... Enough of You.

  • Ramchandra Joshi
    Ramchandra Joshi

    Mr.Gupta your journalism is becoming very one sided...Gone are those good days of Congress which you ruled media like Dawood in bollywood.Sorry

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh

    Modiji be like: Biden my firaaand😂

    • Blank Mind
      Blank Mind

      Biden be like: aukaat me reh aur ek cup chai leke aa

  • J Shetty
    J Shetty

    America is happy with the secularism in Saudi ha ha ha ha

  • J Shetty
    J Shetty

    So called Journalists (Parajeevi`) in India working on propaganda of PFI like organization, it is very important to control them for the good of the Nation.

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh

    He tells everything. Fits everything in our mind and then says form your opinion. I feel that in the propaganda machinery he is playing the role of "Spread your agenda through soft measures". The question is what is the agenda he is working for

  • Chirag Gopinath
    Chirag Gopinath

    About the meeting btw the cabinet members , media and corporate officials would the general audience who prefer the patriotic, the good will, positivity and basically something to feel reassured about like it if the mainstream media would project the situation is uncontrollable and govt is struggling to make ends meet even for that matter would it help if the media were critically covering everything happening which was essentially all bad?? Or help build trust with the health sector, make public aware of the importance of govt protocols and norms also put a bit of India doing good in the world? I'm not saying that the mainstream media was great but at least the public had only a pandemic to deal with emotionally, is what i feel


    According to Arun surie Amit shah ji more powerful than modi it right sir.. I had seen on media briefing that all questions to answers had been given by Amit shah ji..modi ji had been just passing questions...

  • Sam

    So happy that prsdnt Joe Biden is watching all . He is the only one now to address human rights issue . He is the world leader indeed. Happy that he named the supposed suspect s delicately.

  • Sagar Vishal
    Sagar Vishal

    India should decrease it's population.

  • Sri Ram Prasanna Arikapalli
    Sri Ram Prasanna Arikapalli

    Sir please take vaccine

  • Dogg Leash
    Dogg Leash

    All of that statistics, & Anti-chines sentiments is towards the boycotting of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic, Because Beijing is about to make history being the first City to held both the summer N the winter Olympics, N due to the fact that China🇨🇳 Shocked the world🌎 During the 2008 summer Olympic with their open day ceremony 🎑, So Now they're using that false Human rights narrative as an excuse to;

  • Maneesh Bhardwaj
    Maneesh Bhardwaj

    Dear Mr Gupta, sometimes I wonder what a racy book it would make if you were to actually give your ‘opinion’ on all matters where you consciously choose not to do so..

  • Inder Negi
    Inder Negi


  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar

    Bjp is being vanilla form of Chinese Communist party 😠

  • Ranjith Kumar
    Ranjith Kumar

    This is why I like shekar gupta. He hates this government to the core but he says I will dissect the specimen and it is upto you to make an opinion. He is wise enough to push his narrative between the lines. Coming to the ministers meeting with the media houses and corporates on how to influence the media opinion.In the end democracy is all about public opinion.They played their cards to stay in power. It is what it is. It happens all over the world not just in India. Noone is going to lose sleep on this matter. The saddest part of this news is Gupta ji knows it in heart of his hearts that Govt was wise enough to do this.

  • peace World
    peace World

    The United States deploys military bases in every corner of the world. The so-called threat against the United States, my understanding is: threatening the United States’ world hegemony?

  • Naveen Boggarapu
    Naveen Boggarapu

    Foreign policies most of the time have continuity irrespective of governing party. What changes is how to talk and how you do... not if you do.

  • Poornima Narayan
    Poornima Narayan

    Sg your dislike for Modi should be a little more under wraps - you are trying to imply that the govt was doing nothing but manage the media- you know that is not true

  • Nassim Abed
    Nassim Abed

    Keep in mind that the concern for freedom of speech and human rights is only a convenient mask and a moral pretext that the west uses when it serves their agenda. If you read the history of the 19th century you will find British diplomacy replete with calls for abolishing slavery and allegations of slavery trade as pretexts for waging military actions resulting in colonialist dominance all while at the same time tuning a blind eye to the practices of Belgium in the Congo and so many later examples thoroughout the 20th century.

  • Poornima Narayan
    Poornima Narayan

    Sg talking about the ministers holding meetings during the height of the pandemic - is as if the ministers were doing nothing else but holding meetings to manage the media - as the govt was doing nothing else - any one having even a modicum of sense knows that the govt at that time must have been working on overdrive - which is why we’ are where we are today with respect to the pandemic

  • IT Learner
    IT Learner

    In my view west abuses the global economic and other international systems the most. They don’t respect the international justice system, they can destroy any country they wish to without the approval of the UN. They have double standards; they simply ignore people who are not white westerners.

  • Dogg Leash
    Dogg Leash

    It's funny how how U R such an expert on China N the Chinese people, But when it comes to your own country india your opinions R been muted.

  • Chandrasekaran S S
    Chandrasekaran S S

    Starting part of this episode is known facts..And decision taken at that time is good and necessary...So talking about that is not having any purpose now...Other points are true and very informative....China is the most dangerous country at present ..

  • Sumit Bhise
    Sumit Bhise

    Why one should stand with Maoist In India who stand with China on 1962 war. The same persons working to destabilize the peace in our country. The person is nothing but puppet in the hands of foreign adversaries.


    This comment is regarding what the GOI was doing in June last year. Looking in retrospect, I conclude that the govt. had its priorities right all throughout though that was not the only thing the govt was doing. They did other things also (including the one that you mentioned) without compromising the priority COVID demanded, and that speaks in the results we see today. There are no empirical evidences to prove that had the govt. not done those meetings in June and spent more hrs on COVID management, the COVID nos would have have declined significantly from July OR vaccine would have been available 2 months earlier. So, Mr. Gupta might be a wise man (maybe a NASA material) but to presume that audience is fool, is not right.