Brave Girl vs Cowardly Girl / Funny and Awkward Moments
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15 Sibling Prank Wars! Funny Sister Pranks!
Girls are so different! Choose your type - brave or cowardly girl? Check out WooHoo’s new video about different kinds of girls and maybe they reminded you of one of your friends!
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    • Paulo Parcasio
      Paulo Parcasio

      @Michael Bonell 221

    • Michael Bonell
      Michael Bonell

      @Paulo Parcasio xhgg sixth grade in the world is sick with it being a big deal with all the 5 million viewers in I know that I have a few more questions and more about it and how I can help them with the idea that they can

    • Michael Bonell
      Michael Bonell

      @Paulo Parcasio ) what boy do you need to put loads of tiktoks

    • Michelle Blizzard
      Michelle Blizzard

      11q I didn't show I asked you for something else

    • Sherrie B
      Sherrie B

      This is Jesse do you do you know

  • Maddie’s World
    Maddie’s World

    Those doctors that take off your teeth they hide in the pillow and try to get money to fairies

  • Romualdo Rauto
    Romualdo Rauto


  • Romualdo Rauto
    Romualdo Rauto


  • Samantha Albie Cariño
    Samantha Albie Cariño

    I have no idea why ths cowarly girl is so scared of people

  • Brutal Broccoli
    Brutal Broccoli

    i like the brave gl

  • Toyeng Soriano
    Toyeng Soriano

    hey girl u are playing among us

  • camille hinds
    camille hinds

    I'm the Brave Girl I'm not scary of nothing.

  • jayson Tatum
    jayson Tatum


  • Govind Giri
    Govind Giri


  • Kiseme Kimba
    Kiseme Kimba

    Wow those are cute unicorn pajamas so cute I ❤ unicorns so much.💖💖💖💝💝💝🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍

  • Sophie Wright
    Sophie Wright

    The brake girl took out her own tooth ill just run out of the room

  • anayah santos
    anayah santos

    From the park

  • Dj’s Squad
    Dj’s Squad


  • Anaaya VATS
    Anaaya VATS

    10:47 You good bro....

  • Janaia Smith
    Janaia Smith


  • jung gukkk
    jung gukkk

    hahahaahhahaahahahahahahahah ahahahahaha sparder

  • Lynn Perretta
    Lynn Perretta

    Hduududffhsy yr HHFFFFFFRR

  • Antonia Thomas
    Antonia Thomas

    i. Iove you Bad girl 👩🏼‍🦱👩🏼‍🦱🤫👿 I love you guys liked the new comment 🤗 I’m a Biggest fans

  • Rose ann Kim
    Rose ann Kim


  • Lulyan 07
    Lulyan 07

    I'm already click the bell

  • Sara DJ
    Sara DJ

    I laugh so hard when everybody copied her when she was on the the dance floor it was hilarious .😂😂😂😂😂

    • Yazmin Pastrana
      Yazmin Pastrana

      iaiunju9f 9ju 9u .,. xt2 yeti jzunuex 2j,n mil Eddie en y h6c

    • Stormie McClatchy
      Stormie McClatchy

      Ya that was funny

  • Rose Pecayo
    Rose Pecayo

    Umm.... Where did she get those popcorns????

  • Glory Ann Conde
    Glory Ann Conde

    the guy that kidnap the coward is jigsaw

  • Fredo Abubo
    Fredo Abubo

    hi gois kom to mey hoseeeeeeeeeev et es tro taht drs alex

  • Natile Dahleh
    Natile Dahleh

    Scaredy cat

  • Reli Uka
    Reli Uka

    Im the shy one 😂

  • Pavan K
    Pavan K

    I love the boxing part

  • Rolando Mider
    Rolando Mider

    Brave girl was not scared at the funny clown and bad guy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    I am the brave one...... honestly

  • Kyna Tan
    Kyna Tan

    I am the brave girl

  • Brandi Kozlowski
    Brandi Kozlowski

    The vengeful server regionally encourage because bean histomorphometrically cough given a aback facilities. accidental, chubby architecture

  • Lindsey Miller
    Lindsey Miller

    Scaredy cat girl

  • Lechosław Juszczak
    Lechosław Juszczak

    woo hooo is Justin there?

  • Usha. v lisa
    Usha. v lisa

    I LOVE brave girl

  • Sara Berles
    Sara Berles

    I am a little bit of girls

  • 123 Go !
    123 Go !


  • Sara Sommers
    Sara Sommers

    The not brave one is coward how dum

  • ACT

    Brave Girl vs Cowardly Girl / Funny and Awkward Moment

  • Angela Kamsuan
    Angela Kamsuan

    I love this video

  • Hanna Rosedoll
    Hanna Rosedoll

    2:05 this is made for kids

  • Muraena_coffee milky
    Muraena_coffee milky

    I love how the brave girl didn't fear

  • Farah Desroches
    Farah Desroches


  • Anuka Tamarashvili
    Anuka Tamarashvili

    Mable is so annoyning and so boring she is rude

  • elene berozashvili
    elene berozashvili


  • Emely Robinson
    Emely Robinson


  • Nancy Aaron
    Nancy Aaron

    Play Pixy picky picky picky

  • Faith Rose
    Faith Rose

    I love how the “brave” girl made the cop right him self a ticket

    • Anjana shaly
      Anjana shaly


    • Ishaq Ishaq
      Ishaq Ishaq

      Yeah lol

    • Princess Gamer
      Princess Gamer


    • Gayatri Devi
      Gayatri Devi

      Yeah me too

    • Patoomporn Miyo
      Patoomporn Miyo

      same the brave girl is awesome🥺☺️👌

  • Maliyah Scott
    Maliyah Scott


  • Nadiah Abdullah
    Nadiah Abdullah

    For. The. My phone 🐨🐯🐯🐰🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  • Candy

    Cop to do it ever you

  • midnightwolf's life
    midnightwolf's life

    I'm the braver girl❤

  • Sierra Greenway
    Sierra Greenway

    I think it is funny at the end cuz the boys all most kissed each other

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    U. Bad Things daddy taroach3 johnny Bad o

  • Molly Dorn
    Molly Dorn

    I’m broke too I had to do a chest pump today Chess poke today

  • Matt Hadrian Verayin
    Matt Hadrian Verayin

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  • raja Likitha
    raja Likitha

    9:45 why is she so silly covering everything for that she should sleep in a toilet ahh she is so mad😡🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦or cover the hole house mad

  • Emely Munoz
    Emely Munoz

    I did it hit the sub button

  • Emely Munoz
    Emely Munoz


  • Taojun ZHOU
    Taojun ZHOU

    To scary ahh

  • GG'S Corner
    GG'S Corner

    I love y'all

  • Kristen Spriggs
    Kristen Spriggs

    Aaliyah and I have a new

  • Mateo Sparks
    Mateo Sparks


  • Chevelle Meredith
    Chevelle Meredith

    I’m not sure if I will get a hold of you tomorrow

  • Among Sus
    Among Sus

    You need to fallow the law! Me: is he not a part of the law?

  • Unicorn Sparkles
    Unicorn Sparkles


  • Oswald Grant
    Oswald Grant

    I like the brave girl she is beautiful

  • David Fonyad
    David Fonyad

    David David the house t I can let David

  • Amirah Rahmat
    Amirah Rahmat

    I'm brave

  • MS - 03AL 877533 Osprey Woods PS
    MS - 03AL 877533 Osprey Woods PS

    The cop is so innocent

  • Predrag Jankovic
    Predrag Jankovic


  • Lilda Aboc
    Lilda Aboc


    • Lilda Aboc
      Lilda Aboc


  • Cecilia Gonzalez
    Cecilia Gonzalez


  • Bubblegum princess Jordan
    Bubblegum princess Jordan


  • Mackenzie Johnston
    Mackenzie Johnston

    Me scared be like:

  • mohamed man
    mohamed man

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  • 13750 AMAIRA SINGH
    13750 AMAIRA SINGH

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    • derwin sacapaño
      derwin sacapaño

      Me too

    • Gaming With Arlie
      Gaming With Arlie

      I'm confused...

  • Hasyimah Mohd tahir
    Hasyimah Mohd tahir

    I brave

  • Larissa Parson
    Larissa Parson

    On God 🙏 she did

  • Camila gamer Bunny
    Camila gamer Bunny

    Hey woohoo

  • Sarah Jordan
    Sarah Jordan

    What gender

  • Hafsa Rachidi
    Hafsa Rachidi

    In this part off the video she forgot to cover the peep hole 9:34

    • Hafsa Rachidi
      Hafsa Rachidi

      wow your such a smarty pants

    • Sadiya’s Storys
      Sadiya’s Storys

      Its built so its closed dumbo look closely

  • Troy the gamer With gamer gabby
    Troy the gamer With gamer gabby


  • pieter croucamp
    pieter croucamp


  • Builder Man
    Builder Man


  • Kathryn


  • Pooper Pants
    Pooper Pants

    I like woohoo😊

  • sonja huish
    sonja huish

    Dbjdgd hi d ok hdidu

  • Cicy Shaji
    Cicy Shaji

    Is that only me # 6:33 the guy in white looks so cute🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Ali G
    Ali G

    The class clown is really sacary

  • Mary Kamaloni
    Mary Kamaloni

    so sad its just trash

  • Haiden Scherbs
    Haiden Scherbs

    Love you

  • Adithya pradeep
    Adithya pradeep

    Oh no you are crazy 😯😯😯

  • Isabella Jeffcoat
    Isabella Jeffcoat



    Who does cover there computer camre ☾

  • Isatou Suso
    Isatou Suso


  • Christine Riley
    Christine Riley

    That is jigsaw on TV

  • diamond chaser
    diamond chaser

    tHe cLoWn

  • Ava Jordyn
    Ava Jordyn

    Is the guy with the white hair dantdm

  • Yoana Chavez
    Yoana Chavez

    I love your channel