Chithi 2 - Special Episode Part - 1 | Ep.127 & 128 | 22 Oct 2020 | Sun TV | Tamil Serial
Watch the Latest episode from the Special Episode of the popular mega serial Chithi 2, that airs on Sun TV.
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The classic mega serial ‘Chithi’ that resonated with each and everyone in the household, more than a decade ago, is back. Chithi 2, is a whole new story., about yet another ‘Chithi’, our kind-hearted and brave-spirited Saradha. Her portrayal of love, forgiveness, sacrifice, fierceness, and perseverance towards her family, through the thick and thin of life, makes one believe in the power of family. Watch and travel along with Saradha’s offbeat family.
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  • vinoth143able

    Riya and Diya

  • Ambika Govindraj
    Ambika Govindraj

    KAVIN Pavam

  • Sathya Narayanan
    Sathya Narayanan

    எந்த பெண்னாவது கனவனன விட்டு கொ டுப்பளா வெண்பா பாவம்

  • Fathima Shareeka
    Fathima Shareeka

    Venba appo sethuruwwa

  • Sanggetha Mogen
    Sanggetha Mogen

    Pls don't kill venba

  • vijaya sankaran
    vijaya sankaran

    Athella oru mannum aagathu

    • vijaya sankaran
      vijaya sankaran


  • Sanfeer S
    Sanfeer S

    എനക് yazhini thaaa pudikum

  • Suji Sekar
    Suji Sekar

    Kavin venba super jodeeee

  • Nasiha kader
    Nasiha kader

    kavin is totally disgusting 😡

  • M. M.
    M. M.

    Evarem sitharA vechittangala

  • Ria Lasi
    Ria Lasi

    Super saami nalla vaakku solli irukku venpa gaali

  • mathiyazhagan A
    mathiyazhagan A

    Na kuda venba sethuruvalo nu payanthuten...

  • Medona Medona
    Medona Medona

    Wait Male ketata nakuda

  • Medona Medona
    Medona Medona

    Lose angry 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • kajal vijay devarakonda
    kajal vijay devarakonda

    Yazhini akka semma cute and venbha akkavum semma cute kavin annayum semma cute. ...

  • Samsung Oppo
    Samsung Oppo

    Venba character same like her biological father Dharmaraj.. cheating & betrayal cute Yazlini, Mrs.Saradha teacher & Mr.Shanmugam.. Kavin character same like his mother Malliga.. very selfish & cunning.. Venba & Kavin both of them are very very selfish.. but remember your karma will returns to you both back guys.. Yazlini you have such a true you will happy with ur biological mother Saradha & Shanmugam forever and also with a lovable person very worries.. Yazlini Dont think bout the cheating Kavin, betrayal Venba & stupid Dharmaraj. 3 of them are selfish karumaatheram..

  • Sruthi Srinivasan
    Sruthi Srinivasan

    Samiyar good acting

  • prakash v
    prakash v

    Selfish kavin Moothevi

  • prakash v
    prakash v

    I Like yalini

  • muthu kumar
    muthu kumar

    Room pottu yosipangalo Ada pogapa

  • Jaden Rosmerah
    Jaden Rosmerah

    Best Kevin marries both the girls..maybe Savandi also can take the 3rd placing ...

  • Tamil Selvi
    Tamil Selvi

    Kavin &venba unggale nambaravangale cheat panrinqe😡ithu tappu illaya

  • Index tamil
    Index tamil

    சீரியல் எப்போ முடிக்க போறீங்க

  • Taj Spices
    Taj Spices

    Why this Dharma changed his own baby ?

  • P R
    P R

    Does any God demands so much pain from the people.I dont think so.Gods love is unconditional and no boundary for it.God is our dad mom brother friend guide philosopher anything we can take.He wants to bless us.The inly thing God ecpect from us is we also shud love and search Him.We shud gu e first preference to Him.This is rhe only thing God expect from us.Even He doesnt want our offerings.Because the wholde world belongs to Him

  • Arul Zelian
    Arul Zelian

    Ante tevadia nandhini saage vendiyathu thaane!?😡 😡 😡

  • Swathy Sara
    Swathy Sara

    Intha kavin kalyanam pannathu venba va ivaru jolly ya iruka yazhiniyum chttiyum parigaram pannanuma😰😰😰yenna yenn ippadi story kondutu pooringe semme kadupaguthu👊

  • Vijayalakshmi Vasudevan
    Vijayalakshmi Vasudevan

    சன் டிவி , DMK channel DMK சொல்வது ஹிந்து மதம் காட்டு மிராண்டி மதம் அதில் கூறும் சடங்கு , சப்ரதாயம் அனைத்தும் அர்த்தமற்றது , மூடநம்பிக்கை என்பது தான். மற்ற மதங்களின் எந்த மூட நம்பிக்கையும் இல்லை என்று நம்பும், DMK Channel Sun TV தயாரிக்கும் serial அனைத்திலும் முஸ்லீம் நம்பிக்கை, கிருஸ்துவ நம்பிக்கை வைத்து கதை வடிக்கலாமே ? எங்கள் இந்து நம்பிக்கையை வைத்து serial மட்டும் ஏன் எடுக்க வேண்டும் ? ஊரை ஏமாற்றும் கூட்டம் இந்த திமுக , திக , திருமா group

  • Sharvesh Shar
    Sharvesh Shar

    24 oct saturday episode upload pannunga please

  • Tamil love Status
    Tamil love Status

    Already venba Ku munnadi Dayanawa kavin Marr panninaru venba Ku onnum nadakkadu

  • Thusani Siva
    Thusani Siva

    Venba&kavin sema jodii...👫

  • Mala Mala
    Mala Mala

    I think samiyar setting by dharma

  • Dhanu Brindha
    Dhanu Brindha

    This episode really superb storyline..

  • Varshini Dhamotharan
    Varshini Dhamotharan

    யாழினி வெண்பா நிலைமையை நினைச்சா ரொம்ப பாவமா இருக்கு சித்தி... யாரை நினச்சாலும் அழுகைதான் வருகிறது

  • Priya Valantina
    Priya Valantina

    As u doing pooja for yalini let it to be for yalini only dont change to venba . u showed that is God destiny said by poojare so please don't change the concept as u like support to venba

  • Priya Valantina
    Priya Valantina

    That time only serial get nice name little only like chiti 1 But chiti is block buster serial Because yalini have separate from u by dharma cheater at least u do something to your original daughter Don't think about venba Yalini dont no that u only mother but she have given 1st position to u . After looking so care to venba but she didn't give that much respect to u

  • Priya Valantina
    Priya Valantina

    Radhika madam u your doing pooja for yalini so u have to support to yalini only dont change your mind to venba

  • Rani Mani
    Rani Mani

    Kavin is frod both the girls life he spoiled.this is serial only but sensitive

  • Chinnaduraichina Chinnaduraichina
    Chinnaduraichina Chinnaduraichina

    Song super eppova keda nyappagam

  • Hussain hussain
    Hussain hussain

    Maniyarayile ashokan + padatha painkili

  • Indhu Mathi
    Indhu Mathi

    ஏற்கனவே அவன் காதலிச்ச பொண் இறந்து போச்சு

  • TARMA Theepa
    TARMA Theepa

    Nice serial

  • Thaffzir Jahan
    Thaffzir Jahan

    Kavin ne paartha kobam varuthu

  • Kumar Deva
    Kumar Deva

    வெண்பாவுக்கு ஒன்னுன்னா எப்படி பதறுறா ஆனா யாழினிக்கு ஒன்னுன்னா எப்படி அசால்ட்டா இருக்கான் செல்பிஸ்

  • Kanchana Neelakandan
    Kanchana Neelakandan

    Chithi please venba and kavin sethu vainga

  • Thaffzir Jahan
    Thaffzir Jahan

    Yazhini rombe pavam

  • Kumar Deva
    Kumar Deva

    பாவம் யாழினி கவின் ரொம்ப ஏமாத்துறான் அவன் கூட சேர்ந்து வெண்பாவும்

  • Dhana Lakshmi
    Dhana Lakshmi

    Swamiji is tell the Sumangalie (Shardha)...

  • Mona B
    Mona B

    How bad kavin and dharma. They never thought about yazhini. Pavam. Even venba is shutting her mouth. All three selfish ppl.

  • Suganya M
    Suganya M

    யாழினி கல்யாணம் முன்னாடியே கவினுகாக துடிக்கிறாள். கவின் யாழினி துடிக்கிறது வேடிக்கை பார்த்து கொண்டு இருக்கிறான்.

  • Sanosa Umma
    Sanosa Umma

    Loosa yalni nee. Avaru sonna vaakku unda nallathuku than. Pariharam palaharamnu neeye oru valiya readyaki koduthuru. Unda thalaiyila nee mannalli poduva. Unga Amma venba thalayila poduvva

  • metha jenifar
    metha jenifar

    I love you chithi serila

  • Keerthi Jaya
    Keerthi Jaya

    Super episode

  • u1425

    Habbaada super episode.. intha parikaram nadaka kudathu.. venba seekram sethu thola

  • Jamuna Kalanithi
    Jamuna Kalanithi

    Please don't kill venba character and don't change kavin venba pair. Also put another good pair for yaazhini also.

  • Antony Christo
    Antony Christo

    Overs Sami sentiment ta iriku...

  • Nirmala Devi
    Nirmala Devi

    Kavin and venba Super pair Yalini vendam

  • Husna Haani
    Husna Haani

    Kavin has to marry yazhini

  • karthika V red
    karthika V red

    Yazhini pavam cavin unmaya solalam

  • Karthi Prithika
    Karthi Prithika


  • susi Mary
    susi Mary

    Pavam yazhini

  • Aviella Therese
    Aviella Therese

    Romantic scene vainga kavin and venba ku

  • Kani Mozhi
    Kani Mozhi

    Ayyira ipo samiyara mathitanga

  • Sangeetha Velooo
    Sangeetha Velooo

    I hate kavin..why cant he behave like man.he is untruthful..he need to voice

  • sujitha balu
    sujitha balu

    @😍😍 I liked yazhini.....Music good

  • A. G
    A. G

    Coward kavin... playing with an innocent girl’s emotions and like. His character looks villain to me...

  • Sabith Kaiyoom
    Sabith Kaiyoom

    👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 vanba kutty

  • u s
    u s

    I dont like kavin character...playing with yazhnis emotion...hero should be like inspiration

  • Tamilmani T
    Tamilmani T

    Moonu karpoorathaiyum onnaa yethirukkellaam...

  • Kids & Mom Ulaham
    Kids & Mom Ulaham

    Venba in danger ?

  • Anu Anu
    Anu Anu

    Samiyar music vera leave speech senaa🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • ranjitha kannan
    ranjitha kannan

    Intha samiyar already itha serial 1st episodela poosari vanthirukaru. Few months later poosari to samiyar promotiona

  • saraswati iyer
    saraswati iyer

    Roja is way better

  • Sunitha Suji
    Sunitha Suji

    Yazhini tooo good..

  • Renjini R
    Renjini R

    Venbakkh enthenkilum pattumo venba kavin Jodi super

  • dr kala vijaykumar
    dr kala vijaykumar

    Nobody can say all this

  • Aalif Ahamed
    Aalif Ahamed

    Aythn 1st affection Diana sethuttale

  • dr kala vijaykumar
    dr kala vijaykumar

    Why Radhika is always bringing one siddhar this is all foolishness

  • Grashnavi Chandrasekar
    Grashnavi Chandrasekar

    Super scene... vera lvl .... nizz story fantastic 👏👏

  • Vimala Sinusamy
    Vimala Sinusamy

    Happy to hear that kavin 1st wife die...yaalini pity...

  • Vinayaraj Kc
    Vinayaraj Kc

    Yazhini overacting

  • Muthu Malar 23
    Muthu Malar 23

    Kavin unmaiya sonna nalla irukkum Ana eppathaikku solla mattan

  • Nesh kannan
    Nesh kannan

    Intha serial ah mudichi tholainga da sikiram 😤 chaik

  • Ramani Krishnan
    Ramani Krishnan

    Kavin sariyana bayandangolli

  • geetha g
    geetha g

    Venba kavi pair super. Yalini interest illatha kalyanathai pannuradhu thappu illayya. Yalini parikaram sonna kadavul venba paavam illayya. Already venba Kavin marriage mudichuvitathu. Athu antha kadavulykku theriyavillayya.kakum kadavul. Venba kapathumuma kapathadha sollugha director.

  • Aadya Sunil
    Aadya Sunil

    Kavin acting & expression pakka jayamravi🥰

  • dd dd
    dd dd

    Kavin and venba dhaa nice pair. But yazhini ah paatha paavama irukkeeee


    Apada venbha setha Yazhini ku next kavin tan thali katuvan


    en like podramnu teriavadanga oru like potutu ponga

  • Saliha Thasneem
    Saliha Thasneem

    Evolution of 2020 quarantine: 1st half - Netflix and Amazon prime 2nd half- sun tv (chithi 2)😂, Vijay tv(bb4)

    • Sahaya Lincy
      Sahaya Lincy

      Happy wedding anniversary

    • Maths is my heart
      Maths is my heart

      Bharathi kannamma

  • Sahas Bommai
    Sahas Bommai

    Venba after marriage or after delivery this happen as sami told, yazhini will become chithi...title matched . Radhika will come for yazhini poojai

  • Sabahiya Lanka
    Sabahiya Lanka


  • Riyath Riyath
    Riyath Riyath


  • Bakya Orange
    Bakya Orange

    Yellorum yalini than pavam nu soinniga unmaiya solla pona venba tha rombavum pavam ama nu solravanga oru like podunga 👍👍👍👍

    • Anjanamma M
      Anjanamma M


  • Bakya Orange
    Bakya Orange

    Kevin please tharma kettayavathu nee unmaiya sollu venba vaa marriage pannitanu please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Bakya Orange
    Bakya Orange

    Inniku chithi2 serial super vera vera level rathika mam ku oru salute 😘😘😘😘😘💜💜💜💜👍👍👍👍

  • Bakya Orange
    Bakya Orange

    Kavin really super expression vera level face look really super kavin l love you 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

    • Satish Reddy
      Satish Reddy

      Thanks and best

  • Aravindan A
    Aravindan A

    Saratha teacher valrapu ponukaga pethaa ponu parigaram seriya pora 🥺🥺 sentimental scene Ku waiting

  • Poongkodi Veerappan
    Poongkodi Veerappan

    நத்தையா ராதிகா... தூ...💦💦💦

  • cilvi infanta
    cilvi infanta

    Yes that is Saratha