Documentary | Crossing The Line
Relive the highly controversial 2018 Australian cricket tour to South Africa; five weeks that rocked the gentleman’s game and captivated the globe.

  • Hamad khan
    Hamad khan

    South Africa is now fucked Zimbabwe is better than RSA

  • SinJonesy

    This is a fantastic documentary up there with the ashes fever doc for me

  • Francis Platt
    Francis Platt

    A bad generation of Aussies

  • Beelikemakkhi Blog
    Beelikemakkhi Blog

    38:39 and the Oscar goes to Steve Smith

  • TheDark Knut
    TheDark Knut

    Time for a new video on smith's recent india series. Title suggestion: *Scrapping The Line*

  • Amol Marathe
    Amol Marathe

    Legend is, Michael Holding didnt watch anything , didnt know anything and didnt see on youtube anything!!

  • Mical Long
    Mical Long

    banned for a year, became international disgrace all for an action which would have little effect on the ball

  • 92- 48
    92- 48

    dude australia is worst

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      Australia cheats the least.

  • shah faisal
    shah faisal

    I don't know why . But it's so embarrassing to watch it again and again. God knows what Australians has to go through. Specially Warner and Smith.🙏

  • diwakar gupta
    diwakar gupta

    There should be a documentary on India vs australia test series 2021

  • Apple-Juice Simpson
    Apple-Juice Simpson

    Can someone explain to me why the Aussie Captain got the worst of the punishment/was so harshly implicated? Was he found to be tampering as well, or is this just a cricket thing?

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      The captain is responsible for the action regardless of involvement. Here is the relevant part of the law. “The umpires together shall report the occurrence as soon as possible after the match to the Executive of the offending side and to any Governing Body responsible for the match, who shall take such action as is considered appropriate against the captain, any other individuals concerned and, if appropriate, the team.”

  • Dave Kissoon
    Dave Kissoon

    Australian cricket teams culture is a shame and it was encouraged for generations and now the hole world sees the will remind the world what cheaters they Lance Armstrong level cheating...all world cups won should be returned.

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      Australia cheats the least of all the big cricket nations.

  • Vishesh gaur
    Vishesh gaur

    34:59 is it me or anyone else also thinks this boy looks like ABD

  • Abhimanyu Negi
    Abhimanyu Negi

    *The Incident* 23:21

  • asaad ahmed
    asaad ahmed

    You can see the class of Hashim Amla during the little snippet of his press conference at about the 40 minute mark.

  • Sourav Mukherjee
    Sourav Mukherjee

    Smith's words speaks a volume of his leadership skills. Culture of the team! You can have people like Ganguly, Smith as the leader of your pack, and rest assured the best human beings will lead from the front.

  • M H
    M H

    Australians love to dish it out but they can’t take it, can they? I mean who are Australians to make the rules of sledging.

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      The ICC makes the rules for sledging. Australians are the best at taking the absolute rubbish that dribbles out of the mouths of people like you.

  • kartik shrivastava
    kartik shrivastava

    Interesting how they mention reverse swing again and again while discussing the first test match

  • Hmm Hmmm
    Hmm Hmmm

    Supersport and sky sports cricket from uk are partners or what ?

    • Seshvir Seodutt
      Seshvir Seodutt

      Yes most sports

  • Satyashiv Raut
    Satyashiv Raut

    Awesome documentary

  • Sojan S.R
    Sojan S.R

    I hope that the camera guys got a salary raise.

  • Alistair Riddle
    Alistair Riddle

    Highly satisfying to watch.

  • Debiprasad Indrajit
    Debiprasad Indrajit

    Was there any specific reason why Jeff Crowe was replaced by Andy Pycroft as the match referee for the final two tests...??

  • Oliver George
    Oliver George


  • Oliver George
    Oliver George


  • immortal XD
    immortal XD

    I love Mark Nicholas's voice ❤️

  • Oliver George
    Oliver George

    12:20 I hate how they’re laughing at him

  • Kunal Sharma
    Kunal Sharma

    I think this was best series this decade

  • Rohan Sangodkar
    Rohan Sangodkar

    Shane Warne is a legendary cricketer but a clown and hypocrite of a person.

  • Rohan Jain
    Rohan Jain

    What song is it @51:52?

  • Ashish Dwivedi
    Ashish Dwivedi

    Why it always have to be Warner???

  • Akshay v
    Akshay v

    This changed life of paine

  • Nitin Hugar
    Nitin Hugar

    why was warne in the documentary? hardly a saint himself.

  • WittyRoark

    I was really happy this happened. Smith's brain fade in India. Getting all jumpy & arrogant when Rabada simply brushed off. Warner's action & rude behavior all across. They all needed a lesson in humility which the Aussie team completely forgot since the beginning of this century under Waugh, Pointing and Clarke.

  • anshul deshmukh
    anshul deshmukh

    this is not the first time he has cheated remember brain fade moment what about that

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      This is the first time that any nation took ball tampering seriously. Australia has handled this magnificently. Every other nation does nothing to stop ball tampering.

  • anshul deshmukh
    anshul deshmukh

    boooo you steve smith you cheat first you cheat and then ask for sympathy

  • Tropical Travel Vlogs
    Tropical Travel Vlogs

    Feel like watched a movie. Fantastic production!😍

  • subodh patil
    subodh patil

    So now u know the secret of starc reverse swing in first test.

  • yug kukadia
    yug kukadia

    Micheal holding - THE MORGAN FREEMAN OF CRICKET😂

  • Ryan Timms
    Ryan Timms

    White men are gloriously honorable. In a world of swindling and vice it's refreshing to see this old world valor.

  • Aurojit Behera
    Aurojit Behera

    Anybody noticed the beauty of female news anchor

  • krishnizzle

    Are they gonna make one for the 2020-2021 test series India vs Australia

  • pranjal kelkar
    pranjal kelkar

    Cheating sledding is religion of Aussie

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      Australia cheats the least.

  • Sudharshan Kh
    Sudharshan Kh

    N Micheal holding was spot on momentum doesn't matter in test cricket...

  • Sudharshan Kh
    Sudharshan Kh

    Best ever documentory i have come across

  • riyaz khan
    riyaz khan

    You are blot complete utter blot on this gentleman's game. I don't know what you achieve even after being one of the best team still you'll cheat. Does it mean you are incompetent no you are one of the best. So more shame on you. Dickheads

  • Satyashri U.B Sarangi
    Satyashri U.B Sarangi

    The indian team really put that rowdy Aussie team into its place.

  • pankaj sindwani
    pankaj sindwani

    australia has been shown their place now by India 2 times down under, since the sandpaper gate, mitch starc's reverse swing , early swing all is gone ! oz is nothing but a group of cheaters

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      @pankaj sindwani You are not listening. I do not claim Australia is spotless. I am ashamed by ball tampering, underarm, sledging, racism and all other sins of Australia. You should call out the sins of your country.

    • pankaj sindwani
      pankaj sindwani

      @Hypocrisy Detective ponting claimed grassed catches throughout his career, symonds was involved in violent incidences so don't say that aussies are spotless. now you are sowing what you reaped.

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      @pankaj sindwani Smith, Warner, Bancroft are cheats, they deserved their punishment. If any other Australians were involved they disgust me. Australia calls out its cheats. You do not. You are a hypocrite. Australia deserved to lose to India because India were the better team with much greater depth. We recognise the quality of our opposition, you are a mindless fanatic.

    • pankaj sindwani
      pankaj sindwani

      @Hypocrisy Detective cry baby cry. Cry more and fill your glass and then drink it up to cry more again.

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      India cheats the most of all countries. 15 match fixers. Ball tampering in1989. Ball tampering Tendulkar 2001. Ball tampering Dravid 2004.

  • Art of parth
    Art of parth

    Mike haysman... Voice of South Africa cricket

  • Surya Iverson
    Surya Iverson

    "Best cricket documentary" Thank you South Africa cricket board and Supersport for creating this. Need more documentaries on cricket series like this.

  • George Yousef
    George Yousef

    oh how warner changed for the better

  • Skillest

    The hypocrisy of South Africans railing against ball tampering is breathtaking.

  • Anas Chishty
    Anas Chishty

    This is the first time I am watching this whole Documentary since the incident. I love every bit of the moment. I wish to see more of these. Well done, CSA and SuperSports.

  • Bestha Roopendra Prasad
    Bestha Roopendra Prasad

    Steve Smith is big cheater. Dont believe him.

  • fyme PREDATORxt
    fyme PREDATORxt

    What the f??? ultra ingenius cheaters

  • GamerInTheRedHoodie

    Steve smith in this years india tour was a show why i dont trust aussie test cricket


    33:08 what's her name?? Can someone tell, I'll appreciate it..

  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear

    46:10 'I don't think I've ever seen a player get swamped by his team-mates like that.' Mate, if that is the case I don't think you have watched much test cricket.

  • chandankadur

    Funny warny at 22:46

  • Shashwat Tripathi
    Shashwat Tripathi

    What is that attitude of David Warner and Steve Smith is all about? One can even comprehend such actions of sledging from the likes of Warne,Ponting and many others because they've achieved quite a feat. It suited them even if it was against the spirit of the game. But these modern day morons just can't digest achievements.

  • Gaurav Panchal
    Gaurav Panchal

    There should have been a much wider investigation into other team members as its no way possible that the bowlers were not part of this

    • Michael Faraday
      Michael Faraday

      Agree 100%, there's no way the bowlers don't know about it

  • Vinay Bhojak
    Vinay Bhojak

    Aussies were humbled lol now they don't have the same fire Warner lost his fire and he had it coming I will just say lol

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher

    Smith has fought through this and is now probably the best batsman in the world

  • Nonito Worldon
    Nonito Worldon

    The south African commentator in this documentary has a bias against Australia in everything he says. From an Aussie cricket fan it's not good listening

  • Nonito Worldon
    Nonito Worldon

    The south African commentator in this documentary has a bias against Australia in everything he says.

  • G Karthik Krishnan
    G Karthik Krishnan

    I really wonder. I really wonder what those three would have had to say had they not been caught. When I saw Steve Smith break down mentioning his old man, I wonder. If none of it was discovered and Australia went on to win the series, what would Steve Smith have said in the press conference?

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      You should ask any England player from 2001-2015. They ball tampered that entire period and were not caught once.

  • HenryCarr2005

    This was a great watch

  • Anubhav Shahi
    Anubhav Shahi

    Found this documentary by Accident in India

  • Salex

    2019 they comeback to retain ashes bit of a joke reli

  • Salex

    Steve smith fake crying haha no tears at all he wasn’t sorry at all

  • Joe Stockman
    Joe Stockman

    I've never known a man as stupid as Shane Warne

  • Silverback

    Look at Smith and Warner's faces... Bancroft thrown under the bus by these two cheats.

  • Silverback

    Warner is always involved in the nasty stuff.

  • Tanmoy Sanfui
    Tanmoy Sanfui

    Can we give oscar to all australian current and former players, and sent australia cheating in cricket INfun videos to australian politician and media. I mean we have enough Australia cheating in cricket videos. In 2021 Australian fans makes inappropriate comments from crowd and smith finally learned cheating within the laws of cricket by erasing pant's crease stunt 😂🤣 once an Australian always an Australian

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      Australia cheats the least. Name your country and I will tell you how you cheated.

    • Tanmoy Sanfui
      Tanmoy Sanfui

      @Brian Dcosta how many times they actually cheated and how many times they admit. They just can't hide it so they admitted. Admitting is acceptable if something happens in heat of the moment not some well organized crime. They collected sandpaper they took it in the field and used it. It couldn't be done without a well thought out plan involving lots of players and they knew well before the time what they are going to do. That incident didn't occur out frustration in the field

  • Swapnil sharma
    Swapnil sharma

    Stupid shane warne talking about gentleman's game. Shouldn't happened on the field. Once that boogy-ass badly insulted Marlon Samuels in BBL. What Hippocrates like a dumbass

  • Punit Satpute
    Punit Satpute

    Steve smith crying without single drop of tears....

  • Virat polamreddy
    Virat polamreddy

    Steve Smith is one of the best Cricketers no doubt about it, but one of the Worst when it comes to character...its a big word but, I stand by it. Steve Smith says: I don't see anything personal going ...between Warner and Quinton deCock but when when he was brushed he plays a victim card. C'mon man... many other examples are available throughout his career..

  • Ankit Ravankar
    Ankit Ravankar

    f**ng CHEATERS!!!!

  • parmar balvir
    parmar balvir

    23:58 moment😁😁

  • ICantThinkOfAName

    Stuart Broad loved this😂

    • mayur magadalwar
      mayur magadalwar


  • Bruce Simpkins
    Bruce Simpkins

    wow Graeme Smith was a savage in this hahaha

    • Phakiso Tsotetsi
      Phakiso Tsotetsi

      I would be too.

  • Bhavik shah
    Bhavik shah

    The only guy who really cried and was broken and disappointed was Darren Lahman.

  • Galaxy Studios 1062
    Galaxy Studios 1062

    Smiths tears look fake

  • Internet User
    Internet User

    More of Cricket Doc-series please. This was soooo great!

  • Wayne Morgan
    Wayne Morgan

    Great production and so glad it's available on INfun! Just wish Warne would disappear from cricket commentary - he really is an oxygen thief.

  • Skillest

    Cue the documentary on Faf’s ball tampering.

  • Pratik Chiku
    Pratik Chiku

    South Africa and New Zealand.... These two will get "Humble and Humanity" award in cricket

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      @Vivek Banerjee Indian team have the most code of conduct violations. Ganguly has the most individual violations. India are the least gentleman team.

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      South Africa and New Zealand also cheat.

    • Vivek Banerjee
      Vivek Banerjee

      And asshole like you Forgot real Gaintailmam team TEAM INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • sai achalla
      sai achalla

      Lauda le South african chokers aren't humble at all

  • Sandeep

    Why this has only 1,476,445 views , this is amazing production

    • Hmm Hmmm
      Hmm Hmmm

      Because video should have mentioned "SA vs Aus series ball tampering scandle documentry".

  • Arkapravo Bhaumik
    Arkapravo Bhaumik

    Sick morons who got the game to disrepute and then cried to the world! ... Tired of the Australian Spirit and their Banter! ...

  • New Vibes
    New Vibes

    It would be interesting to know how that discussion to bring sandpaper on the field would have started. How do you even start a conversation like that on the international level

  • ajaybhathire

    i have heard being captains being changed mid of a series or tournament. but i think this was the first time ever, that a captain was changed mid of a match in a disgraceful circumstances looking at the press conference, i felt definitely sorry for them. also somewhere, i felt a bit that the punishment was also a bit justified. i also felt that the punishment was not only because of the ball tampering. but it was a culimination of the other incidents in the series and also prior to that which involved Australian players.

  • jatonator

    Hyper active smith deserves every bit of cop and boos he gets. What an ahole!

  • devanshu

    16:17 david warner be like , iske andar konsa bhoot ghoss gaya translate- what kind of ghost has gone into him

  • Pranav Bhakta
    Pranav Bhakta I love this part so much!

  • Abdullah Javed
    Abdullah Javed

    Best drama thriller ❤

  • Ajay Mehta
    Ajay Mehta

    And this scumbag kept cheating, DRS cheating and then vs India on changing the marking guard Typical Australian cricket and once a cheat always a cheat. No matter how much he score he will always be a ridiculous human being and cheater for life !!!!

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      @Ajay Mehta You are scared. You know your team are cheats. What is your team?

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      @Ajay Mehta Name your country.

    • Ajay Mehta
      Ajay Mehta

      @Hypocrisy Detective hahahhhahahaha !!!!! no other country, even Pakistan or England cant come close to the level of dirt which Australia has spilled on this sport !!!!

    • Hypocrisy Detective
      Hypocrisy Detective

      Name your country and I will tell you how you cheat.

  • E. K
    E. K

    white boy Warner goes into the stair well and starts a fight, black fast bowler brushes the shoulder 1 millimetre 2 match ban

  • VPurdux YT
    VPurdux YT

    Shoulda been banned for life

  • Michael Muldowney
    Michael Muldowney

    Ball tampering offenses should be mandatory life bans from international cricket.

    • Fluorescentpropeller

      That would be way over the top. Ball tampering is hardly the crime of the century.

  • Krishna Singh Verma
    Krishna Singh Verma

    Darkest day in Australian cricket

    • Wayne Morgan
      Wayne Morgan

      Trevor Chappell......"hold my beer".....