Dog Helps Himself to Pizzas Left on a Car Hood
An opportunistic pet pooch was captured on surveillance camera helping himself to pizza left overnight on the hood of a neighbor’s car in Missouri. Just before midnight, the delivery driver was seen leaving the pizza on the car without approaching the front door. The pizza sat untouched for eight hours, despite the family calling several times asking the local Domino’s what happened to the order. The next morning, the neighbor’s dog was let out, and the rest is history.

  • Jesse Mendez
    Jesse Mendez

    l will kill that dog 🐕

  • N M
    N M

    He is going to puke all that pizza up

  • TheRManProds


  • TriMix

    Car: *gets scratched so many times* Dog: pfft I don't care I'm after the pizza🤤


    Even dogs eat pizza

  • Tullock

    Couldn't careless what happened to some rich peoples pizza. You know this happens to Poor People all the time, Inside. ONly relevant when its someone whos rich though,

  • Thagreatest_unknown

    *What I don't understand is how they never thought to look outside since they're expecting a delivery* I order pizza online every Sunday, sometimes they would leave it on one of the cars then ring the doorbell, other times they'll leave it at the the front door. You can choose where you want it placed

  • Andrew Yarbrough
    Andrew Yarbrough

    10 4

  • Karen Benneth Loverio
    Karen Benneth Loverio

    Doggo: jackpot.

  • Lady You Go
    Lady You Go

    The pizza guys needed to be reprimanded immediately how stupid was that🧐🤔🤬🤡🤡

  • Lady You Go
    Lady You Go

    I know that's right 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  • I AM Legend
    I AM Legend

    What a idiot smh..I would of put it under the car

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone

    Dominos better fully pay for the damage, not partially pay. The pizza should have never been put on a car for starters and the failure of communication is also dominos fault. Don’t blame the dog or it’s owner for something dogs naturally do.

  • Elias

    I understand your life is pathetic enough but please do your job the right way.

  • sindyrella_xec

    Hope they fired that delivery guy. Why did he put it on the hood of the car? Not ring the doorbell? Even after they called several times why didn’t he say where he left it? I mean if he doesn’t like his job why be like that how is it the customers fault. I would of confronted that guy. But lucky dog lol

  • Zachary Roth
    Zachary Roth

    This is the most pointless story and also the greatest thing I’ve seen today, thanks inside edition

  • HybridFlu6 -
    HybridFlu6 -


  • Anonymous Alliance
    Anonymous Alliance

    Family probably didn't tip their driver and he got petty lmao

  • Brad Thompson
    Brad Thompson

    Worst delivery man I've ever seen

  • UnfilteredTe

    This isn’t news... who cares

  • Rose Hernandez
    Rose Hernandez


  • Esmeralda Sotelo
    Esmeralda Sotelo


  • I couldn't think of a username
    I couldn't think of a username

    I bet the family is lying they most likely feel asleep.

  • Rodeza Danna
    Rodeza Danna

    *Doggo: Its pizza time*

  • Smoke Jensen
    Smoke Jensen


  • Steve Winter
    Steve Winter

    So if they called several times wouldn't the Domino's have said yeah the driver left it on your car hood?

  • Eddwardo Chesterfield
    Eddwardo Chesterfield

    The delivery guy had one job.

  • Sha Bong Boo
    Sha Bong Boo

    It was gonna end up in the trash anyways! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

  • R Fox
    R Fox

    Dumb delivery driver

  • Donna

    lol good dog

  • TherzKillazeverywer4

    Wtf news is that

  • African Girl
    African Girl

    lol. good dog

  • Bro Modz
    Bro Modz

    Prolly didn’t get a good tip

  • Lin the Feline
    Lin the Feline

    Id do the same!

  • Richard Nunez
    Richard Nunez

    This how i love my pizza delivered.

  • The Mrs.
    The Mrs.

    I HATE when people don't leave the light on when they know they have a delivery coming. It's very creepy. We already don't know what we may be walking into. It's by God's grace that we don't get robbed or hurt by people who place orders just to do harm to people. The light being left off is VERY inconsiderate. That may have been his reason for not walking up to the door.

  • Neal Askme
    Neal Askme

    Wait....who leaves a dog out with no one watching, poor thing could get hit by car or get attacked by another animal......what terrible pet owners, I hope the dog leaves deep scratches on that car and has diarrhea all over the house from that pizza.....he deserves another home 🏠

  • Saw Squad
    Saw Squad

    Bro, the fact it was a new car..........

  • Cheap Cold War collecting
    Cheap Cold War collecting


  • Argasy Argasy2
    Argasy Argasy2

    That is one very sacked employee.

  • TheTechCguy

    I saw a couple of crows do the same thing, but to a bag of Wendy's. Right off the side of a parking lot curb. 😆😆😆

  • cistaro56

    Busy news day at Inside Edition

  • Mark Rodrigue
    Mark Rodrigue

    Im going to start a go fund me for the poor dog

  • thatguy6214

    hahahaha FIREEEEED

  • SpookyBean

    Why don’t they just explain why the dude left the pizza there instead of leaving us in the dark?? Cmon journalists...

  • TunzAfun

    Scratches on the car! What’s wrong with the delivery guy?

  • Amber B
    Amber B

    The family dog master planned it all.

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson

    Bet you'll tip Next time!!!

  • Nisar

    can't believe they got dominos to fix the scratches

  • Just Enzo
    Just Enzo

    It’s really rude to do to somebody’s car but really what damage could there be lol

  • Hussleman1

    Domino's is not to blame its the idiots that place the order!

  • Ling Ling
    Ling Ling

    Bruh someone needs to fire that delivery driver... he clearly doesn’t even care

  • AH! Why is there poop in your mouth
    AH! Why is there poop in your mouth

    Plot twist: The family ate the dog in order to save their pizza cravings.

  • Amazing Supergirl
    Amazing Supergirl

    That car is delicate

  • Better Things
    Better Things

    Why would you leave it on the car???


    Isn't this the place where that lady got attack by the bobcat.

  • Richie Ricky
    Richie Ricky

    Dog woke up an started his day off perfectly 😂

  • Gaspar Ma
    Gaspar Ma

    Seems like that family did something to either the driver or when they called to place their other n that was payback from the driver maybe?

  • Crezcamos Juntos
    Crezcamos Juntos

    Damage to the car????? Seriously 🙄🙄🙄

  • Bethelast Gamer23
    Bethelast Gamer23

    I would just go and kill the dog if he did that to my car I would kill the dog

  • Subrenna Evans
    Subrenna Evans

    All is fair in love and "PIZZA "!!! GO DOGGY GO!!😉😉😉😉

  • Just a Karen discovered the internet
    Just a Karen discovered the internet

    how does a cardboard box scratch a car

  • Terry Santacruz
    Terry Santacruz

    Everything happens for a reason

  • ae123

    Dog for sure died dogs can’t eat no type of bread unless the owner took the dog to the vet

  • Joe Montes
    Joe Montes

    Dog is just like; hippity hoppity your pizza is now my property


    Dumb ass delivery man

  • Kingfox 230
    Kingfox 230

    You can see he took a slice

  • Another Generic Gaming Channel
    Another Generic Gaming Channel

    I was gonna say have the dog put down lol but after 8 hours that was fair game

  • Bilpam Jok
    Bilpam Jok

    This family dumb I woulda still checked the front door and outside

  • Eric Mnguter Ikpah
    Eric Mnguter Ikpah

    I would have done same

  • Herbert Gomez
    Herbert Gomez

    Good Dog....

  • John Fairbairn
    John Fairbairn

    Covid 😝

  • VADER The Kitten Channel
    VADER The Kitten Channel


  • Terie Williams
    Terie Williams

    The pizza 🍕 sat on the hood of the car for 8 hrs that’s a FULL work day, so the dog 🐶 can have it & he did!!

  • Gator Productions
    Gator Productions

    My friend's dog did the same thing

  • george finch
    george finch

    Why would the driver do that? What if they were going to tip??

  • frenchbulldoglucky1

    I’m surprised this isn’t my dog🤦🏽‍♂️ can’t leave any food around him

  • jesse

    He probably saw they didn't tip lol, I've met delivery drivers be petty like this over that, why take it out on starving humans? Your boss is right there lol

  • Raw _
    Raw _

    hopefully he got fired

  • LoNgGrEeNgRaSs PaNdApUsS
    LoNgGrEeNgRaSs PaNdApUsS

    He got fired didn't he?


    This delivery person is just lazy and should just be fired. Or maybe dominos should re-train its employees to understand better customer service.

  • Amethyst Savage
    Amethyst Savage

    “That is one lucky dog.” Except some pizzas use garlic powder and dogs get sick when eating garlic, so maybe not. Sorry pup

  • Amethyst Savage
    Amethyst Savage

    Can we forget about the dog for a minute and talk about the guy who left pizza on the hood of the car? I mean, dafuq?

    • Chris Anderson
      Chris Anderson

      Maybe those cheapos will learn how to tip now

  • Kit Bina
    Kit Bina

    That's trifling of the worker. I understand contacless delivery however he could have done Alot better.

  • Ardiansya Alfis
    Ardiansya Alfis

    Dominoz in Indonesia more profesional than in your country.. In here a dominoze about cleaned dan health is better... Salam from Indonesia

  • Rezz

    Poor lexus

  • Rezz


  • Tom

    i bet they were bad tippers

  • J J
    J J

    Anyone else feel bad for the clear coat?

  • Bruno

    I feel kinda bad for the delivery guy everybody in this comment section is going at him

  • Jake

    This is what happens when you don't tip

  • M

    Someone’s getting sued 🥲

  • megan pink
    megan pink

    I wonder why people barely tip delivery drivers.

  • Nofucks Given
    Nofucks Given

    Probably didn’t tip last time!

  • Joshua

    I still love dominoes if they would just replace all their workers with robots and AI I would eat there a lot more. 🤔

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    Wtf dominos shouldn’t have to pay for the scratches the family’s dog did

  • Eddie J.
    Eddie J.

    You lucky bastard!

  • P. Brown
    P. Brown

    Everyone is posting about the dog, what about that lazy ass delivery guy? Service is so bad these days!

  • Galactic Mist
    Galactic Mist

    I hope it’s just 2 pizzas and not a pizza and a chocolate pie or chocolate anything cause if that’s the case, and the dog ate both the pizza and chocolate then bring it to the vet

  • The Internet Saved My Life
    The Internet Saved My Life

    "Honey where's the pizza you promised to get for me?" *The Dog ate it!* 👁️👄👁️