Epic Drone views at Pangong lake| Leh chal ladakh mein Ep4 Nubra to Pangong | Traveling Mondays
Aao, leh chale Ladakh mein: Pangong lake episode 04
Get lost in the breathtaking drone views of Pangong Tso in a cinematic fun vlog.
In this episode, we are traveling to Pangong Tso from Nubra valley.
Pangong. we stayed there for a day, spent time doing stargazing and nailed some epic drone shots.
In next Episode we are going back to old Manali, stay tuned
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    Hi i m parth i subscribed to your channel today on 6/may/19 and i promise that i will never unsubscribe your channel till the last day of my life Editing next level 👍 peace ✌☮🗻

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    balu bhat

    hats off for your editing and creativity man

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    Somsindhu Sen

    I have seen many videos of my Dream Pangong Lake. But this has the best video editing...Keep it up

  • Shubhi Patil
    Shubhi Patil

    Amazing shots .. clarity and viewpoint another level

  • Archita Mukherjee
    Archita Mukherjee

    which drone are you using?

  • Traveller couple By Akter & Faha
    Traveller couple By Akter & Faha

    Woderful brother

  • joseph shovon
    joseph shovon

    is this the area occupied by china in 2020 or it is a land of china from Their independence? Anybody knows it?

  • Nikhil Dixit
    Nikhil Dixit

    0:28 bhai kubeer haina

  • Darshika Singh
    Darshika Singh

    I have went here several time ,

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    Hemanth A R

    Manh the video just blew my mind

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    Jagadeesha D

    How much ur drone and camera cost

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    ravi boya

    Loooks like shushant

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    Arindam Ray

    Dream place

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    Haisui Sonny7

    The only place i wanna visit in india

  • as

    Ladakh is now occupied by China. India has lost it.


    Why you using "small i " in our country name... on thumbnail.... It's shows your Lack of knowledge lack of pat Patriotism... 😤

  • Rohit Patel
    Rohit Patel

    Chutiyo pakisatanio lake abbhi india main hain. Aadha part toh china 1962 se control kar rha hain

  • nikhilesh parashar
    nikhilesh parashar

    How could u fly drone near LAC or LOC. Its against civil aviation guidelines.


    Ohh Nature ❤️❤️ You are so beautiful. I don't think that there is someone beautiful than you.

  • Mughees Ahmed
    Mughees Ahmed

    And Now this belongs to China sad


    I have a tear rolling down my eyes... That's how i feel .. the underwater shots was serene...

  • Naina saha Saha
    Naina saha Saha

    RADIO DE ACTIVE.💣🧠💥💣🧠💥💣🧠💥💣🧠💥💣🧠💣💥🧠💣💥🧠💣💥🧠💣💥🧠💣💥🧠💣💥🧠💣💥


    Ladhak is full India and Tibbet also.but China loot Tibbet but ladhak is full of India not China.😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Aman Chhadi
    Aman Chhadi

    Which drone do you use brother..

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    jajati keshari sahoo


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    azhar maddy

    Bhai ladakh is not only about pangong ...there is very much to explore anyways love your editing...✌ here i am your new subscriber



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    Aman T

    Amazing job 👍

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    Honhon Kkg

    Everything is so lovely n I just love ur vibe bro Love from Nagaland

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    Amina . *

    Hlo dude... Your edits are jzt awesome! Can you share the editing app?

    • Amina . *
      Amina . *

      @Traveling Mondays tnq you so much for the reply... Do explore and stay happy😍😍

    • Traveling Mondays
      Traveling Mondays

      Thanks Bruh, it's Adobe premiere pro

  • Surjit Wahengbam
    Surjit Wahengbam

    Bro ladhak jane ke liye permission leta hai kya❤️

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    Tajinder Singh

    Dreem 😍😍

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    Pratik Wankar

    Aise views to mene sapno me bhi nhi dekhe he..thanks to u Shakti bro..Keep up the good work..All the best👍👍

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    Johaan Jai Mittra

    your videos make me happy man

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    Sourav Nath

    Yours vlog are awesome I feel i am with you

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    Destroy Silence

    what a beautiful place of china .💓💓💓💓💓💓💓


    just indian things. go ahead shakti bro

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    Shekhar Sudhanshu

    Is flying a drone allowed everywhere?? Shakti broo😊😊

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    shivam kumar

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    eMraN hi hOon

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    Nitul Nath

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    Tanmay Bhakta

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    Jyotsana Tanwar

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  • Debtanu Sen
    Debtanu Sen

    Good to see that Indian army fought with the Chinese who came here to capture our land. But Indian Army Made them to flee. Jai Hind.

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    Chumlise Sangtam

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    Raktim Das Raktim Das

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    Raktim Das Raktim Das

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  • Raktim Das Raktim Das
    Raktim Das Raktim Das

    I m your new Subscribers bro ❤️❤️❤️

  • Raktim Das Raktim Das
    Raktim Das Raktim Das

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    Saparapu Raviteja52

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    Passionate Traveler Akshay

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    Har i

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