FUNNY ways to SNEAK FOOD into THE MOVIES! 12 Ways To Sneak Snacks & Movie Theater Pranks by KABOOM!
Hey, you! Are you trying to sneak snacks into the movies? Those guards are no joke, but our folks have got some pretty crazy tricks up their sleeves! We’ve got a bride, a brave ninja with sausages, and a granny! Stay tuned for more fun ways to sneak food, DIY movie theater pranks, and funny situations by KABOOM!
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The Bride
Mother With A Baby
Ninja With Sausage
Fanta Breasts
Tickets Officer Uniform
Security Guys
Granny In Cinema
Big Butt Bowls
Teddy Bear
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    The "ghost" be wearing sneakers

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    00:21 Lol she said the s word

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      that wasn’t the real s word

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    thought are his chipmunk so stupid security guard

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      Kelise’s Life cause the food smells and they make a mess at the seat

    • Kelise’s Life
      Kelise’s Life

      That ninja was so funny

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    when he holded the bag the boy punched it then he chrushed it

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    First there mean and then they pretend to be nice just for food so mean but so good 🍔🍟🌮🍕🌭🍕🥪😡🤬👹

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    Those guards are so mean 😡

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    The part where they eat all the candy they are going to get a stomach ache

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