Game Theory: Did Dream FAKE His Speedrun? A Final Analysis.
The Game Theorists
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There has been a controversy brewing on the Minecraft side of INfun centered around well known Minecraft creator Dream. He's been accused of faking his speedrun and it has caused a lot of stir. I'm not here to point fingers or accuse anyone. What I'm doing today, Theorists, is going over the facts of this situation and why it is a lot more complicated than people are making it out to be.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • NaughtyMelon Studio
    NaughtyMelon Studio

    Everyone: did dream cheat? MatPat: well yes, but actually no, but maybe yes, but also maybe no.

  • Nikita Belyaev
    Nikita Belyaev

    Matpat, do you play DnD?? I’ve been seeing more and more random clues to it in your videos. Whether it be images or specific words. Or am I pulling a Matpat and over analyzing things?

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    Heman TheMighty

    Sorry but this has to be by far the worst episode I've seen. Took all that time to not come up with any sort of proper conclusion, I feel like I just played last of us 2 and there was no sort of end resolution xD

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  • Jennifer Wang
    Jennifer Wang

    The fact he pronounces it "one point one six." makes my blood boil.

  • Grt Figra
    Grt Figra

    There is speedrun tournaments already for minecraft

  • japexican007

    Now calculate the probability of single protein by chance

  • Sad Can
    Sad Can

    Matpat: Explains that a concrete answer can’t be found and that what matters is understanding the underlying concept Brian David Gilbert: Is very happy

  • MrCactuar13

    RIP Apollo Legend, he's much more experienced in finding cheaters in speed runners.

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    Gavin Alexander Hernandez

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    DJ Kerr

    Everyone’s comment format: “Did he cheat?” *[Insert random unrelated sentance]*

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    the left side boob

    Aren’t these adults?

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  • Sad Can
    Sad Can

    “Because Unraveled has NEVER been about the answer! It’s always been about the crazy process I put myself through in order to find an answer” -Brian David Gilbert

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  • Learning Unity
    Learning Unity

    why is everyone ignoring that you stop trading once you have enough pearls... same goes with blazes, you stop farming when you get enough. doing this uppes the chances a lot.

  • Pat Merriman
    Pat Merriman

    "Play video games, make fun of video games, spend three weeks making a video that gets 5k views, while something I dashed off in two hours gets 5 mil, tearing my hair out, you know, standard youtuber stuff.". 😁

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    Saige Waddell

    10 times?

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    4 minutes intro Jesus

  • Sebastian

    Stop cashing in on this. Dream DID cheat.

  • Sad Can
    Sad Can

    Can people literally just take a second to accept that sometimes the answer really is just “Cannot Be Determined”

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    Ritik Khilnani

    MatPat: Watch this video get on the trending tab :( Also MatPat: *Proceeds to get #1 on Trending within a day*

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    I don’t mind pineapple on pizza

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    Nischal Ada

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    Rookie Art

    Everyone: did he cheat? Mattpat: so thats how I found out Mario was a sociopath

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    I'm going with the 100 and 60 results

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    Me: trying to read the comments The replies on literally every comment: GAME is my inspiration!! My mom said that if I got 20k Comments on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! Begging you GUYS!! Please!.

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  • Sad Can
    Sad Can

    Everyone: Matpat didn’t give an answer Matpat: It is literally impossible to determine and therefore an answer cannot be provided

  • Shamrockin'13 Extraordinaire
    Shamrockin'13 Extraordinaire

    Hi Mat! Not really related to percent, but one time I was doing a Biology final, and we had to do coin flips as part of the hands on lab... We had to flip 100 times, just like you said... I flipped tails 60 times in a row... with a total of 69 tails. Love your vids as always, man! (I think in inadvertently made you one of my top celeb crushes :D)

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    I dont care if he cheated, it is entertaining.

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    Offically. Creator

    *dream getting a good pearl drop on on the first try* also dream: WHY DO I KEEP GETTING PEARLS

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    Astro Soul

    MatPat: “Watch, this is going to end up on the INfun trending tab” Me: Checks INfun: #1 trending

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    Arturo Viniegra

    It was a yes or no question, this video was pointless without a verdict, especially when you waste our time with math that you don't use to reach a conclusion

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    KidBuu Mickey

    And I don't care

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    island life

    my name a jiff

  • barcher513

    TLDR: Dream's chances weren't crazy enough to draw a proper conclusion due to sampling bias, alongside lurking and confounding variables. The conclusion made that he did cheat is far fetched, and the conclusion that he is just lucky is far more likely. Matpat never settled on an answer, but I'm sure he thinks Dream, in fact, did not cheat. Please like this, so others can see, and if there is more to add, please respond.

    • Timestatic

      I just think he didn't want to come to a conclusion because he doesn't want Dream stans to attack him after he comes to the only logical conclusion of Dream cheating. 100 mio. to 1 seems legit lol.

    • The Coma
      The Coma

      That was your takeaway? Matpat just provided evidence to answer a separate question than whether or not dream cheated. There was no such conclusion made. If you really want to go into what experts think of if dream cheated, every single one who has looked into it has come to the conclusion that dream cheated, including the one dream hired (as of his most recent response).

    • Jack B.
      Jack B.

      Please don't spread false information. Even Dream's anonymous astrophysicist said that there is an extremely high probability he cheated. Stop lying.

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    Beachball Animations

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  • Matthew Murray
    Matthew Murray

    Matpat mentioned a competative Minecraft verses challenge, and that these should be a thing. They actually are, on the twitch channel "MinecraftJavaSpeedrunning". Top runners go head to head in this in the same seed to see who can get the better time. The most recent tournamnent has been in 1.7, but I'm sure it will diversify as time goes on. You should check it out Mat, it's exactly what you wanted to see and is super fun to watch!

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  • collin hasman
    collin hasman

    This is really annoying! Please take a stance for once Matt. If your going to title the video the way you are it’s ok to call someone out who is CLEARLY cheating. In any of your other videos you would point out that the chances of getting this lucky is so incredibly small that it’s basically impossible . Don’t be afraid to make his 6 year old audience upset!


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      Beachball Animations

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    i hope this video isn't half assed and has an ending like "we don't know" or "we can't say" my opinion of dream won't change no matter if he cheated or not, but i swear to god im so tired of seeing the same videos again and again

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