Goa Vlog: First Trip Of 2021
Hey guys! Welcome back to another vlog. We randomly decided to go take a trip to Goa and I am so excited! I show you guys my airport look. Traveling during a pandemic with two layers of masks and shield is a pain but we taking precautions is always necessary. We traveled by Vistara airlines. We stayed in a villa in Taj. We had such a pretty room OMG! We chilled, went to a beach, did the shopping, We went to Ashvem beach one day to meet up with some friends and went to Morjim beach also! I had a great time here and I hope you enjoyed the vlog too. :)
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See you soon! 🖤

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    Sejal Kumar

    what do you want to watch next?😁

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      You are clickbait

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      Topless video

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      Beach outfits ideas.

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    Mukesh Mishra

    I m happiness and miracles magnet...blessings to everyone

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  • Sacche Tathya
    Sacche Tathya

    Mam please remove the 2-3 sec. Part of video start 2:23 to 2:26.

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    tibouk tou

    very bad content now

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    Santosh Sharma

    sham sham pagal girl

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    Be Obsessed

    Wow nice vlog

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    Genius Mommy

    Hey nice vlog dear 🥰🥰😘

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    B Over

    Sejal a hot bikini photo shoot would be great. You got them babies, might as well as monetize them.

  • Nidhi Vashisth
    Nidhi Vashisth

    Hey ..I have posted my first vlog that's for Goa..check out Day 3 :infun.info/http/v-iy/oIR1iHdjrZyhfKc.html Day 2: infun.info/http/v-iy/lnp_fn6Ku3lrk80.html Day 1: infun.info/http/v-iy/hGalgZZl1quZoa8.html

  • Nidhi Vashisth
    Nidhi Vashisth

    Hey ..I have posted my first vlog that's for Goa..check out infun.info/http/v-iy/oIR1iHdjrZyhfKc.html

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    StreetWalker Channel


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    Shubhankar Mondal

    That dude behind the camera his favourite move is dil chahta hai😂😂

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    2.26 oh my god...sejal godess🤩

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    Why couldn't we meet ma'am 😭😭😭😭 I came back yesterday 😭

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    Agnus Singh

    di 2:25....

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    Didn't really know she wears such clothes...


    I think it's Same place where sahil Khan also stayed......

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    Kapila Negi

    Ur hair looks ugly

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    ItzJustBhumi !


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  • Nisha Jawahar
    Nisha Jawahar

    Sejal I bet you won't read this but if you do please complete❤️. This vlog was nice but it was more like a lookbook. The kind of thing you did on your first ever video. I realise you wanted to keep this trip private and didn't want to vlog much of what you did because that's your choice and your time. But then, you could have released this video as a look book. It would have done a 110% justice to it. But Sejal, you are a great vlogger. Just look at your previous vlogs. You have the strength and you have the creativity. Don't lower your standards just because your viewers will consume any vlog you post. They watch it for a reason. They watch it because they know you are an amazing vlogger. So don't even make them think otherwise. If you are going to upload a vlog, vlog like YOU girl. We love you ❤️

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    Bono Vob

    Didi Tumhara Dadi ko sath video dalo Achcha wali

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    Deep Abyss

    infun.info/http/v-iy/pqR4Z3-cwI6Katk.html Best Unexplored places in Goa. Just a naive attempt to capture the less explored and most beautiful places in Goa. (Besides the booze and crowdy places, you can definitely find peace and tranquility here.)

  • Abhay Bhatia4050
    Abhay Bhatia4050

    Kis kis ne kela sanantizing thean se dekha tharkio

  • Abhay Bhatia4050
    Abhay Bhatia4050

    Kis kis ko kela sanatize krna acha laga friends

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    Ranga the Rider

    It is a great pleasure to watch your video on today. Especially the improvement in you day by day is very evident. I sincerely wish you to go further with the same development. Similarly I was shot a video this festival day and uploading the link for your review. Can you open that link and give your valuable suggestions about that video.! Maybe that advice and suggestion you give will greatly contribute to the development of my channel. infun.info/http/v-iy/h2hhnqtqtneOpbc.html

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    Bruce Ferns

    Wt white sand go in south

  • Beautiful Thoughts
    Beautiful Thoughts

    Shame on you...wearing bikinis in front of public .. .. This is what your parents taught you

    • Gaurav A
      Gaurav A


    • A4DiTYA

      What is problem she can wear whatever she wants. Even our law gives us freedom that we can wear whatever we want shut up first of all you are no one to tell her what to wear , kud ki nazar gandi h or dosro ko bataenge kya pehna h

    • sk J
      sk J

      Dear because of vlog she is wearing bikni but when she goes home in Goa n camera is off she must be definitely walking without clothes

  • AL

    Why the hell did everyone go to Goa

  • Mrunal Shukla
    Mrunal Shukla

    How could she not see while editing about the oopsie daisie? Very well - just another clickbait.

  • Bbshan Car
    Bbshan Car

    I am fresher to traveling if any goa local people give me your number to contact me to do some help by telling local isssues

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    Akanksha Sharma

    Outfit details please. And I loved watching your vlog💕.

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    Bidita Banerjee

    We need the glimpse of Goa more than your face. 😒

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    Menne Mehta

    SK I noticed something in the video. If you already know and don't mind no problem but please check it again and do the needful b4 it catches up.

  • Pranshi Singh
    Pranshi Singh

    Sejal my love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️after so long I watch your travel vlogs because of my personal reasons...love to see you again...Keep going

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    Rahul J

    Kya maal che

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      Apni mummy ko. Bolna ye sab

  • Lost_Lane 101
    Lost_Lane 101

    Man your cinematography is beyond the best. I have watched so many vloggers but yours is always the best. And love your haircut giving out that hippie vibe.

  • ISMAIL ali
    ISMAIL ali

    02:25 WTF please edit it!

    • Hyhy

      Man grow up.. It isn't something that should be hided (can definitely hide if you want.. And vise versa) .. Let ppl do whatever they want

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    yashi p

    Looking gorgeous in the entire vlog

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    Deepa Mathur

    Itna bhi kyu pahna bahna

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    Tia Singh

    even i am going to go to goa next month.. AHHHHHHH I CANT WAIT NOW! LOVE YA GURLL

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    Rahul Kumar

    Thumbnail was Click bait . Where is the Biggini Shoot ?

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    Cooooool 💖

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    Jiya Chavda

    OMG Sejal you're rocking your ashe shade's hair! Gurl you're pretty AF! I

  • Pooja Salecha
    Pooja Salecha

    Plot twist : You need to sell your kidney for this kinda vacation 😂😂

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      Vrinda Vann

      @Jam Fold 👙earns her millions

    • Jam Fold
      Jam Fold

      Nope. She earns millions on INfun. She earns from this video. So whatever she spent, she recovers more than that. 🙄

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    Kanishk Aggarwal

    5:56 R.I.P Sanitization.

  • Malin Ingtipi
    Malin Ingtipi

    one of her dress showing her white color bra didnt like it ofcourse the dress was pretty bt since the bra was seen out it destroy the entire dress look

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    NiQabi Women

    Assalamualaikum everyone Oh wow you are so beautiful

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    Travel Platters

    Miss Goa badly... Check out ours also Our LOHRI CELEBRATIONS infun.info/http/v-iy/gHmapmqbyaZnZtU.html #Travelplatters

  • Tavleen Kaur
    Tavleen Kaur

    Hope u had an amazing trip sejal! I wish i could have run into you😭 i was staying in taj fort aguada that too in a villa! Damn hard luck...

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    Sweta Shri

    U look awesome in Bra and Panties!!!

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    Shivani Deshpande

    Who else are here from goa??

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    Madhu Pasula

    ❤️ Ur Vlog

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    Asho ghure asi /এসো ঘুরে আসি

    Very nice 👍

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    Jobi Jamatia

    Does anyone know the title of the song playing at 6:32 in the background?? Please do reply..🙏🙏

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    Aditi Parekar

    This is so beautiful have a great time

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    You are giving disha vibes

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    Masti Ki उड़ान Vlogs

    So beautiful 👍

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    Arpitaa Mohanty

    Saw you at Cohiba🤗

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    Nadeem Hasan

    Sanitising a banana!!! Are you gonna directly eat it or peel it first??

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    Virendra Singh Solanki

    Thanks for wasting my 7 minutes. 🙏🏻

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      Virendra Singh Solanki

      @Ash M if you enjoying this video, thumbs up 👍🏻😂

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      Ash M

      More like you are bad at decision making !

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    Abaidullah Ashfaq

    Plz can you apload a vlog about bts concert plz and make a blog about bts some one thing about bts

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    Sehrish Khan

    I wanna go goa

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    Shalu Chaudhari

    Loved the outfits ❤️❤️ and the fact how much you loved both the beaches morjim and ashvem 😂😂

  • Balram Verma
    Balram Verma

    Pls make a video on trending clothes for 2021

  • ayushi Singh
    ayushi Singh

    I have a feeling something's going on b/w these two 👀 *khalikhalihaibaithe* Babe pls don't listen to people's bullshit, it's completely fine that you're changing becz you're growing and pld don't become insecure after reading all those comments,WEAR WHAT YOU WANTT

  • Sush Ma
    Sush Ma

    😑Am from Goa..sejal look good with casual dress ...I don't Know why tourist people think its obvious to wear bikins here......😑😑 don't think that we goans roam with bikinis

    • Vrinda Vann
      Vrinda Vann

      Sush ma that's so TRUE, Konkanis are very traditional and ethical.

  • Abhi Saste
    Abhi Saste

    infun.info/http/v-iy/pqR4Z3-cwI6Katk.html Some of the Best unexplored places in Goa!!

  • Nidhi K
    Nidhi K

    A lookbook for a beachy vacation please !!! You pulled off every single outfit so well❤️

  • ankita venkatesh
    ankita venkatesh

    Sooo there's a bit of a nip slip in your video you might want to edit the clip

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    Travel Life

    Nice video

  • हिन्दू हित की बात
    हिन्दू हित की बात

    आपकी ड्रेस एक दम भारतीय संस्कृति के अनुसार डिजाइन की गयी है ।

    • sk J
      sk J


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    bhawana mehra

    What i wore in goa caption in insta..and no description here in description box...strange

  • Manan Kukreja
    Manan Kukreja

    Sorry. No offence but in vlogs, ppl usually talk rather than just recording clips w a background song. It's almost like some movie somg or smthng.

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    Happy Angela

    Hello friends! My name is Angela) I am from Russia, from the sunny city of Krasnodar. If it's not difficult, go to my family channel) I will rala everyone, thanks)

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    2:25 just look carefully you'll get me 🤯🤯🤯🤯

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    Riddhi Joshi

    That intro is irritating AF. Ok we get it it’s your song but it’s getting in everyone’s nerves now .. get over it

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def

      Exactly 💯

    • Riddhi Joshi
      Riddhi Joshi



    I wanna go to Goa 😭😭😭

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  • A Fernandes
    A Fernandes

    When I see this undiscovered vids I get scared bc I don’t want to lose it to tourism. We in Goa love tourists exploring our land but trust me we don’t like it when tourists only care about taking selfies and ruin the area with rubbish. I advise everyone to explore the countryside while also taking care of the land for future generations. ❤️

  • Ridhi Jangra
    Ridhi Jangra

    sath m ye kon h Sejal ke btao koi to?

  • Dr. Gin
    Dr. Gin

    How could she not have realised the nipslip while editing the video,…¿

    • Shreya chaudhary
      Shreya chaudhary

      It's her decision to put it in the video or not. She won't take your advice so chill

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  • Destination Anywhere travel co.
    Destination Anywhere travel co.


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    Do visit cola beach,it's a bit of trek but it's beautiful