Gwen: The Hallowed Seamstress | Champion Gameplay Trailer - League of Legends
Armed with scissors, needles, and thread, Gwen must unravel the mysteries of her past while using her tools to take down evil-wherever he may be.
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  • Pony

    These were my makers tools

  • Warrior M.O.W
    Warrior M.O.W


  • Marco Croft
    Marco Croft

    0:52 so cute

  • Kon'nichiwa_ฅ'ω'ฅ

    Loooovveee her accent....

  • xde edx
    xde edx

    Someone knows what song is that one?

  • Ciszu


  • Mcdirty325

    hopefully they remove this and stop making champions this broken

  • zya.q

    anyone know the song name

  • Jejooo Kula
    Jejooo Kula

    Teacher: dont run with your scissors Gwen: :I

  • Enzo Callaert
    Enzo Callaert

    I like how she is both cute AND kinda creepy.

  • MachLike

    0:17 hehehe

  • EB Isler
    EB Isler

    She is broken

    • Thura Htet
      Thura Htet

      Now she's getting a buff bec of her low win guys complain about every champ...

  • OnlySasori98

    It's so cool to watch a pro play her, the abilities are just so fluid. Great character imo

  • Foxy El Fawkes Pirata
    Foxy El Fawkes Pirata

    Activen las transferencias de cuentas de lol, quiero volver a las.

  • Srđan Senić
    Srđan Senić

    Riot doesnt know what to do anymore with League of Legends

    • ꧁Seraph꧂

      they know what they're doing u stupid bij

  • Megxplosion -
    Megxplosion -

    Just came back from watching the champ spotlight and i gotta say, the guy who played her here has got to be the best gwen ever

  • Timothy Luntao
    Timothy Luntao

    Riot plss can you put this champ on wild rift

  • RubyLeveledUp

    @0:16 these were my WHATS tools? Cmonbruh

  • Andy A
    Andy A

    Dislike. We have Morde, Cho, Darius, Mundo, Olaf, Sion, Urgot, ect. Now we have Yuumi, Zoe, Serphine, Gwen. These are not warriors, these are presonages from teletubbies.

  • L1M_YT

    When you will fix the Ingame Character Models?

  • Dray Collins
    Dray Collins

    Man my boy MordeKaiser ;(

  • Lay 'O La Lakota
    Lay 'O La Lakota

    No time to rest 😳

  • Mr.Kiełbasa

    Kill la Kill v2

  • benson lin
    benson lin

    Ok that was cool, looking forward to banning you Gwen.

  • WK S
    WK S

    so whenever they do a new champ trailer, the new champ must be lv18, and the others are lv 6

    • naky

      But yes.. That's kinda funny

    • naky

      The champ in trailer don't even need to be lvl18, they can gave her dev items that.. I dunno, give you +10000Hp or something like that

  • марк плах
    марк плах

    Riot were is the champion?!

  • r00t3n


  • Alyssa Albuquerque
    Alyssa Albuquerque

    I love her childlike Victorian era design. Givin me some Alice in wonderland vibes

  • M4A1-S


    • M4A1-S


  • Zoe

    She comes out today does anyone know why she’s not in shop? 😔

    • valiums

      @Zoe omg i knooow :( usually they come out a day later of the patch but its taking a while w her idk why but i saw shes coming out tonight super late

    • Zoe

      @valiums she still not in shop

    • Zoe

      @valiums it’s been a day hubby

    • valiums

      she should be out later today i think. its always like that

  • SAM

    this is so big cuz i don't care

  • Derick Goncalves
    Derick Goncalves

    Am still waiting for the login screen riot

  • Mao

    this is like kill la kill

  • Kayle Albarracin
    Kayle Albarracin

    is it just me? or she really have the same gamestyle of irelia

  • Ukko

    what a boring an generic looking champion could have spent some thought on the character design

  • WorisonTV

    She looks good No need for a doll. We don't want another Annie in the rift

  • Jedidiah Randomizer Rinzi
    Jedidiah Randomizer Rinzi

    idk, but, every passing years... league's starting to release mobile-tier kinda stuff

  • Gslayer Slays
    Gslayer Slays

    kill me please... please kill me why do we need a slightly different qiyana?

  • Avn

    champion looks like qiyana mixed with viego and just escaped onlyfans

  • kamil

    Balans, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • evilbom

    remind me Alice Madness Returns

  • winter-chan

    Why doesn’t she show up in shop?

    • Zoe


  • Dekaas Does it all
    Dekaas Does it all

    So i have been out of legends for a good couple of years...Is league of legends a anime now or what?

    • ꧁Seraph꧂


  • Alastairius MonCiprocus
    Alastairius MonCiprocus

    Oh hooray, another stock pretty face girl that looks nothing like where she's supposed to be from... When did the passion die Riot? Was it when Tencent sank their greedy wrists deep into your roots?

  • lady bird
    lady bird

    Looks like harime nui from kill la kill


    how long do i wait to get this champion in our country ha ha

  • Sharen Olivia
    Sharen Olivia

    this is some Rozen Maiden stuff here

  • sadface522

    She giving those castlevania vibes

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G

    Gives me vibes from the movie 9

  • Uh Marshy
    Uh Marshy

    I’ve never played league in my life but she looks cool

  • Anitor PH
    Anitor PH

    Papatuli na ako

  • art lyndon bazar
    art lyndon bazar

    look like a lol version of sheele from akame ga kill? omg love it tho im not a lol player but tbh, lol champs has the greatest imagination an artists can do. omg om sorry for my english

  • Ian Enad
    Ian Enad

    newer heroes get more and more advanced, special, and unique while older heroes are just too simple

  • BangtanPartyzeuFM

    She looks cool and I'm excited but um... she doesn't look like a doll

  • Eva Vancour
    Eva Vancour

    Oh! Great another champ who ruins my ranks 😒. If I ban this champ, then is a frekin Vayne or Samira 😥

  • yuri alexander
    yuri alexander

    Love it. When's the new pentakill album tho?


    Do i main the new champ? Yes, yes i will

  • that one dog
    that one dog

    I kinda wish she would move and look like a doll. She just looks like hatsune miku rn

  • Zhano

    you confused doll with some arrogant princess riot, how sad

  • Ivailo Ivanov
    Ivailo Ivanov

    Great cinematic!

  • Intensify

    wild rift when?

  • Jhon Lim
    Jhon Lim

    Don't be shy rito add Lancelot and name it Lance and Arthur name is art

  • Bernardo Martins
    Bernardo Martins

    5 days to the release i'm still very anxious

  • fairyrot

    anyways i havent seen one positive comment about gwen so, i love gwen and shes perf and i will be playing her lots!

  • MReg نتایج
    MReg نتایج

    Rework wukung

  • alphaghoul

    Alright what’s going on! Why are they coming out with joke characters!?

    • alphaghoul

      @꧁Seraph꧂ I'm guessing you're just a troll. Anyway you're clearly exaggerating, those characters are action heroes who clearly belong in an action game, these popstars and smiling cats riding around on books are clearly what people would refer to as joke characters, and yet for reasons I'll never understand they're in as actual full fledged characters.

    • ꧁Seraph꧂

      @alphaghoul you're one of those 7k dislikes who are ungrateful of riots work cuz all you 7k dislikes just wants monstery champions and killers pfft there are 100+ of champs and u still want more? nope nope its time for riot to make a 'cutesy' character with deadly skills

    • alphaghoul

      @꧁Seraph꧂ jeez what’s your problem? I was just noticing all the cutesy happy characters with designs and stuff that people would specifically not take seriously.

    • ꧁Seraph꧂

      Aight wtf is going on!? Why does ur mom gave birth to a joke?

  • Jazminé Princess
    Jazminé Princess

    Oh hey look, another *NEW* Champion. It’s not like we all still wait for the Reworks certain Champion need like Shyvana, Tryndamere or Dr. Mundo...

  • Mark Akinshev
    Mark Akinshev

    i cant wait to kill it

  • LunarSpace

    Ok add her to wild rift

  • Brandon E Bolhuis
    Brandon E Bolhuis

    um ... 0_0 ... thank you for deciding for me whom i'm likely to main, if i ever get to play.

  • Cal _eh
    Cal _eh

    When is the next Traditional character? Sometimes less is better!! Complexity doesn’t make it good!

  • 범

    looks like china mobile game

  • Archer Legends
    Archer Legends

    I think this is the best game at this time I'm Big Fan of League of Legends😍

  • Umbrella Corporation
    Umbrella Corporation

    Ahhh Gwen, another AYAYA champion :)

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Finally, a character to expand the lore for the folks in The Shadow Isles

    • NissaGelayOfficial

      I hate you becuz youre everywhere

    • chicken little
      chicken little

      hi again SENPAI!!!😂😂

    • commen tator
      commen tator

      @Alu Hasbar i mean viego and isolde are both from camavor right?

    • that one dog
      that one dog

      I agree

    • Alu Hasbar
      Alu Hasbar

      @commen tator Technically speaking she got part of Isolde soul and her abilities speak for itself

  • αηιмε яεαlιтү
    αηιмε яεαlιтү

    All champion needs a haircut this quarantine though

  • Bryan Schmidt
    Bryan Schmidt

    Im a lol player and a ml player, whenever i see or hear her name i always remember Guinevere😭

    • Avo Prim
      Avo Prim

      I, however, think of Trigger.

    • Bryan Schmidt
      Bryan Schmidt

      @Des 데스몬드 • 22 years ago ikr😭 but ill still buy her soon djsjjajakaka im so excited

    • Des 데스몬드 • 22 years ago
      Des 데스몬드 • 22 years ago

      At least they copy her appearance and name but not their entire skill

  • Waiser

    she looks like rem doesnt she ?

  • Estevan Gustou
    Estevan Gustou

    Akame ga kill vibes

  • Umida Bu
    Umida Bu

    Ugh.... Just give me *ARCANE* already.

  • Umida Bu
    Umida Bu

    *HEY!* Hands off of blue! Only *Jinx* and *Chloe* from LIS get to have blue hair. Her theme is pretty creepy. Those scissors, creepy.

  • Mohamed Akrarai
    Mohamed Akrarai

    Can we please get a pack of chimps as a champion?

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      How to impregnate fictional characters wait, this isn't Google..

  • MICHAŁ Wojtaś
    MICHAŁ Wojtaś

    Come for more to mikovsmichael

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      i think imma go get a new haircut now because if i meet this barber doll in one of my games,im scared ill be leaving the game without my whole head and not only hair :/ ...

  • MilLosY

    Who has creepiest splash art? Jinx or Gwen?

  • Grill Team
    Grill Team

    Please bring her to wild rift

    • Des 데스몬드 • 22 years ago
      Des 데스몬드 • 22 years ago

      She will come when Isolde event released

  • Bruce Wang
    Bruce Wang

    Can she be silenced by garen?

  • Bruce Wang
    Bruce Wang

    Breaking News: Girl with 10 meters scissors om killing spree at Walmart

  • Mc Burger
    Mc Burger

    Riote when I add a new character Gwen Hallowed Seamstress to the game.

  • Payaso317

    0:53 she looks like lexi lore

  • kak_has_eyes

    Ah yes, the 4kids version of Kill La Kill

    • Avo Prim
      Avo Prim

      I know.

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    PTSD of my crazy ex girlfriend running at me with a huge pair of scissors

  • Miketastic

    need more goth gf!

  • Luffiers Luffy
    Luffiers Luffy

    When will create new champion put it in moba ?

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      Can't believe they added Nui Harime from Kill La Kill to League

  • Rae Elemental
    Rae Elemental

    0:37 she seems crosseyed.

  • Cakes

    Is she coming to wild rift?

  • Astaroth

    Is this hero coming to Wild Rift?

    • Des 데스몬드 • 22 years ago
      Des 데스몬드 • 22 years ago

      During Isolde event with Veigo

  • Rukato PH
    Rukato PH

    Another perfectionist Poor Jhin

  • CrazyFox5

    i think imma go get a new haircut now because if i meet this barber doll in one of my games,im scared ill be leaving the game without my whole head and not only hair :/ ...

  • Piztech

    How to impregnate fictional characters wait, this isn't Google..

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    She's actually the RealDoll Viego made when his wife left.