Hot Ball and Sponge Experiment #Shorts
#experiment #test #science
Can a ball heated to 1000 degrees burn through 10 sponges?

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      Warga Papua email jejee dan balita yang bisa diganti permainan yang telah ditetapkan untuk membuat kita

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      Rupali Joshi

      What if the sponge is wet🙏

  • DJ

    This video should be called: How to ruin 5 good sponges and put toxic fumes in the air at the same time.

  • Gurmit Kaur
    Gurmit Kaur

    Very bad

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    Anchor Gaming

    Thank you for 100 ab 150 karwa do

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    shaurabh chauhan

    Kya experiment ho gya isse bhai

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    Fadlan Jaya Putra


  • Jethalal Gada _/
    Jethalal Gada _/

    He is the type of guy who will be surprised to see that his reflection does same movements as him

  • Mohammad Umair Khan 7c
    Mohammad Umair Khan 7c

    You are destroying such nice sponges !!!


    Isse koi fayda bur k bar

  • Vernium

    This guy doesnt need satisfying .. *Satisfying needs him*

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    Sravan Gujjunuri

    Do usefull things

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    kanglei ngmba

    Foolish experiment

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    Varijo The tree

    This brings nostalgia for some reason...

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    Kya chutiyapa hai be

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      Bruh are you fucking serious

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    Apne Peeshe bhi dalo isi tra, tumai kabaj khatam ho jayegi,

  • Tanmay patil
    Tanmay patil

    It burns for first time but than hole gets big so next time it won't burn!

  • Hacker TECH
    Hacker TECH

    Everyone- In future we have flying cars but we get this

  • cyber N1Nj4
    cyber N1Nj4

    Also what happend to table ?

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    Gamer Sing

    Wow ❤️❤️ ramro sanga garnu

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    Vision when he was overpowered in infinity war

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    Natalia Vina Concetta


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    Narayan singh Chouhan

    I have new experiment video for you Lava vs your empty skull

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    Ankit Shukla

    I want that gloves

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  • Just someguy
    Just someguy

    Yea no shit

  • vishnu Narayan
    vishnu Narayan

    Everyone gangsta until the furniture below that is burnt

  • Well no But yes
    Well no But yes

    It's dumb but soothing

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    Robby nV

    Who cares??

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    jorick easy

    Вот это да,не ужели такое бывает.пиздец

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    Rus Lan

    ,👎 ерунда

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    Bananas all around

    Myth says it is still falling.

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    Danno GNR88

    Reminds me of Aliens, the acid blood

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    Shoto Todoroki

    U killed my childhood ;(.....

  • Mr Bấy
    Mr Bấy

    SpongeBob has left the chat

  • Mark Meyer
    Mark Meyer

    The amount of dishes you could do with those sponges

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    Анна Ильина

    Дурь 🥱👎

  • gareth Pinch
    gareth Pinch

    What are they experimenting here...?

  • Greenfly 12
    Greenfly 12

    And what have we learned from this experiment? Sweet FA.

  • Sleepy Macaroni
    Sleepy Macaroni

    but why would you do that

  • Quack

    He made a hole in the table too

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    Nəzakət Abbasova


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  • Go Real
    Go Real

    Imagine you take this in your hand and hear the same sound as from the sponges...

    • do you know me? i forget my name
      do you know me? i forget my name


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    Humberto PereZ

    WTF !!?

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    Scott K

    Took a breathe on accident and had a mini panic

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    Arn Watters

    more cowbell

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    Terms & Conditions

    I like how not a single comment so far has been about carsandwater 🤣🤣

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    RHNB !

  • Shawn Kennedy
    Shawn Kennedy

    Where is this an experiment? The end was very predictable..!

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    Luz Alba


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    Behlül tv

    Abi yanlışlıkla masayı kırmışın

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    Rip spongebob and he's friends

  • Tesir Zuhuri
    Tesir Zuhuri

    شو يعني

  • csuci119

    How's this an experiment???? Considering the objects involved, it's just common sense what would happen. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • varun Agrawal
    varun Agrawal

    I can say practical knowledge is good but what a f*ck , but the usa and other countries are only depending on practical you need only experiment to learn a thing , Excess of everything is not well

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    7046 Ashish Thakur


  • 강석민

    이걸보고 환경호르몬이 생각난다면 당신은 한국인

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      그럼 전 한국인


    Now check table plz 🤣

  • Jason Hart
    Jason Hart

    The difference between an "experiment" and "just making a mess and breaking stuff" is calling it an experiment.

  • Debbie

    People are getting dumber & dumber by the second. Try flying a kite next time.

  • • Squishy •
    • Squishy •

    No way! The extremely hot ball melted through the sponges!

  • salvador flores
    salvador flores

    No suvan ton terias

  • Ara

    What is that made of

  • S R
    S R

    I hate to break it to you. But that is how heat works

  • Lance Edwards
    Lance Edwards

    Omg it burned though a few dish sponges. I hope it doesn’t burn all the way to the center of the earth.

  • shxrty xy
    shxrty xy

    Imagine swallow this

  • Adam Hakmi
    Adam Hakmi

    Something that you first time you know it I like eating sponge 🤫. And i know that it is harmful to my stomach

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    La An

    حرق ام الطاولة 😂😂😂

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    Валентин Спичак


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    Yasin Pashton

    Wow zo mooi 😮😮

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    Pocarrot jongema

    Good thing you didn't make the title of the video sleepy and relaxing.

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    ksawik 1212

    This is a grown man, throwing a hot ball into a sponge

  • BloodOmen_THX

    Why the hell does everyone destroy everything

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    Ольга Кукса


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    Bongmo Kang

    It reminds me 'Alien1'

  • threek


  • Isak Dickson
    Isak Dickson

    I share to god, for some reason I thought it was a frozen grape.

  • Yuvraj 3rd class
    Yuvraj 3rd class

    Everybody: looking at the sponge Me: he burned the table too now his mom is gonna kill him

    • Captain Sage
      Captain Sage

      Kids. There is a metal plate just above the wooden table.

    • Yuvraj 3rd class
      Yuvraj 3rd class


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      Roblox Show And Gaming

      Wait he actully did

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    George Betrian

    Wow. Is that the next nobel prize?

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    Iwan Sangkar

    Renbow ceks

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    A S

    Melt down

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    ZzZ Kan

    a genius?🤔mmm...No a curious child, who doesn't know what he generated. 😣

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    Baba Yoga

    Experiment??? What did you think might happen?

  • #Just Jumana?
    #Just Jumana?

    لا تشوفك امي تصفقك على ذا الحوسه😂😂😂

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    Nathan Ross

    Fucking amazing

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    This chad isn’t wearing any gloves

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    Thibaud Paya

    Alien blood

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    Kebancaan edan

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    I want to see under the last sponge😂😂

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    Vichank C o2

    Nobody: Chernobyl:

  • Sharique Anwer
    Sharique Anwer

    That is not an experiment

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    Devashish Singh

    Unsure what is this experiment all about