How a 3D TV works in Super Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
3D glasses are surprisingly fast! Gav whacks out the phantom to show you how on earth a Plasma 3D TV and glasses complete the rather complex task of showing 3D content on a 2D screen. Check out for 50% off your first month on any crate.
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Filmed at 2000fps using a Phantom Flex 4K and 20,000fps using the
How a 3D TV works in Super Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Femkroner

    I love Gavin Free. I mean Ceddeeeeers!

  • REDSCULL Photography
    REDSCULL Photography


  • herasel vandanu
    herasel vandanu

    lets make neutron star collisions simulation make 2 Neodymium Magnets covered in ferro liquid with same size and weight separately then make them collide in spiral way you can make them collide using trampoline-like medium that will draw everything heavy to its center or by hanging them with string then swing it till they meet each other in the center the fun-things happen in last seconds until they collide when each magnet pull others ferro liquid and when they collide they will splash ferro liquid in unique way

  • Jarrod Larrison
    Jarrod Larrison

    I just thought of a bad video..... front row seat of a Nascar race 👈👈😁😁

  • Lord Sparks
    Lord Sparks

    I'm not exactly fussed that the tech was abandoned. 3D has always kind of annoyed me. It somehow cheapens the film for me and I genuinely enjoy them less as a result

  • UnJuegazoParaLlevarPorFavor

    and the other friend?..

  • Simon Ellison
    Simon Ellison

    What happened to Dan. Who is the caveman presenting now?

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith

    Gavin its only you now in ydyd

  • Joseph Krupka
    Joseph Krupka

    The reunion vid is the tsars bomb in NYC in slow mo


    We need slow motion of lizard's tail fall off

  • Viva La Neva
    Viva La Neva

    When is Dan coming back?

  • A E
    A E

    Great Video thanks Kiwwi

  • Ryan Savage
    Ryan Savage

    You guys should do a video of firing guns of different calibers and watch the faster round overtake the slower one, in slo mo

    • mujtabajoyia 2002
      mujtabajoyia 2002

  • EX WA
    EX WA

    Gav, and maybe Dan, Can you blow up a punch of propane tanks or just one, it’s doesn’t matter who many, I’ve always wanted to see that in slow motion,

  • cikif

    How do those shutter glasses sync themselves with the screen?

    • mujtabajoyia 2002
      mujtabajoyia 2002

  • Technical Vigyan India
    Technical Vigyan India

    animal colour change slow mo

  • Technical Vigyan India
    Technical Vigyan India


  • LaxHead14

    was literally just thinking of 3D tv's and opened youtube and this vid is recommended. Must have been the vaccine LOL

    • mujtabajoyia 2002
      mujtabajoyia 2002

  • Rene

    can you make a slow motion video with a firecracker in 10 liters jelly? Greetings from Germany

    • mujtabajoyia 2002
      mujtabajoyia 2002

  • Colleen Reilly
    Colleen Reilly

    Are we just going to pretend that the other guy is not there in any of the videos

  • CALL OF DUTY modern warfare
    CALL OF DUTY modern warfare

    Where is your friend ?

  • AquaM4rine

    i used to have a good sized 3d tv... it was Awesome!

  • Trevor Schermann
    Trevor Schermann

    You guys should do a video on a dogs tongue when it is drinking water

  • Anjas M hidayat
    Anjas M hidayat

    Oh my eyes

  • Christopher Wright
    Christopher Wright

    Do an underwater video of a boat propellor producing bubbles due to the pressure change

  • Cameron Heslop
    Cameron Heslop

    Awesome video!! I just want some of those replacement sponges foe headphones, but have no idea where to get them XD

  • Md Doyel Islam P
    Md Doyel Islam P

    A video idea but Caution! Try hitting a puddle of nitroglycerin with a remotely triggered spring loaded hammer at a bomb range and film it at a ridiculous frame rate. You're in for a shocking surprise .😏

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      rate, which most of us gamers have anyway. In-fact 120hz never caught on, so most high refresh rate monitors have 144hz or faster displays.

  • jimboslicer 9000
    jimboslicer 9000

    Welding in slo mo?

  • Karma_San

    I dont think I've ever watched anything that has given me such bad double vision-

  • mack pladge
    mack pladge

    hi gav, have you ever recorded a safety barrier in slow motion before? i saw one on youtube that could destroy a 60mph truck based on its design, that can only be seen working in slow motion. at the speeds you use, you would capture every individual hit against a trucks front upon impact.

  • Kyle Waine
    Kyle Waine

    You should do a wall air freshener next to a candle

  • derek murphy
    derek murphy

    What if you're blind in one eye?

  • cghygyy

    You rarely hear of people telling viewers to skip their videos due to flashing images, only a warning. Needless to say I still watched this bad boy of a vid. Stay baller

    • mujtabajoyia 2002
      mujtabajoyia 2002

  • portokalamos portokalamos
    portokalamos portokalamos

    It's a very good idea slow motion TIG and MIG welding to see what happened

  • Двойняшки МилаНика
    Двойняшки МилаНика

    Круто, но непонятно))

  • SpazaTron1998

    But wait. Aren't the glasses at a theater not battery powered?? Or am i wrong


    wait why did this video not appear in my sub feed ?

  • AnatoleH1

    Wait, how does it sync up with the TV???

  • Kyriakos Travlos
    Kyriakos Travlos

    You should make a video once this pandemic ends on fighter jets using the afterburner or a turbocharged car doing a 2 step.

  • Benedict Cornett
    Benedict Cornett

    he did it he got a hair cut

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan


    I am watching this channel for a long time but for while I didn t watch the videos and now started to watching again . But where is the DAN can anyone explain that

    • Anxious Blobfish
      Anxious Blobfish

      @HAMZA ALBER me too :(


      @Anxious Blobfish Thanks for information. This very sad for me :(

    • Anxious Blobfish
      Anxious Blobfish

      Dan lives in the UK and Gav lives in the US, so they can't be together at the moment because of Covid travel restrictions :(

  • infirmux

    IDEA: cutting and filing fingernails in macro slo mo

  • ace iimov
    ace iimov

    there's nothing special about 3D screens. 3D TVs are 100hz instead of 60hz. NVIDIAs active shutter technology, "NVIDIA 3d vision" requires monitor with at least 120hz refresh rate, which most of us gamers have anyway. In-fact 120hz never caught on, so most high refresh rate monitors have 144hz or faster displays.

  • Spud Muffin
    Spud Muffin

    Am I the only person who can watch 3-D movies without the glasses or anything? Or am I just weird

  • Diego Flores
    Diego Flores

    wheres da other guy???????

  • Spãcé YT
    Spãcé YT

    Whenever COVID is dying down, and Dan is back on the show, we need to see slo mo of him ripping his lab coat arm.

  • Scruffy City Fishing
    Scruffy City Fishing

    This is a great video! Ever got footage of a fish eating in slo mo?

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      Gavin you look like James McAvoy i swear haha im watching narnia the lion witch and the wardrobe at first i fort it was u !

  • Maik Mueller
    Maik Mueller

    Yeah, and the saddest thing is, they did stop 3D when it was going to get real fun with OLED, 4k, HDR and HFR... With today's 8k panels, HDMI2.1 and LG's passive technology things would be great.

    • mujtabajoyia 2002
      mujtabajoyia 2002

  • High_ Kid
    High_ Kid

    What happened to Dan? he's not in the videos anymore

  • Braxton Kirwin
    Braxton Kirwin

    Where tf is Dan? I can't watch with just Gav

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones

    It is bewildering to me how quickly the manufacturers gave up on 3D instead of continuing to improve the technology and make it more ubiquitous.

  • Komandor Bentus
    Komandor Bentus

    Got an idea - how about checking ferrofluid in slow mo?

  • Sammy197

    I love how he explains the concepts and history of the technology before diving into the actual topic of the video. I wish more teachers were like him.

  • Madhuram Daga
    Madhuram Daga

  • Engineer_Games

    Hey guys please explain cold welding techniques.

  • Idsertian

    Everyone talking about the headphone jack gag, yet no-one's acknowledging that Gav watches GTARP like a true chad. @The Slow Mo Guys Who you watching, and why is it SilentSentry?

  • Joshuah - 2000 -
    Joshuah - 2000 -


  • Evan Nekuda
    Evan Nekuda

    I've got a 2011 Era Samsung 3D LED TV with active glasses,, and it's pretty cool. I don't watch much 3D stuff anymore as like you said they have pretty much abandoned the tech but the few movies I do have are super cool tocwatch still!

  • Silvertarian

    You can also cross your eyes and get the image to focus with the side by side videos.

  • Black

    7:03 best part of the video

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    I'm not even sensitive to flashing things but at 45 seconds I thought I was going to lose my lunch.

  • Randomz&Cake?

    Gavin you look like James McAvoy i swear haha im watching narnia the lion witch and the wardrobe at first i fort it was u !

  • Dog_eater_111 Mk
    Dog_eater_111 Mk

    Show this to epileptic people, highly recommended

  • ryan lenihan
    ryan lenihan

    Gav, my wife approves that you finally cut your hair

    • doire aintu
      doire aintu

      I have a 3D projector. Jurassic Park 3D is pretty good

  • Mark Robbins
    Mark Robbins

    Where is Dan ?


    why are you alone in your videos???

  • Eddie Court
    Eddie Court

    An "Hour Glass" in slow motion!!

  • Golden_Phantom52

    So can someone clue me in on where Dan is? Is he okay?

  • Aldous

    Hope gav can read this... How about a slow mo of blowing a candle using punch

  • tensago

    I was 10 years old, it was 1993. Nobody reading this would probably believe this but I myself came up with the idea of using liquid crystal glasses to filter two separate video streams into the eyes using a time controlled system. Initially the purpose was to enable two people in the same room to watch two separate programs on a single screen by wearing a pair of these glasses which would filter the correct frame from the correct show to the person who wanted it and each wearing headphones so they could hear the show they wanted.

  • Max Everett
    Max Everett

    Gavin! Please come up with some way we can see COLD WELDING in slow mo! A little video so you know what I mean infun.info45Z6GbRMUY0?feature=share

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    flashing images and way to many users on INfun don’t warn about this.

  • T_tv

    Crazy how ppl even build those things

  • Colt Jacks
    Colt Jacks

    very cool. I've always wondered why my 3d glasses needed batteries.

  • Muntz

    So if I could wink fast enough I wouldn’t need the glasses?

  • Eric Moulton
    Eric Moulton

    I had a laptop with nvidia 3d (active), and I could see the frequency of the lights. The flourescenet tubes were just constantly going dim to bright.

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      LMFAO the last bit where you couldn't find a hole for the 3.5mm jack and you threw that useless iphone away...pure gold Gavin, pure gold.

  • The_username

    i used to have those glasses

  • Daniel Radetic
    Daniel Radetic

    triple adds before a video is a new low for youtube... hope you guys get your fair share of this annoyance

  • Mike Elliott
    Mike Elliott

    I have a 3D projector. Jurassic Park 3D is pretty good

  • Eralen00

    How do the glasses synchronize with the TV?

  • Tyler Hall
    Tyler Hall

    You should do a video of florescent/neon lights flickering on.

  • B Lee
    B Lee

    A haircut...finally 👍🏻

  • marciline

    All that happened just one frame😲😲

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho

    The Slow Mo Guy*

  • Leon Hue
    Leon Hue

    I learned something today.

  • Pranav Chavan
    Pranav Chavan

    Where is Dan btw????

  • Deependra Raliya
    Deependra Raliya

    The perspective of wall-e

  • Khalid Almufti
    Khalid Almufti

    Slow Mo for how the Nintendo 3DS does its 3D eye tracking without the need of glasses?

  • Prince Vishwakarma
    Prince Vishwakarma

    I think your Channel name should be:: The backbencher guys 😳

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    LMFAO the last bit where you couldn't find a hole for the 3.5mm jack and you threw that useless iphone away...pure gold Gavin, pure gold.

  • Jeremy James
    Jeremy James


  • Rui Ni
    Rui Ni

    "Advanced winking". That's a great science term.

  • UnearthlyChild


  • Talmage Trujillo
    Talmage Trujillo

    Do a skipping rock video!!

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      I'd love to see the stopping power of a shepherd's sling in slow mo, would need an expert though, takes ages to get accurate with it but it can take the top of a man's head off.

  • John S
    John S

    My eyes are killing me lmao

  • SmeiskAudio

    I don't know if you've done this, but I would love to know how the 3D works on the Nintendo 3DS.

  • BewaFa BOT
    BewaFa BOT

    Hello Sir, I want to see "1 Inch Punch" in Slow Motion. Because they do it very fast at speed of Light.

  • dustywillis79

    "our videos" WHERES DAN!!?

  • Steve Flaxvert Cherry
    Steve Flaxvert Cherry

    Aww I can't watch, photo sensitive epilepsy.. Unless I video myself watching it then upload my convulsive response, that should get some views! :)

  • xXgolden-gamerXx

    shoot a spinning sawblade