How Pdogg nullified the Sehwag, Swann & Gayle Threats | Past Secrets Revealed | Stratagems | E6
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  • Ashwin

    Subtitles updated. Turn on CC.

    • Saathvik Bhat
      Saathvik Bhat

      Plz bring GS from ESPN on ur show anna


      Valimai update

    • mary vinoth
      mary vinoth

      Vera mari bowling poduringa

    • Kasun Kularathna
      Kasun Kularathna

      Thank you

    • Sentamil Selvan2000
      Sentamil Selvan2000

      Hardly thousand people turned to 1 lakh capacity stadium for 4th test tells the story that fans are not ready to pay to watch that boring cricket. Why winning always matter? Not impressed, very Disappointed fan. There is no competitive cricket against a strong team like Eng? Crazy. Boring crap

  • Gopalakrishnan R
    Gopalakrishnan R

    Sehwag - The reason I started watching cricket. Always my favourite (Even 2021)

  • Prakash K
    Prakash K

    Iam big fan of viru❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ram Murugesan
    Ram Murugesan

    Ash, with due respect - you interrupt a LOT when the guest is speaking in a flow. Let him finish his statement and then add your comment or question

  • Sangita Khandual
    Sangita Khandual

    Thank you for this Ashwin! Totally loved it. Shows the importance of analysts and background staff.

  • Aswath

    PDogg Thalaivaa.. Please share the strategy behind Tahir bhai opened the attack on 2019 World cup opening match against England. Got Bairstow 0(1) caught behind.

  • Arun Raj
    Arun Raj

    This guy sounds like Jessi Jessi ni sollutha

  • vivek vishwanathan
    vivek vishwanathan

    Is it errapalli prasanna.

  • rajan raj
    rajan raj

    brother, please have a live with MS during IPL

  • Vasanth Wackie
    Vasanth Wackie

    Intha stat's unngalukey opposite ahh thirupoomm

  • Vishal SB
    Vishal SB

    More and more such videos needed pdogg sir

  • Dhiva Dinesh velu
    Dhiva Dinesh velu

    Waiting for aswin anna live 😍😐

  • Britto Pj
    Britto Pj

    Valimai update ashwin

  • Thilakesh War
    Thilakesh War

    Ashwin sir mass... MAN OF THE SERIES🇮🇳

  • Mobile gamer
    Mobile gamer

    Congratulations aswin anna for won the series

    • Mobile gamer
      Mobile gamer

      And the man of tha series

  • Nirmala Rajendran
    Nirmala Rajendran

    Well done Ashwin bro,axar bro,Washington bro,rohit bro and Pant bro for the series 3-1

  • Arun Kumar MV
    Arun Kumar MV

    Appreciation comment for Ashwin for his 5-fer and first indian to pick 30+ wickets in series twice💙

  • Mansion of Gaming YT
    Mansion of Gaming YT

    Pls give valimai update


    Best spinner in the world

  • Srini Vasan
    Srini Vasan

    Nice. We are able to learn a lot from these observations and execution.

  • Ac Chandru
    Ac Chandru

    Ashwin thank you very much for doing this 🙏 enjoyed your all videos

  • Viruban viruban
    Viruban viruban


  • Sudharshan SS
    Sudharshan SS

    Amazed after looking at the stat to setup Viru and Gayle..

  • Sathish Kumar
    Sathish Kumar



    Knowing Sehwag, he probably saw the plan but backed himself to hit a six. I remember him getting out in similar way for duck against England, coming cold from a injury layoff, on that ill fated 4-0 drubbing. Fascinating chat and analysis, love for the game that you both have, shines through. Thanks!!

  • Valar Valar
    Valar Valar

    Edha mattum sehwag partharuuu😂😂😂

  • Prasanna K
    Prasanna K

    Ashwin please discuss about Australian players and how Indian team outplayed them in their own backyard...

  • Shayri with Sohan
    Shayri with Sohan

    Sir , one of the biggest fan of you And please say in English or Hindi And I don't understand Tamil 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Praveen j
    Praveen j

    About Ganguly ?

  • Tejas Pillai
    Tejas Pillai

    Ashwin's magic to take wickets Pant before bowling the ball:come on ash come on ash Ashwin that ball bowling:took wicket , come on ashwin says Today who agree he will hit 50 or 100 like


    அஸ்வின் அன்னா நலமா இருக்கீங்களா😍😍

  • Entertainment channel
    Entertainment channel

    Master Ashwin 🔥

  • Akash S M
    Akash S M

    Gabbar fan bro (Dhawan) Overall I'm huge fan of DC🎉🎊😎🤠

  • surender vasudevan
    surender vasudevan

    I REMEMBER THAT SEHWAG WICKET STILL,AND STEYN SAID AT THE END OF THE DAY ,"ALL I HAD IN MY MIND IS THIRD MAN", I thought casual wicket,now only I knew the Prasana behind that

  • Balaji Subramanian
    Balaji Subramanian

    With all these analysis isn't it herculean for an opposition player to actually play the game 😂 This looks like war preparation ! Don't we also have these analysts ?!

  • Sameer Chilmattur
    Sameer Chilmattur

    Ash,thanks for making our country proud, thanks for entertaining us on the field and off the field too. Romba nandri, ತುಂಬಾ ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು, thanks and best wishes for the 500 landmark.


    ரொம்ப பயன் உள்ளதாக இருந்தது

  • venu D
    venu D

    What should be Prasanna tactics when Ashwin is Bowling 😀

  • VS kumar
    VS kumar

    Absolutely brilliant stat based analysis

  • Vimal Kumar
    Vimal Kumar

    Ash anna how to become a pitch curator?🤔🤔🤔

  • Aneesh Prakash
    Aneesh Prakash

    Vaathi coming

  • nigs 1
    nigs 1


  • Kogulan Kogul
    Kogulan Kogul

    Ashwin anna ipl pathi video podungalay

  • Kasun Kularathna
    Kasun Kularathna

    Thanks for the subtitles

  • venkatesh dhanasekaran
    venkatesh dhanasekaran

    Omg amazing stat,take a bow prasanna sir!


    pdogg working against india 🤢🤢 for money what all people will do!


      @r o its the truth!

    • r o
      r o

      Bro you don't need to over think it that much

  • Prasad NG
    Prasad NG

    All the best for final test.

  • sent1975

    Hi ashwin bro

  • Haricharan Parasuraman
    Haricharan Parasuraman

    Valimai update

  • AB G
    AB G

    Ashwin bro, please do an interview with Gayle. you've captained him also, so I think the conversation will be very entertaining for us👍🏼

  • ramesh chandrasekar
    ramesh chandrasekar

    2010 IPL Season - Ashwin has got Champion batsman Gilli stumped of his bowling. Never saw Gilli struggled like that to anyone like before. Thats when I saw Ash in action first 😇 I thot ‘Yarda evan? Patta pagalla muthupandiyave adichuttan’ Gilli moment 😇💪 Until now I madly follow and support Ash without a method 🥰

  • Vizak Adithyan
    Vizak Adithyan

    16:59 couldn't control laughter 😂😂😂 Universal Boss uh ye constant huh Boss panra only spinner 🔥 #comeonAsh

  • Virat Kohli
    Virat Kohli

    Hi ashwin...

  • Rithish Maadhavan
    Rithish Maadhavan

    valimai update Anna

  • Rithish Maadhavan
    Rithish Maadhavan

    valimai update bro

  • Muthukrishnan Sundararajan
    Muthukrishnan Sundararajan

    Interested to know what was the strategy when Swann bowled around the wicket for right handers..

  • Sooriya narayana
    Sooriya narayana

    I saw the whole England Vs south Africa match that took place in the oval. 2011-2015 South African side was almost unbeatable.

  • icloud bypass
    icloud bypass

    i still remember that wicket

  • Virender Siva
    Virender Siva

    Nenja தட்டி சொல்லுவேன் டா sehwag Fan டா Nu 🔥🔥🔥

  • Virender Siva
    Virender Siva

    Sehwag devotees 🔥🎉

  • Tamil kumaran
    Tamil kumaran

    Sehwag after seeing this video : ada paavi sandaala...neeyada enna kolapanna paatha...😨

    • Tamil kumaran
      Tamil kumaran

      @Anbarasi R 🙏😂

    • Anbarasi R
      Anbarasi R

      I like ur comment😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Virender Siva
    Virender Siva

    Sehwag ஓட வம்சம் டா நாங்க 🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Virender Siva
    Virender Siva

    Fearless batsman VIRU🔥

  • surya kumar
    surya kumar

    why kl rahul is not play any injuri

  • #srini

    Ashwin has started this discussion kind of thing very early in his career - it is healthy for going forward even after his career... Great

  • Edmond Durai vk6
    Edmond Durai vk6


  • Balaji Thothadri
    Balaji Thothadri

    Good analysis by prasanna

  • Sunil Srinivas Sukumar
    Sunil Srinivas Sukumar

    Ash anna please make a video with thalaivar Rahul Dravid or MSD. You, an already intelligent bowler picking other intelligent players' minds would be amazing to watch.

  • Luxury Factory TV
    Luxury Factory TV

    Nice video 👍

  • Saivishranth Ramesh
    Saivishranth Ramesh

    Thala Notification varala

  • Vasanth Anand
    Vasanth Anand

    17:00 Aswin thug life : I will u how to take Chris Gayle wicket. 😂😂😂

  • kubssharma

    I am a hindi speaking Indian and don’t understand Tamil. But it warms my heart when Ashwin do these interviews in Tamil. This is the beauty of India. We alll love you bro! Great going!

    • Ranjithkumar Selvaraj
      Ranjithkumar Selvaraj

      Great to hear man! Appreciate it

    • venkat Abu
      venkat Abu

      its good attitude i m from tamilnadu

  • Gowri sankar
    Gowri sankar

    Ashwiney ...avara konjam pesa vidunga..naduvela naduvela pesi kittu


    namma ooru ashu panranda smashu

  • Ganesh Sattanathan
    Ganesh Sattanathan

    Deepak patel bowled first over to Srikanth ia the first time it was tried with spinner opening the bowling.

  • Sai Joy
    Sai Joy

    And jadeja interview

  • Sai Joy
    Sai Joy

    Ash anna Robin utthapaa interview

  • Achyut Babu
    Achyut Babu

    I would like to hear about how to nullify "Rashid Khan", a lethal Spin threat of recent times

  • Achyut Babu
    Achyut Babu

    Good one

  • Pranav Pravan
    Pranav Pravan

    The rapport between Ashwin and pdogg sir amazes me. Brother from another mother 👍🏻

  • master king
    master king

    Vloge panmuga ash

    • master king
      master king

      Vlogepannunga ash bro

  • Dinesh N
    Dinesh N

    Ashwin anna ne maas playar

  • Mass Boy
    Mass Boy

    It is sad that south Africa didn't win any Icc trophies even with such a strong team

  • Logan Nathan
    Logan Nathan

    Prasana payangaramana aala irrukaru

  • Chandrasekhar Das
    Chandrasekhar Das

    Kutti secret

  • Parth Thakkar
    Parth Thakkar

    You should do videos in Hindi And english so some of us can understand 😅🙂


    Who know krishnappa Gowtham? Got 8 wicket haul in one match in kpl



  • wwe nov1
    wwe nov1

    I am a huge fan of Viru but he is not the pioneer in this but Jasuriya did this in 1995-1999 before Shewag

  • wwe nov1
    wwe nov1

    5:40 I think Jayasuriya did before Shewag

  • Madras Foodie
    Madras Foodie

    Ashwin anna avara pesa vidunga. Romba interruption indha time.


    2nd time request. Alot of us don't understand tamil here. But wanna know the content. No substitles also sir. :( 😔 If YOU COULD SEE TO IT.

  • Ramki Krishna
    Ramki Krishna

    Ashwin: I am blown away by your creativity in bringing such good content to us. I am sure you have cemented your career post retirement.

  • Rushabh Parekh
    Rushabh Parekh

    please switch to english or hindi for the greater good 🙏🏻 one-off episodes in your mother tongue would help maintain balance. i am from bombay & i want to watch this video but can't understand anything, also watching long videos with subtitles isn't fun everytime..

  • Karthik kumar
    Karthik kumar

    PDogg story must be made to an Indian Moneyball movie 😯

  • Prabeesh Raman
    Prabeesh Raman

    Ada paavingala Jacques Kallis othu ootharauthuka...

  • Dhanvanth Singaravelu
    Dhanvanth Singaravelu

    Swann ku against ah pdogg and Amla Pota strategy ah Virat Kohli 1st innings to 2nd innings gap la potaru. Vs Moeen Ali...

  • Kushal

    Subtitles ???

  • Nitin Ganesan
    Nitin Ganesan

    This is really Amazing to know!!! The Strategies discussed is mind blowing!!!

  • subburocks1