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  • Aman Dhattarwal
    Aman Dhattarwal

    Just watch daily uploads on Apna College INfun Channel and you can crack any dream company after that (Course Duration - 3.5 Months) Link to C++ Guaranteed Course Playlist:

    • Siddhi Sangamnerkar
      Siddhi Sangamnerkar

      Want Web development link

    • Adarsh Rathi
      Adarsh Rathi

      This programming style is very difficult. I am a software programmer in Noida India and on my experience ( Codeexampler ) programming website is excellent for beginners in Free and if you try so type codeexampler on google and learn Code in Free with a lot of examples

    • champaklal gada
      champaklal gada

      Bhaiyya mai tier 3 civil ka bachha hun, to kya mere grades aur projects matter karenge???

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      Love coding

      Pl do the videos in English sir🙏

    • Manvi Banga
      Manvi Banga

      Aman sir.. Hope u r having a gr8 life.. I m first yr student bsc chemistry without computer science.. What should I pursue for my future..?? If m not interested in computer

  • Anmol Singh
    Anmol Singh

    bhaia just wanted to learn Java but there is no video on java on yiur channel 😭😭 can u suggest any channel I am in class 10🙏

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    Ajinder sandhu

    Aman Sir Education minister banke History create kar sakte hai...... Phod dalege..... 😎😎

  • Manav Pandya
    Manav Pandya

    Python ki course kabh aaiga ?

  • Queen Shanaya
    Queen Shanaya

    For a student who is not an engineer, how do we go about placements then? How do we reach the companies if we are not in engineering colleges? because obviously companies come for placements in engineering colleges only. Please help sir!

  • Shamya's Tutorial
    Shamya's Tutorial

    Bhaiya kya y ek normal bsc bio grp wala student kr skta h

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    Shubham Kumar

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    Shaina Anand

    Bhaiya I'm a first year bsc chemistry hons student. Should I still learn coding??

  • Kanishka Chaudhry
    Kanishka Chaudhry

    Hello there I loved the C++ series Giving my background, I am 16yo in 12th standard and I attended Apple WWDC 2019 and won the apple scholarship twice. I am self taught developer, started programming at 12 Would love to help the channel for Apple related things and specially Apple WWDC Scholarship

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    Juhi Bharti

    Bhaiya my 11 wasted ......I really don't know how to manage ..... bhaiya please help

  • Princess Of God
    Princess Of God

    Bhaiya aapke vdo bhot jyada ache lgte h. Pr bhaiya plz ek bar comment pdh lo help kr do bhot jyada need h 😭 commerse stream se huu pe mujhe kuch achi job m jana chahti huu but kisi highly paid job m jisme km tym m acha highest scope ho I know aap nhi pdhoge aap k pass kaha tym hoga pr kash pdh lo bhot help ho jaega😭😭😭😭

  • Happy Naveen
    Happy Naveen

    Bhai maine BSC(PME) Liya hai lekin mujhe coding mai interest hai , Mai kya karu ?????😭

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    Tej As

    Any suggestion regarding diploma passout students ? Pl make a video on that how they should apply for lateral entry and best colleges

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    Jay Patel

    Bhai firstbencher or backbencher nahi hu panhe ke niche bethta hu, 9.5 CGPA aagye electrical engineering diploma me , ab aage kya kar sakta hu isliye INfun me course dhundh raha hu , any suggestions ?

  • Storm Gaming
    Storm Gaming

    Bhai i just finished finished my bcom plz can i also get these jobs if I finished c++placement course

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    Sushant Singh

    sir i am not able to maintain my cgpa🙄 in 1st and 2nd year so from now what can i do to grab an opportunity/edge . Plz help me😥

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    Subasini Pradhan

    Sir please reply me ,if I don't know anything (also don't Know about basics)about computer could I follow these lectures...plz sir

  • in the class room
    in the class room

    bhai mai bsc 2nd year ka PCM ka student hun ager mai ye karun to mujhe fayda hoga

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    Sojin samuel *

    kya aap code with Harry kho bhi bhulasakthae ho

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    Abdulqadir Ajabsha

    You're doing a great job bhai. Good luck to you for your future

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    Shourya Shelke

    Hello sir, I need ur guidance.. Presently I'm pursuing Computer Science Course at COEP TY... And My pointer is 6.9 so I wasn't eligible for many companies on campus and also due to my weak coding skills I didn't perform well at Offcampus... So Now I'm a bit tensed now that are any companies left (Offcampus) with good package??

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    santosh kumar

    I watch this video on 0 .25 x😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ase lag raha tha ki pi rakha hai

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    Vishal Jaiswal 57

    Any one seeing this jiska 1crore ho gaya ho?

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    Madhusudhan Gondakar

    where is web dev course

  • Jeev Anand
    Jeev Anand

    Will this course be relevant 3 to 4 years down the line

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    Pranav Karrtik M

    Bhaiya please do a review of Anna University

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    Saurabh Sharma

    Ty sir for giving us a free course u are awesome 👏👏👍

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    Vishnu kumar

    Bina degree . skill se job kyo nahi deti job. Online learning se

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    Kumar Rohit

    When will java animated series come ??

  • Mithun Das Showrav
    Mithun Das Showrav

    Sir, I am from Bangladesh and I am doing my BEng Mechanical at Coventry University, England. But I am too much fascinated at computer science and cyber security and I love coding. I start your course at Apna college which is just awesome. I have placement opportunity on September 2021.Can I also apply for placement in the field of computer science? Isn't it competitive as I am Mechanical Engineering student? Please give me some advice Sir.

  • Adityachk2002

    Hey we are running late on the schedule isn’t it?

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    Gaurav Rajput

    The fun fact is that he is saying he have tea of 7 people who cracked big companies exams but they now working with him.... 😀😀

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      Preetpal Singh

      Bewkoof bna rha hai je chutiya

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    Piyush Rewatkar

    Bro java se web app nhi banata aaj koi. Js se bnte h abhi.

  • Piyush Rewatkar
    Piyush Rewatkar

    Bhai teko q nhi mila 1 crore package

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    That's how not to clickbait.

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    Suparas Jain

    what we can do if we are in 7th sem


    Kaash hmne ye 4 saal pehle dekh liya hota

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    Physics wallah Ke fans

    Thanks you sir

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    Teja Guramkondam

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    Knowledge Research

    Guys don't take advise on how to get fit from fat person. Likewise take advise only from those who already done it not from those who read some books and article on internet and doing bakchodi on youtube 😆

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    Hardcore Gaming

    When this guy takes over Carry Minati in views and subscribers, You can say India is changing.

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    Abhishek Verma

    Aman bhai khel kr diya aapne. Pehle java java ki and then ye animated course c++ pe bna diya.

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    Tanuj Sharma

    This video is disliked by chintu of white hat junior🔥✊🤣

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    Drs ss

    How to get offline placement???????????????????

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    Musical Hits

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    vicky choudhary

    Commerce stream k liye kuch btaiye sir high package vala

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    vishwanath rathod

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    Vedant Oza

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    Anjali Bhumbak

    Sir.. I have done my graduation in 2017 and now looking forward into it field..

  • Shivam Kumar Singh
    Shivam Kumar Singh

    Hey Aman Bhaiya, thanks for the C++ course, I have loved it a lot and wish I was taught Cpp like this in my 2nd Sem. I am in 5th Sem and I have covered till Recursions... are we running behind the deadline? When can we expect the remaining lectures to be uploaded?? Kindly upload all the lectures by March, so that even 3rd year students can be benefitted from this awesome course.

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    Harsh Verma

    Love u mere bhai....apne bohot kuch btaya jo muje pata bi nahi tha

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    Kartik Alyan

    This channel has become channel only for cs guys.... and their r lot of students who want to have stuff on ur channel except cs beacuse i have no interset in cs....pls upload for other steams also.....

  • champaklal gada
    champaklal gada

    Le ceo's of tech giants: BC itna paisa lagaya construction pe phir bhi kon ukhad raha company???

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    Tanmay Ananya

    Bhaiya kuch medical college ke students ke liye bhi guide Kariye plz.

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      Rajarshi Bhattacharjee

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  • Musical Soul
    Musical Soul

    Hii, i have recently completed my BTech in biotechnology with a bank loan of 6 lakhs. There were no companies coming to my College for placement. I am getting a job of quality analyst in coca cola with a monthly salary of 15k. I learnt coding in my bioinformatics course. I am thinking about changing my field otherwise i wont be able to repay my loan. Can you guys guide me how should i start with coding and get a job with decent salary?

  • LORD

    Okay first of all everyone is mislead by this 1 cr package bullshit in iits. $100,000 salary in the US means the same as Rs. 20,00,000 and $200,000 is the same as earning Rs 40,00,000 in India. If you're getting paid so much in the US it also means the expensive there are high. That's why you never see a Rs 1cr domestic package. Don't be mislead by these institutions, media and people like him.


    Le me(MBBS STUDENT)😖 ---- Prabhu aap pehale kyu nahi mile the ?🙄


      @Dipesh Mishra padhte padhte thak gaya hu vro 😥🙄.

    • Dipesh Mishra
      Dipesh Mishra

      Tumko kya zaroorat apna mbbs kro, achha khasa career taiyar khada h🤔

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    Himanshu Prasad

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    Devanshu Nagar

    generally, I don't comment on videos but like them, but brother you are just a revolution for all the students. I hope we get all the courses soon and Thank you. You just increased the value of youtube with your videos.

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    Fist a fall a jobber a never drive a Mercedes !!!

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    ATIF AHMAD 11-B sci

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    Lucky Chaturvedi

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      Lucky Chaturvedi

      @Dipesh Mishra but I'm taking admission in Georgia University atlanta

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      Dipesh Mishra

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  • ML On
    ML On

    GFG 11 week DSA live classes (for free with Invite code - GFGYWP3TA) case you want

  • ML On
    ML On

    GFG 11 week DSA live classes (for free with Invite code - GFGYWP3TA) case you want

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    Naresh -Love You God

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