Husky Throws a Temper Tantrum When Barred From Entering House - 1194110
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  • Jack Morley
    Jack Morley

    Everyone's commenting on the unfinished porch and it being dangerous for the dog. But the dog is clearly intelligent and obedient because It didn't go inside, with just an "uhuhuh". That being said, accidents do happen but by that logic, the dog could run at full speed into the window and smash it and get really hurt.

  • Michael

    Jesus, maybe if you dethatched your lawn once in a decade s/he wouldn't complain so much.

  • Martha Korb
    Martha Korb

    You are cruel to your dog died man

  • RN Kim
    RN Kim

    many many SAY their dogs throwing a tantrum but this one actually is growing a pretty impressive one

  • Jocelyn Jones
    Jocelyn Jones

    That dog is so cute.

  • Cypher 1101
    Cypher 1101

    I had that exact reaction when forced to play outside as a kid

  • Reily Chaco
    Reily Chaco

    Bf when he gets hangry

  • Michael Law
    Michael Law

    Is this the same dog that freaked out after it was being hosed by water?

  • Sathya Sudhakar
    Sathya Sudhakar

    Lol, this is like a naughty boy who is not let in the house by mom.

  • awhislyle

    Owner: Haha my dog throwing a tantrum is hilarious, lets keep this going Neighbor: FML

  • Vonvon PhayEl
    Vonvon PhayEl


  • Ivan 23 Caravantes
    Ivan 23 Caravantes

    The kind of neighbor you hate to have if you work nights and they act stupid for a video. But if you do the same to them with your dog all night then there's a problem.

  • Diana Szilagyi
    Diana Szilagyi

    You need to put a railing up...😩

  • laatl67

    Well obviously that woman saying stay outside is a witch...js. 😊

  • Toot Lee
    Toot Lee

    Dog: The house is yours?! Well, the backyard is mine! MIINNEEE!!!

  • MrDabe66

    Who’s a good boy...

  • Morgan Morgan
    Morgan Morgan

    I don’t think your hand rails are up to code👌

  • Jeffrey Sims
    Jeffrey Sims

    Hate to be your neighbor

  • Arelath The White Wolf
    Arelath The White Wolf

    Feel like my husky would do the same if we had a big yard like day

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith

    looks cute all that pent up energy, those poor dogs need to run 20 miles a day. working dogs. not city dogs.

  • Chey Che
    Chey Che

    That is not going to bother the neighbors at all.

  • Apple D
    Apple D

    It's hot though. Poor dog. :(

  • Mish E
    Mish E

    I really hope that railing gets put up real, real soon.

  • Kay

    Is this in canada? Van island perhaps?

  • mrfester42

    Look at it this way. Be glad he doesn't speak or he'd be cursing at you left and right.

  • reno flames
    reno flames


  • LonghornsLegend

    Zoomies will fix anything

  • Endah L. Puri
    Endah L. Puri

    The cutest temper tantrum I have ever seen.

  • Big Mike Johnson
    Big Mike Johnson

    Doggie OSHA needs to talk to you.

  • TheMic58

    Poor baby he really wants to go home

  • cloudface von ruckus
    cloudface von ruckus

    That doggo's ancestors looking down like "we used to hunt down deer and deal with bears in snowy forests n shit and you freak out over not being allowed in?!" 😅

  • Landy Bob
    Landy Bob

    FYI you need some guard rails

  • Rae18..

    I legit watch this everyday loooool

  • akaBrucee

    I love how he throws a tantrum, stops all of a sudden and then continues 😂😂😂

  • Bobby Possumcods
    Bobby Possumcods

    Huskies suffer from the heat. She thinks it's funny. Bad owner. She probably thinks a little dog suffering is ok for her to post a video.

  • Francisco Garcia
    Francisco Garcia

    Well trained companion you have there.

  • Dina Bahtra
    Dina Bahtra

    This is the cutest tantrum I've ever seen....

  • james seven6
    james seven6

    Gee can I live next door to that shit please...

  • Terry JP
    Terry JP

    Neighbor from Hell

  • redmanish

    I want to acknowledge the cute dog but I gotta ask: what kind of no construction code hellscape do they live in lmao?

  • Jackson Jeanne
    Jackson Jeanne

    It's like watching a 2 yr old pitch a fit except the dog is putting more energy into running around, whereas kids like to discover how loud they can scream.

  • Mike

    Poor neighbors didn't sign up for that.

  • Brian M
    Brian M

    Wouldn't it be great to be the neighbor to that place 😑

  • Razors Occam
    Razors Occam

    Get some bannisters you cavewoman

  • 5TA1KR

    Neighbors are already googling how to mix rat poison into dog's food

  • Scrotus Potus
    Scrotus Potus

    The neighbors be like: is that a sea doggo?

  • Robotrik1

    That dog could have knocked you off that construction site . No rails . No brains .

  • Rob D
    Rob D

    That was a tantrum for the ages

  • Gregory Chappell
    Gregory Chappell's HOT in all this fur...i want/need A/C !!

  • Tracy Rain
    Tracy Rain

    I didn't really listen to that...I'm waiting on the op-ed so I can read the full argument! 🤣😂

  • BigotGaming

    remove random crits

  • Russell Pottenger
    Russell Pottenger

    I’d be more worried about the lack of handrailing than the freaking dog.

  • y5243

    Great yard for running and playing but maybe a few chew toys, or even another pup [if possible] to play with would help him better enjoy his time outdoors?!

  • Abel Cheng
    Abel Cheng

    0:09 That doesn't sound like a dog...

  • Keith Rebarber
    Keith Rebarber

    This lady is very mean. Why are you leaving your dog in the hot sun? Why won't you let him in? This lady is very mean.

  • runee spahr
    runee spahr


  • Saynab Ogechukwukama
    Saynab Ogechukwukama

    Your neighbors: "I think theyre abusing their dog"

  • Talia Mayo
    Talia Mayo

    the sound he makes at 0:09 is KILLING ME

  • Annie Ma
    Annie Ma

    Hi future people when this blows up

  • Magical Minty
    Magical Minty

    I love huskys. They have the most personality of any breed I know. I have a husky/lab mix, I just wish I lived somewhere colder so I wouldn't have to constantly trim my dogs coat just so he doesn't get heat sickness.

  • Kyle

    I feel bad for your neighbors

  • Enzo Cignetti
    Enzo Cignetti

    This is why cats are better


    Feminist love tormenting anything that is a male.

  • BOxER _PaWs
    BOxER _PaWs


  • Sealand Venture
    Sealand Venture

    This dog is absolutely fantastic .

  • Aftercare Bear
    Aftercare Bear

    Omg the drama 😍

  • curtis norbeck
    curtis norbeck

    Why is no one mentioning that view though?

  • theresa shook
    theresa shook

    Adorable, but the deck and stairs look dangerous for both of them!

  • Killerafroman


  • Duran Bailiff
    Duran Bailiff

    The husky is the #2 drama king, #1 goes to the ones that constantly lament the missing railings. Boo-freakin' Hoo!😱

  • autumnicleaf

    Probably the best husky tantrum video -

  • J & G Thompson
    J & G Thompson

    Wow...the deck of death!

  • Polo Alonso
    Polo Alonso

    My husky doesn't give a damn once the door open shes inside and hide under my bed



  • jsouto77

    Neighbor: "Not impressed"

  • Elizabeth Steer
    Elizabeth Steer

    Poor baby. Let him go in.

  • Ranch Dubois
    Ranch Dubois

    My Pitsky does this same thing 😂😭😭❤️

  • s on
    s on

    Dogs are the greatest things in the world

  • leeturnbull82

    Bet your neighbors love you.

  • Neil J
    Neil J

    "This guard rail is not up to code, Sharon. YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE A BANNISTER!"

  • Sick Game Squad
    Sick Game Squad

    Have you ever heard of hand rails? DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO FALL OFF YOUR PORCH?!

  • Katherine Niewoehner
    Katherine Niewoehner

    Reminds me of my pupper at home, she sounds just like this when she doesn’t get her way.

  • Chris Cutty
    Chris Cutty

    Absolutely beautiful scenery and dog , also dog wuz straight up speerl rotten.

  • Roxy Raven
    Roxy Raven

    The whole time she is out on the porch, without a rail... I’m just worried husky runs into her accidentally near the edge.

  • Jeri Winston
    Jeri Winston

    Spoiled rotten! Lol

  • Edvard Bavcon
    Edvard Bavcon

    Dog will sleeze and fall and at least hurt himself badly. Maybe fatal...

  • Susan bodell
    Susan bodell

    Did you give him a energy drink 😅💚

  • Zack Frazier
    Zack Frazier

    I want to be his friend...

  • Hyo Ohashi
    Hyo Ohashi

    I'm back again watching this and dying from laughing🤣

  • Al Sehl
    Al Sehl

    Maybe he is overheated? Get a child sized swimming pool to play in. Also get some railings for your stairs and porch!

  • g galaxy
    g galaxy

    'What's the meaning of this? You're denying me access to MY HOUSE?? Oh, I get it; it's a joke. Funny! Ok, joke over, Mom. Now let me IN!'

  • Jason gobbell
    Jason gobbell

    I’m sure you’re neighbors think it’s funny also..

  • OD xi
    OD xi

    Cuz is losing it 😂😂😂😂

  • Trgun

    Hope it dont rain there for the longevity of that deck..

  • Evil Pimp
    Evil Pimp

    Doesn't pay any rent and demands entry, no respect

  • GQisthenewblack

    the ✨drama✨

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith

    The neighbors were probably like.. bitch let that barking pos in your f'n house now!

  • Fidget Destroyer
    Fidget Destroyer

    Cant wait for Ozzie man to review those stairs

  • Tat Sat
    Tat Sat

    It has right version of software