I Accidentally Became A Meme: Me Explaining To My Mom
Quen had always been told to scream out her frustrations. Little did she realize that doing so would turn her and the inimitable Ms. Juicy into a global meme.
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  • Sophie Dessureault
    Sophie Dessureault

    I'm sorry but Ms. Juicy kinda looks like Deep Roy... from the movie Charlies and the chocolate Factory.. The meme is a cool story tough.

  • PhetoloP

    Now that I know she was suicidal I’ll never look at that meme the same again 💔😓

  • Stacie Shaw
    Stacie Shaw


  • Luisa

    Seriously you go after a girl who made a low grade mistake like this but people who actually are offending and terrorizing peoples race, religion, gender, sexuality, and identity get a slap on the wrist???

  • ayezhanotfound

    the other girl looked soo young i guessed this from simple math now she’s 21 and she looks sooo young

  • namjoon

    one of the reasons i genuinely dislike memes of people literally crying because you never know what they were going through at that moment. its insensitive

  • Guiliana Paris
    Guiliana Paris

    4:07 💀

  • Bert N Ernie
    Bert N Ernie

    I seriously thought they knew eachother

  • lou

    she’s PRETTY AS HELL

  • ZXcsdfvghjku



    Can Juicy just stfu 😐

  • laceee babe
    laceee babe

    i fkn love u quen omg

  • Nissi Vlogs
    Nissi Vlogs

    If you Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins then Resurrected three days later and is our Lord and Savior you will be saved ! He who is sinless died on the cross for our sins just so we could be here. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords from generation to generation! Read your bible daily and please Repent!! God bless you and your family! (Not trying to force my religion upon anyone who doesn’t agree)💜

  • Stunned ToSee
    Stunned ToSee

    No one accidentally becomes a meme. It’s always waiting to happen

  • Mxsti Rxinbow
    Mxsti Rxinbow

    How could y’all do that to miss juicy 😭😭

  • Alan Ayres
    Alan Ayres

    I saw Quen for the first time on the mirror video hahaha I was feeling miserable at that time and the the "AM I THIS CUTE???" changed my mood for good. I love her so much

  • Ariana Z
    Ariana Z

    Her story is so sad it broke my heart how she just got used to it with a smile 💔

  • R L
    R L

    2:51- that was God

  • B. Athena
    B. Athena

    What a beautiful twist

  • Husk

    0:37 Ok I didn't expect that xD

  • Alex Zer0
    Alex Zer0

    Yes, I would quite enjoy some stew.

  • Bunni Lemonparty
    Bunni Lemonparty

    Quinn’s smile and laugher are beautiful and I’m stalking her page for her family’s skin care line - her skin is gorgeous!

  • bell bell
    bell bell


  • daze

    You can tell Quen is fully recovered because she's completely comfortable talking about her eating disorder.

  • daze


  • Dixita Chettri
    Dixita Chettri

    I love both of them omg their vibes are great lol

  • StudioQ

    Being funny at the cost of someone else? Not funny, period. That’s selfish.

  • Yulieth Calle
    Yulieth Calle

    "I've seen it used for hospitals ads in Colombia" Me, a Colombia: 👁️👄👁️ oh god! Didn't know it haha

  • Licie Strong
    Licie Strong

    I also suffered from anorexia and bulimia for years and recovered so I understand I'm glad she's healthy 😊🌻

  • Maria Clara Guimarães
    Maria Clara Guimarães

    Thank you quen for speaking up about eating disorders. This is so important

  • Phillip sol
    Phillip sol

    Ms. Juicy's energy can save someone from depression.. periodtt

  • Kaylen Markee
    Kaylen Markee

    You the girl with the pickle?

  • Felisa A
    Felisa A

    It really sucks to hear that going viral retriggered her ED :( Hope she's doing okay now!


    3:21 PLS-

  • Other Mind
    Other Mind

    This girl is freaking awesome! ☺

  • AnmweyFre P
    AnmweyFre P

    God save her life

  • Ahijah Grace
    Ahijah Grace

    Yo I thought SHE WAS HER MOM Oof

  • Jadyn Garrett
    Jadyn Garrett

    “even though i did want to kill myself that day it turned into such a cool thing .”

  • -Insomniac Dreams-
    -Insomniac Dreams-

    Ur telling me I would have never seen quen become famous if she killed herself im so glad she didn’t

  • -Insomniac Dreams-
    -Insomniac Dreams-

    I can’t believe I’ve known who this is since vine

  • Marvin Luvualu
    Marvin Luvualu

    Just want to take a moment and say that Quen is absolutely beautiful.

  • Blooooooooop

    i love quen. she reminds me of myself so much lol

  • ukiyo


  • •Turk3yD1ckN1gga•

    "Would anyone like some stew"

  • Radio Rebel
    Radio Rebel

    I remember watching her vines four years ago she is FUNNY AS HELL.

  • Alana MacNeill
    Alana MacNeill

    I love how she's laughing all while telling such a traumatic story

  • Miss Lady K
    Miss Lady K

    She’s beautiful inside and out. So glad to see her smiling. Wow 🤩

  • SpongeFifi

    I always thought this was a scene from a reality show. Mind blown.

  • Logan P
    Logan P

    Jesus she needs to get help

  • Bozo

    Wait, she also did the hanger thing

  • jelaninoel

    I remember her from vine. Her voice got deep af!

  • Jordyn Phillimore
    Jordyn Phillimore

    why not surprise them with a zoom meeting where they meet each other ????!!!!????? im just saying...

  • Reagan Zimmerman
    Reagan Zimmerman

    I literally watched her vines all the time. Her personality is awesome! Love you Quensadilla ❤️

  • Tanah

    Quen's voice is so nice wtf

  • Xander X
    Xander X

    The internet loves to hate

  • Khali Vazquez
    Khali Vazquez

    Juicy is such a personality 😂

  • icecream_xoxo


  • Crispy Squid of The Acid Cats
    Crispy Squid of The Acid Cats

    Can the two yelling women meet the white cat and share a salad?

  • Cindy Lee
    Cindy Lee


  • M.C.

    I was not expecting their voices to sound like this at all 😶 So glad she’s doing better now, the internet can be so toxic 🥺

  • ꧁Neviio꧂

    i love ms juicy she’s so fun

  • Marla Singer
    Marla Singer

    this one is lit tho

  • miss al boogie
    miss al boogie

    This is a very sweet story. Glad you’re here, Quenlin.

  • HoneyRat

    If you participate in cruel witch hunting, consider how that same mob mentality would turn on you in a heart beat if they found something to barite you for.

  • ً


  • Cristina


  • Antonia Tan.
    Antonia Tan.

    Her voice is so deep lol

  • Helen Peralta
    Helen Peralta

    Anyone Gonna talk about her voice.......

  • Louloo

    Beautiful girl sounding like a DUDE.

  • Joonoh Capre
    Joonoh Capre


  • Em Elle
    Em Elle

    I’m glad you pushed through👏🏾✨ cant even imagine going through that as a teen

  • Rochell Barbara
    Rochell Barbara

    I’m so glad she’s alive ❤️

  • Goodbye Planet
    Goodbye Planet

    Okay but Miss Juicy has so many more memes too 😭😭😭 especially from Little Women clips plsss

  • Maliha Ariel
    Maliha Ariel

    Actually people SHOULD post when feeling suicidal. It may prevent more deaths 💯

  • Maliha Ariel
    Maliha Ariel

    Yeah you just keep going! Screaming just silences the stupidity for a brief moment ☺️

  • Maliha Ariel
    Maliha Ariel

    When you said it didn’t work 😭😂

  • Maliha Ariel
    Maliha Ariel

    Delirious and delusional 😭😂 ON GAWD she’s funny asl

  • wow amber
    wow amber

    Quinn is such a funny, beautiful woman, I'm so glad she is still around and that the internet didn't get the best of her.

  • wow amber
    wow amber

    I loved Quinn's vines, I had a big fat crush

  • yeonjun 4th gen it boy
    yeonjun 4th gen it boy

    bye i thought they were actually mom and daughter

  • Crystal Westmoreland
    Crystal Westmoreland

    Quenlin reminds me so much of my daughter..... warm, goofy delightful personally.

  • Gaeul Yoo
    Gaeul Yoo

    I've been loving Quen since she were in vine, as much as one time i went to US and tried hot pickle cuz she likes it (endded up I can't) and now I feel really bad to not know she got hates from internet.. I love you Quen

  • Melissa Mathew
    Melissa Mathew

    'They wanted to stare so I had to give them a reason to stare' 🙌👏

  • TheCrazy Sushi
    TheCrazy Sushi

    My brain while this is happening: who the hell are these people

  • Carla Bizuard
    Carla Bizuard

    Omg her laugh is absolutely cute and funny 😭❤ I'm glad that she is okay now!

  • lili4990

    if you live Quen send her hot pickles...if you love Ms.Juicy send her wings

  • lili4990

    I love quen

  • Firefly 1814
    Firefly 1814

    I love this

  • Lakshay Rathore
    Lakshay Rathore



    the people that hated her are now useing her meme i-

  • Mellena Semere
    Mellena Semere

    she’s so cool

  • Fabian Gonzalez
    Fabian Gonzalez

    This is the quality of buzzfeed content I expect from now on.

  • Ayesha Murudkar
    Ayesha Murudkar

    Oh My God!! Quin is so pretty, I can't...

  • Butterfly H
    Butterfly H

    This is what I needed in my life.

  • M O N K E
    M O N K E

    I can't be the only one who thought the mom sounded like mentally mitch...

  • Tee Espinal
    Tee Espinal

    My heart broke the whole first 3 minutes...

  • Chickenlyart

    I’ve always wanted to know why she was crying... man this is dark

  • it's Jen
    it's Jen

    Social media is filled with a lot of negativity and I finally opened my eyes to realise that! There's always a good and bad side but sometimes in the good side there will always be bad people who criticise you! If you're gonna deny this oh honey you need to open your eyes and see the bad side of it

  • M. Stroud
    M. Stroud

    I hope Quen gets the help she needs 🙏🏾💜

  • 89five3five

    She’s really cute.