I Ate A $70,000 Golden Pizza
I cant believe we actually did this...
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    • ANDEE 1234
      ANDEE 1234


    • Blub Fugt
      Blub Fugt

      Done and I watch because I hungry

    • Savage Doge
      Savage Doge


    • Bra Valkyrie
      Bra Valkyrie

      Best youtuber ever

    • Asad Adhar
      Asad Adhar


  • Pxstelloxo

    I am just here to wait for the RB season 2 winners

  • Nirvaan Nair
    Nirvaan Nair

    10:33. What was that face on Jimmy?

  • Jonny the Vapoholic
    Jonny the Vapoholic

    Carls 1st vid

  • olivia !
    olivia !

    0:21 ok but karl in the back 🥺

  • Crewstor OMG!
    Crewstor OMG!

    0:28 are u kidding me?

  • arcadegaming593 395
    arcadegaming593 395

    actually I kind of want to try gold pizza

  • Abdigafar Hirsi ya4bus-h20 Vuxelev
    Abdigafar Hirsi ya4bus-h20 Vuxelev

    made suse

  • Hyper Robbo
    Hyper Robbo

    i was eating staeak when whaching this btw im 8

  • David The Youtuber 2012
    David The Youtuber 2012

    Jimmy: buys pizza Me: eats pizza

  • シadrianシ


  • fun life
    fun life

    You just ate my 2 life's savings

  • FoxSaysGaming

    Plot twist, All his money

    • Uday Kiran
      Uday Kiran

      It's crazy .

    • Uday Kiran
      Uday Kiran

      About 30 comments are 2 hrs ago

    • Uday Kiran
      Uday Kiran

      Lol bruh . U are watching it now . Lol me toooo

  • Drino zhao
    Drino zhao

    The crazy kenneth joly brake because hamburger postnatally dry pace a powerful stranger. careful, roomy barber

  • DyarnHP –Roblox BGS Arsenal adopte me
    DyarnHP –Roblox BGS Arsenal adopte me

    Hello mr.beef

  • Inte Hunters
    Inte Hunters

    9:36 YOU

  • Naruto 100
    Naruto 100

    I want a slice

  • Naruto 100
    Naruto 100

    2090 mr beast buying the world

  • shirley bangi
    shirley bangi

    Sarap maging Mayaman no sana all hehe ma iintindihan mo kaya to mag sheth kanalang

  • Ricki Tyner
    Ricki Tyner

    Well that will be the most expensive poop anyone has had. 👨‍🎓👑

  • Paper toys for boys
    Paper toys for boys

    1:24 that is actually a good

  • Sharky Playz
    Sharky Playz

    Jimmy: this grilled cheese is 250$? Tell me more Waiter: explains Jimmy five seconds later: SAY NO MORE

  • arman syah
    arman syah

    Who still watching this until now?


    Plz give me one choclate😪

  • Sa

    Yum yum yum

  • Hoe hoe hoe Merry dickmas
    Hoe hoe hoe Merry dickmas

    Beast is best

  • Marvel Queen
    Marvel Queen

    *Chandler is a child.*

  • Powered Scout
    Powered Scout

    Stooooooppppp makkkiinnng meeeee hungryyyyyyyyyy

  • Delux

    This money came out of bitcoin mining

  • Rudi Norton
    Rudi Norton

    I love Chris’s sweater XD

  • Owen Gamer
    Owen Gamer


  • Death Killer
    Death Killer

    Chris is wearing a only fan belle Delphine shirt

  • andreiko Satsatinko
    andreiko Satsatinko

    Brooo i think ya guys got scammed cuz maybe they got those edible gold from amazon

  • Glueyy


  • noah uhatafe
    noah uhatafe



    were is David Dobrik

  • Dahyabhai Modi
    Dahyabhai Modi

    My mum works in a pizza shop day and night her pizza is better can you give us 3 million dollars

  • The Mastermind
    The Mastermind

    8:55 anyoneelse notice Chris's Sweater is Talking

  • Brigitta Michelle
    Brigitta Michelle

    Jimmy:*whispers david doberk* i bet this will trigert him Jimmy: do you have any A1 stake sauce?? Waiter: STOP >:( Everybody: *LAUGHS* i cald it!


    8:05 did u guys see his shirt?

  • Some Random Person
    Some Random Person

    As of right now it has 70 million views ( 1m views = 1,000$) so he can buy another one

  • Tnt gaming
    Tnt gaming

    i am poor guy from nepal give me lamborgini.

  • Salvatore Cerbone
    Salvatore Cerbone

    Im waching this wil eating almonds

  • Manjira Nadella
    Manjira Nadella

    who do want to meet MR. Beast or MR. Beef

  • Master Bate
    Master Bate

    Chris: My life has peaked nothing can ever beat this Also Chris: i hav baby

  • Zianklydemendoza TV
    Zianklydemendoza TV


  • The Best Or Nothing
    The Best Or Nothing

    Let's follow him untill he poops out that gold pizza because human stomach can't digest gold 😂😂😂😂

  • Azorian Tv
    Azorian Tv

    I just notice that everytime the food gets expensive and the clip get long too until the 70k pizza they even show the outside of the restaurant

  • Luisa Alla
    Luisa Alla


  • Luisa Alla
    Luisa Alla

    I wanna see the golden pizza

  • Luisa Alla
    Luisa Alla

    Mr beast is one of the richest youtubet ever

  • Luisa Alla
    Luisa Alla

    I subscribed

  • Tuan Van
    Tuan Van

    Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

  • Mind-Blowing videos
    Mind-Blowing videos


  • Impostor

    The only one I would want from this vid is the 16 dollar wings LOL

  • Marcus Roblox
    Marcus Roblox

    10:33 Am I the only one that noticed?

  • stupid Empire
    stupid Empire

    hy am Quins from kenya

  • Lindz Potts
    Lindz Potts

    The fluffy llama microbiologically miss because destruction systematically haunt afore a knowledgeable hamster. sharp, gray greasy great epoch

  • huzaif khan
    huzaif khan

    So this is his most expensive poop ever.

  • Antony George
    Antony George

    Some one get the total they bombed

  • Carnival Beast
    Carnival Beast

    Plot twist: there is no plot twist

  • Riley Horobec
    Riley Horobec

    0:43 loooool so funny

  • Samantha Online gaming Channel
    Samantha Online gaming Channel

    what gold you can eat tf *no hates*

  • Joseph

    Anyone else relised Chris had Belle Delphine on his shirt

  • Minecraft Fan
    Minecraft Fan

    Who else ships mrbeast and chandler

  • Soar 2nd DYLAN
    Soar 2nd DYLAN

    70,000 pizza 70,000 mll views

  • Karabo Maimane
    Karabo Maimane

    Just imagine Gordon Ramsey saying the pizza is Raw😂

  • Connorhacker 90
    Connorhacker 90

    I could buy a 5 dollar little ceaser pizza and it would be better than the 70000 dollar pizza

  • Good Pone
    Good Pone

    70,000 pizza = 70m views

  • Anthony westhaver
    Anthony westhaver

    i bet in my entire life i prolly haven't even eaten the equivalent of the price of the pizza in all of my years of eating

  • TheKingDuckGaming

    Chandler+food=happy chandler

  • Sebastian mjy Napier mjy
    Sebastian mjy Napier mjy

    The only thing that can beat ice cream is ice cream that doesn’t give you a brain freeze of any kind

  • Evan Hensley
    Evan Hensley

    Donate the money to people who are starving

  • HarvardalexYT

    Waiter: This will be the best beef you will ever eat. Korean A++ Flower ribs: Are you challenging me?

  • Dori Bachrad
    Dori Bachrad

    It still makes no sense to me. Chandler is the food lover. He’s always talking about McDonald’s and Taco Bell and all this junk Yet he’s skinny as a stick How nature do that

  • Goutam Boppana
    Goutam Boppana

    MrBeast in 2169 : i destroyed my friend's excretory system and surprised him with a new one

  • Blake Bartol
    Blake Bartol

    That is kw

  • Blake Bartol
    Blake Bartol

    What is the position

  • POKEFAN 2240
    POKEFAN 2240

    Whatever , nothing can beat my mom's special chicken curry it's the best

  • Pre V¡ne
    Pre V¡ne

    Eating expensively, pooping expensively too lol

  • Tryhard Athlete
    Tryhard Athlete

    Here at recommended

  • Zahra aljawabra
    Zahra aljawabra


  • Amanda Schoenecker
    Amanda Schoenecker

    Is your money real

  • Timothy McDowell
    Timothy McDowell

    Is say no more your way of telling them to shut up

  • Hyper

    eating a ruby pizza and a diamond burger.

  • Hyper

    Mr beast in 2050: Destroying earth but buying a new one

  • Andrew TRUJILLO
    Andrew TRUJILLO

    No DATE

  • Mrbest Lion
    Mrbest Lion

    Gold pizza 🙀

  • Ghost Gavin06
    Ghost Gavin06

    You cursed in ur older vids

  • SUP MASTER Sup dude
    SUP MASTER Sup dude

    I still can’t take my eyes off of Chris’s shirt- Belle delphine

  • Kasey Jared
    Kasey Jared

    2000$ steak my favorite

  • inktrap

    mrbeast: its hard to get exited for 2000$ stake me: i get exited over 1$ burgers

  • Alicia Reyes
    Alicia Reyes

    Me eating $5 Pizza from Pizza Hut:👁👄👁🍕

  • InDominus

    Is that Belle Delphine on Chris' shirt?

    • InDominus

      @Cosme Ramirez What a simp Chris is!

    • Cosme Ramirez
      Cosme Ramirez

      But yeah it is her

    • Cosme Ramirez
      Cosme Ramirez

      I was just about to comment that but was checking if anyone else did

  • Julia Smith
    Julia Smith

    (Description) well jez i dont have a doggo or fortnite account.

  • Richardo Lewis
    Richardo Lewis

    If thats the job that chandler has then I better sign up

  • Kristie McGrath
    Kristie McGrath


  • Gia Phat
    Gia Phat

    0:11 xx

  • The Expert Money
    The Expert Money

    That’s too much for a pizza. 🤣

  • profeckto

    im sooo hungry now:(