Incompetent PCB Failed The Brand Of PSL | Shoaib Akhtar | SP1T
Incompetent PCB Failed The Brand Of PSL | Shoaib Akhtar | SP1T
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    always puts some valid point! This guy is inspirational.. so fair #Hats_off

  • BuGz Bunny Gaming99
    BuGz Bunny Gaming99

    Frankly speaking sir no country will laugh at you. A cricket fan always want to see Cricket in all season its nt about shame but yes we all are upset with your management we expected some entertainment frm PSL. We hope PSL matches get continued aftr the IPL.

  • AayChaudhary

    Shoaib Akhter Bhai Ap Imran Khan Ko Milty hain, Pm ko kaho In sab chutiyon ko nikaly bahir koi dhang ka banda laye

  • AB Siddik Bishal63
    AB Siddik Bishal63

    Shoaib sir, Apka bwolling action through hain (wrong♨️) (Main Bangladesh 🇧🇩 se,,aur main Cricketer) {Aap iss samay pe haun ta toh jarror suspected haun ta 100%}

  • AB Siddik Bishal63
    AB Siddik Bishal63

    Shoaib sir, Apka bwolling action through hain (wrong♨️) (Main Bangladesh 🇧🇩 se,,aur main Cricketer) {Aap iss samay pe haun ta toh jarror suspected haun ta 100%}

  • AB Siddik Bishal63
    AB Siddik Bishal63

    Shoaib sir, Apka bwolling action through hain (wrong♨️) (Main Bangladesh 🇧🇩 se,,aur main Cricketer) {Aap iss samay pe haun ta toh jarror suspected haun ta 100%}

  • Sneha Shome
    Sneha Shome

    Love you so much Shoiab sir🤗❤from India🇮🇳❤

    • Shoaib Akhtar
      Shoaib Akhtar

      Love you too bro. Sneha Shome !

  • Hyder rind. King off channel
    Hyder rind. King off channel


    • Shoaib Akhtar
      Shoaib Akhtar

      Thanks for watching

  • ZX - Prashant Bhati
    ZX - Prashant Bhati

    Shoaib Akhtar you are a gem of a person Rawalpindi Express👍👍👍

  • thepsgamer

    I listened an interview in which any of psl organiser said hamare padosi jo hai woh apna ipl uae me kr rhe hai aur ham apna psl apni country mei kr rhe hai just india ko dikhane ke liye yeh jyada kr rhe the aise

  • Casual Observer
    Casual Observer

    You have a great physique sir 💪🏼🤠. Please share your diet.

  • ramansita02 nair
    ramansita02 nair

    It’s not about Pakistani or Indian it’s about saving cricket what this gentleman is talking about 👍

  • Musa Babur
    Musa Babur

    Well after watching this video the first thing that came over my mind that you’re against Pakistan


    #PKMKB 😄😆😃😅😃😅😃😅😃😃😆😃😆😃😆😃😆🙂😆🙂😆🙂😆🙂😆🙂😆🙂😅🙂🙂

  • secular hindu
    secular hindu

    Shoib akhter is really very genuine about cricket.

  • Debojyoti Choudhury
    Debojyoti Choudhury

    Isko PCB mai job chahiye from past few years PCB won’t give him chance so he open a INfun Channel. Anyways PCB, PSL, Shoaib fuck off

  • Koshi Ki Aas
    Koshi Ki Aas

    " wahi pe barati khana kha rahe" and "psl premium brand" 😂😂😂

  • Koshi Ki Aas
    Koshi Ki Aas


  • Omprakash Satpathy
    Omprakash Satpathy

    Shohaib akhtar is a good man

  • raviraj sharma
    raviraj sharma

    You got guts man , to speak against PCB and stay in Pakistan..

  • prashant kumar
    prashant kumar

    " wahi pe barati khana kha rahe" and "psl premium brand" 😂😂😂

  • slow cheeta
    slow cheeta


    • slow cheeta
      slow cheeta

      Shoaib bhai biggest fan from India🇮🇳 ( Odisha) I following you 20k Subscriber 😁😁😁

  • Indian Bacha
    Indian Bacha

    जाहिल पाकिस्तानी, नमाज़ पड़ो तुम सिर्फ नमाज़। कुरान में ही है सब कुछ। Science and Technology कुछ होता है ही नहीं। Medical Science कुछ नही है। रद्दी है Science.

  • Rohit Mishra
    Rohit Mishra

    Kya india me ya asia me iss taraha dilhari se apni bat koi cricketer rakh pata hai ,sab politicians se dare huye rahte hai Kayar sale I salute to shoib Akhtar love u from india

  • Guru kripa
    Guru kripa

    I m from j&k India. I m really ur fan

    • Guru kripa
      Guru kripa

      Shoaib give me ur what's app number if u don't mind

  • Guru kripa
    Guru kripa

    I m really Agri wid u

  • Guru kripa
    Guru kripa

    Shoaib ur really so awesome



  • MoThEr InDiA
    MoThEr InDiA

    If you were in India .. you have had played atleast 150 test matches ... Love from India

  • Jeevith Jain
    Jeevith Jain

    Dale Steyn 😆

  • Muhammad Zahid
    Muhammad Zahid




  • Bedanta Gogoi
    Bedanta Gogoi

    I like your straight forward nature 💪☹️

  • Sayeda Akter
    Sayeda Akter

    Again Brainless management!!!🤣🤣

  • Samrat rathore
    Samrat rathore

    shoaib bhai im from india and im your big fan sir

    • Shoaib Akhtar
      Shoaib Akhtar

      Love you bro. Samrat rathore !


    This is really sad for Pakistan.

  • Sachin Mathure
    Sachin Mathure

    You should be in india Either in Bollywood or in any cricket Seriously

  • Salman k
    Salman k

    Right bhai

  • suraj dahal
    suraj dahal

    Shoaib is always talks perfect

  • Bhavanisingh Rathod
    Bhavanisingh Rathod

    Bc aukad hai tumahri vo 😂😂😂😂

  • Biju Dutta
    Biju Dutta

    Public to Dale Styen : itna sannata kyu h bhai 😎

  • jeetu bhardwaj
    jeetu bhardwaj

    Right brob

  • Rajesh Panwar
    Rajesh Panwar

    Akhatr bhai love you I m indain

    • Rajesh Panwar
      Rajesh Panwar

      Thakas sir ji Your reply me 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Shoaib Akhtar
      Shoaib Akhtar

      Love you too bro. Rajesh Panwar !

  • V PU
    V PU

    Sad for present Pak players..pls take suggestions frm such legends..evry1, loves gud cricket 🙏 frm india

  • Nitin Belwal
    Nitin Belwal

    The time was different players were different..when we saw Sachin(master blaster)Vs Shoaib(rawal pindi express)..wo mja ab cricket me kaha..@love from india Shoaib bhai..

    • Shoaib Akhtar
      Shoaib Akhtar

      Love you too bro. Nitin Belwal !

  • Yogi Rides
    Yogi Rides

    Pakistan's should stop comparing psl with IPL

  • Yogi Rides
    Yogi Rides

    Burnol moment

  • Itz Me
    Itz Me

    Akhtar bhaiii lv u relli,,,,Ohh God it's relli wants to see uh on pitch running wid ur long hairs for bowling,,,,,lov from India

  • Daisy Roberts
    Daisy Roberts

    Good Energy 💙

  • JaveD Ch
    JaveD Ch

    Don't worry

  • Sarthak Jena
    Sarthak Jena

    Oh Bhai maaro mujhe maaro

  • Kaustubh S
    Kaustubh S

    Itne ads ek video me tere daale the kya kabhi chutya

  • Sachin Sudhakar
    Sachin Sudhakar

    Absolutely right👍

  • GoPro with GV
    GoPro with GV

    Shoaib bhai, aapki 90% videos mai pakistan ki besti hi hoti hai😂 Covid ko covid ki tarah t lo PSL valo

  • Monika Sharma
    Monika Sharma

    Pcb required change and cricketers be included in it Displine is lacking

  • Brijesh Mulchandani
    Brijesh Mulchandani

    Pigs will be pigs

  • Muhammad Sameed
    Muhammad Sameed


  • Pranav Shashikumar
    Pranav Shashikumar

    Those dislikes are from the 2k fake accounts of PCB.


    Jai shree ram

  • Vickie Sharma
    Vickie Sharma

    My favorite ❤️ and one of the best bowler in the world.

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    Rootey roooohooooo

  • Shrikant Singam
    Shrikant Singam

    Still they call PSL is bigger than IPL...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • suyog salunke
    suyog salunke

    Who Remembers DALE STEYN 😆😆😆

  • pam4840

    Get professional to run the biz.

  • Roshan Chaudhari
    Roshan Chaudhari

    Big fan sohail bhai..... U r gineous.... Love from India ♥♥♥

  • imran Khan
    imran Khan

    Love from india ❤️

  • Live Wire
    Live Wire

    Dale Steyn must be Upset

  • Sunil Bhatia
    Sunil Bhatia

    Hi Shoaib Akhtar, we all love watching your videos and analysis on cricket. Can you raise one query by me in your videos to the media or ICC? There is ongoing Legends series going on in India where all the legends of cricket are playing against each other, and i understand ind-pak are not playing cricket due to cross border issues, but wasnt it ICC responsibility to invite Pak legends to play cricket too. We would have loved to see Ramiz, waqar, azhar mahmood, you, etc. playing. Not sure you read each and every comment, but if possible, reply to me. Thanks.

  • 1muralisharma

    By the by why are you taking Wasim Khan, side, and also you are mentioning that I haven't spoken to him for months and months, so how do you know his team is not supporting him? Wasim Khan is capable, all others are not?, hmmmm

  • Neeraj Bhardwaj
    Neeraj Bhardwaj

    Pakistan need to be more practicle and profesional

  • Pankaj Deopurkar
    Pankaj Deopurkar

    Shoeb bhai...ur true human being ,ur global man not only pakistani...# Respect.

  • Rajat Bhadoria
    Rajat Bhadoria

    Hotel book or Charted plane book karne mein paise lagte ha...ab vo hone bi toh chaiye Akhtar sahb..Paise kaha se laoge

  • Pavan Kumar
    Pavan Kumar

    Good lolipop

  • Varun Jain
    Varun Jain

    You are absolutely right paaji👌

  • vinod banavali
    vinod banavali

    शोएब भाई आप की क्रिकेट के बारे जो आत्मीयता है वो देखकर आपको मेरी तरफ से एकदम कडक सलाम मै मुंबई से हू, आप के जैसा एक सच्चा क्रिकेटर का गम हमे बहोत तक्लीफ दे रहा है

  • Dark professor
    Dark professor

    Why do you guys make excuses after every event?

  • abhi gt
    abhi gt

    Shoaib Bhai...You are such a brave man...always liked your honesty....We all love you in India

  • Shivank Singh
    Shivank Singh

    Shoaib akhtar sir respect and love from india missin ur pace sir...😍🙏🙏

  • Prathamesh Gawand
    Prathamesh Gawand

    2 min silence for DALE STEYN🤐

  • Deepak Yadav
    Deepak Yadav

    Wasim Khan is only responsible for this blunder

  • ketan.p Kapale
    ketan.p Kapale

    This guy has the balls to say the truth in front!! It matters!! Love from India! Honesty matters so as Shoaib!

  • rahul sharma
    rahul sharma

    IPL IPL hota h PSL PSL hota hai

  • Er Mayu Gor
    Er Mayu Gor

    10.25 kyu nahi lata padhlikha medical penal 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Er Mayu Gor
    Er Mayu Gor

    He say "Padhalikha doctor or medical team "

  • brij kishore
    brij kishore

    Saare..bhikaari..pakistan..mein..hi.. hain..😂

  • Labu Sharma
    Labu Sharma

    Love you paji you are a master😍love from india🥰

  • Agyat Sankalp
    Agyat Sankalp

    L lag gay...

  • Rajat

    Ram ram Shoaib Bhai 🙏

  • Vivek Thakur
    Vivek Thakur

    Right sir, Love from india sir (Himachal Pradesh)

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes

    #चूना लगा दिया #मेडिकल टीम ने 😎😎😎😆😆😆

  • Mohsin Raza
    Mohsin Raza

    Bhai isme English ka kya kasoor h kyu baja rhe ho English ki itni

  • Maaz Learning Center
    Maaz Learning Center

    Shoaib bhai why you not stand with M.Amir. Shame on PCB and Committee

  • Vicky Gote
    Vicky Gote

    U speak always logically and analytically I was big fan of u when u were in practice and today I'm ur big big big big big and thousand time big fan ......Love u akhatr sir .....Why u r not in India 😞

  • Kaleempandith Pandith
    Kaleempandith Pandith

    rply zaroor dyna sir

  • Kaleempandith Pandith
    Kaleempandith Pandith

    pak tea m world road safty searies mai ku nhi khal rahi hi leagends

  • surajeet singh
    surajeet singh

    We can feel his frustration...Down from his heart.. 😑😑

  • نهى حمدان
    نهى حمدان

    you are right sire

  • Abhay Kukreja
    Abhay Kukreja

    Paisa nhi hai aur kuch nhi

  • Madhusudan Sharma
    Madhusudan Sharma


  • Madhusudan Sharma
    Madhusudan Sharma

    Jai Hind.👍👍👍