India vs Oman - Full Match Highlights - 25/03/2021 - Friendly
Help Us Train Young Talent in Football
Our women have a better chance to qualify for the FIFA World Cup than the Men’s team and a small contribution from you can help create a big difference in the mindsets of people and in return encourage women and empower them through the beautiful game of football.

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    Help Us Train Young Talent in Football Our women have a better chance to qualify for the FIFA World Cup than the Men’s team and a small contribution from you can help create a big difference in the mindsets of people and in return encourage women and empower them through the beautiful game of football. Read more - To pay via Paytm (for Android users only) -

  • Rosli Af
    Rosli Af

    india with big population one day will be a world cup champion...with china

  • Hazrate Adam
    Hazrate Adam


  • BIJAN LAL Chowdhury
    BIJAN LAL Chowdhury

    India's two forward should play closely in centre forward position. Two wing half can be tried with Asif Qurien and Akash Mishra who are quick in running and will assist the forward from wing. Coach Stimach may try changing position of players. Amrinder is my first choice in the goal. We may hope better result in WC preliminary return matches in May '21. I am saying it after viewing 0-6 defeat at the hand of UAE. Team must be stronger when Rahul Veke and Bose join the defence. Narjari and Changte are very positive in the midfield. There is no harm in laying down suggestions, I guess. I feel pain when India is defeated badly. Best wishes to Stimach and the team.

  • K_September solo
    K_September solo

    Deserving not letting Apuia play first 11 smh

  • Disco Hansdah
    Disco Hansdah

    Bhai indians player dhang se khel nhi pate phir v in players ko q chunte h

  • Himanshu sunny Saini
    Himanshu sunny Saini

    Full support Indian football 🙏👍🥀💪👌👏💐🌹🌷😀✡️🇮🇳🕉️✌️🙏

  • Raj Shekhar
    Raj Shekhar

    We will play against team like argentina, France and many strong teams. These teams also start from scratch and now see where are they. Our time will come and dream to play in FIFA and many FIFA events.


    India is worst team of world...

  • Gautam Pegu
    Gautam Pegu

    Must give Rowlin Borges a rest ...🙂🙂🙂

  • jaydip barad
    jaydip barad

    Well done boys keep it y

  • Shwetha Shetty
    Shwetha Shetty

    Igor stimach must understand that international friendlies against top teams is not for experimentation.

  • Yash Pandey
    Yash Pandey

    Sandar goal kepper ha yar ya

  • lucky yeps zeme
    lucky yeps zeme

    India nice goal 👍

  • Biswajit Bhattacharya
    Biswajit Bhattacharya

    We are proud of you boys

  • NisCHITH R
    NisCHITH R

    1:04 really bro

  • Anuj C
    Anuj C

    Well played india 👍👍

  • harshit singh
    harshit singh

    Guess we Indian love you very much we want from you only play agreesive soccer.....

  • Silvester Joly
    Silvester Joly

    Beautiful goal 🙌🔥

  • Sourav Bose
    Sourav Bose

    I'm very much thankful that u have uploaded Indian National Football team match in ur channel... plz continue uploading upcoming matches too

  • Nikhil Jayakumar
    Nikhil Jayakumar

    #37 trending in Kerala

  • Aman Nanra
    Aman Nanra

    Even if India shifts 30% of support from cricket ....teams like this won't even stand a chance against them

  • Edwin Picardo
    Edwin Picardo

    Keep up the good work my Indian team. Well played

  • Satwik Sahoo
    Satwik Sahoo

    We actually won if not for that own goal becoz Oman did not score anything

  • Satwik Sahoo
    Satwik Sahoo

    Nice... Little bit more skill and effort and we can increase our rank

  • Hazza Ashfaque
    Hazza Ashfaque

    India played very bad no attack only two player went for attacking

  • Haziq Hizamri
    Haziq Hizamri

    Good job India! I wish India could’ve won this game if it wasn’t for that own goal. Love from Malaysia

  • Sahil Sase
    Sahil Sase

    This India team is promising just need to Focus more on physical training and proper diet and all and also habit of playing on bigger grounds


    India paling berkembang sepak bola nya

  • su Vee
    su Vee

    Team india yadi friendly aisa khelagi toh kareeb 25 saal baad badi bhi na khel payein world cup Indian super league hi jab sala kachra hai adhe se zayada toh foreign players kheltein hain aur woh hi goal marrtein hain,rip indian football team. Chetri bhi kuch na hai pta nahin kya samajhtein hain usse.

    • lelouch vi brittainia
      lelouch vi brittainia

      Bhai tu cricket he dekh

  • harshit singh
    harshit singh

    Kya sharm ki bat h kahate h fan nahi h . Aur dekho arabi me match sunna pda 25 ko . Ye saale sab Paisa manager aur aala position vale khate h khiladi aur khel ke uppar kuch nahi kharcha karte h saale aiff vale. Inki maa ka ch*****t.

  • Navedkhan Malek
    Navedkhan Malek

    Commentary is like rap

  • Debopriyo Basu
    Debopriyo Basu

    Manvir is amazing!

  • Sathaogin Haokip
    Sathaogin Haokip

    Not sorce ring😂😂😂🤭🤭

  • Joynul Hussain
    Joynul Hussain

    Well payed India....

  • Mewanbiang Benjamin Khongthaw
    Mewanbiang Benjamin Khongthaw

    Amrinder Singh.....😍😍😍😍

  • Multiyapples

    Great game by both teams.

  • Best Critic
    Best Critic

    Does India still have chance of qualifying for world cup??

  • Anindya S Patra
    Anindya S Patra



    Euro sports ⚡⚡

  • pritam ghosh
    pritam ghosh

    Looks like e promising side, just need to keep the ball more , and creat more chances ♾

  • William Johnson
    William Johnson

    Lets gooo india , we have to qualify this world cup

  • Somenath Chatterjee
    Somenath Chatterjee

    Sings are king.Joy India.

  • Ashis Bisoi
    Ashis Bisoi

    Well played India


  • Reedemer Xoxo
    Reedemer Xoxo

    That goal from India was lit🔥🔥🔥 Nice passing and dangerous counter attack which simple proves that these young bloods have the potential and are very dangerous if given a chance or make a mistake.. Imagine if this youngsters gain confidence which is gonna happen very soon.. India now have potentials,talents and can be a tough team too and competes against the World Class very soon Jai Hind #letsgoINDIABleedBLUE 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 L

  • Abin CS
    Abin CS

    India ❤️

  • Chailing P
    Chailing P


  • flying afrinak
    flying afrinak

    Well done indian team

  • Rupam Sen
    Rupam Sen

    Chinglesana singh what a player nxt lvl.

  • maisa hansdah
    maisa hansdah

    I saw sana Singh when he was cadet of TFA ....he played very well during graduate

  • Bade Chaitanya
    Bade Chaitanya

    I don't like football but I support this team

  • Mobi Tips
    Mobi Tips

    Considering all the debutantes and a long gap from international fixtures India did really well. All the best vs UAE . Hopefully we'll win 🏆

  • Ricardo D Souza
    Ricardo D Souza

    India deserved to win this match. Watch at 0.38 the ball was over the sideline. Bad or biased linesman

  • Sudharshan v e
    Sudharshan v e

    Why didnt Gurpreet Sandhu start??

    • carryminati 25million Debbarma
      carryminati 25million Debbarma

      Sandhu flop in bangldeshi,oman match in qualifier

  • anush vernekar
    anush vernekar

    Does anyone know why eurosport didn't telecast??

  • no pain no gain
    no pain no gain

    World pen i have seen in a awhile 😂😂😂😂

  • Z a i n シ
    Z a i n シ

    India's goal was amazzzing❤️❤️😘


    Bipin is good amf

  • Solomon Silal
    Solomon Silal

    Well played men in blue keep working hard

  • Abby Bagchi
    Abby Bagchi

    Well played Lads proud of you..👏😎❤️🎊

  • Aditya Presentations
    Aditya Presentations

    Why are they calling us Hindi? 😂

    • CSE NEWS
      CSE NEWS

      Indians are called Hindi in Gulf countries

  • flamesparkx

    Remember when we used to lose 5-0 to Oman? This is a huge improvement. It won't be long before we qualify for the World Cup.

  • Sports hub
    Sports hub

    The best thing i found that now we have more players to substitute. In 2012 we dont have substitute in a good manner playing/ player now we have equal experience players as well as quality players also young lads. Keep going we are going to be a good break in asian continent ✌️🔥

  • fayiz t
    fayiz t

    Well Indian players got full of confidence from ISL, how to play against foreign players... ❤️


    Kerala uyir baki sab thir

  • S Karthik
    S Karthik

    Idk if Bipin Singh got enlightenment or what Peaking at the right time.

  • ElectricMahatama

    What sort of cricket format is this?

  • Akshai C
    Akshai C

    Gk amrinder, ashtosh, jingan, pritam, akash, jeakson, rowlin, ashiq, bipin, apuia, manveer singh, 4-2-3-1

    • carryminati 25million Debbarma
      carryminati 25million Debbarma

      Sana in place of pritam changte for rowlin

    • carryminati 25million Debbarma
      carryminati 25million Debbarma

      Where is sana

    • carryminati 25million Debbarma
      carryminati 25million Debbarma

      Jeakson waste ,, changte or thapa

  • Akshai C
    Akshai C

    India💙 🔥

  • saliha azah
    saliha azah

    malayikal undo like athi 👇🏻



  • Muhammed Shameem pk
    Muhammed Shameem pk

    India ❤️❤️

  • Deepak Biswal
    Deepak Biswal

    This is what ISL makes 👍

  • Tanmoy Ghosh
    Tanmoy Ghosh

    Thank you for showing glimpses of the match!!

  • Abhirav Biju
    Abhirav Biju

    മലയാളികൾ ഒണ്ടോ 🧐

  • Mishal Mechery
    Mishal Mechery

    Malyali like adi


    Bad video not original video played video

  • Naveen Krishna P
    Naveen Krishna P

    We are getting better 🇮🇳

  • Haseena Haseena
    Haseena Haseena

    Hai malluzz

  • 79 C-Abhishek tattu
    79 C-Abhishek tattu

    Penalty was so lose😂😂😂

  • Aaryan Gupta
    Aaryan Gupta

    Indian players are making some real progress👍🏻👍🏻

  • Lion Walker
    Lion Walker

    Bettter refereee🤪

  • Roshan Roy
    Roshan Roy

    Techtro !


    Where is Sahal

  • carryminati 25million Debbarma
    carryminati 25million Debbarma

    India should play next fifa friendly to china,Vietnam,Jordan, Saudi arabia

  • Sou Rav
    Sou Rav

    Anyone knows Indian goalkeeper name ?


      Amrinder Singh

  • Sou Rav
    Sou Rav

    I'm here to just support our Indian team❣️🙏 🇮🇳 Jai hind


    BC ye BORGUES penalty bahaut deta h.. ye team mein kyu h bhai.. jhingan jaise aur bhi toh h .

  • Kariveppila Official
    Kariveppila Official

    Thanks To ISL ❤️

  • A10FC

    need to take control in mid...have possession

  • Rizwan Mailk
    Rizwan Mailk

    Best of luck🤞

  • a b
    a b

    Mohun bagan's defense and attack!

  • Ankan_ Mondal
    Ankan_ Mondal

    Who is that masked player ?!?

    • Abhinand

      Ashiqe kurunian

  • Gameit XOXO
    Gameit XOXO

    I can see some improvements in Indian football

  • SanZv Chettri
    SanZv Chettri

    So much ISL have given this player like IPL does hope India comes in top 50 soon🙏

  • 2020 RV
    2020 RV

    India’s goal was superb...

  • Ibrahim ansari Chembakuth
    Ibrahim ansari Chembakuth

    Malayalin undo pever

  • Vandana Parihar
    Vandana Parihar

    India best of all time

  • Nitin Joshi
    Nitin Joshi

    Why can't football match telecasted live in there?

    • Prince Nat
      Prince Nat

      Bro , India Vs UAE match will be telecasted on Eurosport on 29 March at 9:30 PM . The channel is also available on Jiotv app . On television, it is on no. 496 on Tata sky .