Inside Justin Bieber's Tour Bus | GQ
When you spend as much time on the road as Justin Bieber does, having a place that feels like home to go to after every performance is a welcome refuge. Join us as he shows us around his tour bus that features a steam shower and infrared sauna.
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Inside Justin Bieber's Tour Bus | GQ

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    • siddhesh deokar
      siddhesh deokar


    • arghi zulfiansyah
      arghi zulfiansyah


    • Nala Cub
      Nala Cub

      Yeah Nah ditch the gamblin’ ads. Poor form!

    • TuSHar RaWAt
      TuSHar RaWAt

      Outro music ?

  • Makyle Junior
    Makyle Junior

    6:01. Not being used to seeing a pull out couch.

  • Liza Ansil
    Liza Ansil

    why so handsome men?

  • jak gatcomb
    jak gatcomb

    if he don't drive the bus.. Where does the bus driver sleep?

  • Hannah Floyd
    Hannah Floyd

    Tell me you’re rich, without telling me you’re rich. *Shows sauna on a tour bus*

  • Emir Belieber
    Emir Belieber

    He's the best.

  • Maveryck Dota
    Maveryck Dota

    better then my house wtf, this basicly moving apartment

  • sad

    Imagine the video being 8:08 long

  • That Fletcher Guy
    That Fletcher Guy

    “Watching the leafs smash the senators” score is 5-4 lol

  • 5th Floor
    5th Floor

    "We do a 1 1/2 hour show a night, which is like a professional athlete" Boy you not just claimed that smh

  • Brandon Stark
    Brandon Stark

    Swear I heard a minecraft chest open at 4:32

  • Rafa Almeida
    Rafa Almeida

    it is literally bigger than the apartment i live in with my dad

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy

    You throw a Hundred million Dollars at a kid, and then a million worshipping Fans its a recipe for disaster, who wouldn't act a fool. But time has passed and the head levels out he's chilled just nicely, and fortunately survived where many in that position don't.

  • Jas Bataille
    Jas Bataille

    Props to whoever cleaned the bus before GQ's crew arrived

  • Robert Horry
    Robert Horry

    My boy has molded ceilings in his bus

  • Robert Horry
    Robert Horry

    That bus costs 400k

  • Dr. Doctor
    Dr. Doctor


  • S H
    S H

    Bruce Springsteen do 4 hours...

  • Elizabeth Maldonado
    Elizabeth Maldonado

    I love u Justin, you are my best inspiration

  • V N
    V N

    This bus is bigger and nicer than my condo. Rip.

  • Sohaib Alam
    Sohaib Alam

    He has a better bus than my full house

  • KALAMBA Music
    KALAMBA Music

    I'll get one. On God 🙏🚀🚀🚀

  • Diniana F
    Diniana F

    For a public figure Id think a public speaking coaching sessions would do the man justice. Much love 💕

  • FeLix

    Why buy a house when u can buy a bus😭😭

  • D J
    D J

    its hideous

  • Doggo Daily
    Doggo Daily

    so a house on wheels

  • Richo1068

    The name of The beat in The end?

  • PIggy_ Zyaire
    PIggy_ Zyaire

    Actually, I just w to know how much it is, that was crazy car !!!!!!

  • Pranamya Chatra
    Pranamya Chatra

    Visiting his tour bus itself is a big tour for me!

  • zoe sherwin
    zoe sherwin

    I would rather email jake Paul to see if he can battle

  • Beck Echikson
    Beck Echikson

    omg he has two bathrooms 6:14 is another quick glims of one

  • AndYellow

    this bus is better than my house.

  • Kieyana Sandoval
    Kieyana Sandoval

    Its a house on wheels

  • Reds. txt
    Reds. txt

    This is way better than my actual house hahahahahahahaha

  • Charlotte Maria
    Charlotte Maria

    I hate u😤💢🖕💢🔪🔪🐀🐥💩🐥🐀💩🐥💩🐀🐥💩

  • Christian Rosselli
    Christian Rosselli

    Cool bus but I'm more interested in the music in this video. Who is it?

  • Jesse

    Literally the size of my house

  • Mako Yuhara
    Mako Yuhara

    didn't like justin bieber growing up but mad respect and appreciation for him now. He's been through a lot. the patriarchy sucks

  • Olivia Eras
    Olivia Eras

    is this man just not gonna address the blatantly racist videos that have been leaked? smh

  • Jsool 7
    Jsool 7

    Why would you ever need a house when you have this lol

  • [revive project]
    [revive project]

    could as well be Trumps bus. hahah why do so many rich people have no taste?

  • graciousgirl_JEN A
    graciousgirl_JEN A

    Just wow!!! 😍 What a beautiful bus..

  • DumplingBoi

    Ok so his bus is bigger than my house

  • finisher gamingYT
    finisher gamingYT

    Plzz Justin house tour

  • Denilson Musekiwa
    Denilson Musekiwa

  • Cynthia Louise
    Cynthia Louise

    Bieb's Please consider using electric candles on the road, in case the bus has to swerve in traffic or something, just for safety sake.

  • Glo Briel
    Glo Briel

    Next song “on the bus”, written on the bus

  • Hannah

    He seems so healthy now! Like in a really good, secure place

  • alejandro muhlach
    alejandro muhlach

    imagine saying ewwww the outside is so ugly suddenly justin bieber comes out

  • gigi

    it looks better than my apartmenteefvneknwfeas

  • Joseph Exner
    Joseph Exner

    how much did the bus cost?

  • crazy4corbinbleux

    MEMPHIS IS My fav song are you kidding me

  • Dave Hughes
    Dave Hughes

    I have the same power cube next to my bed. They really are just like us!

  • Nitesh Kumar
    Nitesh Kumar

    Is this bus. I can spend my rest of my life here if there is WiFi and some food supplies.

  • Clemente Gerardo Valenzuela Casillas
    Clemente Gerardo Valenzuela Casillas

    El comentario en español que esperabas Xd

  • Marcu53

    Justin Bieber is such a nice person

  • Omoy Pujara
    Omoy Pujara

    He is rich 🙂

  • Kuda Chinyani
    Kuda Chinyani

    MEMPHIS IS MY JAAAAAAAM ! “Love you ! Need you ! Need you here stay !” ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • fanai zpa
    fanai zpa

    This is the house that can travel

  • Abdulaziz Daud
    Abdulaziz Daud

    Wait he has a _sauna_ ??

  • Abdulaziz Daud
    Abdulaziz Daud

    The fact that as soon as I saw this I thought _wow this is more luxurious than any place I will even ever step in_

  • Nirashree Dev Nath
    Nirashree Dev Nath

    Ahh I am slowly becoming a belieber

  • CosmicLove

    yeah, a sauna, the thing I need the most in a bus

  • Christina Woodard
    Christina Woodard


  • Omar

    This guys bus is better my house

  • 박이이

    우리집보다 좋네 ..

  • Farris Morgan
    Farris Morgan

    Can someone tell me what is the title of the second background music??

  • jtube411

    One of the nicest tour bus I've seen

  • cj wins
    cj wins

    I want to vacation in this bus!! 😲😍

  • n n
    n n

    Jb, is absolutely right about the sauna. I would be so stoked to have one, let alone a sauna on an elite luxury bus.

  • Susie Andrade
    Susie Andrade

    hi justin im a big fan im faiths brother its my moms name

  • Gareth James
    Gareth James

    Have you got your own jet yet n first class ticket to Mars lol

  • Gareth James
    Gareth James

    Your life is so cool

  • Gareth James
    Gareth James

    Totally awesome

  • Dudika Andra
    Dudika Andra

    Who's here for more pizzagate info ? SLow motion on 0:41 you'll see on justin's screen IMBALANCE INDECISION INTEGRITY INTENTION IMAGINATION

  • Daniela Sthory
    Daniela Sthory

    I can definitely live in a bus then

  • Beatriz

    thats bigger than my house

  • Ally Bailey
    Ally Bailey

    Yes Toronto Maple Leafs 💙🇨🇦🍁💙

  • Zeven Zavakos
    Zeven Zavakos

    Imagine being so rich and so painfully bad at speaking

  • iScreamCandy TV
    iScreamCandy TV

    I just got the same bus. Just no stream room! Now I gotta get that added LOL 😂

  • Jony Yadav
    Jony Yadav

    Just realize how poor I'm

  • NomadGrimm

    Here’s where i take my little unicorn doodie’s.

  • ZI

    Can you hire me as your personal loyal trustworthy driver?

  • G Dejesus
    G Dejesus

    Need to get the will smith you got more money

  • earthbeyond stars
    earthbeyond stars

    Dudes fake as his tattoos are just as fake. Because why would you go out or we get black and white tattoos that most people get when they are in prison because they have no colored ink. I don’t think people understand how much of a poser this kid is. He’s never going to find himself. He’s so locked in to stardom. GQ did this big huge interview on him making him look like he’s just one of these tired child professional to Looked past that but he’s giving you a tour of his bus how amazing amazing. I know there’s memories It’s like this, can’t trust Hollywood and I’m certainly not gonna trust anybody that looks just like Jim Carrey bro. All these Canadian people like Jim Carrey and Justin Bieber all look the same. Put the pictures together you’ll see it’s just a Canadian look I see a bunch of people looking like that in Michigan near the border as well. Lame

    • earthbeyond stars
      earthbeyond stars

      I watch this early because it popped up on my News and I always wondered what the big deal was about this guy. Because I always thought he was a joke Spond off by some Cleveland guy trying to make all these little white kids popular with Hollywood it was successful he did it. But even the guy who did this is washed up. We got to stop letting people like this get in Hollywood and running our pop-culture. I’m so sick of generations have an a put upWith dominating people who are always the face of a generation. What I’m saying is I think everybody should have a shot instead of one person being on top and then later on not appreciating it

  • Khalil Thompson
    Khalil Thompson

    i came just to say this man is a living legend🥇

  • JiveAt5

    Wait...Huh?? this kid still exists🤣🤣 Does he still sings or..

    • Maria Alves
      Maria Alves

      what? he just release an album and a song that went to number #1 on the world. you should listen to peaches, it’s his new single

  • Charles Singleton Jr
    Charles Singleton Jr


  • StellaBlu e
    StellaBlu e

    Provost RVs are some of the nicest on the market.

  • Everything Videos
    Everything Videos

    Come on Justin even I know the Drake song. It’s Find Your Love

  • Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz

    The bus is cool and all but does anyone know where the toilet leads to?

  • Nicole Gaming
    Nicole Gaming


  • Mohamed Amine Atim
    Mohamed Amine Atim

    bus ??

  • dpscribe

    Is this actually his Tour Bus or is it just like MTV Cribs where they lease the bus to show off?

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson

    GQ; yo Bieber we wan a tour of ya bus bro Justin; dam bro let me make sum time n get my GQ shirt ready 4 dis

  • Cora

    What the fork

  • Alex Grant
    Alex Grant

    They forgot the seatbelts

  • Jero F
    Jero F

    Better than my house

  • Reinamplify

    Do you rent them monthly 😂😂

  • NilsTube HD
    NilsTube HD

    This man’s bus is better than my house!