Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban
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Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn't make sense, but he's never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through INfun binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window -- and encourages us to think harder about what we're really procrastinating on, before we run out of time.
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  • E_22_Mondira Maji
    E_22_Mondira Maji

    I'm procrastinating right now. I said I was gonna go to the washroom, watch an episode of a show and then continue with my assignments... It's 3 am at night and I've started nothing. And although I've already done most of my assignment work (although by pressurising myself a LOT), it's still incomplete and it's the deadline week. 😐

  • Vu Nhu
    Vu Nhu

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  • xHorizon Moonx
    xHorizon Moonx

    I didn’t expect to be attacked today

  • Han Yat
    Han Yat

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  • Noi Huy
    Noi Huy

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  • Trang Cung
    Trang Cung

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  • Reecemanw

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  • Moi Chu
    Moi Chu

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  • Nang Moi
    Nang Moi


  • Ma Hang
    Ma Hang

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  • I am milan
    I am milan

    I procrastinated on watching this video until the end (no kidding)

  • californication751

    Totally watching this video while in the process of procrastinating (having somehow made it over here from the food portion of the site, lol), but couldn't help but focus on the earlier part upon finishing. Procrastinating on things that are work-related is that, yes, as stated, more often than not, our required work objectives, assignments, deadlines, and the like, don't overlap with the (not necessarily instant) gratification part of our brain. And while I see the purpose of concluding by touching on long-term procrastination, on a work and deadline-related perspective, it's nice to also consider that things might be different if they did overlap more. As in, if there were more opportunities available to do work we like as opposed to work we have to or settle for.

  • Hue Tran
    Hue Tran


  • Dale Kim
    Dale Kim

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  • ᴘʜᴀɴᴛʜᴏᴍ 69
    ᴘʜᴀɴᴛʜᴏᴍ 69

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  • Jeremy Ng
    Jeremy Ng

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  • Erik Shadesmar
    Erik Shadesmar

    There is a way out: "just" convince the monkey that the part of your work IS part of your leisure time. Cuz the monkey is dumb as it is sneaky. Can only be done if your work is a bit fun for u at least. If this doesnt work, u need to convince yourself that every day or every week has a deadline and then kick the panic monster in gear, every day or every week. Both solutions work for some time at least. Btw: if hes a master procrastinator, i have a doctor degree in that. Procrastination is part of my life so much, that i dont have guilt anymore being on the dark playground. Im so much a Procrastinator that i studied 10 years now with only a Bc to show for. I wash my dishes every month once, i clean my room only when moving out, i know that procrastination is part of my life and i accepted it. But still i get work done, and the above methods i pointed out let me have the cake and eat it, too.

  • Luon Tran duoc
    Luon Tran duoc

    Yang pilih allah like.

  • Thi Tu
    Thi Tu

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  • Mu Ma
    Mu Ma

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  • Moi Mo
    Moi Mo

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  • Lam Trien
    Lam Trien

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    Ashish Shaji

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    YVONNE Gordon

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  • Andrew Marsman
    Andrew Marsman

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  • Ark217

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    Toby George

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    Tripp Lydia

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    Jan Fau

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    Nhe Sai

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    Tua Vong

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  • Sinh Thuy
    Sinh Thuy

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  • Raghav Kohli
    Raghav Kohli

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  • John Petrey
    John Petrey

    "this entire situation is the procrastinator's system... Nurses, bankers, lots and lots of PhD students"... Me as a procrastinator and a PhD student

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    Iva Vasquez

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    Han Thu

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  • Ngo Tuan
    Ngo Tuan

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  • Le Wi
    Le Wi

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    Lam Cay

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    Xa Sa

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    Lo Soi

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    Mauricio H

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    Nhu Tra

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  • Abbas Flower
    Abbas Flower

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  • Ana _Jms
    Ana _Jms

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  • Gerald Masiu
    Gerald Masiu

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  • Toi Em
    Toi Em

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  • Huy Cho
    Huy Cho

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  • Tu Tuan
    Tu Tuan

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  • Marielle Garcia
    Marielle Garcia

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  • Pon Zio
    Pon Zio

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    Ginja Ninja

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    Fawaz Imad

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    Lame potato

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  • Равиль Биксалиев
    Равиль Биксалиев

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    Ma Hang

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    Def Def

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    Vominh Doanh

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    TinJi Pan

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    An Quy

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    Yen Thanh

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    Doctor captain닥터캡틴


  • Ace Of Spades
    Ace Of Spades

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  • Drew Linton
    Drew Linton

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  • StarKlar

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    Huy Phu

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