IPL 2020 KKR Captain Dinesh Karthik | Baradwaj Rangan
In an #IPL2020 special interview, Kolkata Knight Riders captain #DineshKarthik talks to Baradwaj Rangan about Shah Rukh Khan, Rajkumar Hirani, his love for Gautham Menon's films, R Ashwin's cinema knowledge, Raja and Rahman, who should direct his biopic and (gasp!) his favourite film!!!
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  • TaGoRa creations
    TaGoRa creations

    DK anna 😍😍😎

  • raghava K
    raghava K

    there's a book - "CUCKOLD" in the interviewer's background :o what's up????

    • Hari Krishna
      Hari Krishna



    Eedu Telugu vaadu

  • sai sandeep
    sai sandeep

    He didn't watch Jersey 😔


    His voice is soo similar to Tollywood hero Kalyan Ram ..

  • Akhilesh Reddy
    Akhilesh Reddy


  • Levy Satchmo
    Levy Satchmo


  • vamsi krishna
    vamsi krishna

    Watch Nuvvu naaku nacchaav Happy days. Very good movies.

  • P R
    P R

    Mirzapur bablu bhayyaa

  • jason gideon
    jason gideon

    Is he telugu guy settled in Chennai?

    • r V
      r V

      @Nova nova who denied that he's a Tamil guy dude..... he is but I stated about his mother's background only Why much fomo 😂

    • Nova nova
      Nova nova

      No he is completely a Tamil guy

    • r V
      r V

      @Manoj Vonteddu No...... he picked it up at his home as his mother is from Bapatla, andhra

    • Manoj Vonteddu
      Manoj Vonteddu

      Probably not. But growing up in Chennai he must have picked up a bit of Telugu

  • Midhilesh Momidi
    Midhilesh Momidi

    Vikrant Massey will fit in DK's role perfectly both look almost same

  • Vinil Ranga
    Vinil Ranga

    3 min monologue - NewsRoom

  • Ibrahim Ali
    Ibrahim Ali

    Ka kaa Karthikk.

  • Music Fan
    Music Fan

    ARR an incomparable musician in music history...


    He is the most underrated Player. Best Finisher in the world...

    • Arvind Ramprasad
      Arvind Ramprasad

      Yes his Performance Was Amazing in Asia Cup Final.

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady

    My fav cricketer

  • Amal Roy
    Amal Roy

    I like DK because he's so hardworking and he has seen lot's of ups and downs in life

  • pravin v
    pravin v

    Dude you are more like your last test wicket if you remember correctly ;)

  • Revathy K
    Revathy K

    Very candid & well-spoken!!!

  • Kanagala Balasubrahmanyam
    Kanagala Balasubrahmanyam

    Bommarillu a telugu film !!



  • vikram singh saini
    vikram singh saini

    Kartik is such a great orator ... You dont realize and u r hooked on to the video that u never wanted to watch!!!


      Ya.. 💯 percent true...

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Baddy being a bit sexist? Why cant a man relate with a female character?

  • Aniket Gosavi
    Aniket Gosavi

    I have Bommarillu Movie in My Hard Disk for 12 years. 3 Pcs i have changed but i kept this legend movie.

  • Ram Baba
    Ram Baba

    Bomarillu genelia. Why not bedalam shruthi hassan

  • Junaid Anshad
    Junaid Anshad

    First person to miss out Varanam Aayiram while mentioning Gautam Menon.

  • Pixel Play
    Pixel Play

    Bommarillu is far better than that arjun reddy



  • prashanth tr
    prashanth tr

    Did BR intentionally keep a book named "Cuckold" in the background 😳😜?

  • rainbow xerox
    rainbow xerox

    I observed many "you know" from DK 😅

    • ramesh v
      ramesh v

      Less than Sundar Pichai 😉

  • Rahul Menon
    Rahul Menon

    Very nice to see a cricketer in a movie platform ❤️

  • Rahul Menon
    Rahul Menon

    DK...one of my favourite cricketers


      He is the best cricketer ever.....

  • Keerthi Ram
    Keerthi Ram

    I really wish dk was in the indian team rn. Such an amazing and talented guy 🔥❤️

  • Aaditya Sinha
    Aaditya Sinha

    I still think DK is very underrated batsman, ofcourse when we have someone like MSD, everyone else feels average but still DK is a very good wk-batsman!

  • Aiman Aiman
    Aiman Aiman

    Isko plzzz koi samjao ki kkr ki captaincy morgon ko dede plzzz app mat kro captaincy dinesh

  • shreeyansh rastogi
    shreeyansh rastogi

    I love Dinesh Kartik’s personality!! 😀


      He is the best... Love you DK ❤️❤️

  • shreeyansh rastogi
    shreeyansh rastogi

    He has a book on Cuckold! LOL 😛


    He should have asked more about telugu movies

  • Vivek Naathi
    Vivek Naathi

    6:19 and 10:08 for bomarillu reference

  • Babu Ssr
    Babu Ssr

    How could his first wife cheat such a wonderful man??? & How could his team mate murali vijay back stab 🔪🔪🔪 such a sweet soul,,, surely karma will hit really hard,,, these 2 suckers...

  • Sougat Adhikary
    Sougat Adhikary

    I taught only I think that vikrant is copy of dk...finally dk realized the same

  • Sougat Adhikary
    Sougat Adhikary

    Very true vikrant messey is carbon copy of you no doubt

  • madhu thatikonda
    madhu thatikonda

    Haha funny thumbnail 😂

  • Utube Premium
    Utube Premium


  • Kalyan Kumar
    Kalyan Kumar

    Don't rub Bollywood on us, it's a dustbin south movies are based on story

  • Akash Biswas
    Akash Biswas

    We love dinesh kartikh


      He is the best.....❤️

  • vignesh bala
    vignesh bala

    He speaks a lot 🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣🤣

  • sriram Manchem
    sriram Manchem

    DK is awesome


      He is amazing....❤️

  • tadepalli srinivas
    tadepalli srinivas

    Why is that, dk even featured in a film INfun channel.

    • Life Goes on
      Life Goes on

      Why not , he's a self confessed movie buff

  • Adithya Narain
    Adithya Narain

    Do an interview with Ashwin next.


    So he watches telugu movies! Baddy should have asked much about that!

    • Bharath Reddy
      Bharath Reddy

      He should have asked about Telugu Movies question, he might intentionally not asked for it.

  • Raj Veera
    Raj Veera

    Great DK. Am a great of fan of your personality. Have a great season ahead.


      DK is the best Captain, cricketer ever..... I love DK ❤️❤️

  • pokirimirchi

    Bring Warner please

  • Purushottam Pradhan
    Purushottam Pradhan

    09.15 minutes,,he talks about the show "the newsroom"

  • Shiva Kishore
    Shiva Kishore

    Bommarillu ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Siva Prasad
    Siva Prasad

    Newsroom monologue

  • Soumyadeep Naskar
    Soumyadeep Naskar


  • siva reddy
    siva reddy

    He's such a positive and happy soul..sad he had to go through all that in his life and thank GOD he is happy now :)

  • VIMM DigiTrendZ
    VIMM DigiTrendZ

    Yes it's wonderful movie good interview

  • Gopu kumar Ayyappan pillai
    Gopu kumar Ayyappan pillai

    2 தமிழர்கள் பேசுறத புரிஞ்சிக்கிறதுக்கு கூட ஆங்கிலம் வேணும் போல...

    • Nova nova
      Nova nova

      Aana adey film companion south la than Trivikram Srinivas muzhuka muzhuka Telugu pesuvaru...avanga lam avanga mother tongue than pesuvanga...Nama than Tamil ah mella melama kollirom....

    • Altair Cyrus
      Altair Cyrus

      Idhu Film companion South, film companion tamil ila

  • தமிழ் இன்பம்
    தமிழ் இன்பம்

    Proud be a tamilan

  • Shruti Prakhya
    Shruti Prakhya

    DK!!!!! Waiting for Ashwin!!!

  • AJ USA
    AJ USA

    Oh DK after seeing this I feel, I cud be ur twin sister, ur answers matches with all my faves and what I wud have said, if I was asked the same question. Well spoken, ur energy oh God unbelievable and I am always in love with all ur interviews, at this point I realized even if u read the telephone directory I’ll be in awe of u. May be I am one of ur crazy fans from US of A. Will be cheering for u and KKR even when u play CSK. ❤️

  • Sivateja Yerramsetty 17 _114
    Sivateja Yerramsetty 17 _114

    Haha hasini cult classic bommarillu

  • Srikanth Venkat Dasyam
    Srikanth Venkat Dasyam

    Super DK all out fabulous conversation

  • S Syam kumar
    S Syam kumar

    Next is Aswin

  • Vignesh S.B
    Vignesh S.B

    Most Unluckiest Person more than me in this world

  • Manojan Sivakumar
    Manojan Sivakumar

    8:45 News Room 🔥 Aaron Sorkin writing

    • Prasanna Ramachandran
      Prasanna Ramachandran

      Yeah. Not the same actor as Independence Day, like DK said. But both actors were phenomenal in their respective roles

  • GK

    CSK vs MI - 5 minute Tamil Sketch Comedy: infun.info/http/v-iy/rIB6lH6QlpyshtU.html

  • Wow Nice
    Wow Nice

    This guy and Virat Kohli surprises me big time! Such down to earth characters❤️


    Dk king ,pls play for super kings

  • NitishNK Exhibition
    NitishNK Exhibition

    Kkr will win.


      💯 percent...

  • Bala kumaran
    Bala kumaran

    Mr Rangan, as DK said u should definitely get ashwin on this show. It will be a worthy watch. 👍🏼

  • Rajaguru Prithiviraj
    Rajaguru Prithiviraj

    Was the book "Cuckold" intentionally kept?

    • the2point2

      the book is about the husband of Meerabai.

    • pushkar desaraju
      pushkar desaraju

      brooo... thats a dirty shot

  • Deepa Mogili
    Deepa Mogili

    DK is such a breath of fresh air with breaking stereotypes and saying he is closest in personality to Bommarilu's Genelia. Kudos to staying true to your nature DK and declaring it without lying and naming some macho character just to stick to convention.

  • Yashwanth Pasaladi
    Yashwanth Pasaladi


  • Muthu Krishnan
    Muthu Krishnan

    Eoin Morgan is the best captain for KKR he had won the world cup for England if he was a captain for KKR he will win the IPL cup for KKR

    • Harshini Sriram
      Harshini Sriram

      Just today DK stepped aside his captaincy and handed it over to Morgan!!

  • Rathnakar sankiti
    Rathnakar sankiti

    Bhardwaj sir this one is very intriguing, having a conversation with non-film person about films, music & film personalities. I've respect for DK always for what he is.

  • Muthu Gautham
    Muthu Gautham

    apo nama tamil players elarum namala mathiri movie paithiyama than irukang😂

  • Avinash Yadav
    Avinash Yadav


  • Pratishruti Panda
    Pratishruti Panda

    I love DK ! As a cricketer and also as a person. He has a character I would love to have as a best friend 😘

    • Rathin Maheswaran
      Rathin Maheswaran

      Me too


      Ya.. 💯 percent true... He is the best Captain, cricketer, everything... I love DK 😘❤️

  • Loga S Federrer
    Loga S Federrer

    Apo next interview with Ravi Ashwin

  • srinath padmanabhan
    srinath padmanabhan

    I love GVM as well. Kaaka Kaaka, Vettaiaydu Vilayadu, Vaaranam Aaiyiram are movies very close to my heart

  • tarak alloju
    tarak alloju

    Normal school :- ABCD Cricket school:-ABD ABD

  • Gowtham

    8:09 I think DK mistook Jeff Daniels (The Newsroom) for Bill Pullman (Independence Day). I think the TV series he mentioned at 8:45 was The Newsroom. And the iconic monologue was given by Jeff Daniels from the first episode of first season. Ironically, same as DK, I watched the entire series because of that one monologue. "America is not the greatest country in the world anymore speech". Such a great TV series I've ever watched. I suggest you people to check it out.

    • david j
      david j

      Thanks bro

    • Gowtham

      Link to the monologue: infun.info/http/v-iy/qYmefqOVx2Zwqc0.html

  • Abhinav Manoj
    Abhinav Manoj

    Amazing questions 😁 baddy 🙏

  • abdur _7
    abdur _7

    We want ashwin interview pls sir

  • Stavya Sharma
    Stavya Sharma

    Wow!!!! So Baradwaj sir is interviewing Dinesh Kartik also!!! Brilliant It would have been absolutely epic if it would have had Rahul Desai also as another interviewer, considering he is also a big cricket fan


    Bhardwaj rangan sir Iam big fan of ur reviews. Hats off to ur work.

  • jahidul alam ahmed
    jahidul alam ahmed

    Dk could have been legend in t20s had he got consistent chance.msd never that good in t20. DK and vikrant messey should do instagram chats..it would be treat.. Vikrant can easily do a biopic on dk.

  • Avocado Man
    Avocado Man

    The real question is will Baddy interview Ashwin next or Ashwin interview Baddy?

    • Saikrishnan Ganapathy
      Saikrishnan Ganapathy

      So true.. Sema 👌👌👌👌

  • s s
    s s

    He is very excited. Look at his smile. Such a genuine guy❤️❤️

  • Munna

    Take Ambati Rayudu interview also 🙏

  • Surya Prakash M
    Surya Prakash M

    Either DK is amazingly articulate where he can answer any questions in sec(which is amazing) or questions are given to him before😜

  • Tejas Ramesh
    Tejas Ramesh

    We should ask Dinesh Karthik to watch Nuvvu Naaku Nacchav and Manmadhudu😀😀

    • Rohith sharma
      Rohith sharma

      @Nova nova Its my name.. Any problem 🙏🙏 Full name Actually

    • Nova nova
      Nova nova

      @Rohith sharma Meeru telugu abbayi ah...y is sharma ur surname then

    • Venkateswara Rao Nelli
      Venkateswara Rao Nelli

      Right bro

    • Rohith sharma
      Rohith sharma

      @korakian gen A pakkanodi work antunnav i accept scenes copy kodathadu but dialogues screen play hero ki ichey characterisation humour anni trivikram vey ga enti em hardwork lekundaney dialogues and screenplay lo nandi awards vachaya andhukey ninnu velli serials chuskomanedhi ne lantodiki serials correct pora munda🙏🙏

    • Rohith sharma
      Rohith sharma

      @korakian gen A trivikram thinking ardham avvalantey niku inko janma pattali le.. Sollantunnav akkadey ardhamayindhi niku cinema chudatam radhani akkada meaning entantey without documented proof ey bank ganta lo loan ivvadhu okavela ganta lo laksha sampadhinchavantey illegal ga ayina chesundali adhi speed ga vasthey me nanna hospital ki speed ga vasthadu ani antey betting adi kompa medha teeskochey oka koduku thandri concept pilla pooka nuv ninna kaka monna mves chudatam modhalettuntav poyi pogo chusko niku adhey corect lekapothey kartheeka deepam serial chusko gajulu thodukkuni saripodhi... intellect gurinchi nuvey matladali munda nayala

  • Rakesh Ravi
    Rakesh Ravi

    Dinesh "stuck with me" Karthik

  • venki all
    venki all

    DK is such a positive personality!!!

    • kiran kumar kuruva
      kiran kumar kuruva



      💯 percent true....

  • Mano N
    Mano N

    Baddy was shook for a second when DK said he resonates with genelia 🤣

  • Ajay Madhavan
    Ajay Madhavan

    He seems chirpy! Hoping to see more of that behind the wickets. Best of luck, DK!

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar

    BR you have to do a conversation with Ashwin. It will definitely be a 3 part interview. RJ Balaji already called him Cinema Paithiyam in his interview. That will definitely be fun!!

    • Seshadri Suresh
      Seshadri Suresh

      Deivame, neenga ingayum vandhuteengala?