Is Nuclear Fusion The Answer To Clean Energy?
Nuclear power has a controversial history, but many energy experts say it has a major role to play in our energy future. Some in the industry are working to make standard fission power safer and cheaper. Others are pursuing the holy grail of energy - nuclear fusion, the process that powers the sun and the stars. If we figure out how to harness that power here on earth, it would be a huge game-changer.
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Is Nuclear Fusion The Answer To Clean Energy?

  • Chris Lau
    Chris Lau

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  • Paul K
    Paul K

    Nuclear currently is not a magic bullet,it could destroy us more than save us, plus nuclear is increasingly too expensive and produces waste we really don't handle well. . It has to be part of the mix until all fossil fuel production ends but there are greener alternatives which don't bring the same risks as nuclear. We should be focusing on alternatives to fossil and nuclear in the longterm.

  • T'airn'KA

    I'm glad to hear there's ongoing improvements (evolution) of nuclear fission regarding efficiency, less waste, etc... but I hope that nuclear fusion becomes viable soon (within a decade) and more importantly (to me) that every trace of nuclear waste can be safely eliminated.

  • bens Abraham
    bens Abraham

    how is tritium plentiful.??? they barely exist ion earth

  • Angelo Davis
    Angelo Davis

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  • Samuraisahsah

    Omg it’s so infuriating. Instead of focusing on some pie in the sky fusion reactor which has had no successful reactors made in 60 years of vigorous trials. Meanwhile there’s thorium reactors which have been tested and proven to work for 50 years. It addresses every issue with fission. -No potential for reactor to go into a runaway thermal reaction. - no nuclear waste byproduct -far more abundant and easily found in comparison to the uranium or plutonium isotopes utilized in fission reactors -yields far more energy than fission The only reason the US didn’t go forward with thorium in the 1940s, (bc it had already been tested and demonstrated to work flawlessly) is ironically because its reactor didn’t produce a nuclear waste byproduct and therefore didn’t lend itself to be weaponized into nuclear weapons. Well, that was clearly a mistake we can and truly must in our current competitive technological landscape. Especially considering we have long since been living in the era of nuclear non proliferation, there’s really only benefits that a shift to thorium reactors offers. If we shifted all our fission reactors to thorium we would blast past China in the technological arms race they’ve steadily been gaining momentum within. If we switched to thorium the US could completely shift away from fossil fuels and become totally energy independent of the Middle East and oil.

  • Calvin Canty
    Calvin Canty

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  • Moses Tekper
    Moses Tekper

    Nuclear reactors produce no greenhouse gases but the nuclear waste is worse.

  • Johnny Lacey
    Johnny Lacey

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  • Noah Lorenzo
    Noah Lorenzo

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  • Mark Campbell
    Mark Campbell

    SALT I and SALT II the strategic arms limitation talks of the 1980s invited the scientists who worked on the chemical weapon manufacture treaty to participate in the talks. The negotiations ended with the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. This Treaty was an end to nuclear technology in usa and the ussr. We agreed to stop all nuclear weapon development and nuclear power plant building. We do not share nuclear technology develop or build nuclear technology. We have built edison generators and dynamos to replace nuclear and fossil fuels but we agreed to an end to nuclear technology..

  • explore page
    explore page

    why do you need lasers the sun from your example only needed gas and mass

    • explore page
      explore page

      @Krutt ya but you can just compact lots of gas in a small place and it's gona do it naturally and you're gona need something that can contain that

    • Krutt

      yes guys, why not just make something with the mass of the sun? duh

  • Mark Campbell
    Mark Campbell

    Nuclear power is obsolete. The nuclear nonproliferation treaty enforcement would and should have shut down all of the plumes of nuclear radiation. To gain a lower limits to the nuclear cascade.

  • Yeezydude boiguy
    Yeezydude boiguy

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  • heymaker phd
    heymaker phd

    150 million degrees Celsius??? WT...? Is there enough Earth to cool that in case of accident? That would be like Code 2 Million for the local fire department. Agh! Cheap at half the price. Thanks for the info, and the warning.

  • Dimitri Balerinas
    Dimitri Balerinas

    When things work in ways you don't know, they work in ways you don't like... I wish the average common modern person knew more about how nuclear energy works

  • funtime_foxy455

    has anyone noticed that the reactor at the ingition facility looks like the warp core from the kelvin timeline?

  • N

    Solar energy works because of the sun. The sun works because of fusion. Lets make a sun. We need this product. We need fusion, not fission. Fusion has no radioactive by products as fission does. Fusion produces many times the power fission does. We have fission already (nuclear power plants), we need fusion.

  • Lam Par
    Lam Par

    Yes it is. But it is a complicated process , require advance knowledge in nuclear energy management, skilled work force and talented scientists.

  • cristina pumilia
    cristina pumilia

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  • Rock Trainer
    Rock Trainer

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  • Robert

    6:32 'the fuel is plentyful' is a false claim (or blatant lie). The currently proposed fusion reaction involves Tritium and Deuterium, both hydrogen isotopes. Whilst Deuterium is indeed plentiful, Tritium is not. Tritium is highly radioactive and has a half-life of 21y. It therefore does - for all practical intents and purposes - not occur in nature. Currently it has to be produced through nuclear fission. Another proposed - but by far not proven - way of Tritium production is the breeding of Tritium inside the fusion reactor. However the proposed reaction chain requires one Tritium atom to fuse in order to breed a new Tritium atom, which - considering the necessarily occurring losses - cannot lead to a self-sustained Tritium supply. There are ways to increase the Tritium production, for example through neutron multipliers, such as Beryllium, but Beryllium is rare, so by far not 'plentiful', and thus puts a cap on the availability of fusion fuel.

    • Robert

      @Nicholas Negron Whether Helium 3 is plentiful will still need to be proven, not to mention the economic viability of retrieving it. But it doesn't change the fact that Tritium is practically absent.

    • Nicholas Negron
      Nicholas Negron

      They’re going to replace it with helium three which there is plenty on the moon.

  • BH7

    Great video and information, well done!

  • Vo Quang Minh
    Vo Quang Minh

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  • Geovany Maldonado
    Geovany Maldonado

    1 mistake and we can say good bye to our planet 🌏

  • Nguyen Chi Cuong
    Nguyen Chi Cuong

    Nguyen Chi Cuong


    China made a successful test of a fusion reactor on 2021.

  • Yeezydude boiguy
    Yeezydude boiguy

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  • Jakub Szczypek
    Jakub Szczypek

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      Amqa 123

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  • Claudio Rodriguez
    Claudio Rodriguez

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  • jim scarlett
    jim scarlett

    What about the development Thorium while we continue working on fusion. If we ever get there it will be an amazing time to be alive.

  • Data Soong
    Data Soong

    wen you build it on a japan sea front you have wat you ask

  • Elizabeth Coleman
    Elizabeth Coleman

    Nuclear power is here and now updating old plants with the new Technology is a must until we can switch to Fusion Power plants, and stop the use of fossil fuels and Carbon emissions. or the world will choke on Plastics, time for Glass in a big way and paper bags. the states can lead the way by bans on Plastic none essential items. from packaging to bags Paper and Glass should be king all over the world.

  • Elizabeth Coleman
    Elizabeth Coleman

    We will run out of Natural Gas in 75 to 100 years by then we will be running FUSION to power at least 99 % of American Cities. we are so close Albert Einstein work on Fusion needs to be looked at again and again his secretes of fusion are there the how to and why it works is there in his works at Princeton New jersey. and MIT.

  • Elizabeth Coleman
    Elizabeth Coleman

    Until we get the Fusion processes finished then Nuclear today is the only green energy programs that does not need Wind or solar taking up Millions of Acres of land and killing 90% of the Migrant Birds populations beside the battery tech needed is no where in sight.

  • Arnold Al Qadr
    Arnold Al Qadr

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    Karen josep

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  • william bush
    william bush

    19.12 walk away safe? wouldn't trust a campfire much less a sodium reactor.

  • william bush
    william bush

    an EPA guy once said " with nuclear you might get sick and with coal you will get sick"

  • william bush
    william bush

    work is halted for now due to the hulk tossing the core into the parking lot. anger management issues.

  • william bush
    william bush

    if you can make two atoms of hydrogen to form one atom of helium, you got it sun.

  • william bush
    william bush

    saw a video of a teen in Nevada with a small sodium reactor in his driveway powered with uranium he legally mined and processed. yeh.

  • william bush
    william bush

    thorium reactors must not produce much energy or we would be using them. safest.

  • Ryan Semen
    Ryan Semen

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  • Chris Grosbeck
    Chris Grosbeck

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  • Chris Grosbeck
    Chris Grosbeck


  • Preston Bishop
    Preston Bishop

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  • Arkascha

    It always is funny to hear when the United States of all countries claim to be leading in environmental protection and sustainability. That is sooo funny if you open your eyes and actually compare it.

  • Hanes Howie
    Hanes Howie

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    Ancient MacBook

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    Ant Man

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  • The blunted car guy
    The blunted car guy

    Nuclear power is so dumb "o well let's just boil water to spin generators. So tells me we arent smart enough to ACTUALLY use "nuclear power" then essentially we aren't really using nuclear power, we are still steam powered, smh.

  • mike dar
    mike dar

    Sure... in perhaps 100-200 years.

  • S K DEY
    S K DEY

    When you already have a natural fusion reactor (Sun), why try to build another? It may also be dangerous. Harness the power of the sun through solar panels as much as possible. Those countries which receives more sun rays through out the year are not realizing this, especially country like India.

  • Tadashi Ogitsu
    Tadashi Ogitsu

    Nuclear has a opposite problem to renewable resources: it cannot ramp up and down quickly. What could play a role of peaker that would fill in different between power supply and demand? You seems to be systematically ignoring it. Is there any reason? Please read this article.

  • Karen josep
    Karen josep

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  • Jake Adams
    Jake Adams

    China turned on their reactor for a few seconds a couple months back I believe.

  • Mattie Norml
    Mattie Norml

    We've had a bunch of clean and cheap technologies for the longest time but Big Energy shuts down any attempt to use them. They are money obsessed bullies that would rather poison the environment with dirty, nonrenewable, low efficiency energy production than give up a single cent of profit..

  • Stewart Greer
    Stewart Greer


  • Stewart Greer
    Stewart Greer

    This had to be done on a small scale in a glass case so they could test it out in ww1 ww2 we are sitting on a time bomb but im sure we"ll find something sometime but there's one problem when we work on one problem another pops up we have such a lot of cycles and we cannot forget about one, I know, it's like gadgets, its quick to collect but hard to design,.

    • Stewart Greer
      Stewart Greer

      Barrett brown

    • Stewart Greer
      Stewart Greer


    • Stewart Greer
      Stewart Greer


  • Tú Tạ
    Tú Tạ

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  • key2010

    that's the first video actually saying HOW this reactor generates electricity... "thermonuclear", it's the classic "boil water, spin turbine" method

  • james vangilder
    james vangilder

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  • RamSeS Rameez
    RamSeS Rameez

    Well now i am just talking about tech n science not the real science beyond global...

  • RamSeS Rameez
    RamSeS Rameez

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  • RamSeS Rameez
    RamSeS Rameez

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  • RamSeS Rameez
    RamSeS Rameez

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  • RamSeS Rameez
    RamSeS Rameez

    People options for nuclear is split

  • RamSeS Rameez
    RamSeS Rameez

    well there is no dening of history and other sources of nuclear power energy...

  • Max R
    Max R

    fusion no way they are building a time machine or portal

  • American Citizen
    American Citizen

    Good luck...

  • SamC

    Annoying voice.

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith

    Solar and wind aren't a solution they are supplements to the solution... fusion

  • Kuttan Wow
    Kuttan Wow

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    Jonson kupper

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  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin

    The quickest solution is solar on the roof s and batteries in home. Every time one of these shows run they talk about the biggest thing they can build massive this massive that when all they really need to do is put it on people's roofs and you eliminate them from the power grid.

    • GKast Official
      GKast Official

      @Robert Martin Well I guess in some cities/parts of the world, the solar could work efficiently. I still think going forward we would need alternative sources. I'm from India where there's basically no space for detached houses, even though they have ample of sunlight and I'm currently residing in Canada, where we get reliable sunlight for about 2 months. So I see what you are saying and maybe it could work for some cities i guess but like that's about it

    • Robert Martin
      Robert Martin

      Just to put where I'm coming from in context in Oklahoma we have 1.7 million single dwelling homes we have about 57 buildings that are over 8 stories tall. A very small percentage of the city less than 1%. Have solar on their houses.

    • Robert Martin
      Robert Martin

      @GKast Official I'm well aware of that but in the United States a lot of the country is empty rooftops All this sounds like to me is a business trying to make money off people we're going to need something big and that's not what the case is. Start out by putting solar on roofs and doing lateral power where I can sell my power to my neighbor quit this big business for everybody thing. I also watch several of these videos where the thing starts out with this discredit solar discredit wind but that's what we're using right now. I'm completely off the grid I rely on nobody.

    • GKast Official
      GKast Official

      Most of the world lives in big building where the surface area isn’t enough to power the entire building. A lot of the world doesn’t receive enough sunlight to function I all year round. It’s isn’t that easy

  • Hugh Tran
    Hugh Tran

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  • Azazel

    I wonder in the future if we can fuse atoms and create uranium which will make fusion energy , then the uranium fissions and creates two more atoms which will refuse ... and we have a permanent general we will just refill it with uranium or with uranium and other stuff which will be cheaper

  • Azazel

    Cool fact : electric cars are worse than cars that use fuel since the energy that the electric cars use is also fossil shel so u actually waste electricityy

    • Faddn

      Not fact.

  • Wayne T
    Wayne T

    I wouldn' bet on it.

  • Fadel Svetlana
    Fadel Svetlana

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  • денис баженов
    денис баженов

    Nuclear guys are simply LYING. In Russia just TWO reactor's construction was started in last 5 years. In 10 years 10 will be closed - and AT MOST 3-5 put into operation. So-called nuclear renaissance is a BIG LIE.

  • денис баженов
    денис баженов

    Work on fusion started in the 1950s. And its proponents said "mass-production of fusion power plants is 30 years away". 60 years later - They say it's 30-70 years away. When solar panels cost since the 1950s was reduced 1000-FOLD! You can listen to fairy tales OR invest in well-proven solar and wind tech.

  • Ron Borenstein
    Ron Borenstein


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    Shawn Chamberss

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    John Carry

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  • Megaman The Second
    Megaman The Second

    Imagine funding a 90+ year old failing experiment all I hear was hopes dreams and broken promises looks like a money pit guys keep funding keep these people employeed LFTR is proven technology and currently being developed by china in 10 years china will make everything plates, knives, fision reactors...

  • shineon4us

    Get your story straight #CNBC

  • shineon4us

    We can make smaller portable reactors .what do you think nuclear submarines use?... wait let me check ,,,, baking soda.. "Most naval nuclear reactors are of the pressurized water type, with the exception of a few attempts at using liquid sodium cooled reactors. A primary water circuit transfers heat generated from nuclear fission in the fuel to a steam generator; this water is kept under pressure so it does not boil."

  • shineon4us

    It's taking so long because It's a political to change a lot of minds of those afraid of nuclear power. And this dam video paid for by big oil I bet, don't do any good changing peoples perception not mentioning the story of safer molten salt reactors, Thorium reactors of which we once had 1967to 1972ish in Oakridge Tennessee that Nixon shut down because it didnt produce dangerous weapons grade plutonium ...IT DID NOT PRODUCE WEAPONS GRADE PLUTONIUM.

  • Gus Espinoza
    Gus Espinoza

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  • Nick Tucker
    Nick Tucker

    Anybody else get a little more skeptical of their chances of success at 15:20 when he's giving measurements in yards? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Abdul Gani
    Abdul Gani

    Tesla is the Newton of physics. Who introduced turbine energy.

  • ejonesss

    this could solve our lithium supply shortage as well as helium shortage in the sun hydrogen burns and converts to helium then lithium and so on until billions of years later it becomes an iron ball. so if we could kickstart a reaction and speed things up by powering the reactor from helium and extract the lithium vapor and condense it to metal form solving our battery problems. or we could start with hydrogen and skim off helium to fill our balloons and welding tanks

  • Eugy08

    We are not in a climate crisis!

  • Colin Newton
    Colin Newton

    I attended a lecture on fusion technology back in1in the early 1990's when the lecturer said that we were well on the way to having fusion technology within at most 20 years and ever since I have heard the comment repeated repeatedly every year. Now 40 years on it's still only 20 years away ! ! !

    • shineon4us

      It's taking so long because It's a political to change a lot of minds of those afraid of nuclear power. And this dam video paid for by big oil I bet, don't do any good changing peoples perception not mentioning the story of safer molten salt reactors, Thorium reactors of which we once had 1967to 1972ish in Oakridge Tennessee that Nixon shut down because it didnt produce dangerous weapons grade plutonium ...IT DID NOT PRODUCE WEAPONS GRADE PLUTONIUM.

  • Cody Li
    Cody Li

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