"Jimmy was a more skilful bowler than me!" | Dale Steyn & James Anderson compare their careers
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Dale Steyn and James Anderson discuss their careers in cricket with Nasser Hussain and Rob Key, with Steyn revealing that he believes Jimmy was the more skilful bowler of the two.
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  • Birdy Mahtats
    Birdy Mahtats


  • tvx gamer
    tvx gamer

    The divergent century reciprocally balance because canoe acutely excite without a moaning gearshift. used, malicious coat


    dale steyn Jimmy Anderson 93 matches-439wickets 160 matches-614 wickets avg-22.95 avg-26.47 strike rate-42.39 St. Rate-55.91 Stats speaks for steyn, if he would have played in England then he would have end up taking 800 wickets in 160 matches.

  • Jack Reacher
    Jack Reacher

    Dale Steyn has massive fan following in sub continent than any other bowler in the world cricket. Don't ever call him undervalued Nas!

  • Ed Stockton
    Ed Stockton

    Two favourite fast bowlers to watch for sure. Steyn was relentless, impossible to stop once in his stride and injected real venom in every delivery. Jimmy would pop up with utterly playable outswingers at the vital moment to turn a test and series in England's favour. When Hafeez and Tendulkar are your respective bunnies at home and overseas, you know you know you've got a couple of bowlers.

  • Manoj Paudel
    Manoj Paudel

    Both are extremely god gifted players.

  • nikku red devil
    nikku red devil

    Two modern day greats

  • Wesley Johnson
    Wesley Johnson

    This was probably one of the best cricket interviews I have seen. Two of the games most humble greats. Congrats to the team who put this together. I feel as if Steyn didn't realy get the send off that he deserved.

  • Vinay Kallianpur
    Vinay Kallianpur

    Waste of time comparing these two guys . They are the best of their generation and it has been a privilege watching them bowl.

  • Sumera Ather
    Sumera Ather

    Very Well by Dale styan good then Jimmy Anderson

  • Planet Mercury
    Planet Mercury

    Amazing conversaton. Nasser, Dale and Andreson... great guys.

  • Kaartik Gor
    Kaartik Gor

    Champions and pure legends!

  • Nalin Sharma
    Nalin Sharma

    This off, but. the anchor reminds me of jesse pinkman's big friend (especially his voice)

  • Sairam Psps
    Sairam Psps

    Steyn didn't have much skills like he said ,he has a terrific pace and great accuracy,but can't bowl different variations and explore like Jimmy and steyn had a great support from morne.morkel , philander and can go for wickets without worrying about going for runs, Jimmy is England's leader in bowling and has limited support apart from broad , so he need to contain the batsman and has more responsibility. Both are legends

  • Mahadeo Late
    Mahadeo Late

    We can Sum up in 1 sentence : it is better to have special life than longer one

  • Kamaluddin Mohammad
    Kamaluddin Mohammad

    You two are my feb over see bowler I have seen

  • Maulik Patel
    Maulik Patel

    Dale steyn looks like bear grylls, isn’t he ?!!! Anyone????

  • Trace Woods
    Trace Woods

    The lonely apartment finallly press because quality chronically stay barring a vigorous couch. exultant, sharp print

  • Kiran Kittu
    Kiran Kittu

    Dale Steyn is the goat

  • RD

    dale steyn is just being nice...he is waay more skillful and in a different league..ONly an Englishmen would even compare these two..Anderson`s longevity is admirable though

  • Gaichung gonmei
    Gaichung gonmei

    Dale styn is a walking nightmare 🔥 Sad to see that this generation kid trolling him.!

  • i_am_me

    Dale steyn😍

  • Mina Mohabbat Love & Laugh
    Mina Mohabbat Love & Laugh

    some Very talented cricketers Panel.

  • ni na
    ni na

    Sorry but Jimmy is NO MATCH with Dale! Jimmy can be compared with condition bowlers such as Broad &co. Dale Steyn is in the class of Marshal and Akram. Dale is being too nice, he is one of the bests of all times while you can find bowlers like Jimmy in every other English county teams. Dale was unlucky with those career limiting injuries else.......he would be sitting with 700+

  • Mohit Srivastava
    Mohit Srivastava

    Dale steyn is best fast bowler better than McGrath and Anderson

  • 18UEC026 Samarpan Ghosh
    18UEC026 Samarpan Ghosh

    What a podcast 🥺 Treat to watch❤️

  • Som Dutta
    Som Dutta

    Dale Steyn without injury problems would have been the greatest bowler the world has seen, and he is still so humble. Anderson is an absolutely lethal test bowler, especially in English (and swinging conditions). Dale was brilliant, irrespective of conditions or format.

  • k k
    k k

    Omg Nasser is such an idiot. He is by far the best South African paceman ever produced. Definitely is a contender for the best fast bowler of all time.

  • Niraj Chaudhari
    Niraj Chaudhari

    If dale steyn dint had a injury ridden career he would have overtaken Anderson.

  • Srini

    Steyn doing himself disservice in this interview. He's comfortably a better bowler than Anderson. A pigeon could swing the duke ball in overcast English conditions. Anderson has never been a threat abroad.

  • Hrishiraj Singh
    Hrishiraj Singh

    Two legends

  • John Norris Metal Sculpture
    John Norris Metal Sculpture

    Brilliant podcast, need more like this with two great competitors talking to and about each other. Great stuff!

  • Sandeep Tela
    Sandeep Tela

    Dale stayn is much more fearsome. I love the way stayn runs before delivery so pumped up all time.

  • Sairam Psps
    Sairam Psps

    Anderson is the best bowler in the last decade,Indian fans hate him because he is the highest wicket taker against India and their fav batsman can't play against him😂 and steyn playing in IPL and getting smashed helped him 🤭

  • Keshav Jha
    Keshav Jha

    Dale Steyn is better because he can be lethal in any condition

  • Rick Daniel A.
    Rick Daniel A.

    Man those outswingers of Dale Steyn which take the off stump..I would feel HONOURED to be the batsman on the receiving end of those!!

  • harshal gawai
    harshal gawai

    "Jimmy WAS and still is skillful".. James Anderson is still young when he gets in his 60s he will be in his prime.

  • arun kumar sen
    arun kumar sen

    both of them are icon and they taught us also humility can achieve anything. ...

  • Sinha Entertainments
    Sinha Entertainments

    Of course, Jimmy is more skilled than Dale

  • said hossain
    said hossain

    steyn express pace; anderson medium pacer.

  • said hossain
    said hossain

    dale mostly bowled with the weaker kookaburras.

  • said hossain
    said hossain

    in last 30 years, dale steyn has been the best fast bowler from SA only after allan donald.

  • said hossain
    said hossain

    dale is one of the greatest of all time. anderson is okay. anderson's ball swings because of england stadium design, conditions, pitches that protect the seam, and prominent seam and endurance duke ball.

  • New Vibes
    New Vibes

    Best interview ever. Both quickies have their own strengths and flare

  • Adriaan du Toit
    Adriaan du Toit

    Both Nasser and Robert Key are fast becoming two of my favourite broadcasters.

  • Mr Wonder
    Mr Wonder

    2 legends

  • John Laurinaitis
    John Laurinaitis

    The Steyn Remover. The most lethal fast bowler in the history of test cricket or cricket in general. I'm a proud South African. I respect Jimmy and Broad. But Steyn is just a beast.

  • Will Martin
    Will Martin

    Steyn, McGrath, Akram, Warne and Flintoff as the allrounder would be my ideal attack in any country

  • Aryan Verma 2.0540
    Aryan Verma 2.0540

    Steyn prime>>>> jimmy prime

  • Abdul Samad
    Abdul Samad

    28:42 What kind of stupid question was that from Nasser hussain.

  • Mayank Chandra
    Mayank Chandra

    Dale Steyn with his average, strike rate, and performances all over the world especially in the sub-continent and Australia, is surely one the best fast bowlers the world has ever seen. He's already better than akram, mcgrath, waqar, anderson, marshal and co

  • debasish kashyap
    debasish kashyap

    Two legends in one frame

  • MuxTube

    Being a Pakistani, after Wasim and Asif, I love watching James Art of swing bowling.

  • Andre george
    Andre george

    But we all know that Dale Steyn is the best

  • rohit yadav
    rohit yadav

    Dale and waqar have the best strike rate. Imagine if either of them played in seaming and swinging conditions in england. Anderson needs conditions whereas steyn creates wickets from absolutely nothing. Dale is best of his generation without a doubt

  • Naeem Ahmed
    Naeem Ahmed

    HSV cricket Hamburg Germany

  • Kiwi Man
    Kiwi Man

    Shane bond bowling was more superior than both of these legends.

  • Jehan Ariyaratnam
    Jehan Ariyaratnam

    What was the Michael Clarke sledge to Steyn that made him cry?

  • Kshitij Bhambri
    Kshitij Bhambri

    Brett Lee Shane Bond Shoaib Akhtar Courtney Walsh Curtley Ambrose ( FAST) Dale Steyn Mitchell Johnson Ishant Sharma Kemar Roach Umar Gul ( FAST MEDIUM) James Anderson Zaheer Khan Josh Hazelwood Trent Boult Tim Southee Wasim Akram Glenn McGrath (SWING) Jofra Archer Jasprit Bumrah Kagiso Rabada Neil Wagner Waqar Younis (PACE) Mohammad Shami Mohammad Asif Stuart Broad (SEAMER) All with Line and Length too. All bowlers only who played even one game since 2000.

  • Ashhar Imam
    Ashhar Imam

    Both are champions!

  • flyvon fernandes
    flyvon fernandes

    James Anderson and Dale Steyn both are legendary bowlers

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar

    I love these bowlers with Best bowlings actions.....

  • Mohan Kandy
    Mohan Kandy

    Add Mitchell Johnson to this duo and they are the new age legends

  • chirag sharma
    chirag sharma

    Both are G O A T

  • Dusaetoire !
    Dusaetoire !

    Dale over Jimmy every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  • Siddharth Desai
    Siddharth Desai

    How condescending of Nasser Hussain at 28:12 to suggest that Dale Steyn is sometimes "forgotten"? And on top of that he mentions that it was Nasser himself who forgot Steyn! And why would Steyn get upset when a certain David Saker says Anderson is the better bowler? Dale Steyn has single handedly won matches for South Africa in India, England, Australia - what has Jimmy Anderson done outside England?

  • JAY Vadher
    JAY Vadher

    What a great interview. Two of the greats of modern cricket being so humble in their approach. As they rightly said that people don't remember what you did for long but how you did it stays forever. Thank you both for those amazing memories.

  • Prateek Agarwal
    Prateek Agarwal

    The best fast bowlers of the modern game. 👑

  • G Fall
    G Fall

    Peak Steyn > Peak Jimmy, but Jimmy’s longevity makes it a 50/50 in terms of who will go down in history more

  • Muzza

    Why is Jimmy talking to a homeless bum?

  • Interested Bystander
    Interested Bystander

    Love this. These two were absolutely righteous in their time, but it strikes me that great fast bowlers are like the Sith: always two there are. They operate in pairs. Think Lillee and Thompson, Curtly and Courtney, Wasim and Waqar, Donald and Pollock, and you get the idea. The partner in crime at the other end deserves much credit. In their cases, it was Anderson and (usually) Broad, and Steyn and (usually) Morkel.

  • Belal Tabish
    Belal Tabish

    Brad Haddin disagrees with this video's title.

  • Balaji Subramanian
    Balaji Subramanian

    First time we were taught in cricket was : " Fast bowlers - Just get ready to have injuries and back/arm breaks.... hope you already knew that"

  • Bh V
    Bh V

    Steyn was no 1 bowler in the world for 6 and half years. I got goosebumps. I remember how dale dominated 2011-2013 playing for Hyderabad in IPL(those OUTSWINGERS!!!!). No way Jimmy can do that outside the Wimbledon ;)

  • JBWilmore

    Dale Steyn: Jimmy was a more skilful bowler. Random person on the internet: No he wasn't. I know who I believe...

    • nealrutgerskid

      Actually. The random is correct. Dale is just being humble. The stats says it all. Jimmy is a test specialist and Dale is an all rounder. Jimmy is untouchable in english conditions and Dale is better in all conditions.

  • josh hazlewood
    josh hazlewood

    "That's why I got this phone call today" That was epic Dale😎

  • Rupesh Mukadam
    Rupesh Mukadam

    Steyn is lying. He can not say he do not any skills. It’s insult to his skills, passion and devotees. Just watch videos of Steyngun bowling at his best. Just bad luck coated in injury struck him to pull him down but Dale was a Ridiculous Terror. Only could be compared with Steyn are Malcom or Curtly. Ask Rahul Dravid about Steyn. Jimmy is great and his action is his strength. But he was never a terror. He is more like Artist rather than an assassin. If you know Art of playing swing bowling then you have chance here. South Africa lost so many great players in last 5-6 years. Very Bad. Steyngun, Amla & The Lord of Thunder - Sir ABD retired in short GAP to keep their team in bad shape. Pom’s here have worked well on their bench strength. But they could not replace Jimmy. Jimmy and Kapil can not be made but they arrive at their time.

  • Manzil Mudbari
    Manzil Mudbari

    did jimmy just come with just half face shaved?

  • Frank Ford
    Frank Ford

    What a nice humble man Mr Steyn is. Class act.


    Anderson was a home bully, Steyn ruled everywhere!!

  • Keshav Kumar
    Keshav Kumar

    I get it 😕This channel called steyn and Anderson both together because they want Steyn to admit Anderson is more skilled but We cricket fans know Anderson might be a legend in cloudy weather but Steyn is a legend killer💀🔥

  • Keshav Kumar
    Keshav Kumar

    Naseer to steyn :- do you think you are undervalued in between other South African greats? Me:- Naseer lost his mind ask us? Being 90's kid, being Indian how much we are both fond and feared of steyn? Actually we feared most in great S.A team either S.A. tours India or India tours S.A. is due to this man Steyn🙏. Not any fast bowler dictated in India as Steyn had done. Great Respect for Legendary Dale Steyn🙏

  • Anshuman Sinha
    Anshuman Sinha

    Both Jimmy and Dale are insanely good bowlers and the best in the world for a substantial time during their careers. The only difference is that Jimmy was on a slow burn and his rise happened much later in his career whereas most bowlers of his caliber establish themselves within the first year or two of their careers. Jimmy didn't have that hype early in his career but he kept getting better and better with time. Steyn was instantly one of the best in the world. If one had to make a World XI of the decade 2010-2020, then they'll both be in there in the side.

  • Fear the fury
    Fear the fury

    Steyn gun always

  • JJ

    Jimmy *is a more skilful bowler than me!

  • Ben Thirlaway
    Ben Thirlaway

    Theres so many anti Anderson comments. Why?

  • Norfolk Fowlers
    Norfolk Fowlers

    Jimmy will always be my favourite but how much of a nice guy is Dale Steyn? He used to scare me just watching him on telly. Fantastically fast bowler. Two top blokes 🏏👍

  • Akhil Prem Kumar
    Akhil Prem Kumar

    Steyn 🔥

  • Martin Davis
    Martin Davis

    606 now for JA 👍

  • Siddharth Awatramani
    Siddharth Awatramani

    2 stump assassin of all time

  • Manish Chandra
    Manish Chandra

    Can anyone even imagine How much dale steyn lost confidence in himself even after being the very best...😭

  • Jayakanth J
    Jayakanth J

    Steyn is a natural while Jimmy is a worker. It's Gun for me 🔥

  • Hashtag. Disguy
    Hashtag. Disguy

    First time I've heard Steyn interviewed, he seems so chilled compared to his on field i'm gonna kill you persona...

  • Amar Wadnere
    Amar Wadnere

    Indians are everywhere.. even in this comment section 😂 I am an Indian too.❤️


    the test of a cricketer is how he does in adverse conditions..as great and as skillful Jimmy is, he is not close to what Steyn was in dustbowls or cement roads..

  • Vishwanathan Anand
    Vishwanathan Anand

    Steyn was better

  • H-BangerZZ_From_Hell

    Why doesn't Jimmy play IPL?

    • Fluorescentpropeller

      Because he’s 38 and stopped playing white ball cricket long ago.

  • Sachin tendulkar
    Sachin tendulkar

    Dale steyn is cloud independent grass independent and dukes independent

  • Hari Krishna V
    Hari Krishna V

    No doubt... Dale Steyn is the best

  • Siddharth manoj
    Siddharth manoj

    28:42 nasser hussain:- U think u r valued?? Dale steyn;- Ya thats y i got this phone call!!