Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video)
Official video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X. Listen + Download: “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” out now - Put headphones on for a simulated 360 Reality Audio experience.

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Song Produced By Take A Daytrip, Omer Fedi, Roy Lenzo
Director: Tanu Muino & Lil Nas X
Written By: Lil Nas X
Creative Director/Stylist: Hodo Musa
Producer: Saul Levitz, Frank Borin, Marco De Molina & Ivanna Borin
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Visual FX: Mathematic
Choreography: Kelly Yvonne
“MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” was mixed with an immersive #360RA experience in mind, use headphones for the full effect.

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  • Eddict_ ed
    Eddict_ ed

    I was searching for timothee chalamet's CMBYN and found this. Well apparently, both genres turned out to be homosexual

  • XxGolden_GoddessxX

    yea imma take my horse back to the old town road-

  • Gtt throyuft
    Gtt throyuft

    Angle: hi. Welcome to heaven Me: holy shit I maid it Me : sees lil nas x stripping to hell Angle: don't worry he does that everyday Me: :/

  • Vivian Vidal
    Vivian Vidal

    Ele chegando no inferno Ele: e ai capeta bora dá uns pega

  • NoviceDrugLord


  • Lefteris Platis
    Lefteris Platis

    Ancient Greek translation on 1:10 : “Because nature was divided in two, each piece is searching for its other half” -Plato

  • Gaming With Nef
    Gaming With Nef

    Satan: minding his business Lil nas x: comes down Satan: oh no GET HIM TO HEAVEN NOWW

  • The cool one Jokonya
    The cool one Jokonya

    All those who said lil nas x must go to hell , he went now leave him alone 😒

  • Itzia Padilla
    Itzia Padilla

    Wow, I never saw the video until now. And it is super clear the message he was trying to tell about his identity :O

  • nova

    Everyone hating but he literally kill satan by lust to make him weak

  • Zsolt Milák
    Zsolt Milák

    Meme: You looks a loba BFF.

  • maani Hind
    maani Hind

    An amazing song that was unnaturally popular in Morocco 🇲🇦🇲🇦

  • NoviceDrugLord

    0:37 so maltesers do grow on flowers :0

  • Darpelia Katshuva Lubienga
    Darpelia Katshuva Lubienga

    Do he want to be a girl?

    • lua.

      lmfao what

    • snsjak a
      snsjak a

      I think so

  • Andrew Marmion The Angel Fella
    Andrew Marmion The Angel Fella

    Yawn. Banal rubbish.

  • Carvie

    Lil nas x went from riding horses to riding satan

  • ByBranBoxy

    Cómo olvidar cuando nos gustan las canciones sin saber el significado o ver el vídeo js

  • mealtime 167
    mealtime 167

    Oh I know what movies he based this off .. I get it now .

  • Ikatsu Shigaraki
    Ikatsu Shigaraki

    0:41 cloud : is forming me : *DABABY*

  • Levi Primer
    Levi Primer

    went from riding horses to riding poles


    Mucho Ghostmeane

  • Royal Rug
    Royal Rug

    "you're going to hell for being gay," aight, let's do it in style :)

  • Bitchy Attitude
    Bitchy Attitude

    O.O i was not expecting at the end tho

  • Ahmad Ghalia
    Ahmad Ghalia

    العربي هنا يثبت نفسه بلايك

  • ZK - 07MP 758902 Beatty Fleming Sr PS
    ZK - 07MP 758902 Beatty Fleming Sr PS

    this man just took poll dancing to another level

  • sike you thought
    sike you thought

    Someone really said lil nas x went from riding horses to riding satan

  • Ярослав Черноусов
    Ярослав Черноусов

    Кто Русский лайк песня топ

  • Emerald

    1:55 это я после прохождения helltaker

  • Nin Be
    Nin Be


  • dz spider
    dz spider

    ربي يهديك ياخو

  • 罗妙玲

    I come back everyday to read haters' comments 🤪

    • Ashton Grogan
      Ashton Grogan


  • Nin Be
    Nin Be

    Eum TvT

  • faithy.bunbuns

    All these detailed twerking comments😂😂😂

  • SnooopiiiX666 - Officielle 言 ➊
    SnooopiiiX666 - Officielle 言 ➊


  • rs hudson
    rs hudson

    fuck this shit what happened to lil nas?

  • Standby Why
    Standby Why

    Does anyone know who made the outfits ??? - asking for a friend

  • FBI

    Agregar ami lista 😈✋

  • BakouzSamira Samira
    BakouzSamira Samira

    NOBODY LITERLY NOBODY...LIL NAS X 2019:i love horses! Lil nas x 2021:fuck horses ilv satan

  • lalia59760 laila59760
    lalia59760 laila59760

    Je sai pas troc quoi dire de se clip

  • Lohanny mondego
    Lohanny mondego

    Mano eu amoo

  • Braden Himley
    Braden Himley

    1:14 ITS MARGE SIMPSON!!!!!

  • nice to met u
    nice to met u

    why you are gae 🤔🤔

  • donny muhamad saepul islam
    donny muhamad saepul islam

    Tik tok

  • Anes qq
    Anes qq


  • Rachid Gharsa
    Rachid Gharsa

    That's a shit

  • Umaru Chan
    Umaru Chan

    delvil kinda sis with that mask

  • Mag1x

    Ну ладно

  • Konstantina Konsta
    Konstantina Konsta

    1:12 ελληνες γραφει ελληνικα

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou

    demisexual pansexual twerking

  • dijaeizalozer

    I love this more than I thought I would

  • tuana gülak
    tuana gülak

    Tik toktan klibi izlemeye geldim🤫

  • Bro Perfect
    Bro Perfect

    He really gay

  • EL_lisandroo

    I really love this song, lil nas you took it out

    • Tisya Kapur
      Tisya Kapur


  • Alexia Toussaint
    Alexia Toussaint

    You know what he saying in this video he want to go in hell when he dead

  • Krezzos

    heterosexual twerking

    • Krezzos

      @Tisya Kapur what

    • Tisya Kapur
      Tisya Kapur


  • Ousado. off
    Ousado. off


  • Joshua Billingsley
    Joshua Billingsley

    I’m guessing lil nas x and the guy who plays the devil have a very odd relationship now

  • Honey Pie
    Honey Pie

    Why is everyone *twerking* 🤨

  • 《katsuyamo- chan 》
    《katsuyamo- chan 》

    Pov: this is the most popular new trend

  • a


  • Darrion Robinson
    Darrion Robinson

    you gayyy

  • Phoenix Playz
    Phoenix Playz


  • Lander Ritz
    Lander Ritz

    aesthetically twerking !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bestlynique

    I don't even think the devil like that

  • Darrion Robinson
    Darrion Robinson

    My Lii Brother is gay

  • Feliciano September
    Feliciano September

    Real giving the devil a lap dance


    This song is the worst. Where is the Old lil has x the one that made old town road you even put the devils favorite number I hope you get cursed. I want the old lil nas x not the one that gave Satan a lap dance this is the worst song ever. You could have been the one that made Jesus shoes and also are you in drugs?

    • 罗妙玲


  • Filipe capudo
    Filipe capudo

    Love song

  • zahid richards
    zahid richards

    Dommo you going to hell

  • Paulo Sergio Miranda Alvarado
    Paulo Sergio Miranda Alvarado

    Lil N as x is from roblox ._.

  • Leticia Silva
    Leticia Silva

    Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Corey lambert
    Corey lambert

    If satan dosent have lil nas x on the cover of playboy magazine....ill be pissed when i get to hell.

  • Poyraz Hasan Parıltı
    Poyraz Hasan Parıltı

    Mahmut Tuncer den bu nedir lo

  • Barry Jackson
    Barry Jackson

    I don’t like lil nas

    • 방탄 소년단UwU
      방탄 소년단UwU


    • Elize Moonen
      Elize Moonen

      lmao k

  • Corey lambert
    Corey lambert

    Lil nax x did something haircut? Idk either way its good lmao

  • Lisa Sookia
    Lisa Sookia

    Love this, could watch on repeat

  • Kalyca Azzahra
    Kalyca Azzahra

    Tobat naaak tobaat 😂😂

    • Terabitha Alilatul Bariza
      Terabitha Alilatul Bariza

      Hi bie

  • Анастасия

    Уже почти месяц находится на первой строке в трендах...

  • yo mom
    yo mom

    sorry babes. ur gonna get canceled we dont want this

    • Adelaide McKenzie
      Adelaide McKenzie

      5.1M people say otherwise

  • Tanzil

    He is the moment.

  • Akira the Angel
    Akira the Angel

    I'm in love with the replay button...

  • Samir Abdo
    Samir Abdo

    Its bad

  • Terabitha Alilatul Bariza
    Terabitha Alilatul Bariza


    • Kalyca Azzahra
      Kalyca Azzahra

      Tobat naak tobaaat 😂😂

  • Darwin Ricardo
    Darwin Ricardo

    jaaj algun latino que la escuche ¿

  • Maria celeste Meletz Hernández
    Maria celeste Meletz Hernández


  • Maria celeste Meletz Hernández
    Maria celeste Meletz Hernández


  • Maria celeste Meletz Hernández
    Maria celeste Meletz Hernández


  • Kalyca Azzahra
    Kalyca Azzahra

    Astaghfirullah tobat nak

  • Maria celeste Meletz Hernández
    Maria celeste Meletz Hernández


  • Maria celeste Meletz Hernández
    Maria celeste Meletz Hernández


  • Victoria Coronado
    Victoria Coronado

    me gusto xD

  • Maria celeste Meletz Hernández
    Maria celeste Meletz Hernández


  • Maria celeste Meletz Hernández
    Maria celeste Meletz Hernández

    LOVE song

  • Maria celeste Meletz Hernández
    Maria celeste Meletz Hernández

    Lil is god

  • Maria celeste Meletz Hernández
    Maria celeste Meletz Hernández


  • Maria celeste Meletz Hernández
    Maria celeste Meletz Hernández

    IS god

  • Maria celeste Meletz Hernández
    Maria celeste Meletz Hernández


  • Via

    Am I the only one that thinks the art is AMAZING!!!!

  • Maria celeste Meletz Hernández
    Maria celeste Meletz Hernández


  • María Angel Parra ordoñes
    María Angel Parra ordoñes

    Por favor no quiero ser la unica latina