आँखे खुल गई भाई : ELECTRIC CAR vs DIESEL CAR | Drag Race
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Drag Race: ELECTRIC CAR vs DIESEL CAR | आँखे खुल गई भाई 👌🏻
Here we do a race between Kia Seltos diesel and Tata Nexon Electric car. Results will surprise you for sure. Hope you'll like the video :)
😎 Instagram: @arunpanwarx
About Me:
Hey, I am Arun from Palwal, Haryana (HR 30). Student of BCA and currently owning a Baleno 2019 Petrol and Kia Seltos Diesel 2020.
Contact via Email : arunxpanwar@gmail.com
धन्यवाद 🙏🏼 for being here.

  • Sandeep Nishad001
    Sandeep Nishad001

    Electric whical ka naam kya hai

  • ashish kumar
    ashish kumar

    भाई मै तो बस टाटा की तारीफ करने आया हु । सैल्यूट

  • Khan's Gamers
    Khan's Gamers

    I love all tata cars

  • Khan's Gamers
    Khan's Gamers

    Beta Tata company is the best company And salute to mister Ratan tata sir who stand for the nation Tata company i love you my favourite company in the world .

  • mind Bankoti
    mind Bankoti

    Comment padh ke lagta hai ki sirf mujhe diesel engine pasand hai....

  • chaman parkash
    chaman parkash

    Desh ki shan TATA is best

  • Samir_Coolwind

    Bhai Compare video banao Nexon EV vs Petrol vs Diesel ki Drag Race 😜👍

    • Green Drive India
      Green Drive India

      Bhai Seltos is faster than Nexon Diesel or Petrol

  • Ajeet S Mehra
    Ajeet S Mehra

    Tata👍🖖💯indian proud🌹💐Best 👍💐 myself owner of Nexon xz+d from 2ys.👍👍👍💝

  • Rahul Devane
    Rahul Devane

    Cruze vs seltos

  • rahul waghelaa
    rahul waghelaa

    TATA is best 👌


    Nexon EV vs. Diesel CVT

  • RKM Raj Meena
    RKM Raj Meena

    🙏इंसानी ईद मुबारक हो 🙏 जिसमे की 💗 🐔🐃जानवर को ना ☠️मारो हो उन्हें ये लोग ताड़पा कर करते है जब किसी जानवर की ☠️बली दी जाती है तब उसे ये लोग 😱धीरे धीरे उसे🥺 जिंदा 🔥काट हैं 🙂एक सच्चा इंसान जानता है की उन्हें भी 🥺दर्द होता है 🙏 🇮🇳💖जय हिन्द💖🇮🇳 हिंदू धर्म में लिखा किसी की जान लेकर अपना पेट मत भरो और ये भी लिखा है की इंसान को अपना पेट फल सब्जी और अनाज से भरना चाहिए पेड़ पौधों में जान तो होती है पर फल और सब्जियों में नही और उन्हें दर्द नही होता


    Are bhay betari jab tak jab tak hi calegi Dishal Gadi Khi Bhi le jao

  • Elsa Romeo
    Elsa Romeo

    Few days k baad b same shit

  • arup basu
    arup basu


  • mandar kakodkar
    mandar kakodkar

    Apni gadi bhagi nahi tho mene race chod di🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Prashant Singh
    Prashant Singh

    Ev owner- to apne nexon kyu nhi li 😂😂 Arun - humko goa jana hota hai 😒

    • Deepak Sharma
      Deepak Sharma

      Nexon EV Ki jagah Nexon petrol/diesel ya harriar bhi to options the. Tata is true Indian.

  • Ae tu jaa re
    Ae tu jaa re

    Taau video banaan laag ra h 🤣🤣🤣....koi aur ni mila to taau ae jhap liya 🤣🤣

  • Gear Up
    Gear Up

    Buddhe ko camera pakda dia 😂😜😜😜😜

  • sd gameplay
    sd gameplay


  • महाकाल का भक्त
    महाकाल का भक्त


  • gearhead_2.0

    After reading a lot of comments I would just like to ask you guys one thing, in the drag the Nexon ev was just marginally ahead of the seltos, fine in a small drag race ev wins, how bout a longer drag race like a quarter mile where u have speeds of 140+. Also apart from this small drag race victory how bout all other aspects of a car, does the ev live upto it?

    • Green Drive India
      Green Drive India

      @gearhead_2.0 yes right, transport is only 10%, even with 100% EV it won't solve any climate change, but it is a good starting point for common people. Industrial pollution is the major concern if I am not wrong, we can further discuss on climate change if you want.

    • gearhead_2.0

      @Green Drive India I want a future where we all can drive cars and a scenario where the environment is also unaffected. In this scenario I don't see an ev being the game changer but I see it as an add on to the base of transport being ice with carbon neutral mobility. If people are thinking EVs are going to stop global warming that's not the case at all. We can have further discussion on this but I guess both of us get the basic picture here. Thanks again for the time and input. Appreciated. Happy driving 👍🏻

    • Green Drive India
      Green Drive India

      @gearhead_2.0 again you are not wrong, even if EV can satisfy 60% of people it is good. And besides that currently this EV is not that much financially justified but again only the higher paid vehicle lead to lower priced mass production vehicle, so Nexon EV can lead to cheaper Altroz just like model S lead to model 3. That is the future you and I want, is n't it?

    • gearhead_2.0

      @Green Drive India If you consider the metro cities of our country , let's say around 50 percent are the office goers who commute around 100 km daily on average, that leaves out 50 percent of people who belong to the business category ( may be smb or big ) . Now logistics is the backbone of any business be it anything, starting with the staff the owners and the labours. In logistics everyday the commute from each of these would easily surpass the 200 km mark for most. And after that they will again have to look for a charging station at the expense of time which is invaluable in this sector. Practically not a single person would be willing to do this. Now coming to the 50 percent who are office goers. Let's say they commute 100 km to and fro office. Is office the only place that they will visit in a day as there may be many other places they might need to but ok accepted it's 100 km for office only. These office goers take leisure time on weekends for getaways with family and it's anyday more than 400 km when u consider the round trip to any moderate distance destination. So this eats away to a good extent in that office going 50 percent as well. Among this office going 50 percent half use office transport , and the office cabs do continuous trips throught the day, at time even upto 300 km a day or more, so you can practically think from their point of view as well if they would like to charge every now n then. These office cabs range to upto 100 or more for a single mnc. Now coming to oil imports, wheather EVs are used or not the supple and demand curve for oil imports will always be there because more than just cars it's the base of heavy industries and 70/80 percent of manufacturing, I am frm the manufacturing industry so this is spot on statistics. As far as bmw owners liking Nexon ev is concerned, I don't have a bmw although I have a Mercedes, and trust me people donot invest in bmw or mercedes to get a quiet drive, u can ask the bmw owners that you have mentioned here if I am correct or wrong, as far as comfort is concerned as u have said bmw is lightyears ahead in terms of luxury so can't be compared to a Nexon . If you talk about fast bmw and Nexon ev are really no comparison practically, u can cross check this practically. As the bmw owners or any ice car owner for that matter that given a choice would Nexon ev or any ev be the only car they would own? The answer will surprise you. If you talk of purchasing mg zs , 60 percent of our country is middle class, and if they cannot afford Nexon ev then mg isn't really an option either. Service cost for ice vehicles is value for money when people consider the freedom of use and versatility the vehicle gives you so people don't mind paying it at all, even then the maintenance is getting lesser with improved engineering and better cars coming up every year. As far as being stranded is concerned, if you are travelling with you family would you like to be at the mercy of someone helping you out with charging on the way? I would not, ask around and see what people have to say about this. All this discussion I have based on regular people leaving out enthusiast and purist who are passionate about ice and it's usefullnes . That would include motorsports and rallying as well as many other applications. So overall the percentage that u mentioned as 5 percent I rather see it as 60 percent. Along with this we need to keepin mind majority of our country is small town and rural areas where electricity is an incentive and often thought of as luxury. If you talk about pollution modern engine produce around 90 percent less particulate matter than they did 10 years back, more so work is going on to produce synthetic and e fuels which are carbon neutral and donot affect the environment at all. And with further development of engine tech the ice cars will only get cleaner and better while letting everyone drive a car wheather rich or poor. You can cross check everything I have said with anyone, I am open to feedback.

    • Green Drive India
      Green Drive India

      @gearhead_2.0 thanks a lot again for taking time to read my answer and reply. Your analysis is to the point and mostly accurate. But this car at this point of time is a city car. suppose your office is 60km one way and thus making 120km total daily drive. In such a we don't have hassle of fueling it. Just plug at home and it's done. Secondly we have option to get it charged via solar which means free from mercy of any oil imports. And environmental benefits are huge. If someone is having frequent highway driving of more than 250km then this car can disappoint, you can go for Mgzs ev. At this point of there is less infrastructure of EV but it will improve with time and you will be surprised to know many BMW owners in our group loves this Nexon EV for its quick, comfortable and quiet ride. And you are also forgetting the maintenance cost. EV has very little maintenance to do. And one more point no need to worry about being stranded as you can find electricity in almost every home , you can get it charged from any house on the way. Out of 5 people 2 people will surely help. And how many people you know who travel more than 250km very frequently- may be less than 5% of car owners. This car can satisfy 95% of usage scenario.

  • Pratik Vlogs
    Pratik Vlogs

    Bhai tochan bhi kara lo

  • YRS 1204
    YRS 1204

    nexon ev ke sath tug of war ho jaye

  • Vinay Tripathi
    Vinay Tripathi


  • Praveen Singh
    Praveen Singh

    डीजल पेट्रोल आने वाले वर्षों में इतिहास बन जाएगा इलेक्ट्रिक व्हीकल ही हमारा फ्यूचर है पर्यावरण की भी यही मांग है

  • Sanjoy Singha Roy
    Sanjoy Singha Roy

    For an instance, take example of electric train & diesel train. Which one is faster?

  • Sanjoy Singha Roy
    Sanjoy Singha Roy

    Electricity is faster than diesel 😂😂😂😂

  • Anil pandit Lilu Pandit
    Anil pandit Lilu Pandit

    Kia ka driver chutiya hh

  • Akshaya Kumar Sahoo
    Akshaya Kumar Sahoo

    Ratan tata sir kabhi compromise nhi karte, na tata products me, na charity me

  • Anil Choudhary
    Anil Choudhary

    Indian he to kuch bhi ho ...best he ..kyu k foreign se sirf kachra aata he india...same model cars me kafi difference hota he foreign cars me jo india me hoti h aur bhar hoti h

  • Bhuppi Records
    Bhuppi Records

    Palwaliya lgee h

  • Yes No
    Yes No

    Bebkuf bana raha h

  • Mohd.Ibrahim

    infun.info/http/v-iy/eq98e2aAsoOAfLM.html Op

  • ecmedia E7
    ecmedia E7

    Power Kiya Seltose. Tata halkaa gadiiyee.

    • Green Drive India
      Green Drive India

      Bhai ye Nexon Nahi h, EV h, it is 125 kg more than Seltos, Seltos 1275kg h, EV 1400kg h

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar

    Ek car mujhe defo

  • intresting video
    intresting video

    Petrol Car ka Engine change kr Electric Engine laga sakta hai kya?? Juror batana.

  • Sachin Tyagi
    Sachin Tyagi

    Scooty vs Bike ka bhi yahi haal hai 😂😂😂

  • Vishwadeep Tiwari
    Vishwadeep Tiwari

    Bhai mere EVs me initial level me hi peak torque mil jata hai jabki, petrol aur diesel cars me final gear tak aata hai. Isme tata ya seltos ki baat hi nahi hai

  • Prabodh Ghoshal
    Prabodh Ghoshal

    Tata motors 💪💪

  • Lucky sagar
    Lucky sagar

    Bhai aao tug of war kaar kee dekho kia seltos Diesel vs Nexon electric

    • Green Drive India
      Green Drive India

      Kahan aana h bhai

  • Roshni Patel
    Roshni Patel


  • Roshni Patel
    Roshni Patel

    Bhut acha

  • Mohuddin Ansari
    Mohuddin Ansari

    tata ka koi racer gadi thodi hai honda leker dekho

  • Mohuddin Ansari
    Mohuddin Ansari

    petroll car jitega kabhi bhi

  • Narender Kumar
    Narender Kumar

    Kia seltos vs shift ki drag race krvao


    Nexon is the best With electric...I have got and happy with it

  • Pankaj like
    Pankaj like

    TATA hai....T

  • Kanha Das
    Kanha Das

    Indian people mera request hai sb Tata ki cars lo ,oo apna hai yr

  • Vivek Shukla
    Vivek Shukla

    le ratan tata baap se mt ladh 😂😂

  • Piyush Daga
    Piyush Daga

    Electric car wala heavy driver tha😎😎

    • Green Drive India
      Green Drive India

      Nahi Bhai meri Car heavy h, no skills required for this

  • Aniel Kumar
    Aniel Kumar

    Only tata

  • Saurav Kar
    Saurav Kar

    Love tata Nexon electric ❤️

  • amit verma
    amit verma

    Tata Nexon ev 🔥

  • GoSeva

    Auto डीजल kia होता तो

    • Green Drive India
      Green Drive India

      Manual jyada fast hoti h bhai

  • Santoshi Digital
    Santoshi Digital

    Tata is great

  • Bb Ss
    Bb Ss

    Can you allow to sit 5 person in each car then race it? I am sure you will not because tata car will stand no where.. This car could be very light due to non-existence of engine... that's why it has higher pickup.

    • Green Drive India
      Green Drive India

      Nahi Bhai this is my car just check the weight of Nexon EV and Kia Seltos diesel on Google. Answer will be : 1400kg is for EV, 1275 for Seltos. Ab aap khud Kar k Dekh lo. Maana ki engine Nahi h but battery Ka weight kaafi h.

  • Bb Ss
    Bb Ss

    If you are calculating running cost on economy then why not compare power on the same mode why using sport mode? totally fake comparison.

  • Sasmit Biswas
    Sasmit Biswas

    Yeh Tata motors ki kamal hai❤️

  • RSG 5
    RSG 5

    Electric world coming soon bro

  • TechTalk With KB
    TechTalk With KB

    I'm proud to be an Tata car holder. If you really love your country, you should choose Tata car. In this new era, they are providing awesome service. ❤️

  • Mannu Gaming
    Mannu Gaming

    Drive pe matter karta he bro 👍

    • Green Drive India
      Green Drive India

      Car electric ho to driver Ka koi talent Nahi chahiye. hint: I am the driver in this video

  • jile singh
    jile singh

    Lambe distance ka banana tha kam se kam 2 km

  • avanish

    Electric will be fast due to instant torque

  • Pankaj Prasad
    Pankaj Prasad

    Tum logo ko Chinese car kharidne ki jarurt kya hai . ???

  • प्रtik

    टाटा नेक्सन ev शुद्ध देसी है अभितो शुरुवात है बाद के मॉडल्स में स्पीड , रेंज , पिकउप और मेंटेनेंस पर भी बहुत जल्द धाकड परफॉर्मेंस और रेलिअबलिटी मिलेगी। आत्मनिर्भर भारत , सुखी, समृद्ध वैभवशाली भारत, आरोग्यवान और सुसंस्कारी भारत, विश्व की अजेय महाशक्ति :भारत। 🇮🇳जय हो।

  • Siva Siva
    Siva Siva


  • Devender Balhara
    Devender Balhara

    Nexon ev gazab h

  • Sanju BaBa
    Sanju BaBa

    I love Nexon

  • Pushpo Raj Brahma
    Pushpo Raj Brahma

    Or Tata harrier design ev should be made..

  • Pushpo Raj Brahma
    Pushpo Raj Brahma

    Nexon ev should be modelled like kia creta etc..

  • Chandan MALLICK
    Chandan MALLICK


  • Rohan Yadav
    Rohan Yadav

    Bhi long drave kari

  • Dhanjoti Ray
    Dhanjoti Ray


  • Raman Lathwal
    Raman Lathwal

    Kia Sonet Vs Kia seltos

  • Vinayak K
    Vinayak K

    Bhai yeh swadeshi tata ka product hai🕶️

  • Calli Art
    Calli Art

    Anpad insaan.. Electric me torque zyada hota h pata ni hota kya? 😒😒

  • Arvind Khokhar
    Arvind Khokhar

    Saltos bhi automatic honi chahiye thi if nexon is

    • Green Drive India
      Green Drive India

      Manual is faster than Automatic. Watch automatic Vs manual Seltos on this channel

  • Divya medicos
    Divya medicos

    Electric car ka peeche ka look bohot ganda lagta hai


    Desiel ki gaddi ko piche nhi chod skti electricity ki gaddi chalenge h


    Ku pagal bana rehe ho


    Frod k

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    Samir Khan

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    Micheal Fernandes

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    online Guru

    We love TATA motors car jay ratanji Tata sir ki 🙏

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    K I

    Salute to Tata Nexon👍👍👍👍👍

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    Pabitra Mondal

    Tata se panga mat karna. Love you Tata.

  • Pabitra Mondal
    Pabitra Mondal

    Tata proud of India.

  • Q&A Maths
    Q&A Maths

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    Pravesh Kumar

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  • Pravesh Kumar
    Pravesh Kumar

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  • t.s.rao rao
    t.s.rao rao

    Seems paid programme

    • Green Drive India
      Green Drive India

      Aap Bhai khud chalao pta lag jaayega

  • LuNα

    Wow nexon ki front bilkul land rover evouqe jeisi hai 😍

  • we are INDIAN
    we are INDIAN

    Tata is Tata

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    Sunny Sunny

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    Fetty Wap

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  • Prahlad Kumar
    Prahlad Kumar

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  • kishor garasiya
    kishor garasiya

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  • Seetarama Shastri
    Seetarama Shastri

    Hello Arun, can you please compare with the Seltos 1.5 Petrol Manual and seltos 1.5 Diesel which is powerful and faster... ⛽... Also make a video on Seltos 1.5 petrol top speed it can reach...No one made it the video of 1.5 seltos petrol top speed.... Please make it... Thankyou

  • aii_ gagan
    aii_ gagan

    Oh veer long drive kro fer PTA lagu Teri electric car da fuddu bna rahe o loka nu