Malhar 2019: The Official Aftermovie
As we turn every leaflet of these three months, it is a suitcase of endless possibilities, inspiring lessons, affectionate people and intricate memories. Indeed, it is a festival, that has nurtured us all.
We bring to you the most priceless gift of the festival, the Malhar aftermovie that reminisces every element of it and captures every sentiment to the fullest; nothing can bring us as much joy than reliving each of these emotions time and again!
Signing Off,
Malhar 2019 : The Multiverse
Music Credits:
Track 1 : ARTY feat. April Bender - Sunrise
INfun :
Track 2: Somewhere Only We Know - Keane (cover) | Reneé Dominique
INfun :
Track 3 : Happiness by Kenneth Soares
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Track 4 : Good Things Fall Apart (Jon Bellion & ILLENIUM) - Carys Selvey Cover
Track 5: Hardwell feat. Jake Reese - Run Wild (Manse Remix)
INfun :
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  • Royston Siqueira
    Royston Siqueira

    CnD 🔥🔥

  • amit


  • Freddy Fernandes
    Freddy Fernandes

    Goosebumps watching this :’)

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon

    This year's aftermovie is just straight up terrible. It's like the FnD team only recorded in the quad and around the main building. FnD even got an extra day to make this.

  • Hetanshu Bharadiya
    Hetanshu Bharadiya

    Straight flames

  • Synara Dsouza
    Synara Dsouza

    This video was so esomonal and kranditinating. I fell in cry.

    • Dylan David Kurt D'Souza
      Dylan David Kurt D'Souza

      @Synara Dsouza video 2 long to cry

    • Synara Dsouza
      Synara Dsouza

      @Chris Teresa sweeti u r angle not cry ok.

    • Chris Teresa
      Chris Teresa

      I also fell in cry.

    • anugrah asp
      anugrah asp


  • anugrah asp
    anugrah asp

    First. Masala Masala