Neha Kakkar And Her Boyfriend Rohanpreet Singh Real AGE GAP 2020
Neha Kakkar And Her Boyfriend Rohanpreet Singh Real AGE GAP 2020 | Age doesn’t matter when someone truly in love Neha and Preet prove it again in 2020
Neha Kakkar started her singing career by participating in the second season of the popular singing reality show ‘Indian Idol’.
Recently, Rohanpreet Singh shared a video with the ‘Aankh Maarey’ singer where he can be seen slipping a ring into her finger. Rohanpreet Singh is a Punjabi singer and actor. He was the first runner-up of the TV singing reality show, Rising Star 2.Rohanpreet Singh was born on December 1, 1994 his real age is 25. Watch to know more!
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  • Syed Sohan
    Syed Sohan

    AGE doesn't matter when someone truly in love 🥰🥰

    • Dr sheetal and Vikash
      Dr sheetal and Vikash

      @Abhishek Meena hihihi

    • Kulwinder kaur
      Kulwinder kaur


    • Soenderdhei Soekhlal
      Soenderdhei Soekhlal

      @PRIYANKA singh 😘😘


      Oh really I mean 15 year old Boy and 26 year girl

    • Flavours of Life With Kay walia
      Flavours of Life With Kay walia

      All these fucking old men married young girls, why no fucking asshole say nothing, what???? Please ans!!!! Kay from USA ca 🙏🏽 #sick of double standards


    Lol he is not her boyfriend 😂

  • v.kishan kumar
    v.kishan kumar


  • Sadanand Chari
    Sadanand Chari

    Budda buddies

  • prachi Bhalerao
    prachi Bhalerao

    Very nice 💕💕

  • Roshni Gopeenauth
    Roshni Gopeenauth

    Yes of course she is looking older.well wishbher the best of luck

  • Roshni Gopeenauth
    Roshni Gopeenauth

    Though we always say that age is not a problem.well it depends.some works .some are worst

  • Liza Chowdhury
    Liza Chowdhury

    Neha is more cute, because of her smile.

  • zain hadi
    zain hadi

    to ic may kya 2no my jest 7 sal ka hi to frq ha y zada frq nai 1 dum tk haaa

  • Indra Abdul
    Indra Abdul

    I wish them the best in their marriage, but sometimes when women are older the guys look for young girls too. But enjoy every moment of life together.

  • Soffee Soffee
    Soffee Soffee

    Age is does not matter ,keeps it up 🥰

  • Savita Sahani
    Savita Sahani

    She is looking so much older to him, hope this marriage lasts forever as she is nice human being

  • Bruce Almighty
    Bruce Almighty

    Wow how did she become from brown to white?

  • Sun P
    Sun P

    Don't debate because no one is forcing them to get married.

  • Char N.
    Char N.

    Faltu video.. Its 2020 and people are still commenting on age gap?

  • Esther Khoeblal
    Esther Khoeblal

    Age don't matters...she looks young as he

  • jacob herren
    jacob herren

    I saw here in Germany. Some boys wife's looked elder then their moms or both are of same age mom and wife ..

  • najma

    It’s not shocking. Calm down

  • Khokon Mimi Khan
    Khokon Mimi Khan

    He is only couple of month away to be 26! But this relation will not last. Men whoever got married earlier, they get married to the lady who are older than their age. And after some years they change their taste, so they get married again, and next time they get married to a lady who are lot younger than them. Dharmendra, saif Ali khan, Aamir khan, sanjay dutt all got married much earlier and then got divorced, and then they married again! This will be the same case, (if god not willing). Good luck to both of them!

  • rajani grg
    rajani grg

    Love never measure age ,colour and religion, plz don't disturb them leaves them alone .you're rubbish

  • Johnlal Valte
    Johnlal Valte

    I think Age doesn't matter for celebraties

  • Monika Gomes
    Monika Gomes

    She has a very good taste. This punjabi guy is too handsome man.

  • pritam c
    pritam c

    Neha apni shadi ko aanch mat anedena ,logon ka kea hai log too bate karenge app dono sada khush raho .God bless both of you .rab ke bna di jori .....tute nahi kabi ruthe

  • Ramanpal Kaur
    Ramanpal Kaur


  • Sageer Heendatu
    Sageer Heendatu

    To me truly age don't matter 😀😀 any way all the for you

  • Pervin Kapadia
    Pervin Kapadia

    Age does not matter so long as they are compatible.

  • Mk Jee
    Mk Jee

    Everything is goli maro now! Age gap will only be visible down the road in 20 years time, well who blessing to the couple tik tak nebahau,! That's my blessing to the couple. SSA

  • Tabassam Naz
    Tabassam Naz

    I'm glad she married him 👌🏻

  • Roshni PATEL
    Roshni PATEL

    I am sure they are both mature enough to decide who is best for each other.. and age is just a number.. if 50 years old man marries a 25 year woman no one raise any issues. Neha and Rohan look good together..

  • nhu podo
    nhu podo

    Wise you happy mrrd life you both

  • Shashi Chauhan
    Shashi Chauhan

    God bless you both Neha and Rohan

  • Ayushmita vlogs
    Ayushmita vlogs


  • Arun Gautam
    Arun Gautam

    Haha sana ko rohan aacha nahi laga tha bichari sana

  • Laughing Giant
    Laughing Giant

    She looks like his aunty

  • Sumela Hameraj
    Sumela Hameraj

    She like his mother 👩

  • Surinder Singh
    Surinder Singh

    Kush raho. Aish kro. Age nu beshak add karro ya subtract kro. Mann karre ta Divide kro ja ivve kro k multiply kro. Bass tension nu laage na laggan deyo. Thoko like.

  • Pelcy Snaitang
    Pelcy Snaitang

    I am 13 year elder than my husband But my husband Love more than I Love him God bless you both Neha

  • harsh thareja
    harsh thareja

    specially age ke liye vedio banan kitne bevkuph he aur koi kam nahi he really quite and sober couple congratulation

  • Teka Kumar
    Teka Kumar

    Hello Neha Kakkad💗💗💗💗💗💕💔💔💔🍫

  • Mohd. Kashib Ansari
    Mohd. Kashib Ansari

    It proves social distancing ka drama sirf grib ke liye hi Bnaya gya h 🙏

  • D M
    D M

    6 year diffrence is nothing

  • Yashika Malhotra
    Yashika Malhotra

    Love n understanding is matters age is just a no. ..... Made for each other jodi toh upper wala banata hai waha age kuch matter nahii karta 😀😀😀😀🤩🤩🤩

  • sudip Nath
    sudip Nath

    He has married neha just to further his career

  • Vasudevah 9999
    Vasudevah 9999

    Age doesn't matter god bless both of them

  • Zufeesha Ali
    Zufeesha Ali

    please give support to my 5 years kid. he is so talented. please subscribe.

  • Anum ki Duniya
    Anum ki Duniya

    Nice couple 💕💕

  • NethuN

    Age doesn’t matter..

  • Amar Pal
    Amar Pal

    Mujha phela sa hi pata tha ki rohanpreet neha sa chota hai or kitna hai vo bhi pata hai

  • raazi angel
    raazi angel

    Paise k liye kar li rohanprreet ne Us buddhi se

  • CsRoyal Brother's
    CsRoyal Brother's

    very bad age gap many many

  • Sudharani Kb
    Sudharani Kb

    Still You People Do The Same Cheap Stunts?? Grow Up Media People.... We Aren't Living In 70s Or 80s To Listen All This Rubbish Things..... 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  • MAKG

    Neha is a wondeful human, any one can love her because of sweet personality....goli maro age difference ko

    • Tabassam Naz
      Tabassam Naz

      True !

    • Ashu Giri
      Ashu Giri


  • #justice4SSR Bollywood MURDABAAD
    #justice4SSR Bollywood MURDABAAD

    God bless both of you Neha - Preet 🥰🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • iqra jan
    iqra jan

    Age doesn't matter so don't judge a book by its cover ok its only love

  • Pratibha Pati
    Pratibha Pati


  • Humanity First
    Humanity First

    They both Lokin beautiful ❤️🎉🎉👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Lioness Queen
    Lioness Queen

    Wo sab chorho yar mujhe tho ye dek k shock lag raha k ye larhka kithna cute hy neha ko suit nahi kr raha ese koi cute si larhki suit krthi

  • Hannah Lepcha
    Hannah Lepcha

    So what they are happy married life. ❤

  • rohan mishra
    rohan mishra

    Ok thn what you say when 57year old Salman uncle, akshay uncle Shahrukh uncle work with 20 to 35year old age actress...plzzz if age really matter thn make video on them 😡😠

    • Farjana Subha
      Farjana Subha

      @Naeem Khan what it's double standard 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Farjana Subha
      Farjana Subha

      Right.Just because of views they make this type of cheap vedio.Its their personal life they choose eatch other

    • Naeem Khan
      Naeem Khan

      Ha ha uncles acting with young girls is ok double standard

  • PARVEEN G fe
    PARVEEN G fe

    Pahle to isne Kabhi Nahi Kaha ki ye isse pyar kerti he.Isne Kisi aur larke Ka nam liya tha. Aur ek inkar Jo har vakat line mar Raha tha usko bhi kabhi nahi bataya ki voh kisi aur se pyar kerti he.Stsge per shadi ki koshish bhi hue.Iske ma baap aur ankar ke ma baap ko bhi pata nahi tha.

  • Ikk Kudi Shalini
    Ikk Kudi Shalini

    I still can’t believe the Age Gap .. Whoa ..! 😑

  • Kohinoor Akhter
    Kohinoor Akhter

    Age just a number....

  • Bharti Shah
    Bharti Shah

    Yrr bakvas

  • All idea
    All idea

    Rohan preet sing ji neha didi ko khus rakhna

  • Raja Sekh
    Raja Sekh

    rohan bahut chota ha i know wo little chams ka 1 st runnerup tha

  • Paramdeep S
    Paramdeep S

    Seven years gap that will reflect when love fizzles out ...because he 25 not because he is SEVEN years younger! 35 & 42; 42 & 49; 55 & 62 ? Get the picture 🤔🙈

  • Rachna_J Vlogs
    Rachna_J Vlogs

    Rohan ok kitne sal he?

  • Dr. Salma Siddiqui
    Dr. Salma Siddiqui

    Boy friend? Husband now.

  • one american life
    one american life

    Chal nikal

  • Mandy Dhaliwal
    Mandy Dhaliwal

    Haters gonna hate! You two are beautiful together! #NehaPreet

  • Akshita Dhamija
    Akshita Dhamija

    Age difference doesn't matter

  • Tannistha Kashyap
    Tannistha Kashyap

    Neha deserves someone one better and more reputed then Rohanpreet 🤔

    • Adil Sheikh
      Adil Sheikh

      Get lost u fool...

  • Gudia jamwal
    Gudia jamwal

    Rohan shotta sa h abhi kya buddhi k sth shadhi ki hala ki neha achi h famous h lekin rhan abhi bchha h

  • My Beauty World and Vlogs
    My Beauty World and Vlogs

    She looks bigger than rohn

  • shanti babar
    shanti babar

    Love and the understanding between the couples matters the most...age is just numbers 😊

    • M Bandana Devi
      M Bandana Devi

      Exactly I agree with you 👍

  • sidhu girl
    sidhu girl

    Such a truly love

  • sidhu girl
    sidhu girl

    It's not a big problems

  • Yusuf Jookhun
    Yusuf Jookhun

    Where is your problem on the age gap? As long as they love each other and they are happy, and may God bless them, it's fine for them.

  • Pallavi Batra
    Pallavi Batra

    Age no matter they look perfect together ❤️🧿

  • 980amo

    What shocking age gap, you primitive savages? Take your misogyny elsewhere, Eros Zooming. That you call yourself Eros is a total irony.

  • komo app tech
    komo app tech

    Nice couple

  • Gulnaz Ara
    Gulnaz Ara

    Age doesn't important...nice both ...god bless uhhhh...nehupreet🤗❤❤❤❤

  • Renu Gupta
    Renu Gupta

    Achi nhii lgg rhii neha bilkul b 😕

    • Human Being
      Human Being

      @Farjana Subha Subha sir name hai🤔

    • Human Being
      Human Being

      @Renu Gupta shayed jab 2 aapko acchi lgti h tab 2 hm na dekh pate ho😃😃😃

    • Farjana Subha
      Farjana Subha

      Kew?accha hi toh hai.

    • Renu Gupta
      Renu Gupta

      Nhii kbbi kbbi toh achhi lgti h

    • Human Being
      Human Being

      Kbhi ni acchi lgi wo

  • Rajshree Narayen
    Rajshree Narayen

    God bless matter...age doesn't matter..

  • shreejana lama
    shreejana lama

    Pta nei log kaisey apne se 8 saal chhote bachho se shadi kar letey hain.hamare main toh yaha intro bhi "aur batao Bhai" bolkar hota hain.😂 1 ya 2 saal ka hota toh v samjh aati..bachha hai Rohan Neha kakkar se..thank God Neha Judge nei tha Rohanpreet k time par.

  • Stella Daan
    Stella Daan

    All comments Are age no bar..well and good but why no age bar for Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor...they always receive hate message for their age difference

  • Vandna Sharma
    Vandna Sharma

    Age is just a number.

    • Farjana Subha
      Farjana Subha

      Bahi thora logically socho 18 se pehele kew sadi karege jab sadi ki age hogi tab karegi nah Or nehi Rohan se 8 saal ki bara hai 20 /30 saal ki nehi .Or they are choose eatch other.Pata nehi logo ka soch vi aise hoti hai

    • Farjana Subha
      Farjana Subha

      @Nidhi Verma ha wo hi to hota hai par tab koi nehi bolta hai but jab larki bara hota hai tab logo bolte hai.


      @Vandna Sharma kisi ki shaadi 18 saal se phle karkake police ko btana age is just a number

    • Nidhi Verma
      Nidhi Verma

      @Vandna Sharma ha ha 18 sal ki ladki ko zabardasti kra do sadi 65 se aur chillao age is just a number.

    • Vandna Sharma
      Vandna Sharma

      @Nidhi Verma Do you like saif and kareena. Priyanka and nick and similar couples.. then why not nehu and rohan. Age is just a number by the time the love if alive nothing else matters.


    Aditya Narayan was not invited because we sab ki chhaddi utarwa deta wahi nahi to apna naam badal deta 😁😁😁

  • aieysha banoo
    aieysha banoo

    Cute couple😘😘😘

  • Sneh Chaudhry
    Sneh Chaudhry

    Gosh so what ? How does age matter ? It's just a number...when will we change our mentality ?

  • Shyfa Aami
    Shyfa Aami

    No match

  • Jay Inder Pal Singh
    Jay Inder Pal Singh

    Guys, wish them prosperous life. Not gap in age. Marriages are settled in heaven.

  • Saffron Bhakt
    Saffron Bhakt

    Sardar ne bund hi marni hai 😂

  • yash gaming ff
    yash gaming ff


  • Hello World
    Hello World

    I am sure Neha is faking her age. Comon she is not 32... She is far more older..🤣🤣🤣

    • Nirmala Masih
      Nirmala Masih

      Buddi dikh rahe hai.

  • Adeep k
    Adeep k

    When guy is big then what is the story... it’s actually good if woman is big age they can handle things easily

  • Shama Mirza
    Shama Mirza

    Har insan ko sacha pyar chahiye rehta hai aur agr wo mil jaye to phir koi fark nhi padta k wo kaisa dikhta hai,amir hai yar gareeb hai,ya fir bada hai ya chhota so plz age difference ki baat mat kiya karo...aur waise b ladke ki age b to ladki se bahot zada hoti hai tab koi problem nhi hota to fir girl badi ho to q hota hai.

  • Wicha Rajkumari
    Wicha Rajkumari

    Age is just a number.. Neha and Rohan Preet rock's..

  • Val Rampersad
    Val Rampersad

    You guys love to dig What has age got to do with anything. When those old miserable Bollywood men marry young women why dont you scream . Let them be . Its their life .

  • Daksh Kumar
    Daksh Kumar

    Londe ne paiso k liye ki shadi