Our Beagle's First Ever Walking Experience On The Road | Anithasampath Vlogs
Here's Beagle's first-ever walking experience on the road. Our Beagle is a cute puppy, and his name is Cherry. Meet Anitha Sampath and Prabha going for a morning walk with Cherry.
Now, watch the first-walking moments on Anitha Sampath Vlogs.
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  • Nithi NithiyanandanB133
    Nithi NithiyanandanB133

    Akka use compulsory dog food for six month growth will be nice use royal canon food

  • Rajiv Mike
    Rajiv Mike

    Anit&Prab, Please don’t take you pup out for a walk unless completing 15 days post 3rd vaccination.. there is Parvo outbreak .. Parvo is highly contagious and this could spread from the other dogs pee and poop in the streets .. stay safe and happy per parenting !! Please discuss with your vets for any further information..


    Anna give curd rice to dog without salt to the dog it is the best and super food to dog because we have same dog in our house so it is good

  • shajas planet channel
    shajas planet channel

    Now itself Start cherry training him

  • Shobha Sukumar
    Shobha Sukumar

    Wow so cute 🤗🤗😍

  • Kavitha Guru
    Kavitha Guru

    Get calcium bones and give him for bone strength

  • Kavitha Guru
    Kavitha Guru

    Anitha sis u can use leather shoes inside house,. So that the legs won't be damaged while walking in tiles.

  • YaGoKa

    Actually its not safe to take dogs for walk until they are vaccinated for certain courses ..which gets completed when the puppy is around 4 or 5 months ...they may get affected if taken before let him move around the compound for now


    நண்பா நான் மிகவும் கடின உழைப்பு போடுகிறேன் ஆனால் ஆதரவு இல்லை என் சேனலுக்கு ஆதரவு தாருங்கள் நீங்கள்தான் என் ஒரே அதரவு.....

  • selvaraj Selvam
    selvaraj Selvam

    Yaruku cherry pitikumo like podunga plzzz

  • Krishnan Santhanalakshmi
    Krishnan Santhanalakshmi

    Akka u must not add salt in any food akka so that also dog will get itching prblm

  • shirly's blossom
    shirly's blossom

    Anna akka beagle vantha best dog and safety dog and romba naughty easy ha family kuda friend adidum

  • Bharath A
    Bharath A

    Avoid citrus fruits, nuts. You can give carrots.


    Bro and akka remove the collor for cherry put it after 6 moth and use the collor when you are taking for walking and you harness dog use collor

  • Jayyanth JS
    Jayyanth JS

    Anna puppy ❤️ name sollunga please

    • selvaraj Selvam
      selvaraj Selvam


  • Pattu lodhiya
    Pattu lodhiya

    Narya cherry pathina video poduga

  • Mr.Raj Sagay
    Mr.Raj Sagay

    akka neck belt podadinge boby belt podinge illana choke aido

  • Pooja Shree
    Pooja Shree

    100th video

  • Manjula Pugalenthi
    Manjula Pugalenthi

    Beagle should not keep as single

  • prajetha baranitharan
    prajetha baranitharan

    Pedigeeri pota sori pudikum u can use royal.canan

  • Sneha Sashi
    Sneha Sashi

    Lovley breed ! Very human friendly ! Remember to be strict!

  • Mohana Nanthini
    Mohana Nanthini

    Hai Anita, I’m Monisha from Malaysia , the sticks that u give to ur puppy should not give more than 1 everyday because the sticks is sweet which can cause tape worm in stomach. So don’t give too much stick yaa , I tell u because I had experience giving my puppies sticks like this and they got tape worm but now we already give them tape worm medicine , so better not to give more than 1 sticks everyday.

  • renganatan radika
    renganatan radika

    Next victim of simply waste 😀

  • kanaka thara
    kanaka thara

    i want home tour akka

  • suni raj
    suni raj

    Cherry is very cute 😍 a good addition to the family. Since he is only 60 days old, hope he is fed 4-5 times a day, slowly you can reduce to 3 times a day. If you are starting to give him home food, please avoid masala, oily food or anything we humans eat. You can give him plain boiled chicken and rice with veggies, safe for him. You can also try Domex floor cleaner, it was recommended by our vet. Please share more of puppy videos :)

  • R Balakrishnan
    R Balakrishnan

    Orijen food is good

  • Roshni S
    Roshni S

    Vinyl flooring sheets is good for dogs......akkaa❤️

  • Sumitha Ranindren
    Sumitha Ranindren

    Im from Malaysia...we have a 4 year old male Beagle..we adopted him when he was 6 months old. Very cute, loving, playful, a child like breed, a great companion. Please start training him now itself with simple commands, they pick up very fast. Advise to keep him on leash when u take him out for walk as Beagles always sniff and they work on their nose 😂 this breed are bred for tracking and hunting. Beagles always need a companion as they are pack dogs. If you leave him/her alone, they might have seperatiom anxiety. Best to have another dog as a partner if you have a Beagle. Be careful of what you feed them as they can be sensitive to some food. Please avoid Pedigree. Try other healthier options. Always bring your Beagle for a regular vet check. Enjoy being a BeagleParent❤


    If the dog is biting too much have to tie it. Whatever breed also..

  • VIP Products Review
    VIP Products Review

    Plzzz sis beagle is tiny dog 🐕 adhu sonna pechu kekadhu ,,kadichu kadichu vekkum 🥰aana indian claimant ku adopt aaga tym aagum ,,aana epo yalla first 3,4 injunction pottalum parvo 🦠 virus dog ku spread aagum so plastics avoid pannunga dogs ku ,,dog sapdama ,velayadama sad ah erunduchuna neenga first hospital kuttitu poonga ,monthly once complcery check pannunga dr kitta ...plzzzz yaana na beagle dog valathna bt parvo attached so plzzzz. Home dogs yalla mudinja vara home lye veinga ,,veliya poona other dogs kitta erukka virus air la kuda attack aagum ,,,first dogs ah yallarum cute ah erukku nu yallarum Kannu vecha kuda adhukku fever vandrum epdi tha yanga dog kum Kannu vechanga 😭😭😭 yanga beagle dog name hatchii sis aari bro va ketta nu slunga great man ungalukku anna ku kedachudukku ❤️

  • VIP Products Review
    VIP Products Review

    Plzzz nanga epdi tha oru beagle vechrundom ,,adhu paaka apdye unga dog 🐕 mari tha erukkum bt adhu epdi tha naanga walking kuttitu pogumbodhu ,,nalla tha erundchu dedirnu next day ve sapdla ,,fever 🥵 vandruchu hospital poona viral fever nu soltanga ,,apro adhu 3 days sapdama erundhu poiruchu it's death' adhu 4 months kutty tha😭 walking kuttitu poradhu prachanai illa sis ,,adhu vaiyla yadhum vekkama pathukanum ,, dogs ku parvo virus 🦠 easy ah attack aagum adhu vandha avlo tha adhu varama erukanumna first plastic things and slippers edhu yalla puppy's vayla vekkama erukanum adhu moolama tha varum ,,edhu ye solrana same yanga dog um epdi tha erukkum plz epdi follow pannunga 😭

  • Swetha.m.v.

    Adhukula cherry kutty konjo valandhuruchu akka❤️

  • Deepika S
    Deepika S

    Instead of using Nymle please use kennel wash

  • Gaaya's Samayal Arai
    Gaaya's Samayal Arai

    You can serve our food, but should be without salt otherwise his fur started drops, will cause some other diseases too.Just sharing

  • Gaaya's Samayal Arai
    Gaaya's Samayal Arai

    I have 3 shitszu's and I have rescued stray dog's about 5 of them. Last year September my 8th years old Male shit szu died after sending him for Castrate procedures..it is simple procedure I really don't know what went wrong he was return to my arms lifeless Such and healthy baby boy died suddenly made me stayed in traumatic for a while, now his wife and daughter are my healing strength.

  • Gaaya's Samayal Arai
    Gaaya's Samayal Arai

    I love it....

  • Thangiah Kogilan
    Thangiah Kogilan

    Akka en payar kaveesha naan 5th standeth padikkiren naan ungaloda pariya fan Sanam akka also

  • Thilagam Thilagam
    Thilagam Thilagam

    Anitha Congress

  • Kousalya Vadivelan
    Kousalya Vadivelan

    Anna carrot and green 🍏 kodunga ethu ozhunga walk panna vaikum

  • Ajithkumar

    Dog how much akka

  • Vaishu's Paradise
    Vaishu's Paradise

    My native is Rajapalayam akka

  • Insta updates007
    Insta updates007

    Crct tha namba pet ku nalla aagaram vangi podanum. Pet ozhunga valara nalla healthy food venum.👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😍🤗😉👍🏻



  • Roshan Rajendran
    Roshan Rajendran

    dog is carrying another dog paavam sampath

  • Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar

    Psyco anitha.. Vijay tv lam unaku set agathu only priyanka akka than... Avunga luku aprm evlo serial actress cuteness ah irukanga un monnji only sun TV.. Nd anitha purushanukku venanah papan😂🤣

  • Sara Siva
    Sara Siva

    ❌❌ Don’t bring him for a walk until he gets his full vaccine.. it’s high risk.. Parvovirus is a deadly one and easily spread by snipping ❌❌❌

  • Bhuvana Amma
    Bhuvana Amma

    Akka please send some simple make up video Akka dog video nice

  • Sanjai Gowsick
    Sanjai Gowsick

    Dog mask Mask dog ku podunga Really corana Be safe

  • Sweety P
    Sweety P

    Prabhu ok but ithu mental 🤦

  • Swetha Srinivasan
    Swetha Srinivasan

    Saree kamichapave cherry naughty a irunthaan..

  • Arunaachalam Alagappan
    Arunaachalam Alagappan


  • maali vijay
    maali vijay

    I also have BEAGLE his name is Tobler

  • Soosai Antony
    Soosai Antony

    Ungala epdiyachu pakanum ka 😔😔😔😔enga family ke ungala romba pudikum lv u so much ka ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Spirit Of life
    Spirit Of life

    Vetkam illadeve you have good husband Praba But kothadichifying for money with shariq

  • Geo Jeffrin
    Geo Jeffrin

    Akka bb jodigal la samma ah dance panninga 👏👏❤️❤️

  • Soosai Antony
    Soosai Antony

    Akka unga bb jodi dance patha ka semmaya dance aaduniga ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️mass........... Ka lv u so much 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  • harshitha K
    harshitha K

    Anitha and Shariq awesome tell ur experience as video soon

  • Priya Darsini
    Priya Darsini

    Akka cherry a athunu solathiga

  • Udaya A _Ananya_
    Udaya A _Ananya_

    Hi Akka lock down bridal makeup podunga 🙏

  • ilayaraja ilayaraja
    ilayaraja ilayaraja

    This beagle is looking like the miniature version of my beagle 🤩

  • Saranya Bala
    Saranya Bala

    Guys ur dog is cute but try to avoid give twister to dog bcz that made of plastic which damage dog stomach Try to give boiled carrots milk paste that’s give energy healthy food

  • Rama Krishnan
    Rama Krishnan

    Safety staying of periods part 2 please

  • Priyanka B
    Priyanka B

    Dont go for pedigree....go for royal canin, they have dog foods based on breeds ... Its a complete nutrition coverage for these sweet hearts...🐶

  • viji k
    viji k

    Ada pavigala evlo sambarichalum ungalukellam pathatha? Indha video podradhala yarukku Enna prayojanam? Viewers ellarum konjam think pannunga avanga indha video pottu lakhs la earn panranga Nama dhan urupadama porom. Poi Nalla job poi family ah parunga. We have to work hard to get settled in our life. Ivangala madhri namalam illa .

  • Manisasi Manisasi
    Manisasi Manisasi

    Pappi name Milana


    One heart pls

  • Joseph Panneerselvam
    Joseph Panneerselvam

    Beagle is a good guard dog

  • Bha Ran
    Bha Ran

    First thanks for daily makeup 🙂 we want Teenage skincare and makeup

  • Sathyaseelan K
    Sathyaseelan K

    Our doging name aslo cherry

  • Kaviya Ravi
    Kaviya Ravi


  • Gaming kaipulla K.r
    Gaming kaipulla K.r

    Bro give training for dog like treat and say the work

  • D K
    D K

    Yen ungala Sun Tv Sun news la kaanom. Election news kaga varuvinga nu wait pannitu irukom. Neenga varanum !!!!

  • Thirugnanaponni Ponni
    Thirugnanaponni Ponni

    Sister ungala enakku romba romba romba pudikkum 💐💐💐

  • BaldasRaj S
    BaldasRaj S

    Ram Jannu Febbie Suhail Pami Nikki Anitha Prabha Cherry

  • Yeshwanth King
    Yeshwanth King

    Begale is Most powerful smelling dog 🙂

  • Sujatha Suresh
    Sujatha Suresh

    Akka u give chewing stick and he for he 1 to 2 days he silent

  • Mythili Ramadoss
    Mythili Ramadoss

    m.infun.info/http/v-iy/qoKDZHp2tYR9hcU.html More about beagle👆

  • vinoth peterites
    vinoth peterites

    Hope you have completed his vaccinations before getting him in to the streets...Parvo is everywhere pls do take care

  • Sarath kumar
    Sarath kumar

    Guys, don't feed our food...you can feed pedigree mother pro till 6 to 7 months

  • gorgeous guy
    gorgeous guy

    Hi Anna and akka.. I just wanna say only one thing. I don't know whether you will see my comment or not.. I not even seen the entire video but please please don't take the puppy out till it completely finishes his third dose of vaccination.. Sometimes if parvo outbreak was there the puppy will get affected immediately.. For 6 months puppies walking is not at all advisable. Even don't allow the puppy near your main gate entrance because the virus may be in the gate. This may from the pee of an infected dog... In outdoor condition that parvo virus will be virulent for 1 to 2 years.. Please its my kind advice

  • R.Ashwini Ashwini
    R.Ashwini Ashwini

    Anitha akka your taking care of the dog so much

  • Dhanush Anbu
    Dhanush Anbu

    Didn't give Dalda items for dog give means dog was dead

  • Rizwana rizu
    Rizwana rizu

    Idhu mari neraiya podunga sis

  • Subha Gopalsamy
    Subha Gopalsamy

    Anitha sister ur dress and hair bun is very super. Pls do that hair bun styles. Pls sister. Do that when u have time Most requested sister.

  • Jeevitha Gopal
    Jeevitha Gopal

    where did you got this beagle variety dog

  • Krithiga Balki
    Krithiga Balki

    Best toners for oily skin sollunga

  • Nalini Devi
    Nalini Devi

    I need more more videos of cherry

  • vetriselvi singaravel
    vetriselvi singaravel


  • PraveeNadhi

    Praba vera level

  • papa's creation
    papa's creation

    Akka neenga cute anna cute unga dog um cute😍😍😍😍😍

  • sangeetha nandhu
    sangeetha nandhu

    Your pappy is so cute

  • Meera Meeru 35
    Meera Meeru 35

    Seen multiple times ..beagle reading that notice 😂😂😂loved Prabha anna's comic sense ....addicted to beagle's naughtiness

  • jeevitha maneshkumar
    jeevitha maneshkumar

    Anitha Akka dogs ku training aftr 90 days ku apro start pannunga appo tha konjam understand panra maturity varum Akka.. apro 90 ku Mela non veg kudunga athuku munnadi Vena akka.. dog antha 90 days varaium romba naughty ah tha eruku Akka athuku apro tha nenga training start Panna arampichathu tha unga obey padi kekum..👍👍

  • Ransom Brinthi
    Ransom Brinthi

    Beagles are too sensitive some foods may be allergic to it. So be cautious before giving our food to dogs. I am using *the better home* products for cleaning the floor, it is purely organic and it does not give any itching to my beagle. Train your pet now itself.. At the beginning it is tough to train but it will obey after some time.. Give their favorite food only after obeying any instruction.. While taking beagles for a walk we must be very careful it will sniff and eat some unwanted things.. Don't miss any of the vaccine, that is too important to develop their immune system if we failed to put any one vaccine on time also we can't put it later.. Daily spend some time to play with beagles oe else it will be bored and fl slpy always.. You can find these by their gestures also.

  • Amaya Ammu
    Amaya Ammu

    Edhu mari apo apo veliya kutitu poga bathroom poga same time daily kutitu poga adhuku practice agum epavae train panuga andha snacks vechi perusa ana aprm sonalum kekadhu enga v2laiyum eruku buffy😊

  • Kanniga Parameswari . V
    Kanniga Parameswari . V

    Akka In insta dm I sended some advice to dog see it


    Akka elaborate makeup aprm antha makeup aa epudi remove panringa enagaluku video podunga akka 😍😍😍💞💞💞💞💓💓💓💓💗💗💖💖💘💘💝💝

  • Shafika Sana
    Shafika Sana

    Anitha ku space kudunga Avanga pesi mudikkurathukulla nenga pesuringa bro...

  • Shafika Sana
    Shafika Sana

    Dog voice is awesome 🤣😍😍😍😍🤣🤣🤣😍🤣😍☺️😍🤣

  • Sree Nandini
    Sree Nandini

    I have a beagle dog, he is five year old now , his name is tom Just my experience I m sharing, while taking for walk don’t take your dog near grasses,if that grass slightly touches their eyes means they will get infected and mostly dog like to play with grasses so they use to pull us to grass during walk but don’t allow them near grass and be very careful of fleas and ticks , always make sure your dog doesn’t have fleas and ticks and you can serve your dog some vegetables like carrot, tomato and beans and serve egg without salt it is really good for their leg those who are allowing the dog in marble. Give pedigree mixed with water don’t give as dry. Consumption of more water is important for dogs and don’t ever give salt and sugar to your dog because dogs have salt content in their tongue itself so we shouldn’t add salt to their food. For my Tom, I m not giving pedigree we are giving vetpro as food, it is more beneficial for their skin to maintain. So I m suggesting you also to give vetpro You can give mutton to your dog weekly once with rice mixed with turmeric and not salt added You can give marigold biscuit to your dog but we should not give other cookies what we eat Always check the place between their finger and toes for ticks and fleas Mostly tick and fleas will stay in hot places like their underarm and in gap between their fingers and toes Those tick and fleas will stuck their blood so it is dangerous for them So pls do check frequently. Please don’t give curd to beagle especially , it is my experience with Tom, we gave him curd for 2 weeks and we found lots of hair is being falling than usual and we ask the doctor whether curd is suitable for beagle, doctor said it is big mistake we did to him , for beagles , curd helps to shed their hair and mostly people think curd makes their body Cool so they will give curd but for beagle it is not applicable for cooling beagles body we can give watermelon and elaneer(coconut water),you can give fruits and but don’t give fruit which has citric acid. We need to take care of dogs more than how we take care of ourself.