[Part 4 ] Mumbai To Ladakh | Kargil | Leh Ladakh
Mumbai to Leh Lakdakh by road.
This video is about my journey from sonamarg to kargil to leh ladakh.
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  • Pratiksha Ulhe
    Pratiksha Ulhe

    I miss this nikhil alooootttt 🙄❤️

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    Suyash Gaikwad

    To much English , yarr hindi me vlog banate toh achha hota , that the weak point of this vlog

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    Varun Gadhwali Rawat

    Brother yahi huyi thi aapki or debu bhai ki 1st meeting

  • Varun Gadhwali Rawat
    Varun Gadhwali Rawat

    Brother big fan

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    Hrutik Bhalerao

    It's awesome sir

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    Abhi shek

    Hardwork man❤️

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    Viewers Stop

    Bot boy nikhil 🤣🤣 He doesn't know that he need to respect others riders . That's a simple rider formula bro .. :)

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    Shreyash Patil

    Is he the same happy singh with whom nikhil bhai travelled to Nashik in 2020?


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    Mohd Atif

    watching this at 2 am

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    10:23 100°C

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    abhi games planet

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    Motor wroom

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    Sandeep Sandy

    Bhai India me rehte ho toh thoda sa Hindi bhi bol liya karo, Ye foreign country ni h ki English ki jarurat pade

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    QuitBiz Live

    August 2020 watching anyone ?

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    Arjun Ab

    8:53 ye kya tha behas ki tait teri🤣

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    Rounak Ghosh

    I come for see js flims

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    Chinmoy Bose

    Watching this again on 2020 ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

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    Can you tell me the where and when is your next bike trip. So i can meet you there. I am one of your subscribers.

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    Endless Trips

    Who is watching this series????15 August 2020

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    kaushik shab

    10:10 ghoosebumps 🥺🇮🇳😍

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    Dhiraj Mishra

    That lady was too loud and mannerless, was getting offended on everything..!! Guess attitude issue..!! Watching it again after watching this for more than 20 times... Still feels good..!!

  • Subhankar Das
    Subhankar Das

    Those struggling days. Proud to have a idol like you

  • The Mike And Bidu Show
    The Mike And Bidu Show

    11:24 The petrol rate is 12.22 *SERIOUSLY??*

  • a.v. dhamal
    a.v. dhamal

    Look at the view , look at the view 😂😂😂😂

  • Abhi th Smasher
    Abhi th Smasher

    Can you tell is it good take my hayabusa to ladakh,,, i think it's not a good idea by seeing the roads in your video,,, if you came across this cmnt or anyone who has superbike like hayabusa pls reply,, I m planing to go for a journey to ladakh after this whole thing is over 😐😐

    • Ankush Sahoo
      Ankush Sahoo

      Only a dub would take his busha to ladak 😂😂

  • Dhruv's Jindal
    Dhruv's Jindal

    Hey nikhil I went to sonmarg in ertiga and we stopped at zero point and then we headed back as the roads were not good and the car was not that powerful


    Who is watching after js film new vedio

  • FactBaba

    Js pahi kaha dikhe ? ..batado koi

    • FactBaba

      @Prashant Gautam infun.info/http/v-iy/p4d2oGOc0ZyCack.html 13:10 pe ..bahot mehnat lag gai bhai 😅

    • Prashant Gautam
      Prashant Gautam

      Merko v

  • Savage jethalal
    Savage jethalal

    who's name is also arman hit the like button

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    Asaduzzaman Sikder

    After meeting Debu Bhai's group MN got more energetic! I feel! Watching in lockdown 😍😍

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    Write Abu

    whos watching this in lockdown 4.0 2020

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    Vikrant Chauhan

    Irony: Watching this during lockdown :(

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    your nose tell us about atmospheric temperature , heee

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    Dipak Anarase

    During lockdown kon kon ladakh k maje le rha h😍

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    Mohd Junaid

    Evergreen series ✳️

  • Fawad Ahmed
    Fawad Ahmed

    What is the name of lady rider?

  • Gairik Banerjee
    Gairik Banerjee

    Actually you are crossing zozila pass but you mentioned it as zero point

  • Gairik Banerjee
    Gairik Banerjee

    Before going to any destination try to know the important point you r covering and mention it in audio so that viewers will feel the ride properly.

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    Suraj Matre

    I am watching at 26 April 2020 😁😁

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    varun tyagi

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    Limleba Thongliu

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    Ashish Singh

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    the Sk Vlogs

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    Sahil Rajput

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    Shahrukh Phathan

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    Abhishek jain

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    Vaibhav Meshiya

    Nd ur life fortune chnged from this ride..

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    Sagar Pawar

    I saw all 4 parts of your vlog and i never get bored for a single minute...Nice vlogs...


    10:10 it gave me goosebumps!!!!

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    Shubham Chavan

    Who's watching in 2020 quarantine


      Me and wondering Petrol price 72 now 89🤣

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    Ye music achcha he ...ab puri video kai baar dekh li

  • Out On The Search
    Out On The Search

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    Riwaan vlogz

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    Tushar gautam

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    Parth V Gupta

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    Arpita Goswami

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    Martin Patel

    Good riding bro and i intrested your video who much kilomitar total bro

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    pramisha acharya

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  • RiderSpark Manoj
    RiderSpark Manoj

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  • Vallabh Gosavi
    Vallabh Gosavi

    Can u tell the name of the song it had lyrics earth from a bird eyes view

  • arham bhai
    arham bhai

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  • Rajiv

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    Heart of Automotives

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      RIDER RJ Patna

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      Kaustav Chakraborty

      Freddy daruwala

  • deepak sharma
    deepak sharma

    An amazing adventure captured beautifully on camera! Looked like I was riding the bike to Ladakh. Thanks for sharing, Nitin.

  • Mee Jaan
    Mee Jaan

    Who is she? What is her name/channel name?

  • Rohit Jalageri
    Rohit Jalageri

    Goosebumps at 10:05

  • Rahul D.
    Rahul D.

    Bhai after Sonamarg all the part is Ladakh....

  • Agniva Basu
    Agniva Basu

    whats the name of the girl ?? does she have any youtube channel ??

  • Aaradhya's happiness
    Aaradhya's happiness

    Great yaar ...nikhil...i loved ladakh....i watched u r life story.....i loved it...and i want to become a youtuber...so for that i uploaded 2 videos....please support

  • trev p
    trev p

    Nikhil bhai i love and pray a ton for tour succes but please do more of sich videos as it feels right and aewsome from tour end

  • Alkar Singh
    Alkar Singh

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  • Sahil Panse
    Sahil Panse

    Zojila Pass. Treacherous, yet rewarding! Went there last July.

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    travel with PJ

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    Chandrashekhar Patil

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  • Ronnie

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    mo clips

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    mo clips

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    The devil

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    Upendra Kumar

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    Yusuf Chechatwala

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    Venubabu K S Reddy

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