Prime Time With Ravish Kumar: Activist Disha Ravi Granted Bail By Delhi Court
Prime Time With Ravish Kumar - February 23, 2021: Disha Ravi, the 22-year-old climate change activist charged with sedition after being arrested February 13 in connection with a "toolkit" relating to the farmers' protest, walked out of Delhi's Tihar Jail late Tuesday night, hours after she was granted bail. Shortly before she was released Ms Ravi's mother spoke to NDTV and expressed joy at her daughter's return, saying that she had kept trust in the country's legal system. Earlier in the day Additional Sessions Court Judge Dharmendra Rana said there was "scanty and sketchy evidence" against Ms Ravi and that "I do not find any palpable reason to breach rule of bail for a 22-year-old girl who has absolutely no criminal antecedent". (Audio in Hindi)
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    Thank you very much Ravishji for you defence of Disha Ravi!

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    दोस्तोँ, NDA के 100 साँसदों के संसदीय क्षेत्रों में स्थानिये साँसदों के खिलाफ आन्दोलन करके स्तीफा देने को उन्हें मजबूर करते तो सरकार बचाने की चिन्ता से ग्रसित होकर किसानों की माँगों को सत्कार मन्जूर कर लेती और इतने लम्बे आन्दोलन की जरूरत नही होती।मूलनिवासी राष्ट्रवाद ज़िंदाबाद।

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