Saiman Says | Big Youtubers trying to be his Friends, Tanmay Bhatt, Drama, and MORE
Saiman Says in conversation with Shwetabh Gangwar author of The Rudest Book Ever talks about his introvert nature, youtube strategies, youtube drama, and a lot more things.
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  • Shwetabh Gangwar
    Shwetabh Gangwar

    Subscribe to Saiman Says: Buy 'The Rudest Book Ever' by Shwetabh Gangwar: On Amazon India: Amazon Worldwide: Flipkart: Follow me on Instagram @mensutra and Message me there if you have a problem, I will make a video on it. Join the family: Follow us on fb: Instagram: @mensutra Follow Shwetabh directly here on FB: For discussions, direct chat, and joining the community:

    • cool dragon Cool
      cool dragon Cool

      used to like saiman but after this tiktok controversy how this asshole saiman minsinterpreted his audience to create hate for carry make him his hater.. not a fan of him anymore saiman sala dogla kisi ko bhi das sakta hai

    • Sum Edh
      Sum Edh

      Sirji why were u fidgeting with ur blazer buttons. Always keep blazer unbutton for flexibility and button doesnt break.

    • Agp gcp
      Agp gcp

      Tu khub gyan chodega

    • jaidev singh
      jaidev singh

      Dank rishu kab ayega

    • Academic Titans
      Academic Titans

      @Abrarekram222 Hh what happened bro

  • Arundhati Bhattacharyya
    Arundhati Bhattacharyya

    25:22 "Ah ah ah ah aaaah!!! Maine maar liya usko..."

  • Pineapple

    Mythpat be like : Mujhe ghanta farak Nahi parta.


    Bhai podcast mtlb Dono ki baate sune Tum alag hi type ke ho😄 Khud gyaan baat te ho 😅😅 But i like that But your new audience will not like Btw love you❤

  • Eren Jaegar
    Eren Jaegar

    content cop - leafyishere (nope i dont want this) content chowkidaar - carryminati (now this is what i wanted for so long)

  • Eren Jaegar
    Eren Jaegar

    when they were saying about pewdiepie vs t series i went in nostalgia as i had the most fun both in seeing youtubers playing the "deshbhakti" card along with seeing sensible creators calling out this toxic "deshbhakti"

  • Eren Jaegar
    Eren Jaegar

    saiman looks really serious in that podcast while shwetabh seems in a very funny and sarcastic mode (when we are used to seeing the opposite although the new saiman is a bit serious but still)

  • Harshita Gulgulia
    Harshita Gulgulia

    I don't hate shwetabh but he is here for the gossip for straight one hour.... I pity saiman like kese sehen kiya usne.... shwetabh please stop being a gossip waali aunty :P Mujhe kaafi negative vibes aaye...

  • Harshita Gulgulia
    Harshita Gulgulia

    BEST LINES by SAIMAN "jo video banani hai voh apne satisfaction ke liye banaao" Shwetabh ne palti maar li accept nhi kiya ki usne numbers ka bol kar baht galat bola..... We love you Saiman!

  • Suzzaene Ali NO.8
    Suzzaene Ali NO.8

    Bro you don't have good communication skills

    • THUUG

      Bro your comment is overrated

  • Arnav Sharma
    Arnav Sharma

    End of the vedio audiences chutiya hai

  • Najah Siraj
    Najah Siraj

    Mythpat is only focusing in his phone 😂😂

  • Nikhil Bharali
    Nikhil Bharali

    31:26 - I think Shwetabh Bhai meant to say Saiman put PewDiePie in his video, not the other way round.

  • Mobius

    Nice 🔥

  • Abhigyan

    First time watching Shwetabh laugh is really feels different 😂😂😂...


    We expect Raw and real like this....

  • Samar Pandey
    Samar Pandey

    Bhaiya 14m views hai us video pr or aap bol rhe ho km views aaye hai us pr

  • Yash Agarwal
    Yash Agarwal

    53:00 youtube tips

  • Abbas Haidari
    Abbas Haidari

    Who is this Sandhrebi they're talking about.. I can't find any channel with that name on INfun..

    • pandeyy

      Sunraybee ,😂😂😂😂

  • Pineapple

    Why mythpat is not having lunch in background ?

    • Pineapple

      @THUUG Tu pakka Say Sena Ka kariyakarta ha

    • THUUG

      Bcz uski mummy ne nhi bnaya

  • Sai Vyshnavi
    Sai Vyshnavi

    WTF Man! This guy just speaks and speaks and speaks. Let the other guy speak.

  • Disha Mishra
    Disha Mishra


  • Kuch Bhi Random
    Kuch Bhi Random

    Bhai shwetabh to kaise Mic rakh ke ghante baten karna shuru kar deta hai yr 😂 hatts off yr no script

  • Vedant Bothra
    Vedant Bothra

    Ngl it seems shwetabh is parenting saiman rather than a podcast Feels awkward

  • Shoaib Khan
    Shoaib Khan

    Plz do podcast with sunraybee

  • Vratik Ranka
    Vratik Ranka

    39:04 .... and he stayed true to his words! Sai-Man!

  • Battle- Xian
    Battle- Xian

    Bhai is podcast se jada sahi to bhupeshyt ka video hai... 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • Pransu

    47:58 - when MYTHPAT spoke

  • Timothy

    39:00 Saiman nashe me lgra

  • Anirudh Rawat
    Anirudh Rawat

    Helo sir. . . . Normie comment ahead. . . . . . Jo bhi 2021 me ye video dekhra hai vo like kro 👇.

  • Anti - Human
    Anti - Human

    Saiman katagari Reaction Meme review Roast Award hosting show

  • CreativeGiant

    Shwetabh says david dobrik i liked the video

  • 1 4176 Ayushman Singh Rathore
    1 4176 Ayushman Singh Rathore

    Saiman says is scared as shit. He didn't want to say how much time he spends on YT cause then swetabh would bash him😂😂😂😂

  • Dipesh Patil
    Dipesh Patil

    Saiman fake laughing is the best thing

  • chetan chaudhary
    chetan chaudhary


  • Harshil jariwala
    Harshil jariwala

    Saiman still in chaddi😂

    • THUUG

      He is poor since he collab with 6

  • adithya Shetty
    adithya Shetty

    Mythpat fully ignored 😂

  • PARV

    4:25 mythpat dead

  • Kush Srivastava
    Kush Srivastava


    • THUUG


  • keshav aggarwal
    keshav aggarwal


  • The MindGeek Podcast
    The MindGeek Podcast

    I wish one day I will get chance for a podcast :) abhi to yeh dur ki baat he.....hope for the best.

    • THUUG

      Kaam kro

  • Sourabh Mekkalike
    Sourabh Mekkalike

    every second was relevant to hear, so much local talk☺❤👍 .

  • YAMA

    Yeh piche mythpat hai kya

    • Debronic

      @Sanjana Sharma mat maan

    • Sanjana Sharma
      Sanjana Sharma

      @Debronic Lol xd main kaise man lu

    • Debronic

      Nhi Triggered insaan hai

  • sonjana

    FING," M bol raha hun guys, ye mic jaan boojh ke saiman ke crotch se match kiya hai."


    Wo background me aadha insaan kon hai???

  • Szar Szar
    Szar Szar

    Shwetabh's Views on Vloggers - full reference to Mumbiker Nikhil 😅😅

  • Prerona Ghosh
    Prerona Ghosh

    I love the colour: red-rimmedspecs of saiman.

  • Priyanshu

    4:22 saiman be like minecraft villager :[haha ]

  • Ashwin Jaiswal
    Ashwin Jaiswal


  • Am

    52:35 perfect me :/

  • Prajjwal Tiwari
    Prajjwal Tiwari

    It's been 12 minutes and they're just discussing controversies 🙄. Will be much better if you watch #TheRanveerShow


    Mythpat is going to have a controversy with Jadoo

  • Madmax

    mere gar pe bhi aesi hi conversation hoti he jab koi uncle ya phir reletive aate he 😁

  • Mob 100
    Mob 100

    Fun fact :saiman and mythpat are wearing same shirt😂

  • Aditya Kulkarni
    Aditya Kulkarni

    Can you make a podcast with Physicswallah as well.

  • Margaret Dcruze
    Margaret Dcruze

    Let saiman speak☺

    • Asif MGKS
      Asif MGKS

      he is an introver. what do u expect

  • Captain Salif
    Captain Salif

    Anybody Noticed Even in the Podcast Saiman is wearing That Shorts and Shirt with the top most button also closed

  • Sarthak Squad
    Sarthak Squad

    He is shivankit parihar 😁

  • ugly handsome
    ugly handsome

    shwetabh and saiman ❤️❤️ i love to hear this guys whole day

  • Gamers_Point

    Muze aisa lagta hey kii saiman apane satisfaction ko bohot imp deta hey islia kamm bhi videos Aa rahe hey tabhi log use accept karr rahe hey...

  • kartik Swami
    kartik Swami

    Most funny thing in this video is "MYTHPAT"😁

  • Say Sainik
    Say Sainik


  • CE-17 - 47 Naman Vyas
    CE-17 - 47 Naman Vyas

    How Shwetabh drives the conversation, really an amazing skill to learn !!

  • Prerana Arbad
    Prerana Arbad

    Yar kitna cringe hai..kuch proper questions nhi h..thik h..hmmm shayad ye wo..answers bhi thik nhi h..isko podcast kon bolega?? point hi nhi h bs gyan dete ja rha h wo sunte ja rha h..wo saiman to bechara etna bored ho gya like uski to energy low ho gyi iski bak bak sunke..Tanmay bhat ka podcast dekho aur sikho yar kuch..I can't watch this for more than 15 mins..n why is shwetabh jealous of everyone?/ yar etna attitude q h bhai?? uska ghr kaisa h ..usko aise bolna ye wo..why u telling saiman such negative things?

    • Asif MGKS
      Asif MGKS

      he always tells that this is just a conversation like everyone has with thier friends. tanmay bhats style is different and his style is different. for ur kind information did u see saiman in tanmay bhats treemathon stream... he was just queit and was not doing anything ,........i am a big fan of saiman and he himsef told that he is an introvert in one of his video

  • Jagath Jayakumar
    Jagath Jayakumar

    This Saiman guy looks cool, he should have a channel of his own.

    • Ayush Saha
      Ayush Saha

      @Sathvik Allamsetty r/woooosh

    • Triny

      @Sathvik Allamsetty samjho bete sarcasm


      @Happy Vector Day bhai dp bhi dekh le🤣

    • Happy Vector Day
      Happy Vector Day

      @Sathvik Allamsetty you didn't get the joke of Jagath. He knows Saiman but he commented satirically .

    • Happy Vector Day
      Happy Vector Day

      @Sathvik Allamsetty 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • SNPR

    mithpat dose not cares about anything

  • leslie Fernandes
    leslie Fernandes

    Mythpat ka role isme utna hi hai jitna salman ki movies me actresses ka .

    • Pramod Dubey
      Pramod Dubey

      ctfu india fb group

  • Adarsh Kumar
    Adarsh Kumar

    8:23 I think you are contradicting yourself over here. You said that body-shaming is not part of roasting in the video about carryminati

    • The Explorer
      The Explorer

      Body Shaming Joke isn't the problem, The problem is normalising it a statement

  • XingSan Kirito
    XingSan Kirito

    52"43' AMBIVERT

  • XingSan Kirito
    XingSan Kirito

    DO you watch ANIME?My Hero Academia

    • Asif MGKS
      Asif MGKS

      watashi na namaiwa asif des. i watch bnha my friiend

  • G RAV
    G RAV

    Captain jamv is also doing great job

  • G RAV
    G RAV

    Shewatbh bhai uska naam shivankit singh parihar hai

  • XingSan Kirito
    XingSan Kirito

    41;30 (If saiman knew he will be dissed in YALGAR )


    Saiman: Haa matlab voi pitch, haa voi matlab....

  • Chaitanya Bommak
    Chaitanya Bommak

    Why is saiman talking so Awkwardly I know Saiman says is introvert but he knows them right!!!

  • Joey Tribbiani
    Joey Tribbiani

    Sala shwetabh gand amit ka accha bol tana mar rha h

  • Joey Tribbiani
    Joey Tribbiani

    Saiman bhi puchliya kab fake hona h . Camera chalu fake start

  • Toasty Gambino
    Toasty Gambino

    I really want to see a podcast like this with Tanmay.. Ho paega?

  • Harsh Thacker
    Harsh Thacker

    I am like Mithilesh in a group project

  • Happy Vector Day
    Happy Vector Day

    Saiman is 🔥🔥🔥

  • md humaid
    md humaid

    Important time stamps would be helpful

  • laptop 360
    laptop 360

    Mthypat ignore u the whole time 😂 😂😂😂

  • Suraj Pratap
    Suraj Pratap

    Shwetabh looks like a guy who has an opinion on almost everything and tries to look smarter than you in every situation lmao

    • You are just an orgasm
      You are just an orgasm

      That's a creative In a perspective

  • Rigs Shiver
    Rigs Shiver

    Video mey mythpat kya kar raha hey.😅😅

  • Perplexed World
    Perplexed World

    Kis gaandu ko..baitha liya,,😑🤣

    • Anubhaba Pradhan
      Anubhaba Pradhan

      @Happy Vector Day damn

    • VECTOR


    • Happy Vector Day
      Happy Vector Day

      🤣 sahi bole tum Is gandu k bajai CarryMinati ko baithana chahiye tha 🤣 Podcast sure hit hota 🔥 But podcast ka quality carry ka educational qualifications jaisa achha hota

  • Jesseちゃん

    Saiman proved that you can be a INfunr with thousands of followers even though you're an introvert 😔. Well done.

    • Mandar Garud
      Mandar Garud

      Pewdiepie : hold my tambourine

  • Shravan Lad
    Shravan Lad

    Awkward conversation op😂

  • Omkar Parab
    Omkar Parab

    46:27 Enters Prakhar!

    • Prakhar Sharma
      Prakhar Sharma

      Han bhai bolo?

  • NayDenR


  • Dalson

    Sometimes I feel Shewtabh is stuck in that coat

  • White Tiger
    White Tiger

    25:22 close your eyes and listen

    • Shrinath


  • Edmand

    Sai sena be like : yeh censored h na?

    • Edmand

      Sorry but its deleted

    • Kartik Singhora
      Kartik Singhora

      Plz give me link of podcast with slayy point and mensutra . Not able to find it

  • Unnamed

    Why is Saiman in the principal's office?

  • RAJU Mondal
    RAJU Mondal

    Saimay says awkward

  • Anshul Aditya
    Anshul Aditya

    we can clearly see he's not that confident because of the low camera angle and his double chin(here after ocus' podcast btw)

  • Nibir Nishant
    Nibir Nishant

    31:07 mera tere se pehle tha 😂😂😂🤣 simon thoda nervous lag raha he


    4:25 when u realised u wore wrong button in wrong chhed

  • Srijan Goswami
    Srijan Goswami

    Outro was the best


    Saiman says Kr$na Salil Jamdar Slay point Dank Rishu Ke saath podcast

    • Y005_Sanket

      Bhai krsna k bhi kafi fans hai yrr.mujhe laga bas rap wale log hi hai .... Didn't expect ki other youtubers ke a comment section mein mujhe Jay Krishna ka naam sunai dega and that too in shwetabhs channel impossible...but krsna big fan

  • Mr. patel
    Mr. patel

    Moral of the podcast: be like that guy on bed, stay happy in your self, don’t give too much F to problems around 😂😂😂