Sam Curran Analysis On Team India Bowlers Extraordinary Bowling|IND vs ENG 3rd ODI Updates
Sam Curran Analysis On Team India Bowlers Extraordinary Bowling|IND vs ENG 3rd ODI Updates|Filmy Poster
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లేటెస్ట్ సినిమా, పొలిటికల్ మరియు స్పోర్ట్స్ న్యూస్ కోసం మా వెబ్ సైట్ ను సందర్శించండి.
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  • chandu 1c7
    chandu 1c7

    sam curan chepinda leka nuvey cheptunava tammi😂

  • Kota Lakshmi Narayana Reddy
    Kota Lakshmi Narayana Reddy

    అభిమన్యుడు లాగా చెమటలు పట్టించాడు..👍👍👍

  • Raju Muppidi
    Raju Muppidi

    Sam Karan

  • Kasuganti Dineshkumar
    Kasuganti Dineshkumar

    After ABDevillieers, gayle and ben stokes sam curran is my favorite foreign player

  • Venugopal Nayee
    Venugopal Nayee

    Sam curran❤️ CSK all rounder the best ❤️

  • jack sparrow
    jack sparrow

    Orey jaffa

  • Nivas Venky
    Nivas Venky

    SRH 👑👑👑

  • Manju Ch
    Manju Ch

    U make us pressure sam

  • Venkat Chinta
    Venkat Chinta

    We want some fast bowlers and spin bowlers for example yuzi chahal

  • Ravi Teja
    Ravi Teja joke brother..sam curran ..ipl valla velugoloki na..good joke..🤣🤣🤣 Eng tho test series lo..4 test matches manam galavasina match lu last lo digi..kummesadu manalni..vadi valla 4 test match lu odipoyamu....appude entha manchi playero artham aindi Man of the series for 5 match test series

  • sai kumar
    sai kumar


  • Manichand Dasari
    Manichand Dasari

    SRH lo villu key role

  • upender pagilla
    upender pagilla

    నాకు తెలిసి your of the mach

  • Naveen Virat
    Naveen Virat

    One ond only Bhuvi...🔥🔥

  • sunrises Hyderabad
    sunrises Hyderabad

    Louda. Chamatalu patteay anta louda kadu

  • manda nagaraj
    manda nagaraj

    Bhuvi no1 bowler ......

  • ht7t jk8
    ht7t jk8

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  • venki_ yadav143
    venki_ yadav143

    Sooo athanu veluguloki rakundane england teqm loki tisukunnaraa? Lekunte msd ne cheppada eng selectors ki select cheskondi aniiii ..hahahaha how funny

  • Chinthala Srinivas
    Chinthala Srinivas

    అట్లయితే సన్ రైజర్ దే కప్

  • proud to be an indian jaisriram jai Jesus jai allah
    proud to be an indian jaisriram jai Jesus jai allah

    Waste nakoduka endhi Adhi Thumbnail

  • Gubbala Ganapathi
    Gubbala Ganapathi

    That is a indian players


    Finally srh.lucky

  • Ramachandra Naik
    Ramachandra Naik


    • Veerababu Yeleti
      Veerababu Yeleti

      Bhuvi okkade perfect ga bowling chesadu.. ,&mana feelding worest...

  • Yuvi the rock
    Yuvi the rock

    Cal samakara jai jai👍👍🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  • manohar rao manohar
    manohar rao manohar

    Extremely suberb sam👏👏

  • Guggilam Lakshman Pushkar
    Guggilam Lakshman Pushkar

    Super batting sam curran bro

  • Sangeethkumar Gudipudi
    Sangeethkumar Gudipudi

    Ull b one of the valueble player and start player in csk.... csk gives lovely welcm to u bro Csk youth star nuve bro

  • durga prasad
    durga prasad

    Mundey vachadu bhayya england team loki chennai vallu teskunna tarvtha raledhu

  • Raj Rajendar
    Raj Rajendar

    Vadem ala chepaldu match andaru chusaru......mundu aa pichakuntla headline teesi dengu.panikoche videos uploaded cheste baguntadi



  • ram sureshot
    ram sureshot

    Your great batsman Sam

  • Anil C
    Anil C

    Vedio chupisthea melu me sollu avasaram ledhu

  • Sreenu Palika
    Sreenu Palika

    Karan kadhu ra ayya adi Peru Curran adhi

  • Sujith kumar
    Sujith kumar


  • sai ram
    sai ram

    S Curran great batsman.. 3 odi lo super battimg

  • Sathish Babu
    Sathish Babu

    hardik bhuvi natraj super bowling

  • Aishu Vishnu
    Aishu Vishnu

    Well done Sam curran👍👍👍

  • upendra manda
    upendra manda

    Sam karan exalent ba ting

  • Jagadeesh Bonala
    Jagadeesh Bonala

    Iam Big fan of your Batting Sam Curran ma Valla ki chematalu painchav

  • B SR
    B SR

    Actually అతనిని సరిగా ఉపయోగించు కోవటం లేదు.సరైన అవకాశాలు ఇవ్వలేదు.IPL లో ధోని ఆయనను బాగా ఉపయోగించుకుంటున్నాడు

    • yanumula raja reddy
      yanumula raja reddy

      పక్కోల ప్రతిభ ని ఉపయోగించుకోవాలంటే అది ధోని తరువాతే ఎవరన్నా

  • rocking boys entertainments
    rocking boys entertainments

    Inspired innings of Sam👍


    Fidha from India 🇮🇳 sam Curran. U r not loss good job.

  • God OR what
    God OR what



    Correct Sam

  • Billa Chandu
    Billa Chandu

    SamCurtyinn Mind-blowingg battinggfgfg❤️🔥🎉👍

  • p.bhairavanageswara reddy
    p.bhairavanageswara reddy

    Dhoni is the best

  • Pathuni Ravish
    Pathuni Ravish

    Bhuvi is best boulur in india

  • Pathuni Ravish
    Pathuni Ravish

    ఎదేమైన కింగ్ కార్రన్

  • Thavaru Rathod
    Thavaru Rathod

    Shamkarn Bai badayabeti

  • Rajesh kohli
    Rajesh kohli

    Jai srh

  • Hari Krishna
    Hari Krishna


  • Yadagiri Mudari
    Yadagiri Mudari

    💪 pow,er of Hyderabad team bowlers👈

  • Gattu Padma
    Gattu Padma


  • Buchalwar Shivaraj
    Buchalwar Shivaraj

    నీ బచ్చా ధోనీ దగ్గర నేర్చుకో ఎలా ఫినిష్ చేయాలో మాచ్ నీ....


    నీ వల్ల india కి chematalu pattayi...

  • Kalyan kumar N
    Kalyan kumar N

    Your the hero man sam very good batting

  • Jayakar Babu
    Jayakar Babu

    ఆయనకు చెమటలు పట్టడం ఎలా ఉన్నా ఓవర్లు గడిచేకొద్దీ అతనికి బౌలింగ్ చేయాలంటే మన బౌలర్లకు గుండె దడ మొదలయ్యి ఉంటుంది.

  • mohammad sameer
    mohammad sameer

    MSD ❤️

  • Balamarthi Nagaraju
    Balamarthi Nagaraju


  • Yerrayya Surada
    Yerrayya Surada

    Chennai King 👑 Nattu

  • Lakshmana Rao
    Lakshmana Rao


  • Potaveni Rajendhar
    Potaveni Rajendhar

    Bongu em kaadhu ipl nundi kadhu.. Eng vs ind test series nundi mana meedha manchi form lo vunnadu

  • D Rishi varshith 7
    D Rishi varshith 7

    Sam curran matladinde petochu kadha Meru andhuku matladaru

  • sai tony
    sai tony


  • sujatha venu
    sujatha venu

    Syamkaran you are a great sports man I love your responsibility to try to win England at one time England will win the match for bad luck your team loose the game but you are already got love of all Indians hearts ♥️♥️🥂🥂🥂

  • Vinod Psvk
    Vinod Psvk

    నిన్న ని బ్యాటింగ్ ని ఆత్మస్థైర్యాన్ని 🙏🙏

  • Thaddi Pydiraju
    Thaddi Pydiraju


  • vasu g
    vasu g

    Super sam


    Imagine nattu and bhuvi and sandeep in final overs👅

  • Vchandu V
    Vchandu V

    England win aithe bagundedhi 😭🙏🙏

  • Manoj Manu
    Manoj Manu

    Bhuvi is best bowler in India🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Srikanth Yadav
    Srikanth Yadav

    భువి నటరాజన్ ఇద్దరు మన Srh in ipl 2021

    • Rajesh kohli
      Rajesh kohli

      @buragana eswarao itha

    • buragana eswarao
      buragana eswarao

      We have sam curran😎

    • Rajesh kohli
      Rajesh kohli


  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar

    Roy bairstow root Morgan Stokes butlar s curran rashid jofra wood c wokes

  • Siva Boddu
    Siva Boddu

    Sam ninna cousina ni batting excellent ind uchha poyinchinav better luck next time

    • sree kalla
      sree kalla

      Mana pant,hardik batting chusina prathi sari England vallu nilane feel avuthune untaru anta..😀

    • clown gamer
      clown gamer

      no misfield anthe lekapothe min 50 runs thedatho gelichedhi india.

  • Anke prasanth
    Anke prasanth

    India ki chukkalu kanabadinayyii andaru chusaru

  • Anke prasanth
    Anke prasanth

    Vedi ekkuva undhi leraa nv urky sodhi cheppaku

  • Chandrakanth Reddy Gurijala
    Chandrakanth Reddy Gurijala

    Power of Orenge Army

  • mmd rafiq
    mmd rafiq

    Bhuvi kottadam Anta eesy kaadu ley

  • Sai Eswar Reddy Padala
    Sai Eswar Reddy Padala

    Man of the match evariko kuda thelidha

  • Ch Yuvaraj
    Ch Yuvaraj

    Very Good samcuran. Nenu yuvarj fans.

  • Hari Krishna
    Hari Krishna

    2 time life

  • Anil kumar Anil
    Anil kumar Anil

    Curran best allrounder in world.

  • Yogesh Guptha
    Yogesh Guptha

    S. Curran u r great job and good innings next time congregation miku chala future undi

  • Rama Krishna
    Rama Krishna

    Superr batting Sam

  • ganesh padagala
    ganesh padagala

    CSK small 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁😁😁😁

  • shashi kumar
    shashi kumar

    Excellent bowling buvi

  • Fakru Pawanism
    Fakru Pawanism

    Thumbnails అంతా సీన్ లేదు, sam Curran మన వాళ్ల కి ఉచ్చ పోయించాడు..

    • King of Kings
      King of Kings

      Pichal poyinchadu 2 lifes vachay 😂🤭

    • Fakru Pawanism
      Fakru Pawanism

      @clown gamer ఇది అయితే నిజమే bro

    • clown gamer
      clown gamer

      chivaraki sam curan posadu pant lo mana vallu vesina yorker ki


      ఎక్కడ పోయించాడు అన్న మన వాళ్ళు చేసిన mistakes వల్ల ఆదాడు అంతే

    • clown gamer
      clown gamer

      @Fakru Pawanism it happens okka match lo alaga jargindhi prathi sari jaragadhulee

  • Bhaskar Teja
    Bhaskar Teja

    He is match winner

  • Thandu Thirumal Kumar goud
    Thandu Thirumal Kumar goud


  • rajesh babu
    rajesh babu

    నీ బ్యాటింగ్ తో మాకు చెమటలు పట్టించావ్

    • Sudhakar B
      Sudhakar B

      Correct bro

    • Dasandla Naveen Naani
      Dasandla Naveen Naani

      Nijame bro😋

    • Rathan Chavan
      Rathan Chavan

      Avunu bro

  • arjun arjun
    arjun arjun

    S Karan singles rotate chyyaledu chste win ayyedi

    • clown gamer
      clown gamer

      singles rotate chesthee kastam aidhi vaala wickets padipothai ani thelisee ratate cheyala

  • jonnavithula shastry
    jonnavithula shastry

    Congrats Sam curran ,many more Innings like this in the future

  • vasantha kumar
    vasantha kumar

    2 catches missed

  • Surya Prakash Rao Kandula
    Surya Prakash Rao Kandula

    Sam enjoyed batting n doubts is India loosing the match at that time ie upto 49.4 overs. Relaxed( even Sastri also) after 49.5 ball.!


    Dhoni penchina mokka


    No bumra no face... mad pant ...most talented nd dangerous player....

  • Sammi Reddy
    Sammi Reddy

    Samcurren ur real winner of world cricket lovers. God bless u..every Indian cricket fan enjoyed your fighting spirit.

    • clown gamer
      clown gamer

      no nisfield anthe lekapothe min 50 runs thedatho gelichedhi india

  • jagan diddiga
    jagan diddiga

    Nattu ..

  • Charmi K
    Charmi K

    God bless you syam


    Super batting