Siberian tiger attacks Chinese villager, damages car
A Siberian tiger harassed a Chinese village on April 23, injuring a field worker and damaging a car, before being captured by authorities.
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  • taleandclaw rock
    taleandclaw rock

    2 m, magnificent predator. Must have been hungry....

  • isabel lind
    isabel lind

    💜Thank you wildlife/conservation officers for not harming this beautiful animal.💜 💗🐯💗

  • Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu
    Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu

    Tiger is being deported to Russia.

  • Cole Trickle
    Cole Trickle

    Tiger up to tiger tomfoolery

  • Ano Rosy
    Ano Rosy

    Now that I've seen a tiger quickly break a car window, alas! my myth has been proven false.

  • Daniel Fisher
    Daniel Fisher

    Maybe hes upset were turning the enviroment into an industrial wasteland..

    • Garshasp Mashya Kavusi
      Garshasp Mashya Kavusi

      I think it's more upset they eat it's kind.

  • Ricky Matal
    Ricky Matal

    It's a young tiger so I hope they release it soon back into the wild

  • Akshat Sharma
    Akshat Sharma

    Mata ji ka sher

  • Mar

    Leave the animals alone. Give them their home back.

  • hashbrowns

    Can’t they eat the 🐅🤷🏼

  • kelvin britz
    kelvin britz

    And this is somehow news? Must have been a slow news day

  • Bobofet241

    Here Kitty kitty! I am glad they caught her, so lost dear soul.

    • lei wang
      lei wang

      @胡育昆 all 200 female tigers at the protection centre are so happy they have fresh young male tiger from wild to cheer them up, LMFAO

    • 胡育昆

      He is male, and very young, nearly the teenage as human.

  • Insightful Eyes
    Insightful Eyes

    Tiger tail soup 🍲 toss the rest away. Lychee Tiger festival begins

    • honey badger own lions
      honey badger own lions


    • Garshasp Mashya Kavusi
      Garshasp Mashya Kavusi

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    That tiger almost got Covid19.

    • Garshasp Mashya Kavusi
      Garshasp Mashya Kavusi

      Hope the poor cat is OK.

  • BEAU B
    BEAU B

    If you can't break your car window , call Tiger Direct! Hehehehe

    • DetoNateR

      @小肉肉 so?

    • 小肉肉

      and, it is a volkswagen...

  • 3D Gremlin
    3D Gremlin

    It's a cat guys, shoot the damned thing.

  • Dr. D. Evidence
    Dr. D. Evidence

    Ha, imagine being afraid of a lone tiger. In Canada, we have BEAVERS ! -- herds of them, in fact. (Okay, technically they're called "colonies," but you don't want to be nit-picking when they take a mind to charge at you en masse.)

  • 小肉肉

    I don't think there are any wild tigers or pandas in Canada in the wild.

    • 小肉肉

      @3D Gremlin and grizzly 🐻 bears, I bet.

    • 3D Gremlin
      3D Gremlin

      We don't have tigers in Canada, but we do have mountain lions.

  • Langton Industries
    Langton Industries

    Oh wow

  • michaelngfinance

    Tigger is looking for his friend.

    • Garshasp Mashya Kavusi
      Garshasp Mashya Kavusi

      His friend is probably in their stomachs.

  • Mr Briggs
    Mr Briggs

    Put a tiger in your tank!

    • Christmas Iron egg
      Christmas Iron egg

      German tiger tank? Lol

    • Mr Briggs
      Mr Briggs

      @Bobofet241 The sticker book and you fill the squares with the players was my

    • Bobofet241

      Oh my, that's been a while since I heard that. I remember in Haliburton Ontario they had an Esso Station (decades ago) and we got a silver key chain with the Tiger on it. Miss the old days, great memories up there.

  • Terry Seitz
    Terry Seitz

    We got to remember this was there home before ours


      No sweets, it belongs to all animals.. Thing is, one should learn to respect other's right & privacy else will face dire consequences

    • yellow bhee
      yellow bhee

      Who knows

    • 小肉肉

      Mother Nature will fix everything. No worry.

    • Al Electric
      Al Electric

      We all live on the same planet. It out is there and vise versa

  • cody crafts
    cody crafts

    Cody 🇨🇦🇨🇦👍🏻👍🏻

    • 小肉肉

      I never see any wild tigers in Canada so far.