"Smartphones are Boring now."
Smartphones are NOT boring, here's just 9 reasons why!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Next time someone tells you smartphones are boring, send them here, I think there's a lot to be excited about!

    • Luciano_2021 Dankfort
      Luciano_2021 Dankfort

      You should make vids about facts like bright side ur rlly good at it

    • lucasade man
      lucasade man

      Man nice clickbate title

    • nikki paconoda
      nikki paconoda

      can i have your samsung s10 plus sir..im using a realme 6 pro only..i want to expirience a samsung s10 plus..thanks..hihi

    • Kamrul Hasan
      Kamrul Hasan

      K(999900h. P

    • Titas Jasiūnas
      Titas Jasiūnas


  • Roberts

    Would be nice with more phones that use physical buttons, kinda miss the good old Sony Ericsson walkman phones, or the playstation smart phone with actual controller layout.. those things should be brought back but modernised.

  • MAGG7

    That was a nice phone with Ricky ashley

  • Monster Infamous
    Monster Infamous

    'Cat Camera's 😂

  • Siim Koger
    Siim Koger

    In 2030 take a phone out of your pocket, fold it into a laptop, open supported development tools that Windows and Apple have, hack away, fold it together, take a DSLR quality picture to remember the great day.

  • KitMellow

    How about manufacturer's give us actually practical/useful features instead? Like headphone jacks? Plastic instead of glass and metal frames to reduce phone weight and prevent shattering on small drops? Removable batteries? Working FM radios? Waterproofing? 16:9 bezeless phones for seamless video content and smaller phone size?

  • KitMellow

    "Phones all look the same" is actually true these days. I'm willing to debate anyone who thinks otherwise. Especially practical phones that people actually buy. Not some overpriced foldable nonesense with questionable size, durability, and weight.

  • Michael K.
    Michael K.

    I dont know if smartphones are boring in general. I just decided not to buy a new one because the technology has not really evolved that much. My Oneplus 6 is still fast enough.

  • futurefarms

    More profit in phones than Anything else hmmmmmmm

  • Mickhail Reeves
    Mickhail Reeves

    Case manufacturers are the true innovators 😂 how you gonna build a case for a expanding phone

  • Glitch

    Smartphones are Foldable Rollable Rickrolable

  • MegaFLOWZ

    When it comes monopoly, all smartphones are really2 booooooring... Android and iOS, still boring for me..

  • Cuber 02
    Cuber 02

    he rickrolled me without the music


    I thought you like boring 📱. I mean you switched to iPhone. 🤔

  • Funny Man
    Funny Man

    Idk man this new phone from mexicano apple esta muy good and es muy bueno quando ves video’s y el telephone esta bien bueno quando juegas algo

  • British Comedy Disturbed Artist Podcast
    British Comedy Disturbed Artist Podcast

    Great, more CIA & FBI can wear dresses now, as men of course. Wow! That's cool?

  • Sameer Gawde
    Sameer Gawde

    Phones are not boring, but you grew up to understand phone is meant to make calls, and rest of also can do things.


    I'm sorry but smartphone are Boring this day meaning less upgrade way to expensive just toys

  • DarqueQueen7

    What's the old song - ah. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shadea I gotta wear shades.

  • richardlyew

    Samsung been there done that with the Galaxy Zoom

  • SinceNightmoon

    Dude Just fuckin create a company and finally make our dream phone. The only thing I don't need is this dumb 3D corner screens...

  • Dhananjay Jajoo
    Dhananjay Jajoo

    Your voice is great

  • nordac parallax
    nordac parallax

    Smortfuns. I love his accent

  • Salko Aljovic
    Salko Aljovic


  • Tommy Olaussen
    Tommy Olaussen

    Samsung K zoom. Look it up 😅😅😅

  • Mark Nietzsche
    Mark Nietzsche

    Beautiful English!!!

  • Yashas R V
    Yashas R V

    I'm happy about the graphene

  • nate larams
    nate larams

    You should try Lava Mobile

  • pol chii
    pol chii

    ha! you heard this guy? Ray Tracing on smartphones??? i was born too early ;_;

  • Rafiul Likhon
    Rafiul Likhon

    gift me a ROG PHONE pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! 😞🙃

  • Bruhify Ssj
    Bruhify Ssj

    Arun : act like a cat Camera man : 8:37 Arun : again Camera man : 12:18

  • Rahul

    so,you are wrong

  • NinjaChris77

    Problem with these foldable Phones and all the other crazy ones, ... THEY ARE EXPENSIVE!! I love them and i would totally try a foldable phone, but unlike back in the day, when phones had all kinds of crazy and different shapes and styles, you actually have to be borderline rich now to aford a 2k Smartphone thats in some sort of experimental stage still! The normal user is stuck with normal Smartphones for now until they get afordable and better.

  • Ian jo kishor
    Ian jo kishor

    If there is graffene batteries aron can not sleep in his battery drain tests

  • Ayaan Khan
    Ayaan Khan

    2:05 he rickrolled us!

  • Nick L
    Nick L

    No just iphones are boring

  • Raidz

    3:25 never gonna give u never gonna let u down

  • Adam Yasin
    Adam Yasin

    The interesting potato histologically report because nancy phylogenetically cycle vice a shallow clarinet. humdrum, jagged wrench

  • Phoebe

    3:23 did Arun try to...rickroll us?

  • zorion1111

    have you thought about a phone that can be upgraded part by part by the user? like pc desktop

  • Boi

    why do i see a teardrop near your eyelids

  • Dan Oss
    Dan Oss

    flagships are too freakin expensive.... pfftttttt.

  • Wolf Hound
    Wolf Hound

    Smart(dumb)Phones always sucked imo.

  • heeman 2
    heeman 2

    The keen owl temporally start because sphere bareilly embarrass pace a unbiased cousin. plucky, quickest client

  • Streamlink Media
    Streamlink Media

    Hey could you donate a just 1 of the those phone to me in jamaica you would make my year

  • Morrisonlife.com

    And yet after all of your videos I have viewed, you still refuse to talk about a phone as a desktop or laptop replacement which only Samsung achieve with their DEX system. Why oh why do you not talk about this considering that it the best reason and really, the only reason, to shell out £1300 on a phone.

  • TF252 AGENT6
    TF252 AGENT6

    3:23 rickrolled

  • OVXX

    just an upgrade of the same brick. boring+

  • Lashif talks
    Lashif talks

    topic itself is boring.. !

  • BobRooney

    i agree, the innovation is gone. but what is worse, the features that were useful, are all gone, like removable batteries, microSD slot, headphone jack, and IR remote control sensors. worst of all, smartphones have become an environmental disaster. people are throwing out their phones all the time, sometimes as little as 1 year usage, and just buying new ones, because of greedy corporations that intentionally no longer implement removable batteries. there are no phone recycling programs. and if there are, what exactly is being recycled besides marketing lies?

  • lewis Alexander
    lewis Alexander

    Its just Expensive gimmicks. I'll stick with my huawei p30 pro

  • Orbit Donut
    Orbit Donut

    5:37 Listen to the cat

  • prajesh bhushan
    prajesh bhushan

    i love Lew as well, but actually Arun's channel should be called Unbox "therapy" , because , that demeanor

  • Pat. C
    Pat. C

    What fones as less apps n apps we dont need as I don't use much in social network. Apart v whats app. Obviously here the rest are n the bin

  • Parker Gray
    Parker Gray

    The earphone thing is so fucking dumb- if one of them gets crushed or lost, you just have a random hole in your phone??? Like wtf

  • Rameez Safdar
    Rameez Safdar

    Smart phone are not really interesting anymore, reasons? Here are reasons 1- My phone has a 64MP camera and all these macro etc yet i dont use camera on daily basis and macro i think i have never used since i unboxed phone the 1st time and same with ultra wide 2- bezels are going down yet fragility increases and we almost all end up with cases that add bezels eventually so.. 3- I dont mind a camera module on phone lol, its okay even there is a small hole for camera, in fact i prefer to see the camera of my phone 4- Back is changing color, dafuq mate, i am using a case already, better than so many fingerprints on my phone Btw i love tech, been following tech channels since eternity, flashing custom roms and all but honestly there was a time when once a year smartphone was exciting, now there is a smartphone out there, every month

  • Mahmud Rahman
    Mahmud Rahman

    They didn't saw Rog, or moto razer in life, that's why they're telling this

    • a

      oh shut up, those archaic pieces of garbage may look cool, but what, they are still at the end of the day feature phones, they can make a smidge of a smidge of what a normal smartphone can do

  • Boss cR7
    Boss cR7

    big fan of yours. I wanna meet with you

  • InfernoVortex

    I don't think the mobile to ps5 comparison is fair to make honestly. For 2 primary reasons. 1. PS5 is created primarily flr gaming, while phones are multipurpose. 2. Not all android users play games.

  • Harvey Jay David
    Harvey Jay David

    Cheeky little rick astley

  • Prince Fred Kent
    Prince Fred Kent


  • Jay & the newfoundland's
    Jay & the newfoundland's

    ps5s are really hard to get hey are rare you should have done ps4s

  • Muhamed Comor
    Muhamed Comor

    3:29 he has rick astley as a wallpaper

  • simpson cornish
    simpson cornish

    The scared story ethnopharmacologically tap because mouth basically embarrass below a mundane blue. wry, gaping jellyfish

  • Dean S
    Dean S

    The Galaxy S20+ has virtually no bottom bezel. Guess you forgot.

  • SimpleSetting

    Im just waiting for like 2-3 more generations of amd mobile chips, Amd makes good cpus so should be able for mobile chips after a bit

  • Nihar Pednekar
    Nihar Pednekar

    ray tracing by amd and that too on a phone nice joke

  • green tech
    green tech

    1week of charg omg i cant wat😁

  • 2yoyodog

    hmmmm? phone camera mfgs. have a "limited budget"??????

  • Isak Lalremruata
    Isak Lalremruata

    Can you give me one of you're iPhone 11pro plss😭😭

  • GoldenYoyo07

    anyone else notice how he used the wrong there/their/they're when the caption "there all wrong" came up. It is supposed to be they're, because he is referring to headlines, not a place or someone's possesion

    • Glasses Man
      Glasses Man


  • XaverDerSchnitzelFan

    Wasnt there a retractable camera phone a few years ago?

  • totally a bunny
    totally a bunny

    correct, in my opinion

  • Alex731g

    Seriously when did he start putting a rickroll in every video???

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • louis huwai
    louis huwai

    3:23 you like

    • louis huwai
      louis huwai


  • Indigné pour 2
    Indigné pour 2

    I don't get the obsession with cameras on phones nowadays. Just buy a used sony a7 with the kit lens worth about 550€ and you're garanteed better quality than any smartphone for the next 20 years at least... Duh!

  • Rini suroso
    Rini suroso

    3:23 is that Rick astley

  • Vikas Shelke
    Vikas Shelke

    2035- removable battery , 3.5 jack, user serviceable parts, manual pop up front camera.

  • Sunita Khuspure
    Sunita Khuspure

    3:23 u got Rick rolled

  • John Carter
    John Carter

    @ 3:25 rick rolled ..... 😜😵😂

  • ruZlanrauf


  • Thiago Muniz
    Thiago Muniz

    Not to mention, with desktop mode being built-in on the new Android, laptop are going to get a lot less important

  • Andy Lam
    Andy Lam

    Your channel is always full with just China phones...

  • Enkii Muto
    Enkii Muto

    9:35 reality: You now lost one of the pairs and you need to spend 75 bucks on e-bay for another one because the phone is rejecting the third party one sold for 5. Edit: Also you're forgetting the metagame equilibrium, yes, the next 5~7 years will have more variety but patent exchanges will gradually share the same characteristics everyone wants. Still cool though.


    Your channel is favorite for me

  • Taylor Worthington
    Taylor Worthington

    Great video: Hope we see some advancements/wisdom in the software and app models of the smartphone ecosystem.

  • FotoschoPro

    rtx on phones in 5 years

  • lastermann

    2:50, haven't you heard of samsung galaxy k zoom yet? It has been released in 2014 and I don't know why it doesn t have a successor..

  • Grimshaw Grummage
    Grimshaw Grummage

    foldable - a solution to a problem that is avoidable altogether. Consumers: tricked into thinking they need a smartphone with a huge screen when they need a laptop. Market: Engineer a very expensive large screen format that is portable which will not survive a fall.

  • Janu Channel J.
    Janu Channel J.

    I want sphere phone

  • Serhat Torbali
    Serhat Torbali

    I think the main reason you don't think smartphones are boring is that you would then have to change the purpose of your INfun channel. But besides that, they are boring. #9: The foldables phones weren't a thing, so "solving the problems of foldable phones" isn't a thing either #8: That's not game changer, it already existed in the past (Galaxy Zoom) and didn't work out, cause people doesn't want a huge camera on their phones, they just want to take good selfies. #7: Yeah, losing 1mm at the bottom will help smartphones becoming relevant again, right #6: People would care about this 3 times and then totally forget about it #5: Everyone buys a think coloured bumper anyway, it's pointless #4: Every PS5 users has the same device, not the smartphone users. And if mobile gaming would become a thing, it would be actually the case now, after 13 years of market becoming mature #3: Bad idea, won't interest people #2: It will never be a thing #1: This thing is being rumoured for 10 years now, and battery won't resolve the problem of the smartphones

    • a

      and what, feature phones are boring as well, sure, they might have crazy designes, but they can't do shit, only phone calls and text messages, that's not fun at all

    • Janu Channel J.
      Janu Channel J.

      I hope gaming company can make gaming phone and not just console

    • Janu Channel J.
      Janu Channel J.

      Now phone only have ability to fold,break to fast because too fragile,looks like minecraft slabs,can make your wallet go zero and super duper camera

    • Janu Channel J.
      Janu Channel J.

      The only fun phone is the keyboard phone Foldable phone is a very boring now

  • Shuoz

    Arun: You've probably heard about graphene Me: No Arun: Understandable, have a good day

  • Maidul Islam
    Maidul Islam

    Vivo: Camera's are detachable. Apple: Buy Camera Separately, Only for 999$ 🥴🥴🥴

    • Janu Channel J.
      Janu Channel J.

      When new phone is coming:Well money gone

  • VC's Art Force
    VC's Art Force

    Three things that amaze me here, the rollable that will be potentially affordable once massively released and the foldable killers of the future.. second, the invisible beneath the screen cameras once released for every phone is genius, I am thinking about that can be also applied to gaming monitors and TV too so people will not buy external streaming webcams anymore. Lastly, the graphene batteries finally are the solution to my dream of having phone battery charge that will last for longer days. This is the future. Let us all hold it together people.

  • Blueberry Sam
    Blueberry Sam

    We got rick rolled :)

    • Janu Channel J.
      Janu Channel J.

      phone wallpaper I notice it too


    somebody needs to make a phone that has the front camera and it has a mechanism inside the phone and when you are not using the camera, a little screen thing will cover the camera

  • Juan Pérez
    Juan Pérez

    This video made me realize that you are like sneaky cute. Great video tho!

  • Nøshin Saiyara
    Nøshin Saiyara

    LG Rollable is coming out soon!!!


    I loved Huawei's implementation of the foldable smartphone, but yeah, that make that thing SUPER fragile with the outward display. THOUGH, this rollable future could be interesting, use a pop-up camera in conjunction and I'm sold. THOUGH, personally, I'd be okay without a front facing camera, since they're usually nuked comparatively and if they're from an Asian company always has some smoothing post-processing even when turned off.