Smith & Kohli: Kohli reflects on unforgettable Hobart heroics
India captain Virat Kohli chats to Australia's Steve Smith about his career-changing ODI hundred against Sri Lanka in Hobart in 2012

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    He has played many good ininings, he will hopefully play more good ininings but to beat this inining is very tough, because this was a virtual knock out match where india needed to score 320 in 40 overs which at least i thought was impossible at that time. Its so unfortunate that india did'nt qualified for Finals, but to win like this after loosing test series by 0-4 was extraodinary. For me this has to the best Virat Kohli Odi ininings and one of the greatest odi ininings of all time.

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    i was in class 6, when virat played this innings....i still remember the day, India got quite a huge target, and had to complete it within limited overs!! I still feel that match was a turning graph in his life. (also worth mentioning the brilliant knocks by Gautam Gambhir and Raina in that very match)

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    Malinga didn't put in a proper yorker that day...... But really kohli was a master class on that day

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