Someone Adopted the ‘Worst Dog in America’
Prancer shot to viral fame after a hilarious Facebook post described the 2-year-old Chihuahua's behavior in order to help him get adopted. “There’s not a very big market for neurotic, man hating, animal hating, children hating dogs that look like gremlins,” the post read, but Ariel Davis, Prancer’s new owner, said she was interested in helping the animal because she knows what it’s like to have a dog with behavior issues.

  • Inside Edition
    Inside Edition

    Prancer loves his new home, STILL hates reporters:

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    • SCP [X] Foundation
      SCP [X] Foundation

      @Savetion II shut up edgelord

    • 꿀벌

      He's not the only one

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      Lionel Apollo

      @Lawson Nicholas Yea, been using flixzone for since december myself :D

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      Lawson Nicholas

      A trick : you can watch series on flixzone. Been using it for watching loads of movies during the lockdown.

  • Megan Cassidy
    Megan Cassidy

    If he was a big dog he would have been put down but cause he's small its funny.... hope he gets training that stops the aggression

  • Scott Deaton
    Scott Deaton

    That Dog has the same taught eyelids as Joe B.

  • Marie Xx
    Marie Xx

    How did his eyes change too? 😂 is that a different dog jk jk

  • AFL Stuff
    AFL Stuff

    That’s like my dog

  • Hannah Cooper
    Hannah Cooper

    0:28 Dis dog light skin

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith

    This guy has nothing on Mr. Bubz

  • Gracie Travis
    Gracie Travis

    He just needs to be trained, if he was a big dog,he would’ve been put down immediately

  • Estrella Dearborn
    Estrella Dearborn

    Plenty of dogs hate men, children, and other dogs. Usually it's because of abuse.

  • Commissar Luna
    Commissar Luna

    My chihuahua me the same

  • Nanduhh __
    Nanduhh __

    The other girl was holding him with no problem.. that dog racist?

  • Noah Giles
    Noah Giles

    Thats a thick dog

  • Sam S
    Sam S

    I disagree he’s the worst in AMERICA

  • Jackson Girls Reviews and Vlogs
    Jackson Girls Reviews and Vlogs

    He’s not the worst he’s just way to hyper

  • devin chrishaun
    devin chrishaun

    "Nah you good" Me high af 0:27

  • devin chrishaun
    devin chrishaun

    Issa *chuwad*

  • Lisa Hinton
    Lisa Hinton

    Thank you, Ariel. I, too, always choose other people's cast-offs. Someone has to take the pets no one else wants. I go choose them. You did, too. Thank you. You're one in a million. (Prancer even looks content in his eyes in the "after" photo of him, so well-done, you!)

  • Hell In A Handbasket
    Hell In A Handbasket

    I was looking for a dog that hates everything like I do!

  • davey dudely
    davey dudely

    she bought it to feed her pitbull

  • Jo S
    Jo S


  • Mari


  • NylaTheWolf

    I was checking back every few days to see updates on Prancer’s story after finding it on Tumblr!! I’m so happy he has found his forever home!

  • Bh Pharoah
    Bh Pharoah

    Why lil dogs always got dat black air forces energy

  • Deucalion Ray
    Deucalion Ray

    0:02 My answer is no, I don't remember this guy bc this is the first time I'm seeing it bc I was scrolling through my recommendations.

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  • PKDustin

    Where can I adopt the woman in the video

  • Gracie Burns
    Gracie Burns

    i think its a fine dog

  • Gracie Burns
    Gracie Burns

    its a sad titel that your calling this the worst dog

  • iToak

    Oh yea she a Karen

  • Mahir Taleb Nosabyskolan 9B
    Mahir Taleb Nosabyskolan 9B

    He's high asf. Just like flight.

  • Borissinche 123
    Borissinche 123

    The thumbnail will become a meme

  • Kendra.A Childress
    Kendra.A Childress

    Ariel Davis hates men and children too so they match well🤣🤣

  • Haha

    Immigrant lookin dog

  • Dana Fox
    Dana Fox

    I’m sorry but the thumbnail makes me think of... Watermelon sugar *high*

  • Michael

    That isn't bad compared to dogs I've seen before

  • Arpit Tiwari
    Arpit Tiwari

    Man hating.. that dog is basically my spirit animal

  • Vivian Grandy
    Vivian Grandy

    My dog does the same to people she even knows if I'm holding her or she is near me she will do the gremlin thing and when she is not near me, it doesn't take her long to get to me lol

  • KateTheWolf!

    He’s so cute!! I would risk it. A bite couldn’t be super painful. I’d get em to like me. I mean he’s so adorable, he’d be worth the effort, I’m glad he has a home! 🥰

  • Thesweetesttea S.
    Thesweetesttea S.

    I think he's adorable 💗💗💗 and I'm glad he found the right mommy 😍


    That Mugshot should tell you everything you need to know about being a Gangster!!😁😁😁😂😂😭😭😭😭

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  • Vincent Rosati
    Vincent Rosati

    Hes a immigrant

  • Itsmelainee_ 123
    Itsmelainee_ 123

    I saw this dog on Facebook 😅

  • d a
    d a

    That thumbnail tho😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • WasGibtEs Leute
    WasGibtEs Leute

    A white dog?

  • AussieBlokeGordo

    She’s like “Hey......I hate men children and animals too”

  • Junior S
    Junior S

    Send prancer to Africa I’m sure they’ll show him mad love there.

  • ineedhoez

    Na... coco is the worst dog.

  • EpicLovely

    Man hating and children hating? Same 😂😭😅

  • Michael willis
    Michael willis

    He looks like snoop dog😂

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    Just lookin at this part of the video tells me this dogs crazy 😂😂😂 0:27

  • Mini Lily
    Mini Lily

    She looks like his biological mother

  • Mary hdjskshsisdbsaodbsdk
    Mary hdjskshsisdbsaodbsdk

    the sequel

  • Chrissy 3
    Chrissy 3

    My AP Lang class just wrote a Rhetorical Analysis on this 😅🐶

  • Darrell and Sondra Holden
    Darrell and Sondra Holden

    A happy little 'man', nope girl, it's a dog; you'll have to look for a 'man' somewhere else.

  • Darrell and Sondra Holden
    Darrell and Sondra Holden

    Think that dog has a serious case of worms and needs a psychiatrist and/or a really good trainer.

  • ramonrodriguezist

    It just need some training and love, it looks cute, i mean 1:14 look at that.

  • boredom120

    He's just being a chihuahua. My chihuahua does the same thing. Has nothing to do with anyone but me his mama.

  • Michael Miranda
    Michael Miranda

    He is a meme

  • Vian David
    Vian David

    Looks like it was abused

  • pinkhoney

    Imagine getting labeled the worst person to your species... that's kinda sad ngl

  • indeflo

    Aww he is so cute

  • PAULA Rowe
    PAULA Rowe

    How would you like a big fist coming towards you.

  • Jordan W
    Jordan W

    I HATE the double standard and hypocrisy when it comes to dogs. I bet if he was a Pitbull, Rottweiler, Doberman, etc, he would have been put down ages ago🙄🙄

  • 1969d0dge_daytona

    "I'll have Francer for 15 years of my life" *lasts for fifteen minutes*

  • Indica

    The thumbnail 💀💀

  • Pharoah Monk
    Pharoah Monk

    Yeah...I would love to see what she does to that dog when he get out of line...

  • Gnarly Nyyy
    Gnarly Nyyy

    Hes not an ugly dog just has a bad attitude

  • T Collier
    T Collier

    Glad the little guy got a good home

  • Francisco Valladolid
    Francisco Valladolid



    Woman just adopted Ren from Ren and Stimpy

  • Cambria Fairbanks
    Cambria Fairbanks

    no doggie is bad

  • Daniel Weise
    Daniel Weise

    I'm confused does he wanna destroy humanity or not?

  • Patrick rash
    Patrick rash

    Don't like dogs at all but that was very nice of her to adopt a dog that no one would want

  • Bolingo Rastafari
    Bolingo Rastafari

    Bacon. Bacon is the way to a dog's heart.


    The doggo is cute

  • Spectre the Wolf furry demon thing
    Spectre the Wolf furry demon thing

    My dog barks alot too

  • Heaven Is A Place On Earth
    Heaven Is A Place On Earth

    I'm happy for prancer but I GOTTA say it: "It don't bite" "YES IT DO GET YOUR DOG-"

  • Awsome guy123
    Awsome guy123

    Why they got the picture of the dog like he is serving time in prison.

  • Supercalifragilisticthisbesuchadopekid

    This dog is like the dog version of anniecat


    Oh good he has been redeemed, I was thinking there was gonna be another episode titled "Owner had to put evil dog down for the world's sake". 🙏🏽🤣

  • Jonathon

    For a second I thought this was Lauri Roddenkamp.

  • A. Brice
    A. Brice

    Laughing at his outbursts isn't helping the situation.

  • TheMostHated420

    Inside Edition - The worst Dog in America Pitbull owners - Is my dog A Joke To You ? Myself - Bring out the Rottweilers !!!!!!

  • Kpop Bitch
    Kpop Bitch

    idk but that dog resembles me: dog hating and children hating. he knows what he’s doing

  • Victoria Salter
    Victoria Salter

    He’s cute 🥰 🐶 🐕 🐩.

  • Kelly McKinney
    Kelly McKinney

    I've noticed that holding an animal back brings on more aggression. He is a cute dog though

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez

    I guess “America” discovered chihuahua

  • Marin Plays
    Marin Plays

    Prancer was probably abused that's why he gets so upset when you put your hand near him. Hes so cute and just deserves lots of love 🥺💕

  • sandra Obando
    sandra Obando

    FaZe Torito03 wins

  • C Rb
    C Rb

    His picture says it all

  • Midwest Fishing
    Midwest Fishing

    That dog just feels at home and has the love he has been wanting

  • Stalin Cespedes
    Stalin Cespedes

    The perfect dog for a modern day feminist

  • Josh Walker
    Josh Walker

    It's not the dog, it's the owner.

  • Lulu Linawati
    Lulu Linawati

    Just like my Rocky.. He wont let anybody come closer or pet him but otherwise he is a happy, sweet and mind his own business dog. I love him to peaces.

  • Michelle Poitras
    Michelle Poitras

    Aww hes so cute tho...he just needed the right owner to bring out his best😍😍😍😍

  • ElevenHunna

    where’s ceaser

  • Retro Man
    Retro Man

    So she hates men too? She understands what hes going through ?? Wtf

  • Ok Pikachu
    Ok Pikachu

    My dog barks at anyone he won’t bark if he knows you

  • Café Kitty
    Café Kitty

    He's nothing more than a bean with an attitude ♡