Special Q&A: Steve Smith and Virat Kohli | Vodafone Test Series
Cricket superstars Steve Smith and Virat Kohli sit down for a special Q&A to launch the Vodafone Test Series. See the full chat right here.
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  • Vikas Rawat
    Vikas Rawat

    Want to buy this t-shirt kohli is wearing? Where to buy it from?

  • Sarthak Thapa
    Sarthak Thapa

    50s fights: oi u mf get ready for a mother f ing arm (i dont think anyone said in the 50s but its pretty similiar) 2020s fights: hehelets get onto the next question hehehehe

  • Souvik Ghosh
    Souvik Ghosh

    Virat odi career- 12 k runs at av. of 60 with 43 centuries. While Smith odi carrer- 4 k runs with av of 30.67.

  • dj uko2 vlog
    dj uko2 vlog

    Two GOAT

  • Manoj Mawaskar
    Manoj Mawaskar

    You Cricket Fan 🇦🇺🇮🇳

  • Abhilash Mohan
    Abhilash Mohan


  • Vishwajeet Nand Yaduraj
    Vishwajeet Nand Yaduraj

    Who is your Favourite England cricketer. Virat:- Ben Stokes 😂

  • Abel Abrahom
    Abel Abrahom

    20:46 - 21:00 The mentality of a tough cricketer and the reason why Smith was able to perform brilliantly in Indian pitches. Virat Kohli has the same mentality. This is the mentality that England lacks Crying and complaining about pitches dont do u any good . That is why as an Indian i like Australian team. Aussies are arrogant and aggressive on field but once they get beaten by a better opponent , they give credit to the opponent instead of complaining English fans and pundits behave like they are freaking saints on and off the field but we all know what sort of gentlemen they are😂😂😂😂

  • Shraddha Mandal
    Shraddha Mandal

    Big fan of virat

  • Sharad kumar
    Sharad kumar

    New batsman learn from them🙏 Modern day legend ❤️🤩

  • Anon

    9:25 rightio

  • Md Fahim Sheikh
    Md Fahim Sheikh

    What's the logic of writing "binod" instead of the live chat 😅😅

  • Arpan

    Righty - O .


    Someone noticed virat said that he was 18 in 2006 so how can he play under 19 world cup in 2008🤔🤔

  • Anshul Singal
    Anshul Singal

    Both are uncrowned king of cricket now

  • DJ MUDPIE1234
    DJ MUDPIE1234

    Greatly to see frenimies again

  • Shadu Javed
    Shadu Javed

    Nice conversation 👍❤️

  • Chandra Sekhar
    Chandra Sekhar

    Loved the conversation!

  • Nature'sPlay

    How simple Steve Smith is🙂

    • Hmm Hmmm
      Hmm Hmmm

      Simple cheater

  • madhavan sowrirajan
    madhavan sowrirajan

    why did smith say righty'o what even is it

    • Hmm Hmmm
      Hmm Hmmm

      Australian way of saying right

  • harmeetgill25

    Virat said “I visualize a lot” ... loved that


    Virat kohli be like: My turn, my turn, my turn....,.................. My turn..... My turn.... 😂

  • nin p
    nin p

    All the subs are Indians...😆😆😆😆

  • Aaditya Kulkarni
    Aaditya Kulkarni

    It's like two rich persons talking about thier business... Two rich in talent.


    the views shows the respect people have for these two legends

  • shimarstar1

    I like how both don't maintain eye contact in the beginning, but change that attitude once they get more relaxed!

  • Venkata Saket Ram Goteti
    Venkata Saket Ram Goteti

    Round table conference between Virat, Steven Smith, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, Jofra Archer, Jasprit Bumrah, Pat Cummins would be a delight to watch

  • Agastya kulakrni
    Agastya kulakrni

    best guy for me Steve Smith

  • Omkaar Deepak
    Omkaar Deepak

    imagine if there was a question about a brain fade

  • Shaswat Kanodia
    Shaswat Kanodia

    Le No One: Steve Smith: Righty-O

  • tech king
    tech king

    2:54 Virat met

  • Ranger Thrown
    Ranger Thrown

    The relation between these twos were sorted when fans troll Smith in 2019 world cup and virat defend him from bullying... ❤

  • Ranger Thrown
    Ranger Thrown

    Ohhhh bhaisahab , just imagine these two playing together in TEST MATCH 🤩🤩🤩❤❤

  • Eyes On Beautiful LIFE
    Eyes On Beautiful LIFE

    Two beast in one video.

  • Poonam Mishra
    Poonam Mishra

    Both of them awesome


    cricket after 20 years

  • Ravi Swami
    Ravi Swami

    this is an amaxing video

  • Arceus_X _YT
    Arceus_X _YT

    This the perfect example of two legend in one frame.

  • Krew

    7:50 Sanjay Manjrekar would like to know your location

  • Riley Cassidy
    Riley Cassidy

    2 great players doing this Q and A

  • Saptarshi Paul
    Saptarshi Paul

    Righty-o Righty-o Righty-o Righty-o Righty-o Righty-o ..

  • Dhruv Gaming
    Dhruv Gaming

    And the rest is history

  • Ruthuja Patil
    Ruthuja Patil

    Thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this chat! How I wish I had watched it earlier! Deserve every tiny bit of adulation for playing the sport at the highest level with such commitment levels. Virat Kohli , a man of the decade😍

  • Developer Sam
    Developer Sam


  • jagjit singh
    jagjit singh

    🙏Jai maa bharathi. This is a mistake.

  • Durvesh Sutar
    Durvesh Sutar

    Vk and Smith is Best

  • Durvesh Sutar
    Durvesh Sutar

    KING of cricket

  • Abhishek Rawat
    Abhishek Rawat

    Steve Smith is basically a God in Test cricket.


    What's so funny about PHIL SIMMONS being someone's fav. Player????

  • Anudeep J
    Anudeep J

    I love to see stevey in RCB

  • Nishant Talks
    Nishant Talks

    One of the rarest Comment Section this is on INfun guys here from India and Australia are sensible, instead of fighting who is better everyone appreciating both GOATs simple as that, if you visit any other video fans are toxic and fighting abuse each other...

    • saket adarsh
      saket adarsh

      Kohli is better overall but ss is better in test ( hopefully not for long)

  • Nazia Bano
    Nazia Bano

    ❤❤King Smith❤❤

  • Nazia Bano
    Nazia Bano

    😍😍King Smith😍😍

  • Nazia Bano
    Nazia Bano

    Steve Smith😘😘😘😘😘

  • Mihir Kalasapudi
    Mihir Kalasapudi

    Both are extremely well-spoken

    • Mihir Kalasapudi
      Mihir Kalasapudi

      True class

  • The Singh
    The Singh

    It just feels so warm watching them spending quality time with each other.

  • jay bhatt
    jay bhatt

    What a fanastic chat between the two modern greats of the cricket world. Thank you Cricket Australia for setting up the chat with insightful questions

  • Aditya Bhat
    Aditya Bhat

    20:40 Pune!!pune!!pune!!

  • Maximoff

    Virat and Ronaldo both are way more successful but cant show it to their dad...just imagine how proud their fathers would have been.

  • No Law
    No Law

    I just Want to see Virat and Kane Williamson together.

  • Abhijit Singh
    Abhijit Singh

    Their predictions turned out to be true as ever. One of the best Test series ever played in history it was.

  • Parth Mhatre
    Parth Mhatre

    Who is here after india winning the Border-Gavaskar trophy for second time in australia?

  • Chandrashekar M
    Chandrashekar M

    Stay in your limits ...

  • Invicta Films
    Invicta Films

    The majority of these Asian countries playing have amazing command of the English language

  • Praful Ghale
    Praful Ghale

    gabba main danda diye 🤣😂

    • v kamat
      v kamat

      Na kohli na BUMRAH na jaddu phir bhi

  • kumar aditya
    kumar aditya

    Whatever the Target on board to chase but until virat on the crease I remain calm...

  • AeroplaneEnthusiast

    What a cheater this guy Steve Smith is

  • Jyotishyam Ghosh
    Jyotishyam Ghosh

    To the kids who'll be watching this legendary chat between these legends, yeah, we witnessed their era.

  • Vibhav Salimath
    Vibhav Salimath

    Predictions of Virat almost came true!!

  • Raoul Hoffman
    Raoul Hoffman

    When the guy speaks English better than an English speaking person😂😂 VK you are the man! And... I'm Australian

    • Vishwajeet Nand Yaduraj
      Vishwajeet Nand Yaduraj

      Until he says Ben Stokes

    • FC FC FC FC
      FC FC FC FC

      Indians mostly converse in English, everyone is nearly fluent because of how many languages there is in India

    • Qwerty123

      Virat does speak very good English

    • Human Being
      Human Being

      Smith was speaking ausinglish

  • Raghav Vashisht
    Raghav Vashisht

    Inn dono ko ye kbr na thi ki do mahine baad kya hoga 😂😂😂😂

  • TK Rath
    TK Rath

    😍 2 modern day rivals yet so much love

  • Always marvel / Hanza edits
    Always marvel / Hanza edits

    If anyone likes smith can he or she see the video in my channel It’s worth it

  • nandhu ssp
    nandhu ssp

    Just Imagine, What If These Two Play For The Same Team In IPL 2021🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • aravindsagar chanti
    aravindsagar chanti

    one day may be kohli williamson series

  • Wyld1972

    My admiration for both these wonderful talents went up quite a few notches

  • Proud Indian
    Proud Indian

    Earliest memory of vk must b nehra giving him a trophy 😁

  • Mahesh Goenka
    Mahesh Goenka

    Kohli said more cheers in this video than were said in Australia since 1899

  • Alif Mahesania
    Alif Mahesania


  • Khushil Prajapati
    Khushil Prajapati

    Hope RCB goes for Smith in the coming auction 🤞🤞🤞

    • Purvi Shah
      Purvi Shah

      @Ashima roy choudhury aaha!!!

    • Ashima roy choudhury
      Ashima roy choudhury

      @Purvi Shah Followed by ABD

    • Purvi Shah
      Purvi Shah

      I don't think this will happen but if it does!!! OMG!!! Imagine both of them together!!

  • Shaik Kareemulla
    Shaik Kareemulla


  • Shubham Singh
    Shubham Singh

    Absolutely beautiful to watch two great cricketers just having a casual chat. Made my day

  • Asish Ansuman Mishra
    Asish Ansuman Mishra

    There should be a trophy named like Tendulkar-ponting and Virat-Smith

    • Pranav

      @Ashima roy choudhury 😂😂😂 lol

    • Ashima roy choudhury
      Ashima roy choudhury

      Pujara - Smith series

    • Ashima roy choudhury
      Ashima roy choudhury

      Pujara's stats > Virat's Stats

  • Samin Haque
    Samin Haque

    Lmao so this was the "do you remember your first cricket memory" Neesham was referring to!! Lol!

  • Kuldip Singh
    Kuldip Singh

    Both of these so animated cricketers on the field but so thoughtful and different off the field. Can we imagine both playing for RCB for the 2021 IPL since Smith has been released from RR?

  • G 10 Series
    G 10 Series

    2 legend s

  • RJ Dragons
    RJ Dragons

    King Kohli and Super Steve.

  • Janvy Satya
    Janvy Satya

    Nice answer to booing thing Virat 👏👏👏👏

  • Janvy Satya
    Janvy Satya

    Nice legs Steve

  • Pankaj K
    Pankaj K

    When your coach is Ravi shastri . You say cheers as much as you can ! 😂

  • Bobby Thomas
    Bobby Thomas

    Cheers. South African influence?


    Who was here after INDIA HISTORY WIN #2-1😂.

  • Raashi Agrawal
    Raashi Agrawal


  • Bobby Thomas
    Bobby Thomas

    Both seem awkward being there

    • Hmm Hmmm
      Hmm Hmmm

      True😂😂 but stil managed well.👍

  • Sourabh Jain
    Sourabh Jain

    Who is here after Gabba?

  • Sharang Agashe
    Sharang Agashe

    'My turn' and 'Righty-o' should have been beeped.

  • Thunder Of Thor
    Thunder Of Thor

    Who looks better I have decided Virat Kohli or Steve Smith ?! I think it's steve Give me your opinion people......

    • Thunder Of Thor
      Thunder Of Thor

      @Hasim Rahaman well Virat wasn't a looker much anushka married him for money His life is sad

    • Hasim Rahaman
      Hasim Rahaman

      Steve Unstoppable Smith❤️

  • meeed54

    I love Virat, but man Steve Smith is a humble bloke.

    • Sam Brown
      Sam Brown

      Yet so many people hate him it’s sad, people make mistakes

  • Gangadhar Kaja
    Gangadhar Kaja


  • Aritra Sharangi
    Aritra Sharangi

    If cricket Australia is smart, they would bring back Smith as a Skipper.