Spicy Pitch Episode 2: Jasprit Bumrah
WAIT IS OVER: The second episode of #SpicyPitch features never-before told anecdotes from the extraordinary journey of Jasprit Bumrah: From his most cherished moment in India colours to tales from his childhood and the person he holds responsible for shaping his career...
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  • sakshi jain
    sakshi jain

    Feilding innings is the most entertaining one!

  • Mrinal Kamble
    Mrinal Kamble

    Ky hi sorted bnda hai😅

  • sachin bisht
    sachin bisht

    Most humble guy love him❤️

  • Banamali Mandal
    Banamali Mandal


  • Banamali Mandal
    Banamali Mandal


  • Nitin Hugar
    Nitin Hugar

    He told , 'security' when asked about the precious thing that he had given to his mother. 💎 GEM

  • Sai Soujanya Munukoti
    Sai Soujanya Munukoti

    What a level headed guy.... very good clarity of thought along with skill

  • UCK Vlogs
    UCK Vlogs

    That why he is the best 👍🏻❤️

  • pankaj rai
    pankaj rai

    This guy is stardust😍

  • Jigesh Patel
    Jigesh Patel

    I am a big fan of Kapil Dev but Bumhrah is the best fast bowler India has produced till now. His journey as to he didn't have enough money to buy shoes he wanted and what he has achieved now is amazing like many other cricketers in India.

  • Eyes On Beautiful LIFE
    Eyes On Beautiful LIFE

    Jassi jaisa koi nahi...

  • himanshu mishra
    himanshu mishra

    Background music❤️

  • sokhi05

    BumraH...u rock man...no words...

  • Kuntal Mukherjee
    Kuntal Mukherjee

    You rock, Jaspreet Singh Bumrah

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma

    Bumrah is so inspirational man.

  • Piara Toor
    Piara Toor

    Such a sweet man. Down to earth. I am sure you deserve to enjoy your journey because you had the determination to finish what you started. Good luck bumrah

  • Bed Narayan Yadav
    Bed Narayan Yadav

    Great player

  • Bit byBit
    Bit byBit

    So Humble and how articulate


    that confidence! wah

  • Sahil Arora
    Sahil Arora

    How many of you felt jasprit bumrah's voice matching with hrithik roshan ?


    My favourite 😍

  • Vijay Singh Vijay Singh
    Vijay Singh Vijay Singh

    Boom boom bumrah .jashprit bumrah sir ka boling kar De har batsman ko gumrah 💕

  • peter nagy
    peter nagy


    • ROBERT gamings
      ROBERT gamings

      Ya he is punjabi in Gujarat

  • Gayatri Chavan
    Gayatri Chavan

    Jassi your thinning very good , like you can do it. I am a biggest fan of you jassi🥰🥰

  • hrushikesan vasudevan
    hrushikesan vasudevan

    Superb..... Nice, flowing talk.... Very clear.... ALL THE BEST. GOD BLESS YOU

  • viking

    Never seen /heard a fast bowler talk with this much intelligence. Ice breaker for me

  • s d
    s d

    I have watched few videos in this series and one thing I am happy about is they all love TEST cricket.

  • silver souls
    silver souls

    Legends are watching now

  • Jayanth Nair
    Jayanth Nair

    Humble, talented, family boy. Love you dear🥰

  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma

    Anyone feels listening to Zakir😂😂😂

  • Anuran Haloi
    Anuran Haloi

    A world Cup and Bumrah ❤ need to happen soon.

  • Nikhil Bagde
    Nikhil Bagde

    Love this guy

  • Harsha Raj
    Harsha Raj

    Wow ! Humility !

  • Niraj Kumar
    Niraj Kumar

    The greatest bowler of India ever. Such a raw talent. Keep continue for our beloved nation. Boom Boom Bumrah. ♥️

  • Shreen Yadav
    Shreen Yadav

    The day you feel satisfied is the day your progress stops. -JB

  • Shreen Yadav
    Shreen Yadav

    10:22 That’s all you need to be a winner. It’s within us,just need to bring it out :)

  • Vijay Reddy
    Vijay Reddy

    I was so happy when he said he wants to play as much red ball cricket as he can

  • Mohd Shadab
    Mohd Shadab

    If bowlers do well you win the match

  • Naeem Tarrar
    Naeem Tarrar

    Great Bowler respect from pakistan

  • Khushveer Kaur
    Khushveer Kaur

    Very humble person jassi sir ...No attitude ...My fav sport person 😊😊😊

  • Nisha Pranami
    Nisha Pranami

    Jasprit is best 😁😁❤️

  • Parth Dua
    Parth Dua

    Too humble! God bless him. Love you boom

  • cquilty1

    You can tell he's a good man. Not a bad bowler either...

  • Pratik Salunke
    Pratik Salunke


  • Haripriya KH
    Haripriya KH

    Excellent questions👌


    I also love bowling than batting😉

  • Mukesh Biswas
    Mukesh Biswas

    The noball king agree frends

  • Nishma Naveen
    Nishma Naveen

    Boom Boom Bumrah

  • Arpita Das
    Arpita Das

    He is the best bowler in the world now, so proud of you Boom Boom 💞💞💞💕💕💕😍😍😍💓💓💓💓💙💙💙💙

  • Palash Purkait
    Palash Purkait

    He is the best

  • vibs Bhoir
    vibs Bhoir

    Ekdum sahi bole Ballers jab wicket nikalte hai match change hoti hai ❤️

  • Pitambar Saini
    Pitambar Saini

    Aur chokers bolte hn rohit ki jholi mein acche players bhar diye issiliye jeeti h mi 🙄🙄 THEY HAVE ACHIEVED IT

  • Rajniti Bhoi
    Rajniti Bhoi

    Bum bum is nice

  • krishna vamsi
    krishna vamsi

    Oh my god, even in my weirdest senses I never imagined him to be that much matured , humble, grounded and what not! He's such a champion 🏆🔥 Best wishes for Aus tour🤗

  • Risita Ghosh
    Risita Ghosh

    Jasprit sir is the best

  • Nishi Prakash
    Nishi Prakash


  • Nishi Prakash
    Nishi Prakash

    After 10 years he will be the role model more than even Dhoni

  • richa sharma
    richa sharma

    He is so humble , talented and charming ❤️

  • Rohit The G.O.A.T
    Rohit The G.O.A.T

    If Cricket Fans Concentrate More On Bowlers His Fanbase>>>>>>>>>>>Than Any other Bowlers

  • Gaming Crunch FF
    Gaming Crunch FF

    I am the most confused human in the world that whether I should bowl fast or spin I want to bowl spin

  • Edulevel

    The background music is next to none

  • mansi kadam
    mansi kadam

    Goosebumps 🙂 so proud of you sir your interviews always inspires me anyhow... You r the jewel of our country

  • Ashish Kukreti
    Ashish Kukreti

    backbone of indian cricket team in present...

  • Krystal Creations
    Krystal Creations

    Damn he said he used to get angry alot, abuse the batsman 😨gosh just see him now, he's so calm and quiet, simple celebration after taking wickets❤️🔥 He really matured well 💓😍

  • sharan shetty
    sharan shetty

    He sounds a mallyali

  • FF Rahul gamer
    FF Rahul gamer

    Sir aap se hm ko melna hai


    Now u r sbka baap

  • Carmal

    He has a sharp mind . See the answers it s class and clarity.

  • Voice of the Voiceless
    Voice of the Voiceless

    The BG music is so nice

  • Kushagra Tiwari
    Kushagra Tiwari

    Indian batsman factory: around since 1930's Indian spinner factory: same Indian fast bowlers: Until recently, they were tailor made, but no mass production. Since recently, we've had new models coming in from a new factory. Bumrah, Chahar, saini, Mavi, Nagarkoti, Tyagi. Factory is up and running

    • Shane Bond
      Shane Bond

      Where is shami buuvi natrajan


    Hindi m talk show hona chahiye apan ko english aati nhi😂😂

  • Peace Out
    Peace Out

    Mr boom boom 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kanav Tulsulkar
    Kanav Tulsulkar

    A good human being also jassi

  • Kanav Tulsulkar
    Kanav Tulsulkar

    Best bowler in the world

  • Shreen Yadav
    Shreen Yadav

    The seniors in the Indian cricket team are so accepting. They always encourage new talent and don’t make them feel left out. Whether it’s Sachin sir for Virat and Rohit Bhaiya or them for Jassi paaji :)

  • Shreen Yadav
    Shreen Yadav

    He is so humble. One thing about Indian cricketers is that they all come from humble backgrounds and most importantly keep that alive. This is a quality that many of our Bollywood stars lack.

  • Nag Rudra
    Nag Rudra

    I can go on and listen to him all day, the kinda person you wanna idolize. The fluency in thought process, having it all planned and doing the processes right and immense self-belief, not taking the fame and adulation to heart despite all the success and yet modest. More power to you Jasprit Bumrah! May you achieve greater heights as a cricketer and as a person.

  • Deathwish

    It would be better to add videos while editing from the matches played❤️

  • Ali Juddy
    Ali Juddy

    A level headed person! No wonder he is such a success. Touchwood!

  • Sampath Kumar
    Sampath Kumar

    The day you feel satisfied, your progress stops. Words Man. Love you, Boom!

    • Gaming Edict
      Gaming Edict


  • Ritu singh Ritu
    Ritu singh Ritu

    Boom boom

  • Prosanta Borgohain
    Prosanta Borgohain


  • Prem Liar
    Prem Liar

    Way too much English to Hindi and back and forth. Such a weird interview altogether. My APOLOGIES, but people is it just me or I just couldn't follow him properly, it was such a struggle to follow what he was saying. I guess I'm becoming brain dead.

    • peter nagy
      peter nagy

      I thought Bumrah spoke Gujarati?

  • Reena s
    Reena s

    A top class bowler.. very humble.. and very cute..♥️♥️♥️.. he is gonna be the next CAPTAIN..such a confident and exclusive guy

  • kondani naveenkumar
    kondani naveenkumar

    india never short of batsmen...Happy to see indian fast bowlers dominating world top class batsmen...

    • cd n
      cd n

      From all the years I've seen from Ranji and Duleep trophy. They're not short at all. Probably in 2023 Kohli can happily retire.

  • mohit kumar
    mohit kumar

    After virat kohli you are the only one i can listen hours and hours.

  • biswamohan mishra
    biswamohan mishra

    So grounded and cool as cucumber

  • Deva Dharsan
    Deva Dharsan

    Love u jassi😍😍😍😍

  • Cric news
    Cric news

    he is very simple not much fashionable like hardik and rishabh

  • Ritik Raushan
    Ritik Raushan

    Wait for 2 Or 3 test series, He will became no1 test bowler 💙💙💙.

  • Rajesh Kumbhare
    Rajesh Kumbhare

    his every answer is just bang on upto the point,. he talks less but effective .he is a silent killer ..like this quality

  • sudarshan d Arya
    sudarshan d Arya

    Are our players r that long or d guy taking interview is stout?

  • rohit bhalla
    rohit bhalla

    Such a nice and humble guy.. love you boom

  • santhosh kutty
    santhosh kutty

    Bumrah is my always By Kaviya bumra

  • prash 8140
    prash 8140

    The day u flll saticfie is the day ur progress stop .. Say bumrah How many pepole agry

  • Mohan Arthi
    Mohan Arthi

    His humble attitude is the secret of his success

  • Mark Hiew
    Mark Hiew

    This guy is great. He has such a short run up and ungainly action, but he is so fast, accurate, movement generating, and deceptive. I think of him as the new Kapil Dev.

  • Pragya Shukla
    Pragya Shukla

    One thing is similar I also watch match for bowling I like low scoring match because they are more exicting

  • Pragya Shukla
    Pragya Shukla

    Best interview I have ever seen no controversy so simple and does'nt look like but sounds mature more than Kohli shrma and all handling fame so well doing their job nicely

  • Neeraj Kumar
    Neeraj Kumar

    Bumrah besht