Venkatesh Bhat makes masala vadai & mor kolumbu | mor kuzhambu tamil recipe | more kulambu in tamil
Venkatesh Bhat makes masala vadai & mor kolumbu | mor kuzhambu tamil recipe | more kulambu in tamil
English subtitles included
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  • gomathi raji
    gomathi raji

    Chef video on rasam

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    Srinivasa Praba

    Meals sambar senju kaaminga sir please

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    musix Ramaraj

    I will try this way sir

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    ranganathan sivagami

    Fantastic recipe...very clear explanation...colour itself is tempting..

  • Lavanya A
    Lavanya A

    Sir what is the sourness level of curd? Is this fresh curr or a day old curd? Please clarify

  • Thenmozhi

    Today I tried this dish came out very well... after a long time the taste came as my mom prepared... thanks a lot...

  • Poornachandran S
    Poornachandran S

    Sir pls make ayyer vetu vathhakozhambu

  • Poornachandran S
    Poornachandran S

    Superb sir

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    Geetha Geetha

    Sir unga cooking enaku romba pudikum.adha vida unga speech andha dish ha ippa ve nanga sapta mathiri oru sandhosam irukum sir.coock with comali program unga comment kagavum ungalukagavum tha nan pakuvan.adula neenga cookungaluku kudukura tips vachi na andha dish try pannuvan sir

  • Preethi Ganesh
    Preethi Ganesh

    can we add nonveg into this ?

  • P Rajesh
    P Rajesh

    Way of presentation really super .tomorrow my family try that recipe

  • P Rajesh
    P Rajesh

    Sir please put video melagu resam preparation

  • Janani Jay
    Janani Jay

    Sir, Kalyanam aagi 9 varusham aachu, your viewers are not only bachelors or newly weds but also housewives who strive to improve and tries to impress family with simple and satisfying food.

  • Saraswathi G
    Saraswathi G

    Yake eerulli ella aakki hingu bere. Enono smell galu

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    Srilekha K

    Sir, ur recipes r too good. I am big fan of u. Pls check ur ECG sir, becoz of ur breathlessness while u r speaking.

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    Gopinath Mani

    Super sir nenga thanks

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    Rohini Seetharaman

    Another set of viewers are working women who Wnats to cook tasty food with the best recipe in quick time

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    Divya Karthik

    Yummy 😋

  • Mani

    Where to get that Iron Kadaai sir? Not able to get it anywhere in Chennai. Pls suggest.

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    Gowsimoni Gowsimoni

    Very super chef

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    Vanaja P

    I tried at home, awesome, super recibe family members liked it very much.

  • Kumar nayaki
    Kumar nayaki

    Sri mini idly with sambar recipe pannunga sri

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    Nithya M

    I prepared this sir. Really fantastic taste

  • Lalitha Sankaran
    Lalitha Sankaran

    Super vada morkozambu. Sir pulikaichal receipe please.

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    Kousalya Ganesh

    Fantastic and yummy recipe 👌👌👌😋😋😋

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    radhikaa ravi

    Sir tandoor recipes senju kaattunga, and also tikka recipes

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    Saima Saivino

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    Parvesh Parvesh

    Hi nalla irrukigala sir vadai try panne Frist time vadai try panne sir super irrdahu sir

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    Devishree Rajendiran

    Mind blowing..... super My favourite dish

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    Uma Nerurkar

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    Sumathy Sivakumar

    Nalla salads for weight loss

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    Venkat J

    Hello sir I like cooking despite being an IT professional. Cooking is my pass time to drain out the stress Your videos are amazing That too they way you treat or cook veggies is amazing Thanks a lot for making it so interesting

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    Kowsi Kamal

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwww. Excellent. Kerala vellai app am upload pannunga. Sir

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    Bagyalakshmi Rajamani

    Sir where did u purchased the vanali please give me details.l like it very much as you dish

  • Mallika. A
    Mallika. A

    Fantastic sir


    Your preparationandyour explanation is so cute

  • Loges wari
    Loges wari

    Can u post nonveg biriyani sir. most of them I collapse the biriyani. Not get briyani taste like hotel style.. kindly teach us sir..

  • Sudha Subramanian
    Sudha Subramanian

    Sir, it's too good Can you please make a video on paneer butter masala

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  • Chithra Subramani
    Chithra Subramani

    Chef we made this masal vada mor kuzhambu for lunch, vada is so great in the mor kuzhambu. Thank you. Please share us the recipe for navarathan kurma.

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    Prasad Infotainment

    sir please make vathalkulambu

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    Voice modulation ku oru 100000000 likes 👌👌👌

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    sudhakar mylapore

    Sir, you are unique. I like the way you explain the process. One example I liked when you were referring to the masala vada as "avena". Good job Sir. I like watching your videos.

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    Just can't forget you sir,AS LONG AS THE TOUNG IS THERE. LONG LIVE

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    Who all needs hotel rasam Hit like here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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    Gladys Mervyn

    My mom used to make more kulambu with vadai only ever since I born...but i haven't seen any youtube cooking videos.. I was really wondering ... But now its totally relief exact like my mom preparation thanks a lot.....same way even medhu vadai recipes no one add asafoetida bt my mom used to... I got a super happy when u did it.. thanks a lot.. coz am carrying my mom cooking even in my inlaws house.. this made me super happy..

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    Selva Seenuvasan

    Good cooking show . Lot of good recipes. Chefs voice and character is icing for this show Note: Please do something in the lighting in restaurant or back ground all the video looks bit darker side. Please take it as a positive note.

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    அருமை சார்

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    Very nice and yummy. Best more kozhumbu ever

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    Your passion towards cooking is incredible

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    Happy Diwali , Sir!✨ Not only the beginners follow your style; my friend, who cooks awesome varieties also admires the style and minute tips.💫 We love the interest in cooking and watching it gradually inspires us for the good going. Thank you very much, Sir!🙏🙏🙏

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    Delicious yummy😋

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    Will definitely try this chef. I always love mor kulambu. Especially vada mor kulambu.. 😍

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    adharasam recipe pls

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    Lalitha A.V.

    I always like to try your recipe....unique taste...hats off to you sir

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    sir..pooshanikkai maadhhiri veggies pottu mor kuzhambu pannum bodhu.. ground coconut and curd mixture Ku eppo boiled veggies add that flavours infuse aagarthukku.

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    tomorrow mor kulambu and manga curry


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    vaazhgha vazhamudan

    Aaha. Mazhakaalam vandhunnay keedhu...... Chennai flavorla 1 fantastic dish. Thank you

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