What I REALLY Think of the iPhone!
Thoughts on a few months/years with the latest iPhone
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Galaxy S21 is the only Android that doesn't suck at Snapchat: www.androidpolice.com/2021/02/22/the-galaxy-s21-is-the-only-android-phone-that-doesnt-suck-at-snapchat/
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iOS 14's New Features: infun.info/http/v-iy/jIGtdahyqK1-eJI.html
iOS 14 Widgets/Homescreen: infun.info/http/v-iy/lX1qZ36IvaGsiKc.html
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The Apple Ecosystem: Explained! infun.info/http/v-iy/fXdokIl6tnpuqNE.html
5G Explained: infun.info/http/v-iy/kXiIhqWQmJ2oaLs.html
iPhone "Gates" Explained: infun.info/http/v-iy/oJmkmYub22uHiK8.html
0:00 Intro
3:57 Design
10:48 The Screen
18:07 Cameras
26:43 MagSafe
30:02 Battery
32:09 The iPhone
37:03 5G JUST Got Real?
40:36 GATES
45:28 Conclusion
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  • Charles Rotramel
    Charles Rotramel

    Your garden analogy resonated with me. I'm switching to iphone and imac later this year. I have been a loyal LG user since the G3. But I want the polished experience of Apple. I used to use macs but switched to pc for the games. Switching back. Thanks for helping me make my decision.

  • dsgnr LUKE
    dsgnr LUKE

    i enjoyed it

  • jose ramirez
    jose ramirez

    Loved it

  • Jorge Juarez
    Jorge Juarez

    Why do we need faster charging speeds if the phones battery lasts all day? ..you can just charge it over night?

  • Chris Albrecht
    Chris Albrecht

    For next April Fools, please make such a detailed review about a line of Toasters. Please.

  • Half_Bloodx3

    I really want to trade in my iPhone 11 Pro for the 12 mini but idk because of the battery difference. I really like the mini size though. Any thoughts?

  • Half_Bloodx3

    7:40 Lmfaoooo hand gymnastics

  • ivan james carreon
    ivan james carreon

    Best ever to put out a review, pre or post. I've seen other reviewers but doesn't quite tell if they really liked or hated the product. With this being said. More 40 or more minutes videos please. 🤣

  • Lilg Lilg
    Lilg Lilg

    I have the IPhone 12 and I like the notch because it gives the phone character

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    Asethium OneClick1

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  • John Corbin
    John Corbin

    I can’t find your camera comparison video that you mentioned. Is it already posted?

  • John Corbin
    John Corbin

    What case is it that you keep slapping in it

  • Lisa Kao
    Lisa Kao

    Always love your videos! So thorough and well said. Appreciate all the editing and process going in this video.

  • David Mondragón
    David Mondragón

    I hate how all comments are about "how long this video is and how the manage to watch it to the end" instead of talk about the damn phone.

  • Brik Haus
    Brik Haus

    My iphone sits in my car on a wireless charger mount...it's awesome. But its just barely far enough away for FaceID not work work. You need to lean forward. Also the angles like you said. FaceID could be better

  • Brik Haus
    Brik Haus

    I've seen the XR and X and 11 next to each other. The screen difference on the XR is obvious. Not sure how ppl can't see this

  • TheSellydream

    Me watching from my old crippling, screen-cracked Sony Xperia Z2 and laughing about the screen quality of the iPhone because I really don't have standards at all

  • Alban Pohle
    Alban Pohle

    he said data and not data. write that down

  • Giang Nguyen
    Giang Nguyen

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  • Md. Tazbir Ur Rahman Bhuiyan
    Md. Tazbir Ur Rahman Bhuiyan

    loved the new video duration. it's for the people who wants to know more details.

  • Inger Pitre
    Inger Pitre

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  • Lieutenant S
    Lieutenant S

    I didn't really care about its notch until he opened the camera.

  • im trying
    im trying

    Please buy second hand Apple products, Apple is complicit with the Uyghur Genocide

  • Matt Hayek
    Matt Hayek

    I was an iphone user since day 1, switched to a note 9 2 years ago, love it, still can't decide whether or not to go with this phone or an S21. I use the airpods, have a MacBook, but mainly use my windows desktop, and am interested in the latest apple watch. What the Fuck should I do.

  • Ghigla

    Saw the whole video. Thanks :)

  • Joe Bris
    Joe Bris

    Apple's cabe is more stable and dosen't shimmy like usb type C. Dont get me wrong I like usb because it's reversable but it stills moves a little in there, it's not a perfect fit.

  • # dragon
    # dragon

    I had to click because...Almost 50 minutes? iPhone is basic. Now you know. You'll be lost trying to use an a Galaxy. Update my son says the 12 is good.

  • Saboor Ahmadzai
    Saboor Ahmadzai

    Best phone optional phone and quick phone and unique phone is Samsung

  • Goutham Mohandas
    Goutham Mohandas

    🥱 Bro... Please...

  • Jean-Claude de Shable
    Jean-Claude de Shable

    Such a brilliant review as always from Marques Brownlee...

  • Henrik Koukku
    Henrik Koukku

    No thanks iPhone. Apple can also finance with its new iPhone models, there is always a lot of air in the price !!. And Apple is sensitive to suing other mobile phone manufacturers for even small issues and itself tries to consider other mobile phone manufacturers (Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi...) as a threat.😡👎🏼

  • Max Okev
    Max Okev

    Already liked you videos but this really made me sort of want to marry you :) I've used Pixels since they became a thing. So sometimes I wonder what I miss not switching to Apple. So thank you.

  • Gautam Lalwani
    Gautam Lalwani

    Mind Blowing Review. Very detailed and everything is on point. You made all things clear. Thank-you so much for this video. I was literally having all these things in my mind. Honestly, I don't find it worthy to buy. The points are clear and infront of everyone. What personally I feel is it's just kind of a ritual now. Hey, look the new phone is out it's good looking and all. But, What about the technical upgrades we need. Currently, there are a lot of upgradations and improvements which iPhone needs I don't know the reason why iphone don't have it. For an example Pro mode in camera, widget thing, etc... Thank-you MKBHD. I'D PREFER THIS KIND OF A REVIEW MORE. IN DETAIL.

  • Alex LS
    Alex LS

    The 12 looks better than the pro

  • NomadicByNature

    I phone 12 pro max 500gb is about as advanced as it gets for an all in one package.

  • Grace Deng
    Grace Deng


  • Miss MoU
    Miss MoU

    I dont use widgets. Its not so iPhone

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    Andrew Kimberlin

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  • Clive Thorpe
    Clive Thorpe

    44:21 Here is a solution for both Apple (their agenda) and the folks buying impacted, ask customers if they need a charger, new buyers who have never had an iPhone need a freakin charger just like they will need a headset or at least a freaking dongle! I can't believe the smartest people in the world working at Apple are also simultaneously the dumbest.

  • Max Jakobsson
    Max Jakobsson

    Summary: thank god apple don't listen to tech reviewers...

  • Edith Sunwabeh
    Edith Sunwabeh

    [Iphones] eat the frout off the tree Satan said, and they still release a new one every year when they don't need too because the warship money more they GOD, and there trying to release out 5G and 6G when they know it's bad for us, I'm born again prophet Abraham getting right with God and this time I need one wife and I approve this message through the Holy Spirit God. Don't believe me check out my prophecy song on soundcloud Stay Woke.

    • Edith Sunwabeh
      Edith Sunwabeh

      Move to a different country the government warship Satan they know what they're doing, The white house turned off there youtube comment section

  • Capt Grovesy
    Capt Grovesy

    7:40 I feel like the Max was designed for people like me, with ogre like hands. Texting has always been a struggle which the Max really helps.

  • lance volpato
    lance volpato

    I have to say being an iPhone user some of the things you talked about I didn't even know what it meant. I've had an iPhone 8 Plus since It came out but shattered the screen in November of 2020 so for Christmas of 2020 I treated myself to the iPhone 12 pro Max. I love it. some of the things you mentioned in this video I was worried about (for example the notch but to be honest compared to my old phone I'm not complaining about the notch size and I barely notice!) however they seem to mean nothing to me. i like the iPhone just because it’s easy to use.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

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    Juan Hernandez

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  • Janet Woodville
    Janet Woodville

    Great video Marques.

  • Tomás Battaglia
    Tomás Battaglia

    Does anyone know which wallpaper is he using on his iphone?

  • Walt Seefeld
    Walt Seefeld

    Yep, count me in. I would definitely like to see more of this format. Especially when the longer video comes after a substantial amount of time using the device, as this one did. I've been watching your videos for eight years, and I think this is a great way to publish the full story, when the subject warrants it. Thanks, Marques!

  • Tomás Battaglia
    Tomás Battaglia

    This gotta be one of the best videos i ever watched here on youtube. Holy crap. Dis dude in unreal. So good. Cheers from Brazil, man. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Jacob Elsass
    Jacob Elsass

    Really love how in depth this video is!

  • purrability

    Marques I think You might have forgotten one thing. The defining feature of any iPhone is that it works. Period. How many times did you reset an android phone? At least once? With iPhone yeah... what reset? Speaking of the app development comparing the experiences between android studio and Xcode, it is like the iOS camera: you won’t need to change that. You open it you are good to go. Android studio define location of your jre oh haven’t installed it yet you go download it and then for that you need this and so on. You run the app, go and find right version of that artifact, that doesn’t works with gradle version, this doesn’t work for unknown reason etc. Yes sure when you get to work with any custom software library life gets a little more frustrating but somehow with iOS it is always less a pain in the a@#$ than with android.

  • sunkanmi otitolaye
    sunkanmi otitolaye

    Only Marques can make a 50min video without me getting tired or bored halfway through... Great stuff!

  • Angelo Arriola
    Angelo Arriola

    The red is getting pinker and pinker. The only real blood red was the iPhone 8 red :-(

  • proviste alain
    proviste alain

    You didn't discuss privacy. Privacy is the reason I might switch to apple

    • Ian

      What do you mean by privacy? U still use Google, Facebook and other social media, it's no different then.

  • Arshad Hussain
    Arshad Hussain

    Waiting for Samsung

  • Joshua Kollar
    Joshua Kollar

    How effective is the Magsafe? does it output X watts and take in X+ watts? a lot of wireless tech leaks electricity as a cost to the tech.

  • Frankie Gregoriou
    Frankie Gregoriou

    Excellent video, so many things someone shouldn't care which i agree, so for me is bye a cheaper phone instead of an expensive phone because expensive phones don't have things we don't care

  • Rush Shukla
    Rush Shukla

    The notch is the biggest turn off for me. I can cope with a good LCD screen as long as its 1080P. I prefer the flat screen to the edge and even bezels like on my old Sony XZ Premium which I'm still rocking along with my new Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro. But the notch is just ugly. The punch hole is the best possible set up atm and cannot be beaten until they can come up with something better and so far they haven't.

  • Bart

    *I got Galaxy S20 5G and I cannot see difference between 720p and 1440p (because too SMALL screen) - BUT - I see difference between 60Hz and 120Hz - BUT - I did not see difference between 60Hz and 90Hz in Pixel 4*

  • Mithios Amores
    Mithios Amores

    I do absolutely hate the face is location 😅😅 I hidden get through the entire video

  • Jahzir Poff
    Jahzir Poff

    damn that was epic

  • Azm Aftab
    Azm Aftab

    Magsafe is the most third class thing ive eva used. it takes so long to change. on my iphone 12 pro max

  • Bangkok Homes
    Bangkok Homes

    Really good video, especially the way you split it into chapters. I enjoy your video's but the mrs gets a little peeved when I am so focused for an hour. Vert good video Thank you.

  • Dizahab2

    Lol "art"

  • advenger 900
    advenger 900

    Dang im a mad man

  • Abe Soul
    Abe Soul

    My iPhone 12 just broke with a full protective case on it ...tossed my phone in the bed and it bounced and the Edge with the case on hit the wall ..cracked across the screen

    • Abe Soul
      Abe Soul

      Never happened with earlier iPhones and I’ve even dropped them on the floor and I mean all this with the case on

  • VIST

    It seems all Marques's videos have background noise. Is it intentional or they just don't care?

  • Chris George
    Chris George

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  • Varun Krishnan
    Varun Krishnan

    This guy makes 50min video only talking about iPhone 12 Pro (no max or mini or 12) and justifying every features iPhone is lagging behind. 60hz screen ("fastest 60hz" is not 90 or 120hz), Slow charging (Keeping battery safe), Pro model not having pro camera modes (Most people only use point and shoot), non-ergonomic shape (Nostalgia!!!), Headphone port (Who needs that when you are rich for high-quality wireless headphones). When LG makes better phones than iPhones at less or even half the price, he says it's not Samsung or iPhone, and don't even mention the Hifi DAC headphone port, advanced speaker for calls or simply don't even say the ergonimics of LG phones in the 7min review.

  • LemmingGuide

    Good video, but you should really implement a proper conclusion, where you state your own opinion based on the arguments you made throughout the video.

  • Joseph Asher
    Joseph Asher

    Jeez you should get a job as the advisor at apple

  • Trishita Gautam
    Trishita Gautam

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  • ibro traore
    ibro traore

    Name of the song on 18:07 please

  • Cyber

    38.17 is cute xD

  • Bradley Prater
    Bradley Prater

    I tried the iPhone again. Couldn't do it. No 120HZ, notch is a joke, no fingerprint in this age of masks, back buttons constantly change from the bottom left / top left. Just couldn't do it. Apple has added WAY TOO MUCH without making fundamental software changes to accommodate. Just can't do it regardless of how polished the UI may be. Li Ion batteries don't degrade the same way Nicad batteries used to. You can charge them any which way, with whatever wattage you choose, and theoretically shouldn't cause the battery to degrade as much over time. So whether you are charging at 15w or 50w, the overall battery life shouldn't vary too much.

  • Luka Belov
    Luka Belov

    Outstanding work man!

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    MAD 007

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    Please please please do more in depth analysis videos like this. I LOVED it!

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    kwame antwi

    bro! i think you have to make a video on what you really think of all iphones in general where they are heading and what they are doing wrong......i see this vid to be more of a long review of the latest iphone

  • Jorjel Lestones
    Jorjel Lestones

    Man!! I enjoyed watching this vid.. i am an iphone user and still be an iphone user.. appreciate goods and bad.. thanks MKBHD..

  • misterfung

    Loved the long form. Good to just hang out and think about all this stuff, and saved me from queuing up another video while working. Lol. Biggest take away: NO MODERN FAMILY ON USA NETFLIX?? WHHAAAAATTT??!

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    Nazareno Fornari

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    mike delrosso

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  • Kiran Manoj
    Kiran Manoj

    It's sad that he doesn't dare to speak about the consequences while he does it so on android! Agree to disagree Android platform has just got better than Ios platform as there is a lot of room for expansion and potential for more or better performance than iPhone. Please talk about their cruel marketing strategies too. And nowadays you can get a better deal on phones as near to iPhone such as poco x3 Pro close to $300-$400 I could buy a good featured headset and smartwatch with a good phone within $1500 SO speak like that too, don't try to be a puppet I guess speak about the better things in android platform and appreciate it as you do about the apple ecosystem Also get some inspiration from media creators liks Linus and arun and Jerry (their honest opinion in the side of the consumers) eventhough this is a good step and I appreciate it Also I do want to see more videos like this on other android phones too

  • Landon Mill
    Landon Mill

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  • tushar rajvansh
    tushar rajvansh

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  • DudeRobot

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    Prashanth Dk

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  • Toru

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    pius jason

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  • Cruising The Blessing
    Cruising The Blessing

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